File Title
1 'Popeye' solar cells on the way
2 'Rocket dust' kicks up storms on Mars
3 Detailed map of genome function
4 Ed Davey moves to shield renewables amid reshuffle
5 Why top sport stars might have 'more time' on the ball
6 Arctic ice melt 'like adding 20 years of CO2 emissions'
7 Stereotypes 'evolve like language,' say researchers
8 'Alien mammal' invasion of Europe
9 Steam blast hurts two at France's Fessenheim nuclear plant
10 Heathrow: Government to study airport expansion plans
11 Pyrenean desman: On the trail of Europe's weirdest beast
12 Can electricity from the human body replace batteries?
13 The rise of medical tourism in Bangkok
14 Democratic convention: Obama arena speech venue moved
15 Four people killed near Lake Annecy in France
16 Tom Cruise lawyer denies reports he 'auditioned brides'
17 Germany and Israel mark Munich massacre in ceremonies
18 Mauritania deports Libya spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi
19 Beijing revisited after half a century
20 People can be fat yet fit, research suggests
21 Powerful earthquake rocks Costa Rican capital San Jose
22 Shooting mars Quebec separatists' election victory
23 Zulu King Zwelithini's sixth wife 'needs palace'
24 Longer working week suggested for Greece
25 Deep-fried Mars bars disowned by chocolate firm
26 Web index: Weighing up the web's global impact
27 Deepwater Horizon: BP accused of gross negligence
28 The best of Bangkok's street food
29 Nokia unveils two Windows Phone 8 handsets
30 Bitcoin theft causes Bitfloor exchange to go offline
31 Nokia's bet on Windows Phone 8: Expert opinions
32 Sweden tops Tim Berners-Lee's web index
33 FBI denies link to leak of 12 million Apple codes
34 Al-Jazeera website defaced by pro-Syrian hackers
35 Digital wallet 'Project Oscar' scheme approved by EU
36 Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg not to sell shares for a year
37 BBC iPlayer launches mobile-download service
38 Gwilym Gold releases 'constantly evolving album'
39 Samsung OLED TVs go missing on way to fair
40 Viewpoint: Making sense of the Apple ID codes leak
41 7 questions on patents
42 Actor Michael Clarke Duncan died of natural causes
43 Angola: Promises temper election victory
44 West Nile virus death toll in US jumps by a third
45 Nigerian navy frees hijacked Singapore-owned oil tanker
46 China suicide blast man's 'act of desperation'
47 Spain's migrant healthcare dilemma
48 Leaked photos and video of Apple iPhone 5 real, blog claims
49 Study: Time really does slow for top athletes
50 Disintegrating alien planet has comet-like tail
51 Survey: As cell phone use rises, so do concerns over privacy
52 Lost medieval church discovered under parking lot
53 Apple could sell 10 million in a week iPhone 5, analyst says
54 Strange star in nearby cluster resists aging
55 NASA's Dawn spacecraft set to head for second asteroid after peering at first for year
56 FBI disputes Apple ID hacking claims
57 Anonymous hackers claim to have obtained 12 million iPhone and iPad IDs from FBI computer
58 Powerful 7.6 earthquake rattles Costa Rica
59 Even high normal blood sugar levels may induce brain shrinkage
60 Julian Castro: Romney "has no idea how good he's had it"
61 Drunks detected by thermal camera
62 World's first million-dollar electric supercar
63 NASA's Dawn spacecraft lifts off from asteroid
64 Gunman kills one at rally for Quebec premiere
65 Honduras signs deal with investors to create 3 private, independent cities in bold experiment
66 Clinton gets frosty reception in China, says U.S. "disappointed" by Beijing's stance on Syria
67 S. African miners threaten fellow workers
68 4 shot dead in French Alps, young girl critical
69 Afghanistan business owners foresee collapse of "artificial" economy when NATO leaves
70 Japan to buy East China Sea islands, also claimed by China, for $26 million, reports say
71 U.N. finds wide consensus on Syria in General Assembly, but remains powerless as war worsens
72 Iraq demands evidence from U.S. of Iran shipping weapons to Syria through Iraqi airspace
73 Afghanistan: Hundreds of soldiers fired or detained amid investigation into "insider attacks"
74 Exodus gains speed: Record 100,000 refugees flee Syria civil war in August alone
75 Ex-police chief charged in China political scandal
76 Extreme athlete Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham pulls off 50-foot air jump in wheelchair
77 Fried food not bad for heart if cooked in olive, sunflower oil
78 After 18-Pound Tumor and Haiti Earthquake, Teen Needs One More Miracle
79 What Bill Clinton can do for Barack Obama
80 First Lady: Obama's work is personal, not political
81 Two chairs put at cardboard Clint Eastwood cutout on California trail
82 Poll: 1 in 5 say Eastwood was highlight of RNC
83 Michelle Obama makes the case for her husband
84 Worst year ever for West Nile in Texas; 40 dead
85 Performing CPR 10 to 15 minutes longer on cardiac arrest patients may save more lives
86 Author Judy Blume reveals she had a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer
87 Japanese panel favors relaxing mad-cow disease-related U.S. beef import lids
88 Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig support proposed NYC soda ban
89 Disabled boy's family booted from American Airlines cross-country flight
90 Vaginal Ring May Protect Against HIV
91 West Nile Cases Approach 2,000
92 Super Stretchy Material is Also Super Strong
93 Conservation Group Sounds Alarm for Asian Species
94 8 Ways Social Media Can Help Get You a Job
95 Want to Get Ahead at Work? Start Bragging
96 Robot Cars Would Almost Triple US Highway Capacity
97 Scientists 'Engineer' Dreams in Rats
98 Kickstarter Has No Money-Back Guarantee
99 Fishing Technique Flattens the Seafloor
100 Robotic Bear Hugs Humans to Take Pulses
101 Talking About Sex During Sex Is Good for Sex
102 Strong Earthquake Strikes Costa Rica
103 Chinese City Puts the Brakes on Car Ownership
104 Lost Medieval Church Discovered Beneath Parking Lot
105 We Lie When Time Is Short and Fibbing Feels Justified
106 U.S. Worker Skills Gap is Real but Reversible
107 Stress During Pregnancy Linked with Preterm Births
108 N/A
109 Twin Moon-Mapping Space Probes Begin Extended Mission
110 Meteoroids Change Atmospheres of Earth, Mars, Venus
111 Astronauts Heading Deep Underground for Spaceflight Training
112 Jupiter-Bound Probe Changes Orbit in Deep Space
113 What Is 'Wet?' Dangerous Drug Cocktail
114 Sharper Curve, Stronger Egg
115 Humpback Whale Watching Season Starts Early in Hawaii
116 Alcohol Abuse May Rewire Brain
117 The Smallest Mountain Range in the World
118 Wayward Sea Lion Rescued in California
119 Mars Rover's Twitter Feed Displays Bravura, Plus Cheek
120 Milky Way 'Haze' May Be Dark Matter Signature
121 Whales & Sharks from Above: A Fish Spotter's Amazing Tale
122 Many Women Don't Know When They're Fertile
123 Drunks Detected by Thermal Camera
124 How Tribal Women Stop Witch Hunts
125 The Gray World of Feminism and 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'
126 Explosive Methane Gas Found in Some N.Y. Wells
127 Lung Cancer Cases On the Rise in Non-Smokers, Study Suggests
128 Non-Stick Cookware Chemical Linked with Babies' Weights