File Title
1 Be happy and don't worry about being sad
2 Sewage-munching microbes to power plants
3 Code tracks crime, rumours back to source
4 Mars rover makes first colour panorama
5 Drill kit begins journey to Antarctica's Lake Ellsworth
6 Vast volcanic 'raft' found in Pacific, near New Zealand
7 Marine species' deaths caused by UVB increases
8 Spider web glass protects birds on the Holy Island
9 Sleep deprived birds have more chicks
10 Climate: 2C or not 2C?
11 Syrian unrest: Aleppo clashes spark rise in refugees
12 Funerals held for Wisconsin temple shooting victims
13 Willy Wonka director Mel Stuart dies at 83
14 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan Helmand attack
15 London 2012: 20 more Olympic oddities
16 The Turk who saved the world (and other stories)
17 Is America's high jobless rate the new normal?
18 South Korea's Lee Myung-bak visits disputed islands
19 Aurora cinema massacre: James Holmes 'mentally ill'
20 US biofuel production should be suspended, UN says
21 X-ray reveals drunk tourist sleeping on baggage belt at Rome airport
22 Vietnam fines airline for dancers in bikini-tops
23 Mitt Romney Wikipedia entry locked down
24 Will Syria's Kurds benefit from the crisis?
25 Fighting extremism in Egypt's Sinai
26 Tia Sharp hunt: Police seal off grandmother's home
27 Pentagon helps build Meshworm reconnaissance robot
28 Blizzard hack attack hits millions
29 Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch's will bans music in ads
30 Passengers capture Idaho plane crash on film
31 Do Africa's technology entrepreneurs need charity?
32 Viewpoint: London 2012, a social media Olympics to remember
33 Open-source project to get gadgets talking via the net
34 Pinterest opens site to all, stops invite-only policy
35 China 'kidney for iPad' trial begins in Hunan
36 Three-day computer games festival starts in Dundee
37 Anti-HIV drug Truvada backed for all high-risk adults
38 Bo Xilai scandal: Gu Kailai 'admits Neil Heywood murder'
39 Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer attempting to recruit Twitter executive, report says
40 NASA satellites to probe Earth's harsh radiation belts
41 Study: Owners of aggressive dog breeds are more hostile
42 NASA primes Curiosity rover for software upgrade
43 More secrets likely to emerge in Apple-Samsung case
44 Why Curiosity rover is likely to find "Martians"
45 Ouya video game console ends Kickstarter campaign with $8.5 million
46 Firm says new Stuxnet-like virus found
47 NASA prototype lander explodes in test flight
48 Microsoft job posting hints at next Xbox launch within 18 mos.
49 Mayans may have sacrificed ancient domestic turkeys
50 Negative presidential campaign ads going to new extremes
51 Olympic athletes let loose in London
52 1.3M GE dishwashers recalled over fire hazard
53 Melvin Morse, Delaware doctor, charged with felony counts for allegedly "waterboarding" daughter
54 Gunman in Afghanistan forces uniform kills 3 American troops in Helmand province
55 4 senior China cops tried for allegedly covering up details of Bo Xilai, Gu Kailai scandal
56 Police find 14 bodies stuffed into SUV in Mexico
57 U.S. Navy says it rescues Iranian sailors again
58 Alleged Mexican drug queen Sandra Avila Beltran bound for U.S. court after judges OK extradition
59 U.S. imposes new Syria sanctions; U.K. boosts aid
60 Calif. attorney general sues Help Hospitalized Veterans charity for alleged state code violations
61 Train hits camper driven by 15-year-old; 4 dead
62 Pennsylvania road crew paints over dead raccoon
63 Hanging effigies from billboards shock Vegas drivers
64 Spider lives in Chinese woman's ear for five days before doctors flush it out
65 Argentine "miracle" baby rescued from morgue remains in serious condition at 4 months old
66 Stutterers who underwent one week of therapy improved in speech, showed brain changes
67 CDC: 158 people infected with new strain of swine flu, up from 29 last week
68 Six-year-old Utah boy's sinus problems linked to Lego wheel stuck in his nose for years
69 Ohio teen hospitalized after playing video games for at least 4 straight days
70 Researchers find evidence of ritual use of 'black drink' at Cahokia
71 New Hampshire Leads Nation in Percent Tree Cover, Urban Tree Cover Highest in Connecticut
72 A new line of defense: Researchers find cattle vaccine works to reduce E. coli O157: H7 in a large-scale feedlot setting
73 Airborne technology helps manage elephants
74 Birds do better in 'agroforests' than on farms
75 Seafood, wild or farmed? The answer may be both
76 Microbes, sponges, and worms add to coral reef woes
77 Using wastewater as fertilizer
78 Study reveals impact of historical domestic cattle hybridization with American bison
79 Diseased trees new source of climate gas
80 Researchers Demonstrate Control of Devastating Cassava Virus in Africa
81 Planting the seeds of defense
82 Drivers of marine biodiversity: Tiny, freeloading clams find the key to evolutionary success
83 A new global warming culprit: Dam drawdowns
84 Scientists report successful vaccine developed against deadly Nipah virus
85 Cichlid fish: How does the swim bladder affect hearing?
86 Boys appear to be more vulnerable than girls to the insecticide chlorpyrifos
87 Diversity keeps grasslands resilient to drought, climate change
88 Do beavers benefit Scottish wild salmon?
89 Eating grapes may help protect heart health in men with metabolic syndrome, new study suggests
90 Looking to lose weight?
91 Carnegie Mellon Scientists Show That Skin-Aging Radicals Also Age Naturally Formed Particles in the Air
92 Neolithic Man: The First Lumberjack?
93 North American freshwater fishes race to extinction
94 How much nitrogen is fixed in the ocean?
95 Test flight over Peru ruins could revolutionize archaeological mapping
96 Neolithic tools provide clues for managing climate change
97 Early human ancestors had more variable diet
98 UF researchers discover earliest use of Mexican turkeys by ancient Maya
99 Evidence further suggests extra-terrestrial origin of quasicrystals
100 Research Links Extreme Summer Heat Events to Global Warming
101 Empa X-ray expert "decodes" diesel soot
102 The economic cost of increased temperatures
103 California's hydroelectricity production is vulnerable to climate change
104 Snail believed extinct found in Cahaba River by student
105 Hibernation altered by climate change takes a toll on Rocky Mountain animal species
106 CU-Boulder-led team discovers new atmospheric compound tied to climate change, human health
107 Unusual weather events identified during the Black Saturday bushfires
108 1.5 million years of climate history revealed after scientists solve mystery of the deep
109 How geckos cope with wet feet
110 Scientists use worms to unearth cancer drug targets
111 Penn team and colleagues create a cheaper and cleaner catalyst for burning methane
112 Neuroscientists find brain stem cells that may be responsible for higher functions, bigger brains
113 Scientists discover how iron levels and a faulty gene cause bowel cancer
114 Scientists describe antibodies that protect against large variety of flu viruses
115 Potential drug molecule shows enhanced anti-HIV activity
116 NASA's New Way to Track Formaldehyde
117 Gecko feet hold clues to creating bandages that stick when wet
118 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Show Copper Facilitates Prion Disease
119 Selfish DNA in animal mitochondria offers possible tool to study aging
120 Populations survive despite many deleterious mutations
121 Physicists explore properties of electrons in revolutionary material
122 Experts issue recommendations for treating thyroid dysfunction during and after pregnancy
123 New approach of resistant tuberculosis
124 Stem cells may prevent post-injury arthritis
125 Why do organisms build tissues they seemingly never use?
126 Individualized Care Best for Lymphedema Patients, MU Researcher Says
127 Team creates new view of body's infection response
128 More education, socioeconomic benefits equals longer life
129 Too many Facebook friends bad news for charities
130 Infants of overweight mothers grow more slowly
131 Unemployment Gap Persists Among Women, Minorities, White Men, According to MU Research
132 Increasing federal match funds for states boosts enrollment of kids in health-care programs
133 UK hotel industry alive with innovation
134 Berlin beats London and Washington in league table of world's best democratic space
135 Internal Medicine Physicians Recommend Principles on Role of Governments and Legislation in Regulating Patient-Physician Relationship
136 Alcohol Advertising Standards Violations Most Common in Magazines with Youthful Audiences
137 Wiki where you work?
138 Student performance improves when teachers given incentives upfront
139 Banks' cash stash: no shield against bankruptcy
140 Urban poor plagued by 'burdens of place'
141 Retirement expert: Medicare woes mostly rooted in myth
142 First antibiotic stewardship probed in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society
143 Professor Releases Weight Management and Healthy Blood Sugar Control Products
144 Researchers combine remote sensing technologies for highly detailed look at coastal change
145 Treating the Whole Person with Autism Conference Sets New Direction for Parent-Clinician Collaboration
146 Good news: Migraines hurt your head but not your brain
147 No difference in death rates among patients exposed to common rheumatoid arthritis drugs
148 Oh, my stars and hexagons! DNA code shapes gold nanoparticles
149 NIST focuses on testing standards to support lab on a chip commercialization
150 The power to heal at the tips of your fingers
151 Wireless power for the price of a penny
152 Hormone in fruit flies sheds light on diabetes cure, weight-loss drug for humans
153 Plenty of dark matter near the Sun
154 Solar Power Day and Night
155 The making and unmaking of stem-like, aggressive breast cancer cells
156 Freezing magnetic monopoles
157 Height, weight and BMI changes seen in children treated with peginterferon alpha for hepatitis C
158 Blood test for Alzheimer's gaining ground
159 Stabilizing shell effects in heaviest elements directly measured
160 New Kenyan fossils shed light on early human evolution
161 The difference between a mole and shrew is in their SOX
162 Global water sustainability flows through natural and human challenges
163 UCLA scientist discovers plate tectonics on Mars
164 The earthquake risk and Europe
165 Getting to the root--unearthing the plant-microbe quid pro quo
166 Better student preparation needed for university maths
167 Black gay men worldwide 15 times more likely to have HIV and racial disparity
168 Study shows how elephants produce their deep 'voices'
169 Bilingualism 'can increase mental agility'
170 What you don't know can hurt you
171 A 'learning health system' moves from idea to action
172 US-born Latinas at great risk of having babies with retinoblastoma
173 Preschool children who can pay attention more likely to finish college
174 Humanities mini-courses for doctors sharpen thinking and creativity
175 Study finds US among few NATO nations that use animals for military training
176 Massive data for miniscule communities
177 Detecting thyroid disease by computer
178 Carnegie Mellon and Disney Research develop new model for animated faces and bodies
179 Advance in X-ray imaging shines light on nanomaterials
180 What makes Paris look like Paris? Carnegie Mellon software finds stylistic core
181 Physics and math shed new light on biology by mapping the landscape of evolution
182 Rooting out rumors, epidemics, and crime--with math
183 You snooze, you lose
184 Hormone acting drugs + uterine artery embolization offers nonsurgical treatment for uterine fibroids
185 Hepatitis A vaccination in children under 2 remains effective for 10 years
186 Why Living in the Moment Is Impossible
187 BUSM/VA researchers uncover gender differences in the effects of long-term alcoholism
188 Attitudes Toward Outdoor Smoking Ban at Moffitt Cancer Center Evaluated
189 New regulatory mechanism discovered in cell system for eliminating unneeded proteins
190 Spending More On Trauma Care Doesn't Translate to Higher Survival Rates
191 Study of fruit fly chromosomes improves understanding of evolution and fertility
192 DMP module on heart failure: current guidelines indicate some need for revision
193 New FDA program adds to tools to curb opiod abuse in United States
194 Research: Men respond negatively to depictions of 'ideal masculinity' in ads
195 Stanford expert brings climate change science to heated Capitol Hill
196 Health care organizations quest for reduced costs and improved quality
197 Google it?: Internet searches often provide inaccurate information about infant sleep safety
198 Disorders of consciousness: how should clinicians respond to new therapeutic interventions?
199 Judging the role of religion in law
200 Animation Research Could Offer Unparalleled Control of Characters Without Skeletons
201 Dangerous experiment in fetal engineering
202 MAK value lowered for chlorinated biphenyls
203 Psychology gives courts, policymakers evidence to help judge adolescents' actions
204 New approaches needed for uncovering, identifying, and treating buried chemical warfare material
205 Forensic tools for catching poachers
206 COI declarations and off-label drug use
207 Doctors often don't disclose all possible risks to patients before treatment
208 How JFK helped Barack Obama on his way to the White House
209 Study: One week of therapy may help reorganize brain, reduce stuttering
210 Brain activity may predict teens' heavy drinking
211 Natural birth--but not C-section--triggers brain-boosting proteins
212 Scientists show 2-drug combination has potential to fight cocaine addiction
213 Hyenas that think outside the box solve problems faster
214 Study shows official measures of American poverty off-base
215 Adolescents in substance abuse programs report using other's med marijuana
216 89 million people medically uninsured during 2004 to 2007
217 He/she, him/her--a sign of women's place in society?
218 Source of conflict: Study finds factors that can shape divorced mothers' co-parenting experiences
219 Thinking Abstractly May Help to Boost Self-Control
220 Brain hubs boil when hoarders face pitching their own stuff
221 Thinking About Giving, Not Receiving, Motivates People to Help Others
222 Extreme plasma theories put to the test
223 The first public data release from BOSS, the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey
224 New 3D map of massive galaxies and black holes offers clues to dark matter, dark energy
225 Astronomers Release the Largest Ever Three-Dimensional Map of the Sky
226 New Sloan Digital Sky Survey 3-D Map of Massive Galaxies, Distant Black Holes Offers Clues to Dark Matter and Energy
227 Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors
228 New scientific method unmasks chronic infections
229 Advanced explosives detector to sniff out previously undetectable amounts of TNT
230 New substances 15,000 times more effective in destroying chemical warfare agents
231 Clemson researchers collect and reuse enzymes while maintaining bioactivity
232 Soft autonomous robot inches along like an earthworm
233 Sparse microwave imaging: A new concept in microwave imaging technology
234 Researchers develop new physical face cloning method
235 Researchers invent system for 3-D reconstruction of sparse facial hair and skin