File Title
1 Ramadan fasting not linked to preterm birth
2 Suicide in rural men linked to drought
3 Preschool snoring tied to behaviour problems
4 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover seen in new satellite image
5 Lethal snake viruses identified
6 WaveRider hypersonic jet targets Mach 6
7 Neanderthal breeding idea doubted
8 Giant Burmese python caught in Florida
9 'Cyber egg' used to record Abbotsbury Swannery swans
10 Young cricket characters shaped by 'song'
11 Zoo elephant conceived with wild male's frozen sperm
12 Fight to save endangered Indian dolphin
13 Surviving the worst winter in the world
14 Flag Fen hosts 'crowdsourced' Bronze Age archaeology dig
15 Standard Chartered agrees settlement with New York regulator
16 Afghan blasts: Dozens killed in Nimroz and Kunduz
17 Syria's ex-PM Riad Hijab says regime is collapsing
18 US retail sales jump unexpectedly in July
19 Fareed Zakaria and the plagiarism debate
20 Exercising in midlife protects heart, says research
21 China's ghost towns and phantom malls
22 London 2012 was 'biggest ever US TV event'
23 US employers banned from asking for social media logins
24 French riots: Amiens buildings torched in clashes
25 George Michael defends Olympics closing ceremony song
26 Italy police discover cannabis factory in Rome tunnel
27 French stars Ribery and Benzema face sex case judge
28 French riots: Amiens crowd jostles Manuel Valls
29 Egypt militants sentenced to death for al-Arish attacks
30 Flying cars: Grounded reality or ready for take off?
31 Surfthechannel owner sentenced after piracy conviction
32 Microsoft names Windows RT computer makers
33 Saudi Arabia opposes .gay internet domain name
34 Wikileaks website back online after DDoS cyber-attack
35 IBM to open Kenya research lab to tackle traffic jams
36 Tiny transmitters that cost a penny to print unveiled
37 Steve Jobs' Palo Alto house burgled
38 Facebook's Instagram bid gets go-ahead from the OFT
39 Malaysians protest against changes to internet law
40 The age of information overload
41 In search of a baby called Derek
42 Can expatriate Somalis rebuild their country?
43 Want to give birth to an Olympian?
44 deletes baby pictures from Facebook
45 Apple vs. Samsung: Intel tries to get expert witness booted
46 Scent of sex and death attracts young female beetles
47 Steve Jobs' home burglarized
48 Apple iPhone 5, iPad mini rumored launch, pre-order dates
49 Report: Mutated butterflies found near Fukushima
50 Giant Asian tiger prawn invade Gulf waters
51 Barnes & Noble cutting Nook tablet prices
52 More Americans over 50 live together but don't marry
53 Google buying Frommer's travel guides
54 International bullfrog trade blamed for deadly disease
55 Why the fuss over Paul Ryan's Medicare plan?
56 Conn. woman billed 25 years for streetlights
57 Texas A&M Shooting: An eviction notice allegedly caused Thomas Alton Caffall, the suspected gunman, to open fire
58 Paul Ryan: Can the fun last for the GOP?
59 NASA: Curiosity "brain transplant" successful
60 Bombings mark Afghans' deadliest day for 2012
61 3 kangaroos escape from German zoo with help from fox and wild boar
62 Riot engulfs troubled French district in north
63 U.S. lifts sanctions on ex-Syria PM
64 Syria's defected PM Riad Hijab says Assad regime on "verge of collapse"
65 Panetta: Syria no-fly zone "not on the front burner"
66 Israel plunged into unprecedented debate about war
67 Panetta: Pakistan to start new Taliban fight
68 Egypt's Morsi strikes in power play with military
69 Far-right leader in Hungary discovers Jewish roots
70 Iran earthquake death toll passes 300 day after search for survivors called off
71 2 dead in Uganda helo crashes on Mt. Kenya
72 Paul Ryan: My mom's a Medicare senior in Florida
73 Comparing Romney and Ryan's ideas on Medicare
74 Rio de Janiero residents forced to relocate as city prepares for 2016 Olympics
75 Apple v. Samsung: Judge Koh loses cool over legal wrangling
76 Rover software updated, first driving tests on tap
77 Texas shooting suspect Thomas Alton Caffall's family "distraught" after he, 2 others killed
78 Jason "Mayhem" Miller, MMA fighter and ex-MTV host, found naked in church, arrested
79 George Zimmerman's attorneys won't use "stand your ground" defense
80 F-Bomb added to Merriam-Webster dictionary along with sexting, flexitarian and obesogenic
81 Luxury cars score low in new crash test
82 Penn St. put on notice regarding accreditation
83 Doctors: Alleged Ohio mercy killer asked "please tell me she's dead"
84 Hearse driver dies while taking body to funeral
85 Zimmerman defense fund dwindling; Fla. may pay
86 Wildfire rips through miles of central Wash.
87 Somali pirate gets 12 life sentences in U.S.
88 Wedding Day stabbing: No clear motive in case of Na Cola Franklin, bride who allegedly killed fiance
89 Toys R Us Scam: Margaret and Michael Pollara allegedly stole millions in merchandise from stores in massive re-sale scheme
90 Nancy Duran, NJ woman, denies man locked her in room for years
91 Michael Mendez, NJ man, kept woman locked in bedroom for years, police say
92 Wanique Odwin, Atlanta panhandler, gets life for killing tourist over a quarter
93 New York woman arrested for allegedly strangling her two-year-old son because he cried too much
94 Romney goes on offensive on coal in Ohio
95 Does the Romney-Ryan lack of foreign policy experience matter?
96 Ryan to meet with Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas
97 Palin's absence from convention may expose rift
98 McCain: Reid is wrong about Romney's tax returns
99 Hecklers greet Ryan at first solo campaign stop
100 Romney uses 2007 Biden comment to attack administration on coal
101 Child killed as blast levels house near NYC
102 Doctor in waterboarding case: State overreacting
103 Your blood type may inherently raise your heart disease risk, study suggests
104 Should parents' belief in miracles trump medical expertise in end-of-life decisions?
105 Quintuplets born in Texas in five-minute span, hospital says
106 Antibacterial agent Triclosan shown to hinder muscle movement in mice, fish
107 Former NFL quarterback Ray Lucas hopes story of painkiller addiction will lead others to get help
108 Flavonols from chocolate may help patients with mild cognitive impairment
109 FDA approves new flu vaccine for 2012-2013 season
110 New prosthetic treatment helps blind mice see, researchers aim for humans next
111 Bone marrow donors sought at rock concerts
112 Jesse Jackson Jr. says he has "bipolar II depression": What is bipolar II?
113 Kids who snore may have higher risk of behavioral problems
114 CDC unveils national obesity rates: Where does your state rank?
115 Sliced apples sold to McDonald's, Burger King and grocery chains recalled for Listeria
116 Anti-Medicaid states: Earning $11,000 is too much
117 Major U.S. gold buyer shuts down in wake of fraud
118 Blame Canada: Border battle over Costco in Wash.
119 Video game developer designs thoughtful new game
120 Romney cautious about Medicare stance in Fla.