File Title
1 'Double edge' in alcohol and energy drinks
2 Record-breaking galaxy cluster found
3 Addiction to heroin can be blocked: research
4 Hydrogen storage no longer up in the air
5 'Maser' source of microwave beams comes out of the cold
6 Galaxy cluster's 'starburst' surprises astronomers
7 Better teaching sends science A-levels to a new high
8 Landslides 'kill more than previously thought'
9 Ants 'sow the seeds' of the Cape
10 Walnuts 'improve sperm health'
11 Yetis in the lab: The search for mythical beasts
12 Julian Assange: Ecuador grants Wikileaks founder asylum
13 Afghan helicopter crash kills 11 in Kandahar, Isaf says
14 Syria crisis: Russia warns against UN withdrawal
15 Two police shot dead and two injured in Louisiana
16 Vegan dating: Finding love without meat or dairy
17 Why fake dollars are big business in Peru
18 Ernest Borgnine, TV and film actor, dies at 95
19 Thousands flee violence threats in Indian city of Bangalore
20 Beard row halts trial of Major accused of murder
21 Manchester United in sponsorship deal with Bwin
22 Greeks confront crime wave amid austerity
23 Syria violence fuels Lebanon kidnap drama
24 London Mayor Boris Johnson: PM must stop 'pussyfooting'
25 Tony Nicklinson loses High Court right-to-die case
26 Pakistan Shias killed in Gilgit sectarian attack
27 Bomb threat diverts Moscow-bound Aeroflot flight
28 'Don't eat one day a week'
29 Scott's wrecked ship Terra Nova discovered in Arctic
30 Ethiopian church patriarch Abune Paulos 'dies'
31 Seven dead in clashes at South Africa's Marikana mine
32 Megaupload case: New Zealand court wants FBI evidence
33 Reuters hacked for third time with hoax al-Faisal death
34 E-petitions get 6.5 million signatures in a year
35 Facebook shares fall 6% as lock-up period ends
36 Samsung Galaxy Note tablet launched mid-patent trial
37 Streaming music revenues up 40% globally in 2012
38 Lenovo profits rise further boosted by China growth
39 Canon recalls cameras over skin rash substance worry
40 Premier League shuts down 30,000 illegal streams
41 Germany re-opens Facebook facial recognition probe
42 Tencent vows to expand overseas video games business
43 From robot trader to computer overlord?
44 Can claustrophobia be overcome?
45 Do babies really have a moral compass?
46 Record-breaking Phoenix galaxy cluster, by the numbers
47 Landslide deaths up 10 times higher than thought
48 Apple TV could double as cable box, report says
49 German officials want Facebook to delete faces from its servers
50 Google launches Maps upgrade on Android
51 Unmanned US military hypersonic craft crashes
52 Record-breaking galaxy cluster may be most massive ever
53 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet on sale Aug. 16
54 Microsoft announces SkyDrive re-design, hits 10 million users
55 Cops: LGBT volunteer shoots conservative group's guard
56 Ariz. Governor Jan Brewer stirs a new immigration policy controversy
57 Thousands mark Elvis's death, get surprise visit
58 Elvis fans greeted at Graceland by Priscilla, Lisa Marie on 35th anniversary of icon's death
59 Gallup: No immediate bounce for Romney after Ryan VP pick
60 Microsoft Surface Windows tablet coming Oct. 26 for $199, report says
61 Review: Samsung tablet takes aim at iPad with pen
62 Security guard credited for thwarting DC shooting
63 Guard hailed in attack at D.C. conservative group
64 Idaho residents flee encroaching blazes
65 Paul McCartney tells Russian punk band to "stay strong"
66 Gymnastics' "Fierce Five" take on New York and TV
67 Michael J. Fox set to return to series TV, according to AP source
68 Accused murderer talks about girlfriend's death on Facebook
69 Eating walnuts daily may improve sperm quality
70 West Nile virus: Dallas declares state of emergency
71 FDA sends warning letter over Hershey's syrup nutrient claims
72 Aggressive people choose aggressive dogs: Study
73 Study: Kids with toothaches more likely to have lower grades, miss more school
74 West Nile virus 2012: Nearly 700 confirmed cases, 25% in Dallas county
75 FDA warns codeine may be harmful for kids who just had surgery
76 Johnson & Johnson to phase out potentially harmful chemicals by 2015
77 New heart attack test takes only one hour to determine if someone is having cardiac event, researchers say
78 Eating egg yolks leads to two-thirds of the plaque buildup you'd see in a smoker's arteries, study shows
79 Penis size linked to finger measurements, say Korean scientists
80 Internet outrage grows around Progressive Insurance
81 Inside Powerball: A behind-the-scenes look at how drawings work
82 New radar system helps pilots avoid turbulence
83 Giant galaxy cluster is birthing stars at extraordinary rate, scientists find
84 Record-Breaking Galaxy Cluster May Be Most Massive Ever
85 Massive Phoenix cluster forms stars at a record pace
86 Room-temperature maser could change space communication
87 'We're NASA and We Know It': Hilarious Music Video Spoofs Mars Rover Team
88 Skeleton Army Rises from Bog
89 Remains of hundreds of warriors who died in violent battle 2,000 years ago found in Danish bog
90 Cayman's imperiled blue iguanas on the rebound
91 Wildlife vanishing fast in Brazil's forest fragments
92 Brazil's Atlantic forests lose key species
93 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spectrometer Detects Helium In Moon's Atmosphere
94 Harry Harrison dies; Marvel ends Premiere Classics
95 Sci-fi author Harry Harrison dies
96 Harry Harrison, a sci-fi great, dead at 87
97 Rating of ocean health shows "room for improvement"
98 New Ocean Health Index Measures the Global State of the Seas
99 Scientists create a "Dow Jones" for ocean health
100 Open Waters On Northwest Passage
101 Rate of Arctic summer sea ice loss is 50% higher than predicted
102 Norwegian driver hits bear after trying to avoid moose
103 UN Syria observer mission 'over,' says Security Council
104 Drought sends Mississippi into 'uncharted territory'
105 The Arctic Ice Crisis
106 Sun Dominates Space Weather Concerns for Next Decade: Report
107 Khan Academy Launches New Computer Science Lessons
108 Study off Mass. coast says increasing underwater noise threatening rare whale population
109 Climate models that predict more droughts win further scientific support
110 8 Most Surprising Mars Discoveries to Date
111 Mars Surface Made of Shifting Plates Like Earth, Study Suggests
112 Hottest Particle Soup May Reveal Secrets of Primordial Universe
113 Texas plans aerial insecticide spray as West Nile Virus deaths reach 16
114 Pack that repellent: West Nile virus spiking across the USA
115 EU considering cigarette logo ban to deter smoking
116 Tobacco: public health comes first
117 Australia passes plain packaging law
118 American kids downing more diet drinks
119 Progress Toward Male Birth Control Pill?
120 A Major Advance Toward a Birth Control Pill for Men
121 Far more could be done to stop the deadly bacteria
122 For mentally ill, a design departure
123 Rise in syphilis cases, 2 other STDs in California spurs concern
124 All baby boomers should get tested for hepatitis C: CDC
125 Cause Of Chemotherapy Resistance In Ovarian Cancer Identified
126 Bill Gates: Reinvent the toilet, save the world
127 Antiandrogen Ups Late Prostate Cancer Survival
128 Benefits of PSA testing may outweigh harms, study suggests
129 FDA Investigating Three Child Deaths Involving Codeine
130 Commentary: How the Affordable Care Act improves Medicare
131 Whew! Romney/Ryan agree on Medicare. Now, four questions...