File Title
1 Study opens book on English evolution
2 Ocean power could supply entire cities
3 Ancient 'mistake' led to humans
4 Cosmic ray haul for space 'LHC'
5 Satellites reveal sudden Greenland ice melt
6 Olympic Team GB trials gene tests for injury
7 EU should commit to tougher emissions target, say MPs
8 Chavez unveils Simon Bolivar's reconstructed 3-D face
9 Testing times: Injecting reality into the war on doping
10 Viewpoint: The spectre of plagiarism haunting Europe
11 What's behind the Rorschach inkblot test?
12 Rio revisited: Glass half-full?
13 A Caribbean carnival of carnivals
14 Syria's Turkish border units 'head for Aleppo'
15 Boy, 11, boards plane to Italy at Manchester Airport without passport
16 California police shootings prompt Anaheim arrests
17 North Korea leader Kim Jong-un married to Ri Sol-ju
18 Meet the 'bots' that edit Wikipedia
19 Tough times ahead for US orchestras
20 Aurora shooting: Colorado gun sales up after cinema killings
21 Gay marriage to be introduced in Scotland
22 Eurozone agrees on bank recapitalisation
23 Greek Olympian Papachristou expelled for 'racist tweet'
24 Bollywood's Sherlyn Chopra says Playboy shoot 'not easy'
25 Samsung disables Galaxy S3 Google local search function
26 Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion system upgrade
27 Wireless electric-car charging tech to be tested in London
28 Sponsored software helps artists profit from BitTorrent
29 ISPs split over UK open internet code of practice
30 Apple chip designer Arm Holdings in 23% profits boost
31 UK recession deepens after 0.7% fall in GDP
32 Strike on eve of Games called off
33 Egyptian PM Hisham Qandil's beard: A new symbol of power?
34 Libor scandal: Geithner says design was flawed
35 Apple's OS X Mountain Lion launches, should you upgrade?
36 Lobster monster finds home at Boston aquarium
37 London 2012: Twitter partners with NBC for Olympics event page
38 Bill Gates reacts to Microsoft's first reported quarterly loss
39 Gabrielle Giffords tours European physics lab
40 97% of Greenland ice experienced melting in July
41 Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, iPad mini may debut in September
42 Apple gets patent for TV and 5D technology
43 Senate to consider long-delayed Cybersecurity Act
44 Gliese 581g tops list of 5 potentially habitable alien planets
45 Portal 2 video game robot launched into actual space
46 Romney camp denies "Anglo-Saxon heritage" comment
47 Riot police, protesters clash in Anaheim for 4th night over police shootings
48 Witnesses: Colo. gunman shouted during rampage
49 James Holmes reportedly known as "dolt" as intern, calling into question academic credentials
50 Medical Center actor Chad Everett dies at 75
51 James Holmes received thousands from grad-school grants ahead of deadly Aurora shooting
52 Heated debate over NYC big sugary drinks ban plan
53 Marlon Jackson breaks down over mom Katherine Jackson's whereabouts
54 London traffic jams reach Olympic proportions
55 Romney blasts Obama on foreign policy
56 Syrian troops appear to regain upper hand on rebels
57 Gun control debate about to go international
58 11-year-old flies to Rome without passport
59 Turkey seals border with Syria as fighting rages; Assad regime hit with new diplomatic defections
60 Official: Israel will act if militants raid Syrian chemical or biological weapons stocks
61 N. Korea's Kim Jong Un married, state TV reports
62 Israel warns of broader war over Syria weapons
63 Ghana mourns president's death, campaign suspended
64 Wildfire forces dad, daughter to plummet to deaths
65 On Syria, Romney offers criticism but few distinctions
66 Battle lines drawn on Bush-era tax cuts
67 Obama's complicated relationship with black America
68 Bachmann under fire from more Republicans
69 When Did Ronald Reagan Have Alzheimer's? The Debate Goes On
70 Huckabee backs Chick-fil-A in same-sex marriage controversy
71 'What?' Confused 911 caller outs NYPD spying in NJ
72 Democrats: "We can't let the NRA stop us"
73 Unpacking the "You didn't build that" debate
74 Holmes' academic reputation called into question
75 Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio testifies on own behalf in suit accusing him of racially profiling Hispanics
76 Pregnant Amish woman, fetus killed by lightning
77 Sister Wives family challenges Utah bigamy law
78 Plane towing "Will You Marry Me?" banner crashes off RI
79 James Holmes built up Aurora arsenal of bullets, ballistic gear through unregulated online market
80 Gun sale background checks spike after Aurora
81 In reversal, Los Angeles City Council votes to ban marijuana shops
82 Syria's chemical weapon stockpile has West's attention
83 Tarra and Bella: Elephant loses man's best friend
84 Drought leaves Mississippi River 12 feet below normal level--and barge traffic at a crawl
85 Christian Bale visits shooting victims in Colorado
86 Sherman Hemsley, "The Jeffersons" star, dies at 74
87 Michael Jackson estate expresses concern for singer's kids
88 Former head Mouseketeer Ginny Tyler dies at 86
89 Witness: U.S. general opposed hospital abuse probe
90 Giffords "horrified" by Colorado shooting
91 Doctor's company reimagines health care delivery
92 HIV experts: Women need more help fighting AIDS
93 Timothy Ray Brown, man thought to be first "cured" of AIDS, says he's still cured
94 N.H. officials expand hepatitis C testing probe to more Exeter Hospital patients
95 Anticipated Alzheimer's drug bapineuzumab shows no patient benefits in trial
96 What caused the sudden massive ice melt in Greenland?
97 Greenland ice sheet melted at unprecedented rate during July
98 Sally Ride 'never hid,' just private
99 Why Sally Ride waited until her death to tell the world she was gay
100 RIP Sally Ride...My First Hero
101 The Women Who Would Have Been Sally Ride
102 American Woman Who Shattered Space Ceiling
103 Sally Ride was on a mission in a changing culture
104 All Eyes on Mars
105 NASA's Curiosity rover to explore bizarre Martian mountain
106 Mars Rover Curiosity to Double as Martian Weather Station
107 Sure it's risky, but experts bet on Mars rover's landing plan
108 What is subtropical plankton doing in Arctic waters?
109 Tropical Plankton Invade Arctic Waters: Researchers See Natural Cycle, but Questions Arise On Climate Change
110 Heating Arctic Sea prompts 'instant evolution': Single-cell organisms drift from the Tropics to the frigid waters of Norway--and adapt along the way
111 Gliese 581 g Tops List of 5 Potentially Habitable Exoplanets
112 Google Science Fair Winner Brittany Wenger Made a Neural Network That Can Diagnose Breast Cancer
113 17-year-old programs artificial 'brain' to diagnose breast cancer
114 Lakewood Ranch student wins $50,000 Google prize
115 Google science fair entrants tackle farming, medical science and more
116 Mutant Mosquitoes Recruited to Fight Dengue Fever in Florida
117 Florida Keys residents object to release of genetically modified mosquitoes
118 Are mutant mosquitoes the answer in Key West?
119 Sanofi's Dengue Vaccine Proves Effective in Study
120 Progress reported with candidate dengue vaccine
121 Vaccine Home Run
122 World's first dengue vaccine beats three virus strains
123 Exposure to light at night may contribute to depression, study says
124 Unplug! Too Much Light at Night May Lead to Depression
125 Late night TV/computer sessions linked to depression
126 Cancer drug flushes out lurking AIDS virus: study
127 'Berlin patient' Timothy Brown says he has been cured of HIV; But could it work for others?
128 Scientists make curing HIV a priority
129 Antioxidant-Rich Diet Cuts Pancreatic Cancer Risk
130 Antioxidants Might Help Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
131 High Dietary Antioxidant Intake Might Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk
132 Antioxidants May Limit Pancreatic Cancer Risk
133 Medical marijuana hub Los Angeles moves to ban dispensaries
134 Researchers to test monthly vaginal ring for HIV prevention
135 All UK children to get AstraZeneca's nasal flu vaccine
136 Diabetes Drug Linagliptin Effective And Safe For Long-Term Use
137 Jentadueto Approved in Europe for Treatment of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
138 Lilly Diabetes Drug Clears European Hurdle
139 Are raspberry ketones a 'miracle' fat burner? Dr. Oz weighs in.
140 Red meat: What makes it unhealthy?
141 Green coffee beans show potential for losing weight