File Title
1 Mysterious star challenges view of clusters
2 Trawling 'ploughs' the deep sea floor
3 DNA database unlocks map to genetic disease
4 Shortest laser pulse lasts just 67 attoseconds
5 Nudge tactics 'no magic bullet'
6 Dawn probe leaves Asteroid Vesta
7 Water voles wander across 'fragmented' Scottish habitat
8 Deep-sea crabs have colour vision
9 Fish oils 'help slow age decline'
10 Cheetah robot 'runs faster than Usain Bolt'
11 So remote, it could pass for Mars
12 How is a dead whale disposed of?
13 Democratic convention: Obama to pitch for second term
14 France shootings: Three victims shot in head
15 Nokia apologises for 'faked' Lumia smartphone advert
16 ECB's Mario Draghi unveils bond-buying euro debt plan
17 Fort Hood accused Nidal Hasan 'must shave off beard'
18 Beer in Asia: The drink of economic growth
19 Syria crisis: Desperate plight of displaced civilians
20 Fifteen years holed up in an embassy
21 Bad sleep may predict Alzheimer's, says study
22 Why do Indian-Americans flock to the Democratic Party?
23 Genesis honoured at Progressive Music awards
24 Syrian army 'storms' border town of Tal Shehab
25 Fact-checkers dissect Democratic convention speeches
26 How can we save our dying coral reefs?
27 Raspberry Pi being manufactured in the UK
28 Amazon's launches new Kindle Fire tablets and e-readers
29 ECB's Mario Draghi unveils bond-buying euro debt plan
30 Burmese MPs force out constitutional court judges
31 Watchdog to investigate judge's 'burglary takes courage' remarks
32 Save the Children foreign staff ordered out of Pakistan
33 How WPP and Bharti chiefs built their brands
34 Q&A: Mystery over shootings near Lake Annecy, France
35 NASA's Curiosity rover 'sniffs' Martian air
36 Airbus details Smarter Skies vision for planes in 2050
37 Questions over Chinese satellites 'to monitor sea'
38 Web software firm taunts UK data regulator over cookies
39 Samsung faces fresh claims on Chinese factory workers
40 Internet porn blocking consultation draws to close in UK
41 BP unveils new technology to boost oil production
42 Nokia's bet on Windows Phone 8: Expert opinions
43 Paralympics 2012: Jonnie Peacock wins gold in T44 100m
44 Israel in partial concession on Eritrean migrants
45 Deep-fried Mars bars: A symbol of a nation's diet?
46 Liquitabs alert after children burned
47 Curiosity Mars rover tracks seen from space
48 Amazon announces Kindle Fire HD, new Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
49 Facebook officially welcomes Instagram to the family
50 Apple rumored to be only maker of new iPhone 5 dock connector adapters
51 Deadlight Review: Cinematic action-puzzler gets lost in zombie shuffle
52 How astronauts used a toothbrush to fix space station
53 Amazon expected to announce Kindle Fire 2, smartphone, "Paperwhite" e-reader
54 Samsung investigated for alleged antitrust violations
55 Motorola announces Droid Razr M, Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD smartphones
56 New DNA encyclopedia shows complex inner workings
57 Fact-checking 7 claims in Bill Clinton's convention speech
58 Transcript: Bill Clinton's remarks at the DNC
59 Judge to Fort Hood suspect: Shave or be shaved
60 Drew Peterson, ex cop, found guilty in the murder of Kathleen Savio
61 Girl, 4, found alive under bodies in U.K.-registered BMW in French Alps
62 Angry Birds maker Rovio announces sequel "Bad Piggies"
63 Amazon joins Apple, Microsoft in jockeying for tech edge
64 Nadia Lockyer, Calif. treasurer's wife, arrested on drug charges
65 Mother, 3 daughters found shot to death in Missouri
66 Drew Peterson murder trial jury asks for definition of the word "unanimous"
67 FBI accuse Miami cop of pulling women over for sexual thrill
68 David Scott, St. Louis man, charged with murder after argument over a bag of Cheetos turns deadly, police say
69 New arrests in gruesome case of burned Ohio woman Celeste Fronsman
70 Earl Jones, 92-year-old Kentucky farmer and World War II veteran, fatally shoots home intruder, report says
71 Freddie Grant, suspect in Grabrielle Swainson disappearance, had key to teen's home, S.C. police say
72 Four Marines arrested in alleged assault on gay man outside Calif. bar
73 Son of federal judge in Puerto Rico charged with murdering his wife
74 Bank of America Heist: Calif. bank manager kidnapped, strapped to bomb and used in robbery, police say
75 Mother of murdered girl, 9, raises money to attend killer's execution 1,400 miles from home
76 Fla. man gets life in prison for "waterboarding" ex-girlfriend with root beer, kidnapping her
77 Report: Health care system wastes $750B a year
78 Cure for woman's scorpion sting costs $83K
79 Worst year ever for West Nile in Texas; 43 dead
80 7-year-old Colorado girl contracts "black death" bubonic plague
81 NYC school lunches fall below minimum calorie requirement
82 NASA lab director lectures on Curiosity, signs memorandum with Tech
83 Rover getting ready for rocks after its first month on Mars
84 Neil Armstrong to be buried at sea
85 Chikyu sets a new world drilling-depth record of scientific ocean drilling
86 Spacewalkers Overcome Stuck Bolt to Fix Space Station Power System
87 Spacewalking astronauts conquer stiff bolt, install key power unit on 2nd trip outside
88 Bits of Mystery DNA, Far From 'Junk,' Play Crucial Role
89 Researchers identify biochemical functions for most of the human genome
90 DNA's 'Junk' Now Seen as Lever Controlling Future Health
91 Hadley Crater--closing in on the Martian interior
92 Physicists Quantum Teleport Photons Over 88 Miles
93 Scientists Set New 'Quantum Teleportation' Record
94 Federal Government Comes to the Rescue of San Francisco Shrub
95 LA utility crews raising power lines to make way for behemoth Space Shuttle Endeavour
96 Tree removal for space shuttle arrival tempers excitement
97 Some deep-sea crabs may see in color
98 Bottom trawling wrecking ocean floor, study finds
99 Fish trawling reshapes deep-sea canyons
100 Patagonian Glaciers Melting in a Hurry
101 Loss of Tropical Forests Reduces Rain
102 Ancient star retains oddly youthful glow
103 3rd Yosemite visitor dies of hantavirus
104 Most grandparents are family's safety net
105 AIDS science leaping ahead, but will the money follow?
106 AG: Fewer incidents with synthetic drugs since ban
107 Report: Abuse of bath salts, synthetic pot in N.J. takes dramatic drop after statewide ban
108 Kids continuing to eat yummy-looking laundry detergent packs
109 Laundry Packs Tempting to Children
110 Laundry Detergent Packs Pose Poisoning Threat to Toddlers