File Title
1 Nonstop practice does not make perfect
2 Humans and Neanderthals shared ancestor, not beds
3 Hypersonic aircraft streaks over Pacific
4 Commercial ebola vaccine 'unlikely' say researchers
5 Asian nations 'face greatest natural disaster risk'
6 Hermit crabs 'work to safety building codes'
7 Brazilian court halts Belo Monte hydro-electric dam project
8 Man survives six-day crevasse ordeal in Austrian Alps
9 Dark chocolate 'may lower blood pressure'
10 Playboy centrefold photo shrunk to width of human hair
11 Bamiyan Buddhas: Should they be rebuilt?
12 Mini guide to shopping in New York
13 Syria crisis: Blast near Damascus military compound
14 Australia cigarette plain packaging law upheld by court
15 Bill Gates looks to new toilets to improve world sanitation
16 Japan arrests pro-China activist swimmers in island row
17 Italy memorial to Fascist hero Graziani sparks row
18 Romney v. Obama on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
19 Viewpoint: How India's first Playboy model Sherlyn Chopra defied convention
20 Why South Africans risk death and injury to be circumcised
21 Baltimore invites immigrants--no questions asked
22 Disabled rights pioneer Lord Morris of Manchester dies
23 Germany accuses four of breaking Iran nuclear embargo
24 One-handed pianist Nicholas McCarthy 'an inspiration'
25 Virgin Trains loses West Coast Mainline franchise
26 Adobe Flash Player exits Android Google Play store
27 Hypersonic jet Waverider eyes Mach 6
28 Ryanair emergency landings 'followed procedure'
29 US launches immigration reform
30 The Uighur from Guantanamo cooking pizza in Albania
31 Cat microwaved by eight-year-old Kent boy
32 How bacteria could solve China's rush-hour blues
33 Canon recalls cameras over skin rash substance worry
34 Virgin Media blocks pirate site Newzbin 2
35 Mobile phone shop staff mislead on prices, says Which?
36 Activision's Call of Duty series targets Gamescom
37 The age of information overload
38 American punk band Baroness in viaduct coach crash
39 Houla massacre: UN blames Syria troops and militia
40 Publisher Pearson launches UK degree course
41 Mars rover Curiosity has "dreams" on Red Planet
42 Video: Science shows how wet dogs get dry
43 Super-fast solar flare spotted by NASA satellite
44 NASA: Five new photos of Mars from Curiosity rover
45 Mitt Romney: Ryan will fall in line on Medicare
46 Paul Ryan's anti-abortion rights record a target for Obama camp
47 Jenn Gibbons completes 1,500-mile Lake Michigan row for cancer survivors after sex assault
48 Betty Smithey, longest-serving female inmate in the US, released from prison
49 Romney: Obama running "just to hang on to power"
50 Israel, U.S. play diplomatic chicken over Iran
51 Joe Biden clarifies "in chains" remark
52 Tea Party sees mixed results in primaries, but Ted Yoho could win movement a Florida upset
53 In Ohio, early voting restrictions face legal test
54 Is a $5,000 salary too much for Medicaid?
55 Amnesiac grandfather wanders 1,000 miles
56 Window opens on Obama deportation delay program
57 Young illegal immigrants can apply to defer deportation
58 Five Georgia inmates charged with killing fellow inmate after allegedly throwing him to his death
59 Sydney Spies, "sexy" senior picture teen, arrested with mom during underage drinking party
60 Three dogs found tied to Ohio railroad tracks; train kills 2, authorities say
61 Drew Peterson Murder Trial: Judge to consider mistrial for the third time
62 Facebook posts help Detroit brothers Thomas and Raymond Highers get new trial after 25 years in prison for murder
63 Scientists find a way to remove half the fat from chocolate using fruit juice
64 AP: Lab tech's arrest in hepatitis C outbreak shows flaws in system
65 Bumbo baby seats recalled again over risk of falling, skull fractures
66 1,000 Earthquakes Rattle Arizona in 3 Years
67 Could Calif. Handle a 6.4 Quake?
68 Urban Athletes Mimic Orangutans in Name of Science
69 'Bucket List' and 'Man Cave' Make New Dictionary
70 North American Passion for Caffeine A Thousand Years Old
71 NASA Planetary Lander Project to Continue After Fiery Crash
72 NASA Rover's New Red Planet Address: Yellowknife, Mars
73 Could Escaped Animals Account for Bigfoot Sightings?
74 What Internet Habits Say About Your Mental Health
75 Test Craft to Fly at Mach 6
76 Prosthetic Gives Blind Mice Near Normal Sight
77 Secret to Squid's Iridescent Rainbow Skin Discovered
78 Wow! How Dogs Get Dry in 1-Second Shake
79 Arctic Sea-Ice Melt Picks Up, Could Set Record
80 Rescued Dolphin 'Edna' Released into Wild
81 An Artificial Eye That Can See?
82 Reference: Nazca Lines: Mysterious Geoglyphs in Peru
83 Reference: Digestive System: Facts, Function & Diseases
84 Egg Donors Often Recruited Unethically, Study Finds
85 Fishing Expedition Finds Weird Deep-Sea Sharks
86 Typical Toddler Behavior, or ADHD? 10 Ways to Tell
87 Blood Type May Affect Heart Disease Risk
88 Japanese Spared of Nuclear Contamination, Study Suggests
89 Obit Archives Reveal Rise of Celebrity Culture
90 American Pi: US Population Hits 3.14 Hundred Million Tuesday
91 Drug Combo Kills Multiple Myeloma Cells
92 Mutant Butterflies Linked to Japan's Nuclear Disaster
93 Not All Feedback Good for Workers
94 Long-lost Egyptian Pyramids Found on Google Earth?
95 'Miracle Cure' Beliefs May Prolong Terminally-Ill Children's Suffering, Researchers Say
96 ADHD Girls May Be at Greater Risk for Suicide
97 Remains of Hundreds of Ancient Warriors Found in Bog
98 Rare Ginger Mongoose Caught on Camera
99 The Story of Larry the Snake
100 When It Pays to Be Overconfident
101 Mars Surface Made of Shifting Plates Like Earth, Study Suggests
102 Genetics of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Narrowed Down
103 CIA Declassifies Amazing 1972 Spy Satellite Capsule Deep-Sea Rescue
104 Source of Mysterious Pumice 'Raft' in Pacific Found, NASA Says
105 Man-Made Mars Craters Likely Beyond Curiosity Rover's Reach
106 New, Deadly Virus Related to Ebola ID'ed in Snakes
107 Scent of Sex and Death Attracts Young Female Beetles
108 Invisible Dark Matter Likely Bountiful Near Sun
109 Fossils of New Shark Species Found in Arizona
110 Seeing the Milky Way Spiral in a Coffee Cup
111 Italy's Shaky Past Hidden in Ancient Records
112 Hottest Particle Soup May Reveal Secrets of Primordial Universe
113 Desert Dryness Inspired Mummy Diversity
114 Holy Herpetology! Burmese Python Found With Record 87 Eggs
115 What Caused Iran's Twin Earthquakes
116 New Culprit in 'Popcorn Lung'
117 Colorado Still Skinniest US State
118 Fruity Infusion May Halve Fat in Chocolate
119 Why Mass Killers Aren't Necessarily Psychopaths
120 Conspiracy Theorists: UFO Over Antarctica?
121 What Happened to the Lunch Break?