File Title
1 Curiosity rover made near-perfect landing
2 Mini guide to tapas in Barcelona
3 Egypt leader Mursi orders army chief Tantawi to resign
4 Iran earthquake relief efforts begin after 250 killed
5 Sinai: Egypt army 'kills gunmen in village raid'
6 Syria crisis: Arab League postpones Syria talks
7 Diary clues to grandfather's last days
8 A Point of View: Are tyrants good for art?
9 Syria conflict: Filipinos caught up in violence
10 Iran earthquakes leave scores dead in Tabriz region
11 Perseid meteors: Skygazers hope for spectacular show
12 Biggest fire 'for years' in Dagenham, London
13 Malcolm X actor Albert Freeman Jr. dies at 78
14 Chaos as Italian budget airline Wind Jet halts flights
15 Beyonce sings at United Nations
16 IOC withholds football medal from S Korea's Park Jong-woo
17 Reinventing technology in Africa for Africans
18 Fact Check: Questionable claims when Mitt Romney introduces running mate
19 Obama camp blasts Ryan; GOP hails "comeback team"
20 Finding your great gift
21 Spectacular footage of dolphins swimming underwater will leave you in awe
22 Romney camp took great pains to conceal Ryan VP pick
23 Obama aide: Ryan pick "put some substance on the table"
24 How to create a new habit
25 iPhone & iPad: How to Make a Great App in 6 Easy Steps
26 Politics panel: Obama camp "mystified" at Romney's campaign strategy
27 Romney on "wimp" headline: I don't care what media says
28 Restaurants' dirty little secrets
29 Sailor, nurse from iconic VJ Day photo reunited
30 Malaysian Muslim singer Yuna making mark in U.S.
31 Mars rover Curiosity, and NASA scientists, take a little break
32 NASA Curiosity Rover Preparing for Additional Martian Science Experiments
33 Perseid meteor shower wows stargazers
34 Huge volcanic rock 'ice-shelf' spotted in Pacific
35 World over-using underground water reserves for agriculture
36 Morpheus Moon Lander Crashes
37 NASA 'Morpheus' Craft Crashes During Test Flight, Explodes At Kennedy Space Center (VIDEO)
38 Boost to alien status of Nobel-winning quasicrystal
39 Way beyond Mars: Scientists release biggest 3-D map of the sky
40 Threatened Species Used In Shark Fin Soup Across U.S.
41 In the Soup, A Dash of Biodiversity
42 Mars Has Tectonic Plates Just Like Earth
43 UCLA scientist discovers plate tectonics on Mars
44 Are Science Teachers Spreading Invasive Species?
45 Teachers doing harm to the environment, spreading invasive species, study says
46 Pfizer: Drug failed in key cancer trial
47 Gun Violence Is Social Disease, Public Health Experts Say
48 Here It Comes: Super Gonorrhea :-/
49 CDC moves to keep new resistant gonorrhea at bay
50 Medical Mystery: Allergic Reaction Causes Woman to Grow Nails from Hair Follicles
51 Study finds daily aspirin could reduce risk of dying from cancer
52 An Aspirin a Day May Still Lower Cancer Risk, but Not as Much as Previously Thought
53 Michelle Obama meets Colorado shooting victims and medical staff in surprise visit to Aurora hospital
54 Michelle Obama visits Aurora hospital to thank doctors, nurses for actions
55 Health-care execs question impact of Affordable Care Act
56 New Voices: Medicaid expansion: An ounce of prevention well worth it
57 Medicaid: Flood of funds awaits OK in Georgia
58 Woman 'repeatedly poisoned her boyfriend by putting Visine eyedrops in his drinks in desperate bid for his attention'
59 Teens and Tobacco Use: Why Declines in Youth Have Stalled
60 Recall issued of Drakes Bay Oyster Company oysters
61 Oysters linked to outbreak of bacterial illness, recalled
62 Will The Health Care Law Help Or Hurt Small Businesses?
63 Health care law boosts costs, worsens care
64 Ready, or Not, for Obamacare
65 Genentech's Lucentis OKd for diabetics
66 Of Mice and Melodies: Research On Language Gene Seeks to Uncover the Origins of the Singing Mouse
67 'Selfish' DNA in Animal Mitochondria Offers Possible Tool to Study Aging
68 Autonomous Robotic Plane Dodges Obstacles When Flying Indoors
69 The Power to Heal at the Tips of Your Fingers
70 Wireless Power for the Price of a Penny?
71 Soft Autonomous Robot Inches Along Like an Earthworm: Flexible Design Enables Body-Morphing Capability
72 How a Leaf Beetle Walks Underwater
73 Searching Salt for Answers About Life On Earth, Mars
74 Evidence Further Suggests Extra-Terrestrial Origin of Quasicrystals
75 And Then There Was Light! Discovery of the World's First Eyeless Huntsman Spider
76 Gecko Feet Hold Clues to Creating Bandages That Stick When Wet
77 Scientist Discovers Plate Tectonics On Mars
78 Research Shows Gene Defect's Role in Autism-Like Behavior
79 Daily Aspirin Usage Linked to Lower Cancer Mortality
80 Prenatal Whole Genome Sequencing: Just Because We Can, Should We?
81 Influence of Heating Techniques On Red Palm Oil Carotene Levels
82 How Heat Helps to Treat Cancer
83 NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Installing Smarts for Driving
84 Quantum Cryptography Theory Has a Demonstrated Security Defect
85 Rooting out Rumors, Epidemics, and Crime--With Math
86 Minimally Invasive Building Renovations With Prefabricated Window Modules
87 The Spin Racket: Ping-Pong Champs Are Intuitive Masters of Fluid Dynamics
88 Study of Fruit Fly Chromosomes Improves Understanding of Evolution and Fertility
89 USDA: Ongoing Drought Causes Significant Crop Yield Declines
90 Do Beavers Benefit Scottish Wild Salmon?
91 NOAA Raises Hurricane Season Prediction Despite Expected El Nino
92 Underlying Causes of Impaired Brain Function in Muscular Dystrophy Revealed
93 Doctors Often Don't Disclose All Possible Risks to Patients Before Treatment
94 Spending More On Trauma Care Doesn't Translate to Higher Survival Rates, Study Suggests
95 Stabilizing Shell Effects in Heaviest Elements Directly Measured
96 New View of Body's Infection Response
97 Doctors Can Now Detect Hard-To-Diagnose Prostate Cancer
98 89 Million Americans Medically Uninsured During 2004 to 2007
99 Crossing Five or More Time Zones More Than Doubles Illness Risk for Elite Athletes
100 Genome Study of Children's Cancer Yields Possible Prognosis Tool
101 Potential Drug Molecule Shows Enhanced Anti-HIV Activity
102 Delirium Increases the Risk of Developing New Dementia 8-Fold in Older Patients
103 One Week of Therapy May Help Reorganize Brain, Reduce Stuttering
104 Tai Chi Shown to Improve COPD Exercise Capacity
105 Depression Linked With Increased Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
106 Neuroscientists Find Brain Stem Cells That May Be Responsible for Higher Functions, Bigger Brains
107 Vaccines Recommended: Worst Outbreak of Whooping Cough in 50 Years in U.S.
108 Thinking Abstractly May Help to Boost Self-Control
109 Feeling Fat May Make You Fat, Study Suggests
110 Why Living in the Moment Is Impossible: Decision-Making Memories Stored in Mysterious Brain Area Known to Be Involved With Vision
111 Natural Birth--But Not C-Section--Triggers Brain-Boosting Proteins
112 Nice Cup of Tea to Beat Bioterrorists? Tea Ingredients Can Kill Micro-Organisms and Inactivate Toxins, Expert Says
113 Hormone in Fruit Flies Sheds Light On Diabetes Cure, Weight-Loss Drug for Humans
114 You Snooze, You Lose: Less Sleep Leads to More Offspring in Male Pectoral Sandpipers
115 Human Antibodies That Protect Against Large Variety of Flu Viruses Described
116 Pine Trees One of Biggest Contributors to Air Pollution: Pine Gases Chemically Transformed by Free Radicals
117 NASA Conducts Airborne Study of Colorado Landslide
118 Snail Believed Extinct Found by Student in Cahaba River
119 New Way to Track Formaldehyde
120 Global Water Sustainability Flows Through Natural and Human Challenges
121 Researchers Combine Remote Sensing Technologies for Highly Detailed Look at Coastal Change
122 1.5 Million Years of Climate History Revealed After Scientists Solve Mystery of the Deep
123 Earliest Use of Mexican Turkeys by Ancient Maya
124 Neolithic Man: The First Lumberjack?
125 Physics and Math Shed New Light On Biology by Mapping the Landscape of Evolution
126 Shark Teeth Help Scientists Uncover Predator's History
127 Curiosity Sends High-Resolution Color Images from Mars' Gale Crater
128 Hubble's Close Encounter With the Tarantula
129 NASA's Curiosity Beams Back a Color 360 of Mars' Gale Crater
130 First 360-Degree Panorama from NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover
131 Plenty of Dark Matter Near the Sun
132 NASA Global Hawk Pilots Face Challenges Flying Hurricane Missions
133 ChemCam Sends Digital 'thumbs Up': Martian Landing Area Could Be a Boon for Scientific Study
134 Freezing Magnetic Monopoles: How Dipoles Become Monopoles and Vice Versa
135 Cheaper and Cleaner Catalyst for Burning Methane
136 Solar Power Day and Night: New Storage Systems Control Fluctuation of Renewable Energies
137 Computer Scientists Reveal How Aquatic Olympic Gold Is Captured--Above and Below the Surface
138 Molecular Economics: New Computer Models Calculate Systems-Wide Costs of Gene Expression
139 Broadening Researcher Access to Protein Simulation
140 High Performance Flexible Solid State Battery Developed
141 A Simple Way to Help Cities Monitor Traffic More Accurately