File Title
1 Lighting up the plant hormone 'command system'
2 Why do anti-hunger and anti-obesity initiatives always fall short?
3 Scientists confirm existence of vitamin 'deserts' in the ocean
4 Public sightings suggest increase in basking sharks in British waters
5 Researchers develop ginseng-fortified milk to improve cognitive function
6 UConn researchers discover that 'red tide' species is deadlier than first thought
7 Clemson plant breeders roll out new oat variety
8 Washington's forests will lose stored carbon as area burned by wildfire increases
9 Superfast evolution in sea stars
10 Lace plants explain programmed cell death
11 Super Bags to thwart rice wastage now available to Filipino farmers
12 Active forest management to reduce fire could aid northern spotted owl
13 Red potato chips: Segmentation cues can substantially decrease food intake
14 Hitting back at 'wiretapping' parasite (VIDEO)
15 Tropical plankton invade Arctic waters
16 Professor's essay is 1 of 10 in special issue of Daedalus
17 International regulation curbs illegal trade of caviar
18 Research charts growing threats to biodiversity 'arks'
19 Aesop's Fable unlocks how we think
20 Forest carbon monitoring breakthrough in Colombia
21 It's a bird, not a plane: York U study finds migrating songbirds depart on time
22 Public strongly supports programs helping farmers adapt to climate change
23 Piglets in mazes provide insights into human cognitive development
24 Tropical arks reach tipping point
25 Physicists study the classics for hidden truths
26 Feces fossils yield new insights into ancient diets and 'thrifty genes'
27 Ancient mummy had lung infection, according to novel proteomics analysis
28 Research warns Asia unlikely to achieve climate, poverty goals unless women's rights are recognized
29 Inaugural cross-disciplinary Public Participation in Scientific Research conference
30 River networks on Titan point to a puzzling geologic history
31 Fools' Gold Found to Regulate Oxygen
32 Ancient Alteration of Seawater Chemistry Linked With Past Climate Change
33 Rise in temperatures and CO2 follow each other closely in climate change
34 Study shows economic feasibility for capturing carbon dioxide directly from the air
35 GPS Can Now Measure Ice Melt, Change in Greenland Over Months Rather Than Years
36 Blue Ribbon Panel Unveils Findings on Logistical Improvements to Support Antarctic Science
37 Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt
38 Reducing traffic at 2008 Olympics yielded large cut in CO2
39 Pulling CO2 from air vital, say researchers
40 Scientists explore molecular link between arsenic exposure and lung cancer
41 Newfound gene may help bacteria survive in extreme environments
42 Scientists looking for noninvasive ways to detect lung cancer early
43 Rapamycin effective in mouse model of inherited heart disease and muscular dystrophies
44 Gene therapy holds promise for reversing congenital hearing loss
45 How a low-protein diet predisposes offspring to adulthood hypertension
46 Locally produced proteins
47 Birds, young children show similar solving abilities for 'Aesop's fable' riddle
48 Sickle cell trait can cause sudden cardiac death in black athletes: Why is this controversial?
49 Mediterranean earthworm species found thriving in Ireland as global temperatures rise
50 Chemical makes blind mice see; compound holds promise for treating humans
51 Protected areas face threats in sustaining biodiversity, Penn's Daniel Janzen and colleagues report
52 Citizen science helps unlock European genetic heritage
53 New gene therapy strategy boosts levels of deficient protein in Friedreich's ataxia
54 NASA and University Researchers Find a Clue to How Life Turned Left
55 How the fluid between cells affects tumors
56 Researchers find new gene mutation associated with congenital myopathy
57 N/A
58 Basal cell carcinoma risk can be chronic
59 Alpine Fault study shows new evidence for regular magnitude 8 earthquakes
60 Research Shows Nerve Stimulation Can Help Reorganize Brain
61 Despite clear benefits, heart failure clinics are rarely utilized
62 Strategies to improve renewable energy feedstocks for co-firing with coal are compared in industrial biotechnology
63 The search for medical technologies abroad
64 Racially diverse suburbs growing faster than white suburbs but resegregation threatens prosperity
65 Firms with political ties may be bad investment
66 HIV suppression not as good as previously thought, largest study of viral-load blood tests show
67 When campuses and their surrounding communities can join forces to stop alcohol abuse
68 Making allowances for job seekers on Facebook
69 Social Networking Pays Off More in the U.S. than Germany
70 Internists Say Physician-Led Quality Initiatives Could Be Solution to Medicare Payment Problems
71 'Control-Alt-Hack' game lets players try their hand at computer security
72 Expanding Medicaid to low-income adults leads to improved health, fewer deaths
73 Published clinical trial demonstrates efficacy of Sea-Band for migraine-related nausea
74 John Theurer Cancer Center researchers shed light on new multiple myeloma therapy
75 Cyberbullying: one in two victims suffer from the distribution of embarrassing photos and videos
76 New method to encourage virtual power plants for efficient renewable energy production
77 Global expansion all about give and take, study finds
78 ACR: Medical imaging study in health affairs incomplete and potentially misleading
79 New drug could treat Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and brain injury
80 Fine tuning cardiac ablation could lead to quicker results for patients with arrhythmias
81 Bend or stretch? How stressful is hyperflexion of horses' necks?
82 UK research paves way to a scalable device for quantum information processing
83 Scientists create artificial mother of pearl
84 Classifying neural circuit dysfunctions using neuroeconomics
85 Researchers study joints at tissue, cellular levels
86 New method to find novel connections from gene to gene, drug to drug and between scientists
87 After the Canadarm, the Canadeyes for the future Webb
88 Scientists looking for second-line defense for patients with NSCLC
89 Hidden rift valley discovered beneath West Antarctica reveals new insight into ice loss
90 Hunter-gatherers, Westerners use same amount of energy, contrary to theory
91 Scientists explore new class of synthetic vaccines
92 Texas A&M biologists prove ZOLOFT packs potential to fight fungal meningitis
93 Increasing dopamine in brain's frontal cortex decreases impulsive tendency, UCSF-Gallo study finds
94 Croscat Volcano may have been the last volcanic eruption in Spain 13,000 years ago
95 Traveling Through the Volcanic Conduit
96 Feces fossils lend new insights into connection between Native-Americans, diabetes
97 More Gold--and Other Minerals--in Them Thar Hills?
98 Evolution highly predictable for insects eating toxic plants
99 Spillways can divert sand from river to rebuild wetlands
100 Darker wings for monarch butterflies mean better flight
101 Local weather patterns affect beliefs about global warming, NYU and Temple researchers find
102 Greater availability of neurosurgeons could reduce risk of death from motor vehicle accidents
103 Pioneering study shows drug can purge dormant HIV
104 CT angiography speeds emergency diagnosis of heart disease in low-risk patients
105 Heart CT scans may help emergency room personnel more quickly assess patients with chest pain
106 Force of habit: Stress hormones switch off areas of the brain for goal-directed behaviour
107 Women have a poorer quality of life after a stroke or mini stroke than men
108 With an eye to the future, the results will let cells be obtained in the laboratory that can be transplanted into leukaemia patients with no compatible donors.
109 Adolescent Sexual Behavior Tied to Motion Picture Sexual Content Exposure, Says MU Researcher
110 Medical follow-up in celiac disease is less than optimal
111 Miriam researchers urge physicians to ask younger men about erectile dysfunction symptoms
112 In muscular dystrophy, what matters to patients and doctors can differ
113 Study Links Alcohol/Energy Drink Mixes with Casual, Risky Sex
114 High blood sugar, obesity increase risk for surgical site infection
115 America Invents Act is a game changer
116 Identifying trending stories on Twitter and optimal temperature for data center computers
117 Spatial skills may be improved through training, new review finds
118 Children of 'The Troubles' more prone to suicide
119 The debate over ecstasy continues
120 With the Crisis, less money is wagered but more people play
121 Identifying the arrogant boss
122 Mind vs. Body? Dualist Beliefs Linked with Less Concern for Healthy Behaviors
123 Women with diabetes more likely to experience sexual dissatisfaction
124 Sum of the parts? How our brains see men as people and women as body parts
125 Scientists Bring Low Frequency, 'First Light' to the Jansky Very Large Array
126 Solar corona revealed in super-high-definition
127 New clues to the early Solar System from ancient meteorites
128 NASA Successfully Tests Hypersonic Inflatable Heat Shield
129 2 Solar System puzzles solved
130 Is YouTube a prescription for vertigo?
131 UCSB Researchers Achieve World's First Violet Nonpolar Vertical-Cavity Laser Technology
132 Clemson researchers transform machine to make runways safer
133 Novel pig model may be useful for human cancer studies
134 Lighting Up the Mind
135 Undergrads invent cell phone screener to combat anemia in developing world