File Title
1 Cutting calories may not extend life
2 Sugar spotted around star
3 Gene mutation makes horses hot to trot
4 Small dinosaur 'hunted like cat'
5 NASA rover sets off on Mars trek
6 Supermassive black holes and hot galaxies in giant haul
7 Antarctic may host methane stores
8 Chocolate may protect the brain from stroke
9 SafetyNet emergency exits for fish win Dyson award
10 Lottery boost for Manx basking shark 'passport' tagging
11 San Diego Zoo looks to nature to solve human issues
12 Gorillas and chimps are threatened by human disease
13 The skies open up for large civilian drones
14 Why are eggs now better for us?
15 Mini guide to Kafka's Prague
16 Paul Ryan Republican speech 'contained errors'
17 South African Marikana miners charged with murder
18 Louisiana evacuation ordered over Isaac dam break fear
19 Iran nuclear crisis: Fordo capacity doubled--IAEA
20 Policing the remote Himalayas
21 Japan harnesses fashion power of gals
22 Tampa homeless 'sidelined' by Republican convention pomp
23 US lesbian couple's son pens book on what makes a family
24 Egyptian attack on 'oppressive' Syria sparks walkout
25 India diplomatic bag found in French Alps after 46 years
26 London Metropolitan University students fear deportation
27 Trojan asteroid seen in Earth's orbit by Wise telescope
28 Pussy Riot name daubed 'in blood' at Russia murder site
29 Fertilisers: Enriching the world's soil
30 Apple, Samsung and why gadgets all look the same
31 Woman killed by falling window in London's Mayfair
32 Windows 8 spurs new touchscreen hybrid PC designs
33 Gold standard: Could it return in the US?
34 President Obama answers questions on Reddit AMA--read his full answers
35 Lego and SoleRebels say customer feedback is vital
36 How the Paralympics checks intellectual disability
37 Procrastination: Readers' tales of epic time-wasting
38 Syria rebels 'down fighter jet' in Idlib province
39 Twitter helps adverts be targeted on its network
40 Adobe Flash Player returns to Android store in UK
41 Adobe and Mozilla unable to fix Flash video crash problem
42 Square Enix's CoreOnline makes console games 'free' online
43 Data breaches 10 times worse, say ICO figures
44 US president appears on social news site Reddit
45 Former employee jailed for 'raid' on Motorola secrets
46 Yahoo News fires Washington chief over Isaac gaffe
47 US-Mexico border: Efforts to build a virtual wall
48 Summer 'wettest in 100 years,' Met Office figures show
49 Gordon Dyche trial: Jail for Llyn Clywedog crash that killed family
50 Repeat abortions linked to premature birth, study suggests
51 Call for All-Ireland children's heart surgery provision
52 Genome of extinct human reveals brown-eyed girl
53 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review: Better than "Call of Duty"?
54 Amazon says Kindle Fire is "sold out"
55 Blue moon on same day as Neil Armstrong service
56 Obama's Reddit AMA breaks record, Ohanian invites Romney
57 Mars rover Curiosity begins first long drive
58 Eyeless fish, oceans apart, turn out to be cousins
59 NASA snaps stunning shots of Saturn and Titan
60 NASA launches twin satellites to study Van Allen radiation belts
61 Samsung unveils voice-controlled camera
62 Astronauts take spacewalk outside ISS
63 Facebook gets official OK to issue stock in Instagram deal
64 President Obama answers questions on Reddit AMA--read his full answers
65 SEAL tells 60 Minutes book is for honor, not politics
66 Isaac weakens but drenches La., Miss. as possible dam failure threatens thousands
67 Secret Service gun inadvertently left in Romney plane lavatory
68 Letter from Obama read at Heavy D's funeral
69 Paul Ryan delivers scathing critique of President Obama policies
70 Samsung IFA 2012: First Windows 8 smartphone, Slate tablet-laptop hybrid
71 Here are the 42 news stories Apple-Samsung jurors got
72 Orlando's city cameras catch man allegedly smoking pot
73 Google, Apple: Talking patent peace in our time?
74 Swiss "healer" accused of intentionally infecting 16 people with HIV using acupuncture needles
75 2,900 Yosemite visitors warned about possible exposure to deadly hantavirus
76 Oregon doctor charged with manslaughter after friend dies from tummy tuck procedure
77 Eating a moderate amount of chocolate may lower stroke risk for men
78 Calorie-restricted diet doesn't help monkeys live longer, study shows
79 Key to long-term weight loss for post-menopausal women may be more fruits and vegetables
80 Creator of Apple's 'Get a Mac' campaign departs famous ad agency
81 Rumor: Retina displays being produced for 13-inch MacBook Pro
82 Reported AT&T vacation blackout points to Sept. 21 next-gen iPhone launch
83 Samsung asks court to toss Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction, seeks damages
84 Rumor: NFC chip spotted in photos of purported next-gen iPhone front assembly
85 Apple's patent win could lead to profitable royalty stream from Android
86 Samsung vows to keep fighting Apple in memo to employees
87 Samsung hopes 'strict internal firewall' will protect Apple parts deals
88 iOS, Android adoption now twice as fast as 1990s Internet boom
89 California state agencies have spent $423,000 on iPads
90 Apple seeks ban on sale of 8 Samsung smartphones
91 Samsung's efforts to lift injunction on Galaxy Tab in limbo as Apple targets its better selling smartphones
92 Two Apple execs promoted to SVP status, Bob Mansfield to continue work after retirement
93 Apple stock soars to all-time intraday, closing high after favorable verdict
94 San Francisco police fire gun, close school in chase to recover stolen iPhone
95 New Java vulnerability affects Macs, could lead to more malware
96 Apple Stores reportedly continue to see cutbacks as focus shifts to revenue
97 Apple to stream live iTunes Festival shows via Apple TV, iOS app
98 New Apple patent may offer clues to future mobile payment solution
99 Apple patent hints at situationally aware iPhone settings
100 T-Mobile reportedly preparing to sell 'against the iPhone' on Sept. 21
101 Apple awarded litany of vital iOS GUI patents, continuations
102 Helpful tech support boosts Apple's 'halo' effect, drives hardware sales
103 Samsung to fight injunctions sought by Apple with 'all necessary measures'
104 Apple's next iPhone not expected to feature NFC technology
105 Apple reaches patent licensing deal with Motorola in Germany
106 Genius training manual details banned words for Apple employees
107 Apple rumored to unveil Wi-Fi free version of AirPlay at Sept. 12 event
108 Rumor: Next-gen iPhone accessories with 9-pin dock connector revealed
109 Apple court win triggers resale price drop for Android, Samsung devices
110 Apple injunction hearing against Samsung scheduled for December
111 Apple bid for exclusive TSMC chip supply access denied, report says
112 Google Wallet functionality expanding to counter Apple's Passbook
113 HTC has no intention to settle with Apple in wake of Samsung loss
114 Apple brings online Specialist chat support to UK, Germany, more
115 Apple's iOS 6 3D Flyovers aim to be more helpful, less creepy than Google Street
116 Apple & PowerON offer up to $345 for recycling an iPhone 4S
117 Delta deploying 4500 Apple iPads at US airport restaurants
118 Non-functioning Apple I to be auctioned off in October, expected to net $127K
119 Apple continues testing Facebook integration with second beta of OS X 10.8.2
120 Parallels 8 launches for existing owners with Retina display, Windows 8 support
121 Apple looks to automate email sorting with intelligent messaging system
122 High-quality images compare alleged next-gen iPhone, iPhone 4S front assemblies
123 N/A
124 Blurry photo claims to show A6 CPU in Apple's next iPhone
125 Foxconn & Sharp may spend $1B on LCD plant to boost production for Apple
126 BMW designer says Apple made white the most popular color for car buyers
127 Amazon says Kindle Fire takes 22% of US tablet market, won't disclose sales
128 Samsung to sue Apple over LTE patents, partner with Microsoft to avoid Android lawsuits
129 Apple's Tim Cook in patent talks with Google CEO Larry Page