File Title
1 Samsung vows to strike back against Apple
2 Analyst: Apple would 'crush the opposition' with a $249 'iPad mini'
3 High-quality photos and videos of iPhone 5 front assembly, 4-inch display vs. iPhone 4S
4 Amazon refuses to show investors actual Kindle unit sales numbers
5 Survey: Majority of consumers under age 30 disagree with Apple v. Samsung verdict
6 Parallels releases Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac
7 Apple's lawsuit sent a message to Google; to Steve Jobs, Android stirred unpleasant memories of Microsoft's Windows
8 Apple's iOS 6 3D Flyovers: More helpful, less creepy than Google Street
9 Photo purports to show A6 CPU in Apple's next-gen iPhone
10 Apple CEO Cook, Google CEO Page said to hold discussions over patent matters
11 New VMware Fusion 5 optimized for OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and Apple's latest Macs
12 Google looks to sell Motorola's set-top box business
13 Chip shortages may constrain smartphone launches
14 Anaylsts: Apple's 'iPad mini' may sell like hotcakes compared to full-size iPad
15 Oracle releases Java for Mac OS X Version 7 Update 7
16 The iPad 2.5 years later: How wrong many were
17 Apple rejects app that tracks U.S. drone strikes
18 Tokyo court rules Samsung did not violate Apple patent
19 Sharp's output of next-gen Apple iPhone displays falling behind schedule, says source
20 Apple rolls out updated App Store with Chomp-inspired design in iOS 6 beta
21 Unknown iPad device identifiers appear in device logs hinting at 'iPad mini' testing
22 Apple, four publishers offer e-books antitrust concessions, says source
23 Apple's patent win could start a fundamental shift in industry innovation
24 Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary sues Apple over QuickTime and iOS devices
25 New iMac model shows up in online benchmark testing
26 Dropbox Experimental Edition January 5, 2027 brings new Mac features
27 German court postpones ruling on Apple-Motorola lawsuit targeting 'core Android operating system'
28 Pinch-to-Zoom and rectangles with rounded corners: What the Apple v. Samsung jury didn't say
29 Hon Hai 1H net edges up 0.5%; Apple products fuel revenue growth
30 Photos of semi-assembled iPhone 5 show component layout, thickness
31 Video: How a 4-inch 'iPhone 5' display would look and work
32 How Apple's story is like 'Breaking Bad'
33 Samsung continues to challenge 'Made for iPhone' trademark
34 Analyst: Expect 8 new Apple products by year end
35 Amazon developing ad-supported Kindle tablet, sources say
36 Apple asks Judge Koh to expedite post-trial decisions on injunctive relief
37 Analyst: Apple's 'iPad mini' will be so thin, it will be a challenge to build
38 Walmart tests 'Scan & Go' self-checkout feature for customers with Apple iPhones
39 Apple files amended complaint, adds Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Note 10.1 to list of patent infringing devices
40 Convicted patent infringer Samsung acuses Apple of trying to limit consumer choice
41 Birds hold 'funerals' for dead
42 Eyeless goby fish 10,000km apart share common ancestor
43 Hurricane Isaac 'drove Mississippi River backwards'
44 DNA of girl from Denisova cave gives up genetic secrets
45 Wyoming drops federal protection of gray wolves
46 'Spineless' animals under threat of extinction
47 Large earthquake strikes off Philippines
48 Inventions and inventors rising in recession-hit UK
49 Small dinosaur 'hunted like cat'
50 Supermassive black holes and hot galaxies in giant haul
51 Puppet experiment suggests humans are born to be fair
52 ISS: 'the benefits have been tremendous'
53 DNA test jailed innocent man for murder
54 Biofuel crops transform German farming
55 Britain's most bizarre attractions
56 Cardinal Carlo Martini says Church '200 years behind'
57 Syria conflict: Fighting rages at Syria air bases
58 Mitt Romney tours Louisiana town hit by Hurricane Isaac
59 Egypt TV chief Tawfiq Ukasha denies Mursi murder charge
60 Ruling MPLA leading Angola elections
61 Meeting the ultra-nationalist skinheads of Russia
62 Damascus Alawites stand firm behind Assad
63 Deadly Yosemite virus warning to 10,000 US campers
64 Beer-glass shape alters people's drinking speed--study
65 Thalidomide apology insulting, campaigners say
66 Thieves steal maple syrup stash from Canada warehouse
67 Northumberlandia: The naked lady of Cramlington
68 Clint Eastwood speech bemuses fellow stars
69 Veteran entertainer Max Bygraves dies
70 Gravitational waves: written in the stars?
71 Ayutthaya: One Square Mile of Thailand
72 Eye-controlled Gaze TV unveiled by Haier and Tobii
73 Scanning plan aims to help robots in the home
74 Tokyo court gives win to Samsung after US loss
75 FileSonic cyberlocker offline after piracy complaints
76 Computer virus hits second energy firm
77 Oracle issues patch for Java loopholes
78 Atos protest: Disability rights groups target firm
79 Apple versus Samsung: Jury foreman justifies $1bn verdict
80 Follow my leader: Retailers race to catch digital rivals
81 Bohemia revisited: The holiday that changed my life
82 Ghana witch camps: Widows' lives in exile
83 Fisherman escapes shark attack off Islay
84 Upgrading the dogs of war
85 Armenians hold anti-Hungary rally over Azeri killer pardon
86 Hungary nationalists whip up anti-Roma feelings
87 Active pensioners 'add six years'
88 'Nano pit' technique to extend life of hip replacements
89 Why Paralympians need 'extreme sports medicine'
90 Amazon Kindle Fire to skip Google Maps in favor of Nokia Navigation, report says
91 Tokyo court: Samsung didn't infringe Apple patent
92 Eastwood's speech sparks Twitter trend, "Eastwooding" photo meme
93 Astronauts attend Neil Armstrong service
94 Hints of King Richard III's grave found under parking lot
95 Apple rejects app for tracking U.S. drone strikes
96 Baby bison born via embryo transfer may boost species recovery
97 Neil Armstrong remembered: Memorials honor first moon-walker
98 Sharp's Apple iPhone displays behind schedule, report says
99 DNC security rules trigger free speech worries
100 Ex-Navy SEAL's lawyer fires back at Pentagon claims
101 Aide: Romney found Eastwood speech "funny"
102 Clint Eastwood entertained but stretched the truth
103 Samsung threatens to sue Apple if LTE device is released, report says
104 Virgin Mobile to sell no-contract Apple iPhone for $30 per month...but what's the catch?
105 Fan dies after fall from upper level of Ga. Dome
106 Teen pops head out of bus, hits overpass, dies
107 Drought-parched soil causes homes to crack
108 2 Colo. lawmen killed in plane crash
109 Des Moines police dog found dead in cruiser
110 Feds close criminal investigation on Ariz. sheriff
111 Rescued stowaway kitten finds new home
112 Texas H.S. opening $60M football field of dreams
113 Lawyer: Teacher joined in as teen was bullied
114 Ex-Marine tweeted about killing coworkers in '09
115 Waters recede in Louisiana, leaving sopping mess
116 Ex-Marine opens fire on grocery co-workers; 3 dead
117 Romney in New Orleans asks where the water came from
118 Fact-checking 6 claims in Paul Ryan's convention speech
119 Rove apologizes to Mo. Rep. Akin for murder quip