File Title
1 Asbestos may raise risk of non-lung cancers
2 Tributes pour in for 'man on the moon'
3 Benefits of circumcision 'outweigh risks'
4 Teen cannabis use linked to lower-IQ adults
5 Arctic ice melts to record low
6 Ape 'genius' smarter than the average chimp
7 Curiosity rover's intriguing geological find
8 Triassic amber yields 'ancient mites'
9 Arctic sea ice reaches record low, NASA says
10 How could cannabis alter the teenage brain?
11 Operation Iceberg diary: Encounter with a polar bear
12 The observable Universe and beyond
13 Viewpoint: Criminals can hide data in plain sight
14 Geoengineering: Risks and benefits
15 Neil Armstrong 'had 20 seconds to make Moon landing decision'
16 Barack Obama warns residents in Isaac's path
17 Republican convention to choose Romney as nominee
18 Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims
19 Rachel Corrie: Court rules Israel not at fault for death
20 Colombia agrees to hold peace talks with Farc rebels
21 Trotsky's grandson recalls ice pick killing
22 Paralympics: 10 things you need to know
23 N/A
24 Vitamin B3 'helps kill superbugs'
25 Virginity cream sparks Indian sex debate
26 Lidar archaeology shines a light on hidden sites
27 Pirates seize Greek oil tanker off Togo
28 Essex 'lion': Spotter adamant 'big cat is out there'
29 Virgin Trains takes West Coast Main Line court action
30 Apple-Samsung patent verdict: Expert opinions
31 Blizzard cuts off Iranian access to World of Warcraft
32 Deadly car bomb hits funeral in Damascus suburb
33 Russian activist Taisiya Osipova given long sentence
34 Belgium court backs Marc Dutroux ex-wife convent move
35 Is technology killing the lure of company heritage?
36 UKNova made to halt television and radio torrent links
37 IBM unveils faster, smaller mainframe
38 OnLive's founder leaves cloud video games service
39 Mastercard's digital-wallet deal with Everything Everywhere
40 Facebook ads: 100,000 pounds bill for government--good value?
41 Google reacts to Apple's US patent victory over Samsung
42 John Lewis to sell Nook e-reader in UK
43 Foxconn International shares fall after huge loss
44 Saudi Aramco oil giant recovers from virus attack
45 Google identifies commentators in Oracle case
46 Yasser Arafat: France 'opens murder inquiry'
47 Car clipped before plunging into Llyn Clywedog killing family
48 Shirley MacLaine: Hollywood 'ignores older viewers'
49 Why do so many African leaders die in office?
50 Tony Nicklinson: Widow's hopes for campaign
51 Taiwan minister says men should sit down to urinate
52 Underwater wheelchair put to test ahead of Paralympics
53 NASA to broadcast first song from Mars Tuesday
54 NASA's moonwalking Apollo astronauts: Where are they now?
55 Samsung previews Windows 8 desktop computers
56 200-year-old "Monster larva" mystery solved
57 Mars rover tracks akin to Neil Armstrong's bootprints, scientist says
58 FAA to study use of electronics on airplanes
59 Curiosity rover captures stunning vistas of rugged Mars
60 Apollo 11 crew recalls Armstrong's nerve-wracking moon landing
61 Apple lists 8 Samsung products it wants banned
62 Curiosity is NASA's best bet to find life on Mars
63 What Apple's $1 billion victory means for consumers
64 Ancient termite-digging fossil added to mammal family tree
65 La. Gov. Bobby Jindal asks President Obama for more Tropical Storm Isaac aid
66 Isaac officially reaches hurricane strength
67 Prosecutors: Army militia members killed couple
68 Ants and algorithms: Researchers discover "the anternet"
69 Apple's $1B patent award reportedly has Samsung reeling
70 Apple's 7-inch tablet will be named iPad Mini, says report
71 Romney: My views on abortion rights are clear
72 Exclusive: Fast and Furious IG report slams ATF Phoenix personnel
73 Obesity linked to recurrence of breast cancer
74 Tampa area has nation's highest homelessness rate
75 Romney says "birther" joke wasn't a swipe at Obama
76 Obama on Isaac: "Now is not the time to tempt fate"
77 Pa. pol: Premarital sex, rape pregnancies similar
78 Poll: Ahead of speech, Romney faces empathy gap
79 At GOP push for unity, plenty of difference
80 Ron Paul: I don't fully endorse Romney for president
81 Jeb Bush: Obama should "move on," stop blaming George W. Bush for economy
82 Obama on Romney's "extreme" views: AP interview
83 Perry Hall High School student shot on first day of school; Baltimore police mum on motive
84 SF archbishop-elect apologizes for DUI arrest
85 San Francisco archbishop-elect arrested for DUI
86 Man hit by car twice in apparent "Bigfoot" hoax
87 Accused L.A. shooter was drunk: Police
88 US prison top chaplain: Clerics advised policy
89 Burning-monk photographer Malcolm Browne dies
90 Arlen Specter Loses Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Primary to Joe Sestak
91 Apple reaches patent licensing deal with Motorola in Germany
92 Apple wins $1-billion verdict vs. Samsung over smartphones
93 Video interview with Apple v. Samsung jury foreman
94 Apple seeks sales ban of 8 Samsung smartphones in U.S.
95 Will the Samsung-Apple US verdict have bearing on UK battle?
96 Mars rover beams back spectacular photos, NASA greeting
97 Curiosity rover beams NASA message to Earth via Mars
98 NASA Joins Musician, Discovery Education for Premiere of Song from Mars
99 Mars rover Curiosity beams back first human voice from another planet, takes first 'sniff'
100 Arctic sea ice at new low, likely to influence weather worldwide
101 Arctic ice melts to record low this summer
102 Satellites Show Sea Ice in Arctic Is at a Record Low
103 That's Science: Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' Defends Evolution
104 Ancient, 230 Million-Year-Old Mites Found; Remarkably Similar To Today
105 230-million-year-old mite found preserved in amber
106 NASA Builds Your Own Private Satellite--With Google Android
107 Android Phones Will Power NASA's New Fleet of Mini-Satellites
108 Memories of Neil Armstrong, Shy hero, American Patriot
109 Scientist Solves 180-Year-Old Oceanic Mystery
110 Blue Moon legends revealed
111 5 crazy inventions from the mind of Nikola Tesla
112 Ultrathin, distortion-free flat lens could replace bulky glass lenses
113 Pay no attention to global-warming alarmists
114 Wave Glider Robot Takes On the Final Frontier in Hurricane Prediction
115 Now on Kickstarter: a space elevator
116 Changing Superconductor Temperatures with Rays of Light
117 Hantavirus warning sent to 1,700 recent Yosemite visitors
118 2nd death from hantavirus in Yosemite
119 Why I've changed my mind about cannabis
120 New study suggests marijuana use before age 18 decreases IQ
121 Should More Heart Patients Get Stents? Study Says Yes
122 Medical condition that causes 100 orgasms a day?
123 Woman who has up to 100 orgasms a DAY left in agony as even doing housework can trigger a climax
124 Chemicals Banned From Toys Lurk in School Supplies
125 Back-to-school study finds high levels of phthalate chemicals in kids backpacks, supplies
126 Report Finds Toxic Levels of Phthalates Lurking in Popular Back-to-School Items
127 Fit 50-year-olds have fewer diseases in senior years
128 People who are more fit during middle age have less chronic illness in later years, study shows
129 Health Law Has Gaps In Men's Care
130 1,700 warned after 2nd Yosemite hantavirus death
131 Two guests of JW Marriott in Chicago die from Legionnaires' disease
132 Smoking marijuana regularly as a teen may lower IQ scores as an adult
133 FDA approves HIV treatment that combines four medications into one daily pill
134 Pediatrics group says circumcision's benefits outweigh risks amid U.S. decline in procedure
135 Kidney meant for transplantation thrown out at Ohio hospital
136 Food Dyes Linked to Allergies, ADHD and Cancer: Group Calls on US to Outlaw Their Use
137 Man faked medical license and treated up to 500 seniors in South Carolina, police say
138 National Medical Marijuana Group To Endorse Obama For Second Term As President
139 Little Evidence on Value of Treatments for Autism: Report
140 Little evidence supports autism treatment options in adolescents
141 What Rosie O'Donnell wants women to learn from her heart attack
142 Want a good night's sleep? Read a book
143 How to Recover From the Summer Sleep Schedule