File Title
1 Eurekas reward patience and ingenuity
2 'Star Wars' planetary system found
3 Families favour economics over evolution
4 Chimpanzee grooming is a 'postcode lottery'
5 'Tatooine-like' double-star systems can host planets
6 Australia joins EU carbon emissions market
7 Paralympics: Games opening promises 'journey of discovery'
8 Gravity waves spotted from white-dwarf pair
9 Tuning a piano 'moulds the mind'
10 When is a wildcat really a wildcat?
11 Paralympics: Should technology push athletes beyond their limits?
12 Legends of the Italian Dolomites
13 Hurricane Isaac breaks levee near sodden New Orleans
14 Plane hijack rumours lead to drama at Dutch airport
15 Bin Laden book No Easy Day 'contradicts official account'
16 Nut-throwers ejected from Republican National Convention
17 The curious allure of child preachers
18 Does race still matter in South Africa?
19 Koala surprises canoeists by hitching ride in Australia
20 Anarchist US soldiers 'plotted government overthrow'
21 Three-person civil union sparks controversy in Brazil
22 US economy expands more than estimated
23 Fertilisers: Enriching the world's soil
24 Syria's Assad says military 'needs time to win battle'
25 Sony unveils new touchscreen computers at IFA trade show
26 Samsung unveils Android and Windows devices at IFA
27 AmazonLocal daily deal service launched in UK
28 China's search giant Baidu 'in war' with rival Qihoo
29 Motorola's Intel phone set for September launch
30 'Lulzsec hacker' latest to be arrested in US
31 Apple-Samsung case: Date set for hearing over phone ban
32 Kenya violence: New attacks in riot-hit Mombasa
33 Andrew Strauss: England captain retires from cricket
34 White Cliffs of Dover: Why are they so important to the British?
35 Sitcom Citizen Khan prompts 185 complaints to the BBC
36 How silkmoths could defeat terrorism and drug smuggling
37 Antarctic may host methane stores
38 Traffic-light blood test shows hidden alcohol harm
39 Samsung announces Galaxy Note II
40 Endangered tiger cubs caught on tape new proposed dam
41 101-year-old Menlo Park, Calif. woman is Facebook's oldest user
42 Boy discovers piece of whale vomit worth up to $60,000
43 Birdmuda Triangle: Pigeons vanishing in England
44 LulzSec hacker charged in Ariz. for Sony data breach
45 Space sugar discovered around sun-like star
46 Last blue moon until 2015 appears Friday
47 Apple injunction hearing against Samsung phones set for Dec. 6
48 NYC seeking to identify Potter's field bodies with help of DNA
49 Mars rover broadcasts song from surface of Mars
50 Feds: Power grid vulnerable to "fast-moving cybersecurity threats"
51 Apple Store Genius Bars may be secret to customer loyalty
52 Intentional breach weighed as Isaac batters La.
53 SEAL book offers different account of bin Laden's death
54 SEAL book raises questions about bin Laden's death
55 Rice: United States' "voice is muted" under Obama
56 Pirates seize oil tanker off Togo coast, escape shootout to kidnap 24 Russian sailors
57 Hijack scare, WWII bomb at Amsterdam airport
58 Bashar Assad: Fight against Syria rebels "better," gov't forces "moving forward"
59 Dutch F16s escort Spanish jet to Schiphol
60 India upholds death penalty for Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, lone surviving gunman in Mumbai attacks
61 Stray dogs kill 4 kangaroos in Bosnia zoo
62 Ruined fresco draws attention, fans in Spain
63 Belgian who aided child abuse starts convent life
64 Notorious Pakistan A-bomb scientist tries politics
65 Turkish military vital in Syria planning
66 Social networks and the narcissism epidemic
67 Darwinian email management: Delete or die
68 Drought: 5 money-saving tips to avoid food inflation
69 New MPG rules: Gas savings, but car prices to rise
70 New Orleans mayor on Isaac: We're in "hunker-down phase"
71 Bill Nye on creationism critique: I'm not attacking religion
72 GOP OKs platform barring abortions, gay marriage
73 Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon take on fracking
74 Key to long-term weight loss for post-menopausal women may be more fruits and vegetables
75 CDC reports 40% increase in U.S. West Nile virus cases
76 Kids with neurological disorders like epilepsy may be more likely to die during flu season
77 Political beliefs may be rooted in genetics, study says
78 DNA test confirms cantaloupe from Chamberlain Farms of Indiana a source in 21-state salmonella outbreak
79 Study: Death Row inmates pick comfort foods for last meals
80 Oregon man sues dentist after teeth allegedly rot from 11 years of braces
81 73 sickened by salmonella-tainted mangoes, say California health officials
82 World's Thinnest Transistor is Two-Thirds Complete
83 Boat Lost in Japan Tsunami Washes Up in Canada
84 Normal Tot or Problem Child? Tantrum Frequency Holds Clues
85 CDC Reports Jump in West Nile Cases and Deaths
86 Baby Faces Enlisted to Fight Crime
87 How Average Quakes May Turn Into Giants
88 Ancient Animal Figurines Found in Israel
89 Billions of Tons of Methane Lurk Beneath Antarctic Ice
90 Too Hot for Love: Breeding Penguins Vanish from Antarctic Island
91 Teach Robots from Home with Your Kinect
92 Video Game Improves Vision for Adults Born with Cataracts
93 Just In: A Gene That Makes Women Happy
94 Snail Dad Does All the Parenting, Takes on Stepchildren
95 Endangered Tiger Cubs Caught on Camera Near Proposed Dam
96 Pigeons Vanish in 'Birdmuda Triangle'
97 More Infants Born Addicted to Prescription Drugs
98 Animal Illustrations Preceded Poet's Nonsense Verse
99 Last US Atom Smasher on Chopping Block
100 Chimp 'Secret Handshakes' May Be Cultural
101 Mars Rover Belts Out Song From Red Planet in Cosmic First
102 Patrick Stewart Warps Into 'Futurama' Wednesday Night
103 Value of Kids' Pretend Play May Be Overhyped
104 Eating Nuts in Pregnancy May Lower Kids' Asthma Risk
105 Two Alien Planets Found with Twin Suns Like 'Star Wars" Tatooine
106 Artificial Universe Similar to Ours Built with Supercomputer
107 Plunge in Child Mortality Leaves UN Unsatisfied
108 Stunning Hubble Telescope 'Hidden Treasures' Revealed in Photo Contest
109 Steak-Cooking Simulator Feels Real in Your Hands
110 Invasive Raccoons Threaten Europe
111 World's First Drone University Ready for Takeoff
112 5 Things You Should Know About Legionnaires' Disease
113 Vitamin B3 May Fight Staph Infections
114 Black-Market Tiger Skins Found in Russia
115 Even Toughest Coral Can't Cross Pacific Divide
116 Prenatal Whole-Gene Sequencing Raises Ethical Questions
117 Breast Cancer Drug May Ease Prostate Cancer Side Effects
118 Tourists Disturb Dolphins' Sleep
119 Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Common Virus
120 Thomas Edison Artifacts Need $20,000 Makeover
121 Why Is West Nile Virus So Bad This Year?
122 How Pandas Pick the Perfect Spot to Pee
123 Why the Arctic Is Becoming a 'Giant Slushie'
124 Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed in Accident
125 Sperm Quality & Quantity Declining, Mounting Evidence Suggests
126 Does Chocolate Really Cause Acne?
127 Reference: Cahokia: North America's First City
128 Citizen-Inventor Sues U.S. Government Over Patent Law
129 Northeastern Trees May Be Extra Colorful This Year
130 People Can Learn While They're Asleep, Study Finds
131 Don't Make Your Kids Creationists, Bill Nye Says
132 230-Million-Year-Old Mite Found in Amber
133 Psychologists Argue for the Right to Prescribe Medicines
134 Eye Glue Could Improve Safety of LASIK Surgery
135 Earth Supports One-Third Less Life Than Thought
136 Nanowires Jolt Race for a Lab-Grown Heart
137 Bison Benefit from Prairie Buy Back
138 Frank Gehry to Design Extension to Facebook Campus
139 Bears Not Attracted to Menstruating Women
140 Does Shaving Really Cause Hair to Grow Back Thicker and Coarser?
141 How Did Lance Armstrong Get Busted?
142 Only Children More Likely to Be Overweight
143 Cold-Formed Steel Rebuilds Earthquake-Resistant Architecture
144 Hormones Explain Why Girls Like Dolls & Boys Like Trucks
145 Horse-Branding Is Unreliable, Vets Say
146 Barely Half of Americans Can Stream Netflix
147 Mila, Harry &...Iker? Celeb Names Inspire Parents
148 Psychology Explains Why Guys Don't Eat Vegetables
149 Demand for Horn Fuels Record-High Rhino Poaching
150 Bioengineered Bacteria Pump Out Fuel for Cars
151 Most Neanderthals Were Right-Handed Like Us
152 Will Placing Soap Under the Sheets Really Prevent Fidgety Legs?
153 What's the Best Way to Avoid Mosquito Bites?
154 Ancient Poem Praises Murderous Roman Emperor Nero
155 Nonprofit Urges Politicians to Debate Science in 2012
156 Scientists Use Mathematical Shortcut to Create New Metals