File Title
1 How to make Windows 8 less nauseating
2 Reports on 'gay' animal research criticised
3 Lasers on planes to prevent fatal crashes
4 Going one up on the Higgs particle
5 Stressed men drawn to heavy women
6 US starts Agent Orange clean-up in Vietnam
7 New human species identified from Kenya fossils
8 Neil Armstrong recovers after heart bypass surgery
9 NASA's Curiosity rover lifts its navigation cameras
10 International rescue mission under way in Antarctica
11 New biofuels offer hope to hungry world
12 Secrets of sticky feet revealed
13 Space--the new rock and roll
14 Have Americans lost their taste for more and more stuff?
15 Effort set to track air pollution
16 Harrabin's Notes: Pay on plastic
17 German coal power revival poses new emissions threat
18 Syria crisis: Rebels lose key district of Aleppo
19 Bo Xilai scandal: Gu Kailai trial for Heywood murder ends
20 Global food prices rise in July due to extreme weather
21 US media seek to loosen gag order on Colorado shooter case
22 London 2012: The Olympic also-rans
23 Sweet-toothed bear raids store in Colorado, US
24 The Monkees reunite for Davy tribute tour
25 Charlie Sheen police escort sues bosses over demotion
26 New French government moves against Roma camps
27 Total Recall: Special effects of the mind
28 Will we ever...find life elsewhere in the universe?
29 Google fined over Safari cookie privacy row
30 Demonoid takedown prompts attacks by Anonymous
31 Ouya game console smashes funding target
32 Sina Weibo's services 'limited' during Gu Kailai trial
33 Google updates voice search app on Apple gadgets
34 Samsung probes allegation of supplier's underage workers
35 Oracle and Google are ordered to reveal paid bloggers
36 Facebook removes 'racist' page in Australia
37 James Cameron eyes Chinese market with 3D joint venture
38 Russian tech giants aim to replicate success abroad
39 Morocco: Should pre-marital sex be legal?
40 Help for Heroes and MoD criticised by injured troops
41 International travel 'makes athletes ill'
42 Karachi heroin addicts: Cold turkey the only cure
43 Amazon customer receives gun instead of TV
44 Biologists: Media sensationalizes animal sex
45 Curiosity rover sends back "Earth-like" pictures of Mars
46 Facebook pressured to remove page deemed racist
47 Why is Mars red?
48 Microsoft, NYPD partner to monitor crime data in real-time
49 NYTimes to sell to for $270M
50 Texting championship 2012 winner announced
51 Google to include people's Gmail in search results
52 Latest Curiosity images show rover's mission on Mars
53 New flat-faced human species possibly discovered
54 Mathematicians create "Richter scale" of Sudoku difficulty
55 Ronald Poppo, victim of face-chewing attacker, tells cops Rudy Eugene "ripped me to ribbons"
56 Olympian booted from London after drunken night
57 Randy Travis arrested naked, charged with DWI
58 Murder trial of Gu Kailai, wife of fallen China politician Bo Xilai, ends after just 1 day
59 Apple Engineer Recreates 2000-Year-Old Computer Using Legos
60 Scientists: Triceratops May Not Have Existed
61 Israel defense chief suggests U.S. has new intelligence bringing worries over Iran in line with Israel's
62 Mexico finds large, unusual Aztec burial site
63 Israeli scholar completes mission to 'fix' Bible
64 Clear skies reveal messy scope of Philippine flood
65 Official: 3 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan
66 First Agent Orange cleanup to start in Vietnam
67 CDC: Truvada may reduce HIV transmission risk in heterosexual men and women
68 Popular 12-year-old makeup guru with cancer mulls difficult choice on treatment
69 Diacetyl chemical in artificial butter popcorn linked to Alzheimer's plaque build-up
70 Experimental pump keeps children alive to receive heart transplant
71 Brain-eating amoeba suspected as cause of 9-year-old's death
72 Apple reportedly in talks to buy Pinterest competitor The Fancy
73 Apple tech support 'socially engineered' in hack of journalist's iCloud account
74 Nuance's Nina to enable iOS apps to authenticate users by the sound of their voice
75 New photos claim to show finalized nano-SIM tray destined for iPhone 5
76 NASA's control room flooded with Macs during Mars Curiosity landing
77 AT&T to join Verizon in offering shared data plans beginning August 23
78 Apple rumored to extend smaller Dock Connector to iPad, other iOS devices this year
79 Apple removes YouTube app from iOS with beta 4 release of iOS 6
80 Internal Samsung memo shows iPhone caused 'crisis of design'
81 Sprint drops iPhone 4S price to $149 ahead of rumored next-gen iPhone release
82 Initial Apple, Google bids for Kodak patents much lower than expected
83 Court documents allegedly show Samsung copied iPhone icons
84 Apple adds more 3D cities to iOS 6 Maps
85 Amazon, Apple security measures factors in journalist's hacked iCloud account
86 Designer says Samsung designs "substantially the same" as Apple's
87 Apple wins NFC-enabled barcode-reading "shopping list" patent
88 Virtual scroll wheel patent shows alternate iOS input method
89 Apple's latest "Genius" ads no longer airing during Olympic games
90 Steve Jobs particularly irritated over Samsung's copying of iOS "rubber banding" effect
91 Google, Microsoft fight over standards to rival Apple's FaceTime
92 iPad will keep eating away PC market, despite Windows 8 "excitement"
93 Samsung copies Apple's claims it destroyed email evidence in "me too" filing
94 Judge says Samsung's accusations that Apple doctored evidence "not credible"
95 Samsung investigating Chinese child labor abuse allegations
96 More Galaxy Tabs returned due to malfunction than mistaken identity
97 Apple reportedly puts hold on over-the-phone password resets in response to hack
98 Former Mac designer finds 'substantial similarities' in Samsung, Apple GUIs
99 Samsung 132-page 'copy cat' doc comparing Galaxy S with iPhone admitted into evidence
100 New 'All on iPad' ad ditches 'Genius' campaign format
101 Apple's new iPhone expected to be 18% thinner than iPhone 4S
102 Apple sells 1.7 million iPads in China during Q2 to capture 72% of market
103 Nearly a third of consumers say they'd suddenly be interested in a new TV if it came from Apple
104 Conan O'Brien draws attention to Apple vs. Samsung dispute in video parody
105 Google says voice is the future of web search, introduces Siri-like app for iOS
106 Square deal with Starbucks highlights Apple's push to deliver Passbook in iOS 6
107 Upcoming iOS 6 Passbook app showcased in real-world simulation
108 Half of the TV audience mistook Samsung Galaxy Tab for iPad in ads
109 Former Apple ad man Ken Segall talks Steve Jobs, simplicity in Time interview
110 Apple takes nearly one-third U.S. smartphone marketshare, tops Samsung
111 OS X Mountain Lion may be degrading battery life, test shows
112 New photos of rumored next-gen iPhone display shielding surface online
113 Apple suppliers see best July on record as they prepare for 'largest launch in history'
114 New 'Burner' app lets iPhone users create temporary, disposable phone numbers
115 Apple's 'Wi-Fi Plus Cellular' option in iOS 6 to keep apps syncing when WiFi networks choke
116 Google agrees to pay largest fine in FTC history for bypassing Safari privacy settings