File Title
1 GPS sheep prove selfish herd theory
2 Fornicating flies attract hungry bats
3 Plain cig packs work better than gory pics
4 Genetic entrepreneur to compete in Genomics X Prize
5 Cull and drought hit feral camels
6 Amelia Earhart: Expedition returns without evidence
7 Sally Ride, the first US woman in space, dies aged 61
8 DR Congo: Fighters agree to gorilla survey in Virunga
9 Stuxnet thwarted by control code update
10 Hope for more effective TB treatment
11 Two-toed sloths' 'lazy' sex life revealed
12 Science graduates 'lack skills needed by business'
13 GPS sheep tracking supports 40-year-old theory
14 Tour de France: Are drug-free cyclists slower?
15 Bangladesh's surfing surprise
16 Syria conflict: Aleppo bombed by fighter planes
17 Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson face charges
18 Cuba dissident 'forced off road' to death, says family
19 Egypt names Hisham Qandil as new prime minister
20 A brief history of the steel pan
21 Syria crisis: Fighting in Aleppo amid rebel offensive
22 The rise in women seeking a perfect vagina
23 Severely obese children's hearts already in danger
24 Afghan policemen defect to Taliban in Farah province
25 Looper to launch Toronto film festival
26 Russia finds 248 human foetuses dumped in Urals forest
27 Bulgaria blast: Burgas bus bomber 'part of group'
28 Can robotics change the future of a nation?
29 More than 2,000 O2 'porn pirates' to be sent letters
30 Spain under new pressure as borrowing costs rise
31 Spain's regional governments: How they got into trouble
32 Ronnie Barker's son in court on child pornography charges
33 ONS well-being report reveals UK's happiness ratings
34 Spain wildfire: Officials hope to tame Catalan blaze
35 Generation HIV: Growing up under a shadow of infection
36 Australian death threat text scam under investigation
37 Ofcom reveals 4G mobile auction plans
38 Gary McKinnon extradition decision due in October
39 Baidu profits jump as online advertising boom continues
40 2012 Olympics: iBoxer software packs punch for Team GB
41 US monsignor William Lynn sentenced for abuse cover-up
42 The landmark buildings that never were
43 Ghana's President John Atta Mills dies
44 Uneasy calm inside Congo's rebel-held territory
45 Oprah Winfrey attacked for 'ignorant' India special
46 Tajikistan clashes: 'Many dead' in Gorno-Badakhshan
47 Hotel key security flaw demonstrated at Black Hat conference
48 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in EU in fresh Apple patent twist
49 Sally Ride, pioneering astronaut, dead at 61
50 Ancient warming may have reunited polar and brown bears
51 Does Apple hide billions in profit with phantom taxes?
52 News Corp. to launch tablet education pilot
53 Amazon's the villain, not Apple, book sellers say
54 Hipmunk's "spite" feature lets users book agonizing travel itineraries for bosses
55 Latest Amelia Earhart search falls short
56 Explosion kills girl, levels home in N.Y. town
57 Jury convicts OSU basketball player of rape
58 Aurora shooting may ruin one victim's finances
59 Sally Ride, pioneering astronaut, dead at 61
60 Wife gives birth after massacre; Husband critical
61 Grandmother of youngest Colo. victim shares grief
62 Kentucky teen Savannah Dietrich spared contempt charge after naming attackers on Twitter
63 Man spotted prowling Utah mountains in goat suit ID's himself to perplexed officials
64 Navy: Worker set $400M Maine submarine fire to get out of work early
65 Photos show alleged neglect at U.S.-funded Afghan hospital
66 At Aurora massacre, many victims died protecting others
67 CDC report: More teens using condoms but HIV rates problematic in people under 30
68 YouTube videos studied for vertigo treatment
69 Online DNA mapping helps siblings find each other
70 Research finds NYC soda ban would cut 63 calories per fast food trip: Would that have any impact?
71 Should all U.S. children get a cholesterol blood test?
72 Tech charged as "serial infector" in N.H. hepatitis C outbreak worked in at least 6 states
73 U.S. to donate $150 million to help poor countries fight AIDS
74 Miller: Aurora shooter must have practiced
75 Prince Albert, Princess Charlene of Monaco open up about their marriage
76 In Warehouses, Kiva's Robots Do the Heavy Lifting
77 A Social Network Free of Ads
78 Why Did Reddit Succeed Where Digg Failed?
79 Zynga Looks to Build a Gaming Social Network of its Own
80 Why Obama Likes Facebook
81 Early Stage Companies Raise Most Funds in a Decade
82 Meet Georgie, a Smartphone for the Blind
83 An Inkjet Nozzle Inspired by the Human Eye
84 Solar Charger Made for Africa Coming to the U.S.
85 The Mysterious Challenge Of Understanding Ice
86 Cree Aims at LED Lighting Sweet Spot
87 Pfizer "Disappointed" with First Results for Alzheimer's Drug Candidate
88 Human Stem Cells Found to Restore Memory
89 An Alzheimer's Warning 25 Years Before Symptoms Show
90 Brain Scan for Alzheimer's
91 Geron Shuts Down Pioneering Stem-Cell Program
92 Study Suggests Alzheimer's Disease Can Be Stabilized
93 Qualcomm Puts Its Mirasol Color E-reading Screens to Sleep
94 For $1.26bn, VMWare Buys a Chance to Reinvent the Internet
95 How the iPhone 5 Will Yet Again Fail to Eliminate Credit Cards
96 A Surprisingly Long List of Everything Smartphones Replaced
97 Solar Trade War Hurts Chinese Imports
98 Microgrid Keeps the Power Local, Cheap, and Reliable
99 GE's Novel Battery to Bolster the Grid
100 Startup Aims to Bring the Liquid Battery to Market
101 Battery to Take On Diesel and Natural Gas
102 New Solar Panel Designs Make Installation Cheaper
103 The Latest Threat: A Virus Made Just for You
104 The Antivirus Era Is Over
105 Software Detects Motion that the Human Eye Can't See
106 Basking Shark Sightings on Rise in British Isles
107 Are Facebook Profiles Fair Game for Employers?
108 NASA Launches Hypersonic Inflatable Heat Shield Prototype
109 US Army Tests Body Armor for Female Soldiers
110 New Printer Inkjet Nozzle Inspired By Human Eye
111 Colorado Survivors: How Do People Survive Gunshot Wounds?
112 Ancient Warming May Have Reunited Polar and Brown Bears, for a Bit
113 Landsat Satellites See 40 Years of Earth's Beauty and Strife From Space
114 Fewer Doctors Screening Older Men for Prostate Cancer, Study Finds
115 Early Neglect Alters Kids' Brains
116 Robot Trashcan Catches Your Trash
117 How Penn State Can Start Rebuilding Its Reputation
118 North Korea Wants to Open Rare Earth Treasure Trove
119 Could Concealed Handguns Have Prevented the Colo. Shooting?
120 Sally Ride's Death: Why is Pancreatic Cancer So Deadly?
121 Syrian Drones Spotted in Satellite Images
122 Mass Shootings: Why It's So Hard to Predict Who Will Snap
123 Does Thinking Hard Really Burn More Calories?
124 Storm Scents: You Can Smell Oncoming Rain
125 Is London's Big Ben Falling Down?
126 Hopes of Finding Earhart's Plane Fade
127 Poll: Parental Consent Should Be Required for HPV Vaccine
128 How Poverty Affects Mothers' Anxiety
129 Autoerotic Deaths Less Common Than Thought
130 Air Travel Needs Tech Upgrade, Biz Travelers Say
131 Clingy or Aloof? Your Sex Life May Suffer
132 Light at Night May Raise Depression Risk, Study Suggests
133 10 Notorious Office Romances
134 Wakeful Rest May Boost Memory
135 1st Photos from New Discovery Channel Telescope Unveiled
136 Would the NYC Soda Ban Work? Scientists Crunch the Numbers
137 Distant Undersea Eruptions Help Rebuild Great Barrier Reef
138 Brain Sees Men as Whole, Women as Parts
139 Sally Ride, 1st American Woman in Space, Dies at 61
140 Record Greenland Ice Melt Happened in Days
141 Why Vivid Memories Can Feel So Real