File Title
1 Soil fungi may not be effective carbon sink
2 Ships leave air pollution in their wake
3 Ancient genome offers clues to human waves
4 Inverted polymer solar cell efficiency sets world record
5 High-Tech fishing net finalist for Dyson Award
6 Researchers develop new, less expensive nanolithography technique
7 New insights into placebo effect
8 Small male fish use high aggression strategy
9 Researchers find a protein that helps DNA repair in aging cells
10 New single-shot X-ray technique makes magnetic image
11 Researchers find glass shape influences consumption rate of lager
12 The role of H3K9 in bringing order to the nucleus
13 Making Web applications more efficient
14 How old are the first planets?
15 Polymer coating allows nanoparticles to diffuse through the brain
16 Physician, glove thyself: Med Sensation has exam tool (w/ Video)
17 Design student creates G.A.U.N.T.L.E.T. glove that allows single handed typing (w/ Video)
18 A novel nanobio catalyst for biofuels
19 Researchers ID chemical in cigarette smoke linked to lowered levels of 'good' cholesterol
20 Research group finds fungi spores contribute to cloud formation and rain in Amazon
21 Japan court rejects Apple patent claims against Samsung (Update)
22 Delivering solar geoengineering materials may be feasible and affordable
23 A one-way street for spinning atoms
24 Uncoiling the cucumber's enigma: Researchers discover a biological mechanism for coiling
25 'Nanoresonators' might improve cell phone performance
26 Physicists measure photonic interactions at the atomic level
27 Traumatic childhood may increase the risk of drug addiction: study
28 Light-activated skeletal muscle engineered (w/ Video)
29 Human, soil bacteria swap antibiotic-resistance genes: study
30 New research identifies prime source of ocean methane
31 'Promiscuous' enzymes still prevalent in metabolism
32 Biophysicists unravel secrets of genetic switch
33 Solving 1960s genetics mystery could clear obstacles for synthetic biologists
34 Key genetic mechanism in plant hormone signaling may help protect crops from stressors
35 Sterling science: Strain in silver nanoparticles creates unusual 'twinning'
36 Optimum path: tracking fluorescent nanoparticles using laser
37 New technique could mean super thin, strong graphene-based circuits
38 A new use for atomically engineered gold
39 'Nano machine shop' shapes nanowires, ultrathin films
40 Graphene-based materials kill bacteria through one of two possible mechanisms
41 The latest advance in imaging technology helps optimize catalysts for use in onboard fuel processing
42 Researchers grow regularly-ordered nanometer-scale crystalline thin film using 3D porous material
43 Heat flow control for future nanoelectronics
44 New imaging technique homes in on electrocatalysis of nanoparticles
45 Iowa State physicists excited about Higgs studies, look forward to new physics
46 Integrated silicon optical transmitter to carry large volumes of data between CPUs
47 Simulating the sun for photovoltaic research
48 Fairness can evolve by imitating one's neighbor: physicists
49 MASSIVE advances in aerodynamics
50 New record in quantum communications
51 Shedding new light on one of diabetes' most dangerous complications
52 New flexible electronics technology may lead to new medical uses
53 Synchronized X-ray and optical lasers measure how light changes matter on atomic scale
54 Small droplets grow differently
55 Optical fibers in materials: an artificial nervous system
56 Astronauts among dignitaries at Armstrong service
57 Trade-offs between water for food and for curbing climate change
58 SOFIA to embark on new cycle of science observations
59 A hot potential habitable exoplanet around Gliese 163
60 STAR TRAK: September 2012
61 The radiation belt storm probes
62 Ice core reveals unusual decline in eastern Australian rainfall
63 PML goes to Mars: far-out thermal calibration
64 Curiosity's laser leaves its mark
65 Finding faults: evidence of past earthquakes
66 Europe cereal crop harvest drops just 2.2%
67 Chasing storms in space
68 Russia unveils own 'almost Android' system
69 Apple, Samsung 'tablet war' overshadows Berlin tech show
70 Amazon Kindle Fire sold out as new model expected (Update 3)
71 Sony to sell ultra-HD '4K' TV set in US stores (Update)
72 Samsung reveals new Galaxy Note II
73 Intel's plans for quadcore SoC chips discovered
74 Samsung unveils voice-controlled camera
75 Connoisseur of chaos
76 IBM introduces new powerful mainframe computers
77 Apple to unveil mini iPad in October: report
78 Robot NICO learning self awareness using mirrors
79 Researchers investigate early language acquisition in robots
80 LG releases 'world's largest' ultra-definition TV
81 A millimeter-scale, wirelessly powered cardiac device
82 Post-Fukushima meeting calls for more work on nuclear safety
83 Google girds for battle in wake of Apple's legal victory
84 An open platform revolutionizes biomedical-image processing
85 Mini robot builds NPL probe
86 Light beams offer bright future for lighter-weight cars
87 Crowdsourcing breakthrough treatments for blood infections
88 Turning up the heat: Argonne's thermal cell facility puts vehicles to the test
89 Russia to develop naval missile defense system
90 New economic electric water cooling pump for automobiles
91 Bing adds Facebook photo search feature
92 High-frequency multilayer inductor series with world's highest inductance value
93 Direction selection: New method for template-directed DNA synthesis in the 3' and 5' directions
94 Latex hunt produces key results in Europe
95 Researchers take next step toward enhancing artificial proteins
96 Proteins feel long-range attractive forces
97 Keep your distance: Why cells and organelles don't get stuck
98 Corrosion protection for metal artifacts
99 Oil spill cleanup: Smart filter can strain oil out of water
100 New antibacterial coating for sutures could reduce infections after surgery
101 Many trendy 'microgreens' are more nutritious than their mature counterparts
102 Warning on deterioration of famous Swedish warship, Vasa
103 A long-term view of critical materials: from coal to ytterbium
104 A new look at proteins in living cells
105 The path a proton takes: Scenic route preferred to more direct path in alternative fuel cell membrane
106 Researchers develop method to simplify production of proteins used in many types of drugs
107 UK summers see moth population boom
108 Researchers demonstrate how 'interfering' RNA can block bacterial evolution
109 Devil disease is immortal, new study finds
110 Embryo transfer results in healthy purebred Yellowstone bison calf
111 Invertebrates on the brink
112 Researchers investigate natural compounds in cranberries
113 New edition of plant identification software released
114 Surgery allows blind orangutan to see her babies
115 No more sneezing, allergen free house plants
116 Researchers launch new 'Rust-Tracker' to monitor deadly wheat fungus in 27 nations
117 Customer service is an emotional experience
118 International collaboration key to science and engineering globalization
119 More baby boomers opting to cohabit, not marry
120 Iron-age hillfort reveals its secrets
121 iPods in classroom can boost academic time and resources for English language learners
122 The Chickahominy look back
123 Uncertainty over net-migration statistics explained
124 Study reveals extent of social connections in shaping boardroom appointments
125 Mexico wastewater project uncovers Ice Age bones
126 Analysis explores how religion and ethnicity shape the Asian-American vote
127 DNA scan sheds new light on mankind's mysterious cousins (Update)
128 UBC researchers seek to engage students in STEM careers with science outreach toolkit
129 Overwhelmed by instant access to news and information? Most Americans like it
130 Affluent people less likely to reach out to others in times of chaos, study suggests
131 Healthy living into old age can add up to 6 years to your life
132 Antibody prevents hepatitis C in animal model
133 Moving toward regeneration: Scientists show how pluripotent stem cells mobilize in wounded planarian worms
134 Research refutes long-held theory: Mother's metabolism, not birth canal size, limits gestation
135 Study: Adolescent marijuana use leaves lasting mental deficits
136 Math ability requires crosstalk in the brain
137 Low-calorie diet may not prolong life: study (Update)
138 'Hulk' protein, Grb10, controls muscle growth
139 Cancer gene family member functions key to cell adhesion and migration
140 Electronic cigarettes do not damage the heart
141 Protein impedes microcirculation of malaria-infected red blood cells
142 Researchers prove that leukemias arise from changes that accumulate in blood stem cells
143 Chocolate: A sweet method for stroke prevention in men?
144 Tuning the brain: How piano tuning may cause changes to brain structure
145 Research finds gene that predicts happiness in women
146 Light from self-luminous tablet computers can affect evening melatonin, delaying sleep
147 Energy drinks improve heart function: study
148 People merge supernatural and scientific beliefs when reasoning with the unknown, study shows
149 Stanford researchers' cooling glove 'better than steroids'
150 Studying everyday eye movements could aid in diagnosis of neurological disorders
151 Researchers identify potential treatment for cognitive effects of stress-related disorders
152 Does wisdom really come with age? It depends on the culture
153 Collagen-seeking synthetic protein could lead doctors to tumor locations
154 What babies eat after birth likely determines lifetime risk of obesity, rat study suggests
155 Early activation of immune response could lead to better vaccines
156 New genetic risk factor for inflammation identified in African American women
157 Early menopause in mice: A model of human POI