File Title
1 Temperament gives 'red flags' for autism
2 Study suggests early Mars was not so wet
3 Nano-fibres to help mercury cleanup
4 Potential perils of DIY genetic testing
5 Study reveals common bush medicine links
6 Wind could power the whole world: report
7 Court battle on badger cull fails
8 Antarctic molluscs 'switch sex'
9 More planets could harbour life
10 Clays in Pacific lavas challenge wet early Mars idea
11 UK to fight energy product ruling
12 Special Monopoly edition celebrates Alan Turing's life
13 Mars rover captures self-portrait
14 Men arrested hiding loris in underwear at Delhi airport
15 Nikola Tesla: The patron saint of geeks?
16 Cave bacteria could help develop future antibiotics
17 Pearlers past and present in Australian town
18 Why do we pay more than we should at auctions?
19 9/11 attacks: Obama marks 11th anniversary
20 Rio police occupy slum in hunt for teenagers' killers
21 US 'hushed up' Soviet guilt over Katyn
22 China sends patrol ships to disputed East China Sea islands
23 Why I secretly recorded my life
24 In which countries did Paralympians outperform Olympians?
25 Who, What, Why: In which countries is Coca-Cola not sold?
26 Bin Laden raid doctor Shakil Afridi speaks out
27 Robber swallowed fake diamond, Sri Lanka police say
28 Tom Hanks attends Michael Clarke Duncan funeral
29 Intel's Haswell chips are engineered to cut power use
30 Andy Murray's earnings set to soar after US Open win
31 UK universities take four of six top global rankings
32 Czech bootleg alcohol kills seven
33 Former French PM Villepin questioned by police
34 Bionic revolution: The tech getting disabled people into work
35 Tariq al-Hashemi: Turkey 'will not hand over' Iraq VP
36 Yemen minister survives assassination attempt
37 Mexico's Zetas drug gang split raises bloodshed fears
38 9/11 cancer victims to have treatment funded
39 Where is Xi Jinping?
40 Human echolocation: Using tongue-clicks to navigate the world
41 US official dies in Libya consulate attack in Benghazi
42 Huge turnout for Catalan independence rally
43 Obama 'unable to meet' Israel PM Netanyahu
44 Dutch vote overshadowed by eurozone debt crisis
45 Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg admits stock 'disappointing'
46 Israel's ultra-Orthodox fight to be exempt from military service
47 Milky Way's black hole to eat planet-forming cloud
48 Shipwrecked Alaska teen Ryan Harris rescued from bin
49 Amy Bishop pleads guilty in Alabama university killings
50 Pakistan 'blasphemy' family tell of fire threat
51 Mexico 'Zetas leader' Rejon Aguilar extradited to US
52 AIG share sales net US Treasury $15bn profit on bailout
53 US calls for 'cooler heads' in China-Japan islands row
54 EE to launch 4G mobile services in 16 UK cities in 2012
55 Chip and pin 'weakness' exposed by Cambridge researchers
56 GoDaddy down time was 'not an attack,' firm says
57 Apple ID code leak 'sourced to US firm BlueToad'
58 Huawei to invest 1.3bn pounds in growing its UK business
59 Google removes The Pirate Bay from auto-complete search
60 Omnifone swings to profit as piracy crackdown continues
61 Google sued over Bettina Wulff search results
62 Al-Jazeera SMS service attacked by pro-Syrian hackers
63 Hackers target Guild Wars 2 players
64 Viewpoint: What 4G means for you and your phone
65 Google Maps uses Ground Truth project to battle Apple
66 UK laptop designer Bill Moggridge dies
67 Couple plans 'mafia-free' wedding
68 Diabetes warning for people of Asian, African and Caribbean descent
69 Hay fever vaccine: New method could be 'cheaper and better'
70 Swallowed toothpick causes blood poisoning
71 Diabetes cholesterol risk warning
72 Is cake 'less indulgent' than it was 50 years ago?
73 Couple start 'Saying Goodbye' services for lost babies
74 Foxconn faces allegations of forced student labor
75 Mark Zuckerberg talks IPO, regrets at TechCrunch Disrupt
76 Questions loom for Zuckerberg in first post-IPO chat
77 Photos of alleged Apple iPad mini resurface
78 Young sharks learn from friends
79 Intergalactic A to Z: Galaxies shaped like the alphabet
80 GoDaddy goes down, Anonymous claims responsibility
81 GoDaddy says it was not hacked
82 YouTube launches new app for iPhone, iPod touch
83 How science prize challenges can change the world
84 Sparkling berry is nature's most colorful object
85 India launches 100th space mission
86 Disappointing Alzheimer's drug shows new promise
87 Most GoDaddy sites back up and running, rep says
88 America remembers Sept. 11 attacks 11 years later
89 SEAL's first-hand account of bin Laden killing
90 NY Times reporter: Bush White House didn't listen to 9/11 warnings
91 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on SEAL book: "We're not going to accept this kind of behavior"
92 Panetta angry at ex-SEAL's bin Laden book
93 Mitt Romney Panic Syndrome
94 Explosion on Jupiter spotted by amateur astronomers
95 NASA crosses fingers that Mars rover won't find water
96 Viral "Facebook privacy notice" is a hoax
97 Bill Clinton to hit campaign trail, fundraise for Obama
98 Bill Clinton's campaign role unmatched in recent history
99 Conservatives worry Romney's agenda is too vague
100 Biden beer invitation: "No malarkey"
101 Defending him on teacher's strike, Ryan pits Emanuel against Obama
102 Boehner: Obama "absent" from responsibilities
103 Bear-hug pizza man becomes subject of Yelp war
104 Va. Lawmaker: Disabled Kids are God's Punishment for Abortion
105 Aimee Copeland appears on talk show to discuss battle with flesh-eating disease
106 Commonly used NSAID painkillers may be deadly for first-time heart attack sufferers
107 Sleep breathing and sleep behavioral issues in kids can lead to other problems
108 Consuming three or more alcoholic drinks daily may raise risk for hemorrhagic stroke
109 U.S. medical advisors: Ovarian cancer screening for healthy women not beneficial
110 9/11 workers celebrate victory over addition of cancer coverage but concerned about funding
111 Colorado girl, 7, leaves hospital after recovering from "black death" bubonic plague
112 Research finds acupuncture an effective pain relief option
113 Pancreatic cancer expected to become bigger killer
114 Marijuana use tied to testicular cancer in young men, cocaine use linked to risk reduction
115 Hantavirus found in Texas hoarder's home featured on TLC show
116 Doomed Space Cloud Hints at Planet Formation in Milky Way's Core
117 Ice-Loving Crustaceans Ride Arctic Conveyer Belt
118 Virgin Births May Be Common in the Wild
119 Human Remains Found in Search for King Richard III's Grave
120 Antimatter and Fusion Drives Could Power Future Spaceships
121 FAA: Mysterious Roof Holes Not Caused by Falling Frozen Waste
122 Supercomputer Recreates Universe From Big Bang to Today
123 Fantasy Football-Playing AI Beats 99 Percent of Humans
124 Risk-Glorifying Video Games Linked to Reckless Driving
125 Most Sore Throats Don't Need Antibiotics, Experts Say
126 Odd! Birds Screech at Avian Funerals
127 New Gene Treatment Offers Hope for 'Bubble Boy Disease'
128 Toothpick the Culprit of Woman's Mysterious Liver Problems
129 Sheryl Crow's Suspicions About Brain Tumor Not Supported by Science
130 Headache-Inducing Spiral Illusion Explained
131 Smallest Fossil Footprints Found
132 Explosion on Jupiter Spotted by Amateur Astronomers
133 Long Fire Season Ahead for the Northwest
134 Crows Hold Grudges in Humanlike Fashion
135 Video-Conferencing Kiosks to Replace Human Bank Tellers
136 Killer Spider Meets Its Match in Tiny Wasp
137 Robot Tentacle is Soft Enough to Cradle a Flower
138 'Death March' of Ancient Horseshoe Crab Captured in Stone
139 Divers to Get 3D Images of Sunken Civil War Ship
140 Officials Investigating Powerful Southland Stink
141 Invasive Crayfish Smuggled Alien Species Overseas
142 100 Most Threatened Animals Revealed in New List
143 Young Sharks Learn from Friends
144 Archaeologists Dig Up Graves in Ancient Roman City
145 Intergalactic A to Z: Volunteers Find Galaxies Shaped Like the Alphabet
146 Mathematician Claims Proof of Connection between Prime Numbers
147 What Is the Future of Computers?
148 Studies Show Wind Power's Massive Potential
149 Crowdfunding Push by Space Science Funding Start-Up Uwingu Enters Final Days
150 High Blood Pressure Drugs May Increase Lip Cancer Risk
151 Multicolored UFOs Over England: Mystery Solved
152 FBI Launches Software to ID Faces in Photos
153 Acupuncture Provides Small, but Real Help with Chronic Pain
154 Wetland Destruction May Be Major Carbon Culprit
155 New Swine Flu Virus Shows Lethal Signs
156 Too Soon? Study Reveals 'Sweet Spot' in Joking About Tragedy
157 Run Over by Car, Man Tries to Abduct a Baby
158 Overweight Teens Don't Necessarily Consume More Calories
159 New Mars Theory Questions Red Planet's Watery Past
160 Magma Pooling Beneath Infamous Greek Volcano
161 Heavenly Egyptian Charm Found in Israeli City
162 Reference: Step Pyramid of Djoser: Egypt's First Pyramid
163 Yellowstone Wolves Hit by Disease
164 Guys Get Performance Boost From Sexist Stereotype
165 16th-Century Trial Records Reveal Priest's Magic 'Superpowers'
166 Mysterious Changes in Ocean Salt Spur NASA Expedition