File Title
1 Flying High: Researchers Decipher Manic Gene
2 Affluent People Less Likely to Reach out to Others in Times of Trouble?
3 First Implantation of Prototype Bionic Eye With 24 Electrodes: 'All of a Sudden I Could See a Little Flash of Light'
4 Shading Earth: Delivering Solar Geoengineering Materials to Combat Global Warming May Be Feasible and Affordable
5 Photonic Interactions Measured at Atomic Level
6 Surviving Drought: Discovery May Help Protect Crops from Stressors
7 'Promiscuous' Enzymes Still Prevalent in Metabolism: Challenges Fundamental Notion of Enzyme Specificity and Efficiency
8 Evolution of Mustards' Spice: Plants Developed Chemical Defense Against Bugs, Specific to Where They Live
9 Microbes Help Hyenas Communicate Via Scent
10 Plants' Fungi Allies May Not Help Store Climate Change's Extra Carbon
11 Uncoiling the Cucumber's Enigma: Biological Mechanism for Coiling, and Unusual Type of Spring Discovered
12 'Weird Chemistry' by Microbe Is Prime Source of Ocean Methane
13 Asthma Symptoms Could Be Aggravated by Imbalance Problems
14 An Open Platform Improves Biomedical-Image Processing
15 Genetic Link to Prostate Cancer Risk in African Americans Found
16 More Heart Problems With Two Chemo Drugs for Breast Cancer, Study Suggests
17 Study Gives New Insight On Inflammation
18 A Millimeter-Scale, Wirelessly Powered Cardiac Device
19 Hubble Spots a Supernova in NGC 5806
20 New, Less Expensive Nanolithography Technique Developed
21 Radiation Belt Storm Probes: Spacecraft Pair to Explore Mysterious Region Where Other Satellites Fear to Tread
22 'Nanoresonators' Might Improve Cell Phone Performance
23 Small Male Fish Use High Aggression Strategy
24 Exposure to Common Toxic Substances Could Increase Asthma Symptoms
25 Earthquake Hazards Map Study Finds Deadly Flaws
26 No More Sneezing: Allergen-Free House Plants
27 Increased Sediment and Nutrients Delivered to Bay as Susquehanna Reservoirs Near Sediment Capacity
28 Breathable Treatment to Help Prevent Asthma Attacks
29 Potential Drug for Treatement of Alzheimer's Disease Investigated
30 The Beat Goes On: Research Yields Two 'Firsts' Regarding Protein Crucial to Human Cardiac Function
31 Immune System Protein Could Explain Pancreatitis
32 Possible Therapy for Tamoxifen Resistant Breast Cancer Identified
33 Kidney Stones Linked With Small Increased Risk of Later Kidney Problems
34 Legislated to Health? If People Don't Take Their Health Into Their Own Hands, Governments May Use Policies to Do It for Them
35 First Simultaneous Robotic Kidney Transplant, Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed
36 No Pain Provides Big Gains
37 State Tax Incentives Do Not Appear to Increase the Rate of Living Organ Donation, U.S. Study Finds
38 Customer Service Is an Emotional Experience
39 Intervention Helps Children With Sickle Cell Disease Complete MRI Tests Without Sedation
40 Fear and Driving Opportunity Motivated Changes in Driving Behavior After 9/11
41 Factors Other Than Pain Affect Long-Term Use of Strong Pain Medications After Surgery
42 Leaders' Emotional Cues May Predict Acts of Terror or Political Aggression
43 Glass Shape Influences How Quickly We Drink Alcohol
44 Overwhelmed by Instant Access to News and Information? Most Americans Like It
45 What Babies Eat After Birth Likely Determines Lifetime Risk of Metabolic Mischief and Obesity, Rat Studies Suggest
46 Living Against the Clock; Does Loss of Daily Rhythms Cause Obesity?
47 What's Behind Rising Food Prices, Beyond the U.S. Drought
48 Chilling Methods Could Change Meat Tenderness
49 Early Menopause: A Genetic Mouse Model of Human Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
50 Malaria: Protein Impedes Microcirculation of Malaria-Infected Red Blood Cells
51 Keep Your Distance: Why Cells and Organelles Don't Get Stuck
52 Calorie Restriction Does Not Affect Survival: Study Of Monkeys Also Suggests Some Health Benefits
53 New 'Rust-Tracker' to Monitor Deadly Wheat Fungus in 27 Nations
54 Carbon Release from Collapsing Coastal Permafrost in Arctic Siberia
55 Coral Scientists Use New Model to Find Where Corals Are Most Likely to Survive Climate Change
56 Conservation Scientists Call Policy-Makers to Be Scale-Aware
57 Yellowstone Into the Future
58 Rare Find: Feathered Dinosaur Feasted On Flying Food
59 Warning On Deterioration of Famous Swedish Warship, Vasa
60 Small Family Size Increases Wealth of Descendants but Reduces Evolutionary Success
61 Hidden Graves of the Holocaust
62 Oldest Occurrence of Arthropods Preserved in Amber: Fly, Mite Specimens Are 100 Million Years Older Than Previous Amber Inclusions
63 NASA's GRAIL Moon Twins Begin Extended Mission Science
64 NASA's Jupiter-Bound Juno Changes Its Orbit
65 NASA Launches Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission
66 Record-Breaking Stellar Explosion Helps Astronomers Understand Far-Off Galaxy
67 Saturn and Its Largest Moon Reflect Their True Colors
68 Japanese Spacecraft to Search for Clues of Earth's First Life
69 Avoiding Jack-Knifing On the Roads
70 Building Ultra-Low Power Wireless Networks
71 Shifty, but Secure Eyes: New Biometric Security System
72 Smallest Antenna Can Increase Wi-Fi Speed 200 Times
73 Smartphone App Can Track Objects On the Battlefield as Well as On the Sports Field
74 Researchers Make Clinical Trials a Virtual Reality
75 A Whisker-Inspired Approach to Tactile Sensing
76 Turning Chemistry Inside-Out: Self-Assembling Smart Microscopic Reagents to Pioneer Pourable Electronics
77 Internet Addiction: Causes at the Molecular Level
78 Facebook: The Real Presidential Swing State
79 Bungling Cyber Spy Stalks Iran
80 Getting Your Phone to Give You a Hand
81 Apple/Samsung: The Verdict on Innovation
82 All Over the Map(s)
83 The Counterintuitive Physics of Tarzan Swings
84 Who Needs An 84-Inch TV?
85 In Kindle News...
86 Walmart Dives Into Search Technology
87 Google's Social Network Goes Pro
88 Replacing Your Password with a Finger Swipe
89 Nanoparticles Could Lead to Stronger Drugs, Fewer Side Effects for Cancer Patients
90 Stringent CAFE Standards Push Automakers
91 EmTech Preview: The Politics of the Outsider
92 The Grand Challenges of the Economic And Social Sciences
93 New Tests Could Divine a Baby's Genome Before Birth
94 Will Watson Be the New Siri?
95 Painting With Molecules
96 Head of ARPA-E Sketches Course for Energy Research
97 Birds and berries to be surveyed
98 George Osborne in 50bn pounds private sector building vow
99 Funeral held for Neil Armstrong, first man on Moon
100 Marikana mine strike: South Africa to drop murder charges
101 Afghan police recruits' training halted after attacks on NATO
102 Pakistan 'Koran plot' imam remanded in blasphemy case
103 Thousands of Ethiopians attend Meles Zenawi burial
104 Pirate Bay co-founder Warg arrested in Cambodia
105 Indian woman's 24-year fight to prove she is alive
106 Desmond Tutu calls for Blair and Bush to be tried over Iraq
107 White House divulges Barack Obama's honey beer recipe
108 Egypt's veiled presenter in breakthrough TV appearance
109 Lost Lake District fell walkers rescued twice
110 Scuffles erupt as Israel police remove Migron settlers
111 A FarmVille for Africa
112 European Central Bank urged to take eurozone action
113 Denmark pioneers hi-tech graveyard memorials with QR code
114 Democratic aide: GOP thinks "lying is a virtue"
115 Travel by bus in the U.S.: Driving to extremes
116 Ryan says he misstated marathon claim
117 Israeli leader demands "clear red line" on Iran
118 Roundtable: Will voter disappointment turn into rejection?
119 Where are the politicians who like politics?
120 Almanac: "Hobbit" creator J.R.R. Tolkien
121 Q&A with George Mitchell
122 Extra! The unheralded "stars" of movies
123 How the parties got their animal symbols
124 U.S. halts training of some Afghan forces
125 Syria: 2 bombs explode near military offices
126 Desmond Tutu: Bush, Blair should face trial for Iraq War
127 AP analysis: Iran nuclear denial has Japanese ring
128 Egypt: Top Islamist militant arrested in Sinai
129 Iran: Sole nuke reactor reaches full capacity
130 Somali Pirates kill hostage over delayed ransom
131 German drug company apologizes for notorious drug thalidomide--50 years later
132 Philippines earthquake kills scores
133 Quake off Philippines spurs small tsunami; 1 dead
134 Report: Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to visit Taiwan
135 Police investigate massive maple syrup theft
136 Ethiopia gives Meles Zenawi state funeral
137 David Edelstein: Gems in the movies' dog days
138 Unification Church founder Rev. Moon dies at 92