File Title
1 Missing supernova mystery solved
2 Amino acids may help rare type of autism
3 'Global ocean sprawl' may boost jellyfish
4 Arctic ice melting at 'amazing' speed, scientists find
5 Quantum test pricks uncertainty
6 Fossil records 'crab' death march
7 Race to save Alaskan Arctic archaeology
8 Desert diversity cut by 'human activities'
9 'Super soup' test in asthma trial
10 Mt Kenya to get electric fence to stop wildlife straying
11 Brian Cox: Science cash hike 'a wise gamble'
12 'Green' Pope presented with electric car
13 Chancellor unveils tax break for older North Sea oil and gas fields
14 Aston University's academy: The school where pupils wear suits
15 Whaling lingers on in South Korean town
16 Obama and Romney spar over lacklustre jobs figures
17 France shootings: Possible family row over money probed
18 Prince Harry deployed to Afghanistan
19 US to designate Haqqani network as terror group
20 Should lunch breaks be mandatory?
21 Tu and Twitter: Is it the end for 'vous' in French?
22 Canada closes Iranian embassy and kicks out diplomats
23 Obama 'Hope' poster artist Shepard Fairey fined
24 Earthquakes shake south-west China's Yunnan
25 Will we ever...photosynthesise like plants?
26 US jails hacker who sold access to hijacked PCs
27 UK broadband aided by planning permission rule changes
28 Scotland's games industry adds 'no value' suggests study
29 Amazon launches new Kindle Fire tablets in UK
30 Cyber-thieves cash in on mobile phone fraud
31 Google to open first Latin America data centre in Chile
32 Wartime diary helps to tell Colossus story
33 Nigeria mobile phone masts to get 24-hour protection
34 Hidden mobile charges that could be buried in your bill
35 The globalisation of work--and people
36 Stoke City's Andrew Hall admits murdering girlfriend
37 Terry Nutkins, TV wildlife presenter, dies aged 66
38 Chile army head says sorry over anti-gay directive
39 Venice row: Cruise ships 'dwarf' historic city
40 How technology democratised development
41 Children 'need more teaching on cancer causes'
42 Living with someone 'aids lung cancer recovery'
43 France shootings: How can a child aged four handle trauma?
44 Joan Bakewell: 'Am I drinking too much in old age?'
45 Spinach power gets a big boost
46 Shark rules need teeth, groups tell IUCN
47 Gardener's delight offers glimpse into the evolution of flowering plants
48 U of M faculty find antimicrobials altering intestinal bacteria composition in swine
49 Little evidence of health benefits from organic foods, Stanford study finds
50 Picky penguins: Does mate choice depend on genes that help resist disease?
51 Loss of tropical forests reduces rain
52 Brainy beverage: Study reveals how green tea boosts brain cell production to aid memory
53 Trout will become extinct in the Iberian Peninsula in less than 100 years
54 DNA sequences need quality time too--guidelines for quality control published
55 Prenatal exposure to pesticide additive linked with childhood cough
56 Concern about plans to close unique Canadian environmental project
57 New study examines how ocean energy impacts life in the deep sea
58 Pint-size molecules show promise against obesity
59 Bright life on the ocean bed: Predators may even color code food
60 Landmark survey finds adaptation to climate change on smallholder farms taking root
61 Lifestyle of a killer
62 Wild bees: Champions for food security and protecting our biodiversity
63 New study finds that bacteria on marine sponges can develop capacity to move and inhibit biofilm formation
64 New research: Soluble corn fiber plays important role in gut health and calcium absorption
65 Deep-Sea Crabs Seek Food Using Ultraviolet Vision
66 Changes in water chemistry leave lake critters defenseless
67 Ancient, bottom-dwelling critter proves: Newer isn't always better
68 UC Santa Cruz study shows how sea otters can reduce CO2 in the atmosphere
69 Turf study to monitor runoff, establish fertilizer management practices
70 Syrian obsidian discovery opens new chapter in Middle Eastern studies
71 Archaeology team announces 'huge step forward' in King Richard III search
72 Archaeologists uncover 'lost garden' in quest for Richard III
73 Biofuel waste product recycled for electricity
74 Ecosystems cope with stress more effectively the greater the biodiversity
75 Glacial thinning has sharply accelerated at major South American icefields
76 Dinosaur die out might have been second of two closely timed extinctions
77 Chikyu Sets a New World Drilling-Depth Record of Scientific Ocean Drilling
78 Destroyed Coastal Habitats Produce Significant Greenhouse Gas
79 Researchers emphasize evaluation of tradeoffs in battling urban heat island
80 Clearer look at how iron reacts in the environment
81 Deep-sea crabs grab grub using UV vision
82 Researchers sequence genome of malaria-causing parasite
83 Immune cell death safeguards against autoimmune disease
84 Scientists create germ cell-supporting embryonic Sertoli-like cells from skin cells
85 A brain filter for clear information transmission
86 Human genome far more active than thought
87 Storm of 'awakened' transposons may cause brain-cell pathologies in ALS, other illnesses
88 Promising new drug target for inflammatory lung diseases
89 Influenza research: Can dynamic mapping reveal clues about seasonality?
90 The birdy smell of a compatible partner
91 Measuring glucose without needle pricks
92 Towards computing with water droplets--superhydrophobic droplet logic
93 Strategy developed to improve delivery of medicines to the brain
94 Study Finds How BPA Affects Gene Expression, Anxiety; Soy Mitigates Effects
95 New Research Suggests Bacteria Are Social Microorganisms
96 Precautions for Tick-Borne Disease Extend "Beyond Lyme"
97 University of Alberta medical scientists first in the world to look at structure of vital molecule
98 The nose knows: Gene therapy restores sense of smell in mice
99 Tension on Gut Muscles Induces Cell Invasion in Zebrafish Intestine, Mimicking Cancer Metastasis, Penn Study Finds
100 Overcoming barriers to point-of-care testing in low-resource settings
101 Medicare kidney spending at crucial moment
102 N/A
103 Adolescents in Foster Care Require Guidelines for Safe Social Media Use, MU Expert Says
104 Kessler Foundation releases preliminary research findings for Ekso in spinal cord injury
105 Teens Tell Different Tales About Themselves Depending on Gender, Says MU Researcher
106 Exceptional upward mobility in the U.S. is a myth, international studies show
107 Alternatives to Medicare's fee for service examined
108 The best strategy to defeat HIV in South Africa
109 Math tree may help root out fraudsters
110 University of Hawaii cancer researchers discover gene defect responsible for cancer syndrome
111 Moderate voices muted in political news
112 More grandparents fill caregiver role
113 Parents' skin cancer concern doesn't keep kids inside
114 National Deficit Outlook Unchanged Under Obama: UMD Policy Analysis
115 ORNL's newly licensed neutron detector will advance human disease research
116 Premier global health journal, The Lancet, releases series on universal health coverage
117 Stress prompts some to retain as much salt as eating fries
118 Analysis finds benefits to racial quotas in Brazilian higher education
119 Racial and ethnic diversity spreads across the country
120 Subsidies change incentives for adoption of foster children: Study
121 Galileo didn't invent thermometer that bears his name
122 Stem-cell-protecting drug could prevent the harmful side effects of radiation therapy
123 The quantum world only partially melts
124 A family portrait of galaxies
125 Mars's dramatic climate variations are driven by the Sun
126 CNIO participates in the ENCODE project: A stride forward in biomedical research
127 What light through yonder tiny window breaks?
128 Crews complete first block of North America's most advanced neutrino experiment
129 Biopsies may overlook esophagus disease
130 Rust Never Sleeps
131 Needle beam could eliminate signal loss in on-chip optics
132 Istanbul--The earthquake risk of a megacity
133 Northwestern Researchers Set World Record for Highest Surface Area Material
134 University of Toronto scientists cast doubt on renowned uncertainty principle
135 Notre Dame astrophysicists publish new approach to cosmic lithium in the early universe
136 Weapon-wielding marine microbes may protect populations from foes
137 Next generation of advanced climate models needed, says new report
138 Introducing decision aids may lower surgery for arthritis
139 National survey of economists uncovers vast gender gap in policy views
140 Social exclusion in the playground
141 The best strategy to defeat HIV in South Africa
142 Simple blood tests detect autoimmune kidney disease, help predict prognosis
143 Lack of support for 'ring-fencing' cancer drugs fund revealed
144 Prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease increases maternal stress, depression, and anxiety
145 OSA increases cardiovascular mortality in the elderly
146 Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Study Childhood Melanoma Characteristics
147 Alzheimer's experts from Penn Summit provide strategic roadmap to tackle the disease
148 Tight glycemic control has no proven benefits for children in the cardiac ICU
149 Skin and Immune System Influence Salt Storage and Regulate Blood Pressure
150 Unemployment causes more mental health problems among Somalis in London than in Minneapolis
151 Experts recommend screening adults for hypertriglyceridemia every five years
152 Blood sugar control does not help infants and children undergoing heart surgery
153 Novel surgery removes rare tumor, rebuilds face and jaw
154 Antibiotic therapy improves moderate exacerbations of mild-to-moderate COPD
155 Coping skills, marital satisfaction help pregnant moms manage stress when fetus has heart defect
156 Tension on Gut Muscles Induces Cell Invasion in Zebrafish Intestine, Mimicking Cancer Metastasis, Penn Study Finds
157 Major world interests at stake in Canada's vast Mackenzie River Basin
158 New ESF-cofounded feasibility study calls for a single European Researcher Development Framework
159 Canada should remove section of Criminal Code that permits physical punishment of children
160 Does gallows humor among physicians encourage accusations of murder and euthanasia?
161 Mining the blogosphere
162 Popular kids in US and Mexico more likely to smoke, USC studies show
163 Predicting how patients respond to therapy
164 'I Knew It All Along...Didn't I?'--Understanding Hindsight Bias
165 Social psychologists espouse tolerance and diversity--do they walk the walk?
166 Favorite TV Reruns May Have Restorative Powers, says UB Researcher
167 Alcoholics Anonymous participation promotes long-term recovery
168 Even the very elderly and frail can benefit from exercise
169 Tailgaters contribute to team victory and even university brand, Notre Dame study shows
170 Australian shipping emissions identified
171 Birth of a planet
172 Explosion of galaxy formation lit up early universe
173 A cluster with a secret
174 Quantum physics at a distance
175 Seeing the Birth of the Universe in an Atom of Hydrogen
176 Well-known protein reveals new tricks
177 New Georgia Tech Software Recognizes Key Influencers Faster Than Ever