File Title
1 Nano printing offers bright future
2 Where to next for NASA's Mars program?
3 Ramadan fasting not linked to preterm birth
4 'Severe abnormalities' found in Fukushima butterflies
5 Climate change may boost frog disease chytridiomycosis
6 Flag Fen hosts 'crowdsourced' Bronze Age archaeology dig
7 Fusion: The quest to recreate the Sun's power on Earth
8 Syria crisis: Fighter jet crashes near Iraq border
9 Norway police 'could have stopped Breivik sooner'
10 London Olympics: Coe praises UK 'spirit of generosity'
11 Motorola Mobility to cut 4,000 jobs in restructuring
12 Google's doodles: Who's behind them?
13 Rio 2016: The race is on to revamp Brazil's party city
14 Is social media another dotcom bubble?
15 Pope's ex-butler Paolo Gabriele to stand trial
16 South Koreans swim to disputed islands amid Japan row
17 London 2012: How the world saw the Olympic Games
18 Japan's women footballers get Olympic flight upgrades
19 Working Lives Athens
20 Egypt President Mursi explains army chief replacement
21 Mobile customer uncovers premium rate 'bug'
22 Olympics bring 55 million visits to BBC Sport online
23 Tiny transmitters that cost a penny to print unveiled
24 Bitcoin users sue over funds lost in site attack
25 Google to push pirate sites down search results
26 Fire in Spain's Canary Islands forces La Gomera exodus
27 Most popular baby names in 2011 are Harry and Amelia
28 South African platinum mine riots 'kill five'
29 Dr. Freddy Patel labelled 'misleading' over Tomlinson case
30 Olympics shot put: Nadzeya Ostapchuk stripped of gold medal
31 Olympics should inspire over-70s
32 Prostate cancer drug abiraterone approved by Scottish Medicines Consortium
33 LEGO celebrates 80 years with animated short film
34 Search for life will shape future Mars missions
35 Olympics score more than 150 million tweets
36 Apple iPhone 4S price drop suggests new iPhone imminent
37 President Obama to call NASA Mars rover team today
38 How depression shrinks the brain
39 A week on Mars: Curiosity settles in for long haul
40 WikiLeaks hit by week-long DDoS attack
41 Google ramps up copyright protection in search results
42 Pa. woman Na Cola Darcel Franklin accused of stabbing fiance to death hours before their wedding
43 Scouts stone rabid beaver to death after attack
44 Spice Girls reunite at Olympics closing ceremony
45 Kortne Stouffer Missing: Pa. woman, 21, seemingly disappeared without a trace from her apartment
46 Chad Johnson, NFL wide receiver, released from Miami Dolphins hours after domestic violence arrest
47 Stranded jet skier breaches JFK's $100M security
48 Progress made on Calif. wildfire threatening town
49 Appalachian Trail is still evolving after 75 years
50 Usain Bolt slams "attention-seeking" Carl Lewis over doping
51 Breakout attempt linked to Max Wade, suspect in Guy Fieri lamborghini theft
52 Multiple people shot near Texas A&M campus; Suspect in custody
53 Study shows how computation can predict group conflict
54 Fresh water from rivers and rain makes hurricanes, typhoons, tropical cyclones 50% more intense
55 LHC experiments bring new insight into matter of the primordial universe
56 Triclosan--chemical widely used in antibacterial hand soaps--may impair muscle function: study
57 Citizen science reveals that protected areas allow wildlife to spread in response to climate change
58 Bullies squelched when bystanders intervene: study
59 Gamma rays from galactic center could be evidence of dark matter
60 Scientists find state record 87 eggs in largest python from Everglades
61 New method may allow personalized clinical trial for cancer therapies
62 Major advance made in generating electricity from wastewater
63 Scientists use light to 'tag and track' genetic processes
64 Birds can see web-inspired Ornilux glass
65 Nano, photonic research gets boost from new 3-D visualization technology
66 Antisense approach promising for treatment of parasitic infections
67 Researchers make optical fibers from common materials
68 Ancient seal may add substance to the legend of Samson
69 Researchers identify new drug target for schizophrenia
70 Scientists' gold discovery sheds light on catalysis
71 Why are people overconfident so often?
72 Fruity science halves fat in chocolate
73 Graphene's behavior depends on where it sits
74 Enzymes implicated in disease processes attack one another instead of harming body proteins
75 For young birds, getting stressed out can be a good thing
76 Curiosity sends high-resolution color images from Gale crater
77 PML uses combined optical techniques to provide important answers on graphene structures
78 The cosmic infrared background
79 Student-built rocket with experimental motor blasts to 1st-place finish
80 Increased deaths from lung disease tied to more fires in Southeast Asia during El Nino
81 Yangtze dolphin's decline mirrored by other animals
82 Flying silent, seeing more, unmanned Silent Falcon makes debut
83 UH researcher develops nanoparticle solar panel coating
84 First full colour images at 100,000 dpi resolution with help of nanotechnology
85 Bendable battery and LED make up the first functional all-flexible electronic system
86 'Theranostic' imaging offers means of killing prostate cancer cells
87 Physicists explore properties of electrons in graphene
88 Physics team devises a way to make first undoped silicon nanowire gate
89 Graphene coating transforms fragile aerogels into superelastic materials
90 Wireless power for the price of a penny
91 The power to heal at the tips of your fingers
92 Charge separation in silver clusters
93 Researchers explore Li-air battery reversibility on the nanoscale
94 New phenomenon in nanodisk magnetic vortices
95 Optics and photonics research priorities, grand challenges presented in new report
96 Scientists "waltz" closer to using spintronics in computing
97 First single-molecule measurement of Van Der Waals interactions at metal-organic interface
98 World's most powerful X-ray laser beam refined to scalpel precision
99 Pinning down the 'Island of Stability': Stabilizing shell effects in heaviest elements directly measured
100 An effect occurring for rotating objects at the speed of light has surprising relevance to everyday applications
101 Breaking records in neurological microradiology
102 Research provides new insights into actinide
103 Freezing magnetic monopoles: How dipoles become monopoles and vice versa
104 Evidence further suggests extra-terrestrial origin of quasicrystals
105 New metamaterials device focuses sound waves like a camera lens
106 Oil spill detected near Exxon operations in Nigeria
107 Obama cheers 'mind-boggling' Mars mission
108 One half million mile solar filament
109 Urban disasters spotlight strain on Asian cities
110 Dutch reality show to offer one-way tickets to Mars
111 NASA's mega-rover landed on Mars. What's next?
112 Modeling reveals significant climatic impacts of megapolitan expansion
113 Italy's biggest steel plant may have to halt production
114 Researchers identify cellular basis for how anti-aging costmetics work
115 Fruity science halves fat in chocolate
116 Enzymes implicated in disease processes attack one another instead of harming body proteins
117 Researchers identify key culprit causing muscle atrophy
118 Step by step toward more efficient chemical synthesis
119 Study looks to separate side effects from antibiotic activity
120 Physics and math shed new light on biology by mapping the landscape of evolution
121 New model synapse could shed light on disorders such as epilepsy and anxiety
122 Researchers collect and reuse enzymes while maintaining bioactivity
123 Advanced explosives detector to sniff out previously undetectable amounts of TNT
124 New substances 15,000 times more effective in destroying chemical warfare agents
125 Back-to-the-future process yields 'miracle wood'
126 New composite nanofibers next chapter in orthopaedic biomaterials
127 Citizen science reveals that protected areas allow wildlife to spread in response to climate change
128 Scientists find state record 87 eggs in largest python from Everglades
129 Scientists use light to 'tag and track' genetic processes
130 Ancient river creature yields clue to environment
131 Planet of the Apes: Curiosity about the definition of life
132 Study finds link between global warming and frog susceptibility to fungal disease
133 For young birds, getting stressed out can be a good thing
134 Yangtze dolphin's decline mirrored by other animals
135 The ins and outs of building the sperm tail
136 Elephant impregnated with frozen sperm from wild male
137 A channel of unexpected significance
138 New bacteria resistant materials discovered
139 Scientists advance understanding of how flowers are formed
140 Differences in the genomes of related plant pathogens
141 New research raises doubts about whether modern humans and Neanderthals interbred
142 Bringing style home
143 Consumers perceive risk when 'price' means more than money
144 From textbook to flexbook: Professor uses new collaborative tool in the classroom
145 Middle Miocene Ochotonids found from Siziwang Qi, Nei Mongol
146 Britain urges world to unite against hunger
147 Study finds racial diversity of students beneficial in higher education
148 With food prices, drought affects farmers more than consumers
149 How low can you go? Stanford experts weigh in on the tone of 2012 presidential race