File Title
1 Pressure mounts on Justice Dept. to drop Apple e-books suit; Schumer the latest to say Obama's DOJ got it wrong
2 Made in the U.S.A.: Key Apple suppliers increasing U.S. production
3 So far, Microsoft and AT&T have blown $550 million pushing Windows Phones no one wants
4 Apple building new, second 'tactical' data center in Maiden, North Carolina
5 Carriers could force 3G/LTE iPhones and iPads to use Wi-Fi to conserve spectrum
6 Carriers said testing nano SIMs for Apple ahead of next-gen iPhone debut
7 Google's data head start over Apple's Siri
8 Verizon drops a hint on a possible Q4 iPhone 5 launch
9 Apple's iOS 6 betas 1-3 limit total number of apps on iOS devices
10 How Apple's iPad is revolutionizing NFL playbooks for players and coaches
11 Shared wireless data plans: AT&T vs. Verizon
12 Apple expands iTunes Movies in the Cloud to over 35 new countries
13 Verizon sold 2.9 million Android phones, 2.7 million iPhones, and 300,000 BlackBerrys in Q2
14 Microsoft reports first quarterly loss since going public in 1986
15 Marissa Mayer to get close to $60 million (and maybe more) as Yahoo CEO
16 Apple's online reservation system helps new iPad make orderly debut in China
17 Google shares rise as ad business performs well despite slow economy
18 Google's Motorola Mobility appeals U.S. ITC Android import ban
19 OS X Mountain Lion: Using iCloud as smart, automated way to store documents
20 Photos of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs from 'jOBS' bioflick hit Twitter
21 TV brands join smart TV alliances out of fear of Apple smart TV
22 Another AMD engineer--a graphics and system-on-a-chip expert--goes to Apple
23 Growing anticipation for next-gen Apple iPhone creates 'mother of all handset pauses'
24 Beleaguered Nokia, already at junk status, lowered further by Fitch
25 How to prepare your Mac for Apple's OS X Mountain Lion
26 5 things Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer can learn from Steve Jobs
27 Apple seeks trademark for their classic Mac startup chime
28 20th Century Fox movies now available for re-download via Apple's iTunes in the Cloud
29 Tim Bajarin: Why Apple stands apart from the competition
30 Analysts: Apple's iTV to be U.S.-only at launch, might not ship until 2014
31 Handicapping Apple's Q312 revenue and earnings
32 Smartphones trump computers among online Chinese
33 Qantas to provide all 767 passengers with iPads
34 State of Tennessee lost $475,000 on home sold to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs
35 Which way will Apple stock move after Tuesday's earnings report?
36 Google says some Apple inventions are so great they ought to be shared
37 Why a smaller iPad is likely to be the children's toy of the year
38 Why Google or Facebook buying your favorite startup means it's probably toast
39 Apple and Google both appeal Judge Posner's ruling
40 Hair samples from infants show exposure to anti-HIV drugs in the womb and during breast-feeding
41 Comcast may raise Mbps to grab takers in FiOS markets
42 Scientists create highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity
43 Earliest spiral galaxy ever seen: a shocking discovery
44 Greenland glacier loses ice island twice the size of Manhattan
45 Researchers produce first complete computer model of an organism
46 Five potential habitable exoplanets now
47 600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle
48 Unexpectedly slow motions below the Sun's surface
49 Study finds heat is source of 'Pioneer anomaly'
50 Innovation promises to cut massive power use at big data companies in a flash
51 Noted authority says women now have higher IQ than men
52 Researchers devise a way to a create graphene transistor
53 Google grabs startup devoted to Apple gadget
54 China produces as much CO2 per person as Europe: report
55 Archaeologists uncover largest ancient dam built by Maya in Central America
56 Review: Tesla's Model S is fast and fun
57 Studies dispel claims of 'shadow biosphere' on Earth
58 'Deflector Shields' protect the Lunar Surface
59 New ideas add further mystery to why there is less lithium-7 in the universe than expected
60 NASA's Mars rover two weeks from landing
61 Scientists analyze potential of using lasers to make rain
62 Chemists discover cannabis 'pharma factory'
63 Why is Earth so dry?
64 'Seeds' of massive black holes found at the center of the Milky Way galaxy
65 Google Glass theft-protector is granted patent
66 A magnetic monster's dual personality
67 Researchers zap huge global spam 'botnet'
68 Company looking to market genetically modified apples runs into opposition
69 River networks on Titan point to a puzzling geologic history
70 SuperSTEM research reveals that graphene re-knits its holes
71 Hollow iron oxide nanoparticles for lithium-ion battery applications
72 Synthetic nanotubes lay foundation for new technology: Artificial pores mimic key features of natural pores
73 Dripping faucets inspire new way of creating structured particles
74 Molecular sensors based on nanoholes in metallic films shown to be ideal for medical diagnosis
75 Fluorescent dyes with aggregation-induced emission provide new probes for cancer diagnosis and therapy
76 Scientists first to mimic nature's vital potassium ion channel
77 Artificial photosynthesis system gets efficiency boost from graphene
78 'Sifting' liquid at the molecular level: Method uses nanotubes to separate liquids
79 New technique allows production of complex microchip structures in one self-assembling step
80 Man-made synthetic pores mimic important features of natural pores
81 Gold nanoparticles and tea compound treat prostate cancer with fewer side effects than chemotherapy
82 Carbon-based transistors ramp up speed and memory for mobile devices
83 Diamond in the rough: Half-century puzzle solved
84 XENON100 sets record limits for dark matter
85 When the beat goes off: Errors in rhythm follow pattern, physicists find
86 Radiation damage bigger problem in microelectronics than previously thought
87 Chemists discover new type of molecular bond near white dwarf stars
88 New ultracapacitor delivers a jolt of energy at a constant voltage
89 Disorderly conduct: Probing the role of disorder in quantum coherence
90 Physicists review progress in understanding the 'primordial soup'
91 In neutrino-less double-beta decay search, physicists excel
92 Higgs fever: Overflow crowd hears about new particle (w/ Video)
93 Heliophysics nugget: Riding the plasma wave
94 Objects moving in a stream create constructive wakes, study finds
95 New insights into stable magnetism of phase-change semiconductors could enable development of ultra-high-speed data stor
96 Concerning CERN: Cliff Burgess on the discovery of the Higgs boson
97 Japan sends cargo to space station
98 Sea rise threatens 'paradise' Down Under
99 Solar corona revealed in super-high-definition
100 Tiny 'Firefly' Satellite set to flash straight into lightning and thunderstorms
101 France maintains shale gas ban: environment minister
102 NASA satellite sees western north Pacific Tropical Cyclone strengthening
103 Earth-observing camera to launch to International Space Station
104 Landsat looks and sees
105 Researchers design first field experiment to test the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs
106 Degradation free spectrometers sounding rocket
107 Review: Internet-focused alternative in Chrome PCs
108 Australia's Qantas dumps Blackberry in Apple push
109 Raspberry Pi gets customized OS called Raspbian
110 Student-designed robots play games, make art, try to catch a toy helicopter
111 Autonomous robot maps ship hulls for mines
112 Apple's next iPhone to feature 'slimmer screen'
113 Company offers first true smartphone for the blind (w/ Video)
114 Nokia cuts US price of flagship smartphone
115 Review: Google Nexus 7 nice, but content lacking
116 Amazon testing new smartphone: report
117 Toshiba launches enterprise 2.5-inch HDD in industry's highest capacity class for drives with 10,500RPM rotation speed
118 Wireless power transfer coil unit: Development of ultra-thin receiving coil unit for wireless power transfer
119 Brain scanner, not joystick, is in human-robot future
120 Apple may trounce rivals with smaller iPad: analysts
121 New technologies help robots make inroads on daily life
122 Senators revive US cybersecurity bill, with changes
123 Facebook acquires mobile app maker Acrylic
124 Nasdaq ups ante in Facebook reimbursement plan
125 Progress made in building rechargeable lithium-air battery
126 NaCl to give way to RockSalt: Computer scientists develop a tool to improve software fault isolation
127 Obama warns of cyber threats to US
128 Social media becomes outlet after deadly spree
129 US venture funding falls 12% in 2Q to $7B
130 Street display spins electromagnetic dots, bares clues (w/ Video)
131 New iPad goes on sale in China after suit settled
132 IPO market heats up after Facebook freeze
133 Smart suit improves physical endurance
134 US startup seeks to liberate diners from queues
135 Researchers develop rapid diagnostic test for pathogens, contaminants
136 Chemist improves accuracy of oral cancer detection
137 Scientists use X-ray imaging to observe running batteries in action
138 Enzyme's 'hop' offers tips on epigenetic gene expression
139 Iron center and pendant nitrogen needed to achieve catalyst's goal
140 Enhanced royal jelly produces jumbo queen bee larvae
141 Simple new method of extracting viral RNA from blood samples allows quick, on-the-spot identification of dengue fever
142 The taste and fragrance of orange, vanilla, rose and more--courtesy of bacteria and yeast
143 Visualizing a photosensitizer complex in action
144 Calculations reveal fine line for hydrogen release from storage materials
145 Czech chemist Antonin Holy dies at 75
146 Toughened silicon sponges may make tenacious batteries
147 Discovery could lead to new type of cancer treatment
148 3D motion of common cold virus offers hope for improved drugs
149 Researchers discover fastest known speciation for marine animals
150 Study determines theoretical energy benefits and potential of algae fuels
151 Sex chromosome evolution tracked in fruit fly
152 Marine reserves aid ecosystem recovery after environmental disasters: study
153 Overuse of deworming drugs led to widespread resistance among parasites
154 Dominant deer hinds choose the best food
155 Alumnus plays a pivotal role in eradicating rinderpest disease
156 UF veterinary researchers discover new virus linked to death of Australian snakes
157 Findings from quantitative analysis of chromatin structure challenge classical model of static regularity
158 Fla. lake contaminants affect alligator weight, biological responses in offspring
159 Study to examine how mining and climate affect native fish
160 Alien species play havoc with fish
161 Indian snake charmers urged to switch to fakes
162 French crusader for gibbons in Borneo jungle
163 Yale defends plans for new college in Singapore
164 Firms with political ties may be bad investment: researcher
165 Racially diverse suburbs growing faster than white suburbs but resegregation threatens prosperity
166 A wrinkle in space-time: Math shows how shockwaves could crinkle space
167 British ship sunk by U-boat yields haul of silver
168 Stanford researcher maps melodies used in Holocaust to control prisoners
169 Accepting the end: Bucket lists, cemeteries show changing attitudes toward death
170 New study finds fastest-growing cities not the most prosperous
171 Researchers reveal 'peer effect' really counts when it comes to charitable giving
172 Why 'trickle-up' innovation may shape the global economy
173 Modern life, at a cost
174 Poll: Racial resentment tied to voter ID support
175 Masculinity and the link with the banking crisis
176 New media, old messages: Obama and family are target of 'blackface' racism on Facebook
177 Life science businessmen predict genetically enhanced athletes will soon compete in the Olympics
178 Long-term ADHD drug use appears safe, brain development not affected
179 Eye implants make vision-restoring progress
180 Benefits of prostate-specific antigen testing remain unclear
181 Poor sleep may age your brain
182 Synthesized compound flushes out latent HIV
183 Hundreds of random mutations in leukemia linked to aging, not cancer
184 Brain power shortage: Applying new rules is mentally taxing and costly
185 Researchers see low-calorie diet's effects in fly brain, mouthpart
186 New York's trans-fat ban is working: study
187 By decoding brain activity, scientists read monkeys' inner thoughts
188 Severe flu increases risk of Parkinson's: research
189 Novel anti-malarial drug target identified
190 Study first to determine entire genetic sequence of individual human sperm
191 Music has big brain benefits compared to other leisure pursuits
192 The hippocampus as a decision-maker
193 Researchers identify genetic markers for testosterone, estrogen level regulation
194 Adoption of new screening guidelines ups GDM diagnosis
195 Animal study: long-term ritalin doesn't impact growth
196 Stroke caregivers are at risk for depression
197 3-D tumor models improve drug discovery success rate
198 Beneficial bacteria may help ward off infection
199 Cell research opens new avenues in combating neurodegenerative diseases
200 Anxiety disorders in poor moms likely to result from poverty, not mental illness
201 Animal model replicates human immune response against HIV, could revolutionize HIV vaccine research
202 In the insect brain, dopamine-releasing nerve cells are crucial to the formation of both punished, rewarded memories
203 Discovery of new heart failure trigger could change the way cardiovascular drugs are made