File Title
1 Obama leads tributes to Armstrong, first man on Moon
2 West Africa forest biomass 'on rise despite drought'
3 Neil Armstrong: 'Diffident' emissary of mankind
4 Exploring London's coffee crescent
5 Working Lives: Thailand
6 Syria conflict: 'Scores of bodies found' near Damascus
7 Drought-hit Serbian town of Valjevo prays for rain
8 Unicredit 'in US Iran sanctions breach investigation'
9 Libya interior minister quits after Sufi shrine attacks
10 Dust and memories of death in Jordan's Za'atari camp
11 Voice of Sesame Street Count von Count dies aged 78
12 A Point Of View: The trouble with freedom
13 Canada bride dies at 'trash the dress' photoshoot
14 Ecuador: UK Wikileaks' Julian Assange 'threat' over
15 India coal scandal: Hundreds protest against PM Singh
16 The 'embarrassing' Italian holiday riviera
17 Houses of Parliament could close for five years for repairs
18 Samsung to appeal after $1bn Apple award in US case
19 'Clot nets' help stroke recovery
20 Does exercise really help with depression?
21 Typhoon Bolaven lashes Japan's Okinawa
22 Armstrong's small step a giant leap for humanity
23 Obama, Buzz Aldrin remember Armstrong
24 Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dead at 82
25 Juror in Apple-Samsung case speaks out
26 Rubio: Opposing abortion isn't about denying rights
27 RNC Chair: Obama "is not real anymore"
28 Roundtable: Romney must do more than share his resume
29 The political parties' tough sales job
30 In your future: More healthful foods to nourish the non-human you
31 Fueling nuclear power with seawater
32 Dawn of humanity illuminated in special journal edition--50 years after the Leakeys
33 Rare forget-me-nots discovered in the mountains of New Zealand
34 Forest Razing by Ancient Maya Worsened Droughts, Says Study
35 'Electronic Nose' Prototype Developed
36 N/A
37 Natural Regeneration Building Urban Forests, Altering Species Composition
38 Silicone Foul Release Coatings Show Most Promise at Managing Quagga and Zebra Mussels at Water and Hydropower Facilities
39 Good news for banana lovers: Help may be on the way to slow that rapid over-ripening
40 Sky-high methane mystery closer to being solved, UCI researchers say
41 Traumatic mating may offer fitness benefits for female sea slugs
42 Losing stream in our battle to predict and prevent invasive species
43 Survival without water: A key trait of an aquatic invader to spread
44 In Fiji, marine protection gets local boost
45 U OF A expert pinpoints nutrient behind fresh water algae blooms
46 Ancient fossils reveal how the mollusc got its teeth
47 Nematodes with Pest-Fighting Potential Identified
48 Super-Strong, High-Tech Material Found to be Toxic to Aquatic Animals by Researchers at MU and USGS
49 Underground solution to starving rice plants
50 Farmer-led irrigation schemes could alter food security in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia
51 No-till could help maintain crop yields despite climate change
52 Research on Wood Formation Sheds Light on Plant Biology
53 Video-gaming fish play out the advantages of groups
54 New Survey of Ocean Floor Finds Juvenile Scallops are Abundant in Mid-Atlantic
55 Multiple factors, including climate change, led to collapse and depopulation of ancient Maya
56 Experiment would test cloud geoengineering as way to slow warming
57 Drastic desertification
58 New device monitors schoolroom air for carbon dioxide levels that may make kids drowsy
59 New climate history adds to understanding of recent Antarctic Peninsula warming
60 Cloud control could tame hurricanes, study shows
61 Past tropical climate change linked to ocean circulation, says Texas A&M team
62 AGU: Link found between cold European winters and solar activity
63 University of East Anglia research shows children at risk from rural water supplies
64 Wind concentrates pollutants with unexpected order in an urban environment
65 Canadians Overwhelmingly Believe Climate Change Is Occurring
66 Sunbathing keeps these insects healthy--study
67 Science: Human lungs brush out intruders
68 Study identifies human melanoma stem cells
69 Addressing the need for microscopic speed
70 Bigger creatures live longer, travel farther for a reason
71 New model gives hands-on help for learning the secrets of molecules
72 Modeling metastasis
73 The end of an era? Branding horses does not enable them to be identified
74 Astrocytes control the generation of new neurons from neural stem cells
75 Researchers describe new molecular interactions behind the inhibition of TGF beta-signaling
76 Native Plants in Urban Yards Offer Birds "Mini-Refuges"
77 Microwave ovens may help produce lower cost solar energy technology
78 University of Minnesota engineering researchers discover new non-invasive method for diagnosing epilepsy
79 New wave of technologies possible after ground-breaking analysis tool developed
80 UCSF, Mayo team discovers genomic variant that increases risk of some brain tumors
81 Weighing molecules 1 at a time
82 Controlling gene expression: How chromatin remodelers block a histone pass
83 Compound discovered that boosts effect of vaccines against HIV and flu
84 Merging the biological and the electronic
85 Manipulating the microbiome could help manage weight
86 Scientists identify new gene that influences survival in ALS
87 Researchers develop method to grow artificial tissues with embedded nanoscale sensors
88 Vitamin B12 deficiency: Tracking the genetic causes
89 New version of 150-year-old law could ease student debt and college funding cutbacks
90 Equality laws fail to protect working women from budget cuts
91 Language barrier creates legal hurdles for Brits in Turkey
92 NIH uses genome sequencing to help quell bacterial outbreak in Clinical Center
93 University of East Anglia breakthrough boosts bacterial understanding
94 Lawson researcher sings the baby blues
95 Large health gaps found among black, Latino, and white fifth-graders
96 Better Monitoring of Food Quantity Makes Self-Control Easier
97 Income, 'screen time' affect soda, junk food consumption
98 Likely voters say president's 'first 100 days in office' should include plans for research
99 Cramming for a test? Don't do it, say UCLA researchers
100 US risks losing out to Asia in medical research, U-M team warns
101 Foreclosures Impact California Voter Turnout
102 Canadian researcher is on a mission to create an equal playing field at the Paralympic Games
103 How to feed data-hungry mobile devices? Use more antennas
104 New standard HEVC encodes films more efficiently
105 Mini-camera with maxi-brainpower
106 March Madness brings students in September
107 Research: NCAA football exploits players in 'invisible labor market'
108 Working class prefers comedy and the intellectual class goes for drama
109 'Smart catheters' for the major problem of catheter-related infections
110 'Naked Darth Vader' approach could tame antibiotic resistant superbugs
111 Engineers achieve longstanding goal of stable nanocrystalline metals
112 Novel technique to synthesize nanocrystals that harvest solar energy
113 Learning 1 of cancer's tricks
114 Nanoparticles reboot blood flow in brain
115 Antarctic ice sheet quakes shed light on ice movement and earthquakes
116 Virus detector harnesses ring of light in 'whispering gallery mode'
117 Pitt: Targeted oxidation-blocker prevents secondary damage after traumatic brain injury
118 More sophisticated wiring, not just bigger brain, helped humans evolve beyond chimps
119 Glass offers improved means of storing UK's nuclear waste
120 New insights into why humans are more susceptible to cancer and other diseases
121 Scientists produce H2 for fuel cells using an inexpensive catalyst under real-world conditions
122 Most mutations come from dad
123 ChemCam laser first analyses yield beautiful results
124 IBN Develops Superior Fuel Cell Material
125 Rewired visual input to sound-processing part of the brain leads to compromised hearing
126 Is This Real or Just Fantasy? ONR Augmented-Reality Initiative Progresses
127 Commercial drivers could be understating sleep apnoea symptoms for fear of losing their licence
128 Mayo, UCSF team discovers genomic variant that increases risk of brain tumors
129 Global study suggests need for strategies to combat unhealthy lifestyles among the poor and the rich
130 Anti-clotting drugs yield similar results
131 New device to remove stroke-causing blood clots proves better than standard tool
132 Study: Clot removal devices successful tools for acute ischemic stroke treatment
133 Diagnostic test shows potential to noninvasively identify significant coronary artery disease
134 Obese and overweight women face increased risk of recurrence of most common type of breast cancer
135 Nutrition tied to improved sperm DNA quality in older men
136 Study examines factors associated with improvement in survival from heart attack in France
137 The Innocence Project: Science helping innocent people proven guilty
138 Canada needs national approach to protect against drug shortages
139 Spirituality Correlates to Better Mental Health Regardless of Religion, Say MU Researchers
140 Speeding the Search for Better Carbon Capture
141 Chain of violence
142 Experts say ethical dilemmas contribute to 'critical weaknesses' in FDA postmarket oversight
143 Close contact with young people at risk of suicide has no effect
144 Intense prep for law school admission test alters brain structure
145 Imaging study sheds new light on alcohol-related birth defects
146 Moms linked to teen oral health, says CWRU dental study
147 Primate of the opera: What soprano singing apes on helium reveal about the human voice
148 Prostate cancer survival rates improved since introduction of PSA testing
149 For mitochondria, bigger may not be better
150 Study helps pancreatic cancer patients make hard choices
151 Ancestral link places Mexican-Americans at greater risk for metabolic disease
152 A lesson in sleep learning
153 The Milky Way now has a twin (or two)
154 New findings show some Type Ia supernovae linked to novae
155 Supernovae of the same brightness, cut from vastly different cosmic cloth
156 Spacetime: A Smoother Brew Than We Knew
157 How ocean currents affect global climate is a question oceanographer may be close to answering
158 One-molecule-thick material has big advantages
159 Southampton physicists join search for hidden magnetic states
160 Compounds activate key cancer enzyme to interfere with tumor formation
161 New model of muscular dystrophy provides insight into disease development
162 The Laser Beam as a "3D Painter"
163 Zebra fish point the way towards new therapies for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
164 Precise and persistent cell sabotage
165 Tests show that adhesive could improve safety of LASIK eye surgery
166 Merging tissue and electronics
167 Controlling Superconductors with Light