File Title
1 Lemon sharks 'learn' skills by watching each other
2 Cheetah's speed secrets are revealed
3 Weather 'cost rural Britain 1bn pounds'
4 Iraq VP Tariq al-Hashemi sentenced to death
5 Alps shootings: Zainab al-Hilli brought out of coma
6 Closing ceremony: Paralympics end with fiery finale
7 Polls close in Hong Kong's key vote amid anti-China feeling
8 South Korean film Pieta wins at Venice Film Festival
9 The forbidden public toilets of Beijing
10 A Point Of View: Does the sex debate exclude men?
11 Rise of the Mamils (middle-aged men in lycra)
12 Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano forces mass evacuation
13 Cody, the collie dog who was set on fire, has been put to sleep
14 Soros calls for Germany to 'lead or leave euro'
15 Apec summit: Clinton warns Asia leaders over disputes
16 Crippling viral infections 'cause asthma'
17 Author Roth rebukes Wikipedia over Human Stain edit
18 How sports stars cope after the Games
19 Argentina's 'miracle' baby Luz Milagros leaves hospital
20 Propeller leg boy Cian Wyn Williams has 700 stitches
21 'Stoptober' stop-smoking campaign launched in England
22 'Renoir painting' snapped up at US flea market
23 Bloody Scotland celebrates Scottish crime writers
24 Surprising methods heal wounded troops
25 Butterflies reveal biodiversity of Guantanamo
26 Apple may drop iPhone 3GS, report says
27 Bill Clinton backs interstellar voyage project
28 Next iPhone to cost the same as last iPhone, report says
29 It's a boy! San Diego zoo's newest panda cub
30 Space shuttle Endeavor to depart on cross-country flight
31 Disputed Mongolian dinosaur judged a "Frankensaurus"
32 Spectacular sun photos catch solar storm in action
33 Is the Kindle Fire HD a threat to Apple iPad, Google Nexus 7?
34 Mars rover pauses for robot arm checkout
35 Neptune's moon Triton may have subsurface ocean
36 Study: Hurricanes whip up faster in warming world
37 Obama gets an unexpected lift by pizza shop owner
38 Romney says he likes parts of 'Obamacare'
39 True crime? Errol Morris reexamines the evidence
40 Coca-Cola introducing Dasani Drops
41 Obama won't compromise "balanced approach" on budget, despite gridlock
42 How chips, PCs, services companies are faring
43 PayPal exec gets personally involved in account dispute
44 Phony Al-Jazeera text messages sent by pro-Syrian gov't hackers
45 Did Samsung verdict hurt Apple's reputation?
46 Sequestration could be Pentagon pork killer
47 Biden to media: "Fact-check me"
48 Fact-checking Obama, Biden convention speeches
49 Romney says he likes parts of 'Obamacare'
50 Romney says he won't repeal all of Obamacare
51 Why Coke Should Have Known Its "2 Girls 1 Cup" Campaign for Dr. Pepper Was a Disaster Waiting to Happen
52 8 Reasons Not to Get a Business Degree
53 Enterprising New Englander brings jobs back with lobster plant
54 Museum a no-show for 9/11 anniversary
55 Romney: My views on abortion rights are clear
56 Wounded veteran inspires on the court
57 Detroit man's life is stuffed with carnival game prizes thanks to talent
58 Romney: GOP involvement in debt deal was "mistake"
59 Obama, Romney focus in on the middle class
60 An important November voting bloc: Married moms
61 Ex-Navy SEAL compromised by identity reveal
62 Inside a secret Syrian rebel TV channel
63 Joe Biden buddies up to bikers in Ohio
64 Obama tells Floridians future of Medicare is "at stake" this election
65 Blind Xpress and CPSC recall window blinds after Michigan toddler was strangled to death
66 Johns Hopkins cancer patients, staff show people what makes them "beautiful" in music video
67 Feds: Fla. warehouses disabled kids in nursing homes
68 In-vitro fertilization allows grandmother to give birth to grandchild
69 Mammograms, X-rays may increase breast cancer risk in some women with specific genetic mutations
70 Red wine may reduce men's blood pressure--but only if it's non-alcoholic
71 How a SEAL's whisper saved the bin Laden raid
72 What was in Osama bin Laden's closet?
73 Mysterious Changes in Ocean Salt Spur NASA Expedition
74 Wow! Spectacular Sun Photos Catch Colossal Solar Storm in Action
75 Migrating Birds Expected to Pass Over Lighting of Sept. 11 Memorial
76 Cyborg Cockroaches May Be Future Emergency Responders
77 The Relationship Between Fructose and Bone Fragility
78 Yangtze River Runs Mysteriously Red
79 Water Droplet Computing Needs No Electricity
80 Friends with Benefits? Study Says Attraction Between Friends More of a Burden
81 Breast-Feeding in Infancy May Shield Adults from Depression
82 Football, Explosions Rattle Brain in Similar Ways
83 Sea Otters May Be Global Warming Warriors
84 Reference: Hantavirus: Symptoms & Treatment of Infection
85 Link Between Climate Denial and Conspiracy Beliefs Sparks Conspiracy Theories
86 To Measure Sea Level Rise, Weigh the Ocean
87 Reference: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
88 Hantavirus, Plague & West Nile: Are Animal-Borne Diseases on the Rise?
89 New Use for Those Incredible Nanotubes: Holograms
90 First Temple-Era Reservoir Found in Jerusalem
91 Threat of Contact Lenses Causing Blindness Is Overblown
92 Less Forest, Less Rain: Deforestation Reduces Tropical Rainfall
93 New Spin on Erectile Dysfunction Drugs: Spider Toxin
94 Making Drugs Inside the Body
95 Deadly Earthquakes Strike Southwestern China
96 Hunt for Lost King's Grave Uncovers 17th-Century Garden
97 Bones of Contention: Disputed Dino Is Judged a Frankensaurus
98 People Dying of Diabetes Who Never Knew They Had It, Study Finds
99 Virtual Reality Makes a Comeback with Oculus Rift Headset
100 Search for Life in Antarctica's Ice-Covered Lake Takes Off
101 Amazing Mars Rover Shifting Into Science Gear After 1st Martian Month
102 Tom Brokaw Accidentally Takes Ambien. So?
103 What Is ENCODE, and Why Does It Matter?
104 Computer IDs Culprits with Tattoo Recognition
105 'Princess Scientists' Stir Controversy
106 Huge Experiment Will Try to Catch Mysterious Neutrinos
107 Pudgy Pets Get Their Own Fat Farm
108 Ancient Mayan Theater Used for Political Rallies
109 Butterflies Reveal Biodiversity at Guantanamo
110 Cause Found in Rare Newfoundland Disease
111 Science of Mythology: Biblical-Scale Floods Throughout History
112 New Rx for Spider Fears? Shout It Out
113 Plant Calls in Wasps to Kick Some Butterfly Butt
114 'Ear Stones' Reveal Where Young Fish Lived
115 Mom's Advanced Age Doesn't Hurt Kids Later in Life