File Title
1 New NASA study links current extreme summer events to climate change
2 Zeno "boy" robot: Let me introduce myself (w/ Video)
3 Mars tugging on approaching Curiosity rover
4 Apple co-founder Wozniak sees trouble in the cloud
5 Study: Many Americans die with 'virtually no financial assets'
6 Malware in BIOS stirs concern at Black Hat meet
7 Is exploring Mars worth the investment?
8 Physicist explains why quantum mechanics says a black hole should be able to let some things out
9 Earth still absorbing about half carbon dioxide emissions produced by people: study
10 Water desalination system works up to several times faster than others
11 Tropical climate in the Antarctic: Palm trees thrived on today's icy coasts 52 million years ago
12 Breaking the barriers for low-cost energy storage
13 Raspberry Pi will roll with Android 4.0
14 Samsung copied 'every element' of iPhone: Apple
15 CERN teams post Higgs Boson papers--one ups its sigma level of certainty
16 Roll-to-roll process prints thousands of cheap, flexible memory elements
17 See-through-wall surveillance with WiFi shown at UCL
18 Signs changing fast for Voyager at solar system edge
19 Rat and ant rescues 'don't show empathy'
20 Apple tablet patent reveals Smart Cover's Second Coming
21 Cuckoo tricks to beat the neighborhood watch
22 New vigour in quest for Higgs boson
23 Fingering the culprit that polluted the Solar System
24 Team studies the innermost circle of the financial crisis
25 US aims to block bid to give UN control of Internet
26 Humble bug plugs gap in fossil record
27 Researchers discover gene that permanently stops cancer cell proliferation
28 Decades-old mystery of buckyballs cracked
29 Mathematicians find solution to biological building block puzzle
30 Brain imaging can predict how intelligent you are, study finds
31 Researchers track nanoparticle dynamics in three dimensions
32 Researchers show new way of assembling particles into complex structures
33 Researchers invent new tool to study single biological molecules
34 Direct imaging confirms the importance of electron-electron interactions in graphene
35 New structural information on functionalization of gold nanoparticles
36 European researchers identify materials at the nanoscale
37 Transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity
38 High-tech silver dressings ward off infection in wounds
39 Bio-inspired nanoantennas for light emission
40 Scientists demonstrate breakthrough in tunnel barrier technology
41 Lotus leaf inspires fog-free finish for transparent surfaces
42 Researchers measure the electrical charge of nano particles
43 Breakthrough in colloidal quantum dot films leads to record efficiency for next-generation solar cells
44 New accelerator is helping scientists understand the working of the universe
45 Towards 'unbreakable' message exchange
46 Exposing valence-bond model inadequacies
47 Developing miniaturized spectrometer-on-a-chip
48 Using the correct annealing temperature is key to making fast, non-volatile computer memory
49 Sandcastle building is no child's play, say physicists
50 CERN: LHC 2012 proton run extended by seven weeks
51 Hollow optical fibers containing light-emitting liquids hold big promises for biological sensing applications
52 Electromagnetic 'swamps' don't always bog electrons down
53 Thin current sheets in space: where the action is
54 Towards miniaturization of metamaterials: Reluctant electrons enable 'extraordinarily strong' negative refraction
55 Theoretical physicists probe the Majorana mystery
56 Researchers find unusual behavior in Josephson junction superconductor-topological insulator devices
57 Mars weather forecast 'good' for NASA landing
58 Are we alone? NASA's Mars rover aims to find out
59 Explore a room with a Mars view
60 Philippine mining reforms ignored at gold-rush site
61 Philippines says mine waste spill contained
62 A peek at what NASA's new rover packed for Mars
63 NASA spacecraft barreling toward a Mars landing (Update)
64 New Mars rover to land in intriguing giant crater
65 India clears mission to Mars
66 Seeing Mars through the eyes of a geologist
67 European backup for NASA's nailbiting Mars mission
68 Samsung vies for spotlight ahead of iPhone launch
69 Samsung begins producing fastest embedded NAND storage
70 Struggling RIM launches mobile version of tablet
71 Dextrous robotic hand gets thumbs up
72 Apple extends gains in surging tablet market: survey
73 Eco-Computer with a natural wood look
74 XRL robot uses tail for easy landing on springy feet (w/ Video)
75 DARPA clears path for advanced communications, sensors
76 Microsoft Research shapes future of HD displays
77 iPhone appeal dims as Samsung shines
78 Built from scratch: WiFi-extending robot beast (w/ Video)
79 Tech review: Juice Pack Pro adds bulk, battery life to phone
80 The first robot that mimics the water striders' jumping abilities
81 Dutch firm ASML clinches 1.1 bn euro deal with Taiwan's TSMC
82 French T-shirt firm draws Anonymous ire over trademarks
83 Hong Kong Facebook user arrested over hacking threat
84 Local Guatemala language soon on Facebook
85 Review: I'm not charged by Ford's Focus Electric
86 Swiss sheep to warn shepherds of wolf attacks by SMS
87 At half-price, Facebook still faces doubts
88 Garzon: Assange is neither pirate nor terrorist
89 California feeling fallout from Facebook's stock plunge
90 Is your news article tweetworthy? Algorithm can predict that
91 Glowing fingerprints: Researchers make latent fingerprints visible with help from electrochemiluminescence
92 Electrophilic sneeze: Terpenoids isolated from common ragweed show ability to induce airways irritation
93 Strawberry extract protects against UVA rays
94 Neutron scattering explains how myoglobin can perform without water
95 Research could lead to improved oil recovery, better environmental cleanup
96 New chemical sensor makes finding landmines and buried IEDs easier
97 Wrinkled surfaces could have widespread applications
98 Controlling gene expression with hydrogen peroxide 'switches'
99 Researchers create carbon dioxide-separating polymer
100 From microns to centimetres: Researchers invent new tissue engineering tool
101 Australian spider named after David Attenborough
102 Crayfish species proves to be the ultimate survivor
103 Elephants sing low the same way humans do
104 Birds that live with varying weather sing more versatile songs: study
105 Study finds cannibalism helps some spiders produce more offspring
106 Predatory beetles eavesdrop on ants' chemical conversations to find best egg-laying sites
107 Bacterial community inside the plant root
108 Quality-control mechanism found in bacteria
109 NUS researchers identify a novel double-stranded DNA structure
110 3D movie at 'ultraresolution' shows how cell's machinery bends membrane inwards
111 Bears, scavengers count on all-you-can-eat salmon buffet lasting for months
112 Researchers build a toolbox for synthetic biology
113 World's oldest hippo dies at 62
114 Queen's researcher finds situation dire for threatened rhino species
115 Diarrhoea in lamb flocks linked to dams
116 Playfulness may help adults attract mates, study finds
117 Weather matters when buying a home or car: study
118 Iowa State researchers build tool to help sub-Saharan African seed companies
119 Research collaboration among multiple institutions is growing trend
120 Judging the role of religion in law
121 Note to waitresses: Wearing red can be profitable
122 Multiple husbands serve as child support and life insurance in some cultures: researcher
123 How the 'lone wolf' terrorist networks
124 Mountains, seaway triggered North American dinosaur surge
125 Usain Bolt could break his own record with the help of altitude and the wind
126 The science of running: Follow the bouncing ball (w/ Video)
127 Study finds link between women in power, sexual harassment
128 3 Questions: Anette Hosoi on engineering and the Olympics
129 Early relationships, not brainpower, key to adult happiness
130 Could compact fluorescent bulbs pose skin cancer risk?
131 'Inattention blindness' due to brain load
132 FDA approves use of electronic chips in medications
133 Cadmium linked to plaque development in older women
134 CDC preparing vaccine for new swine flu
135 Embryonic blood vessels that make blood stem cells can also make beating heart muscles
136 Some drugs are going generic this year and next
137 New generation of virtual humans helping to train psychologists
138 Aurka-to-p53 signaling: A link between stem cell regulation and cancer
139 People with allergies may have lower risk of brain tumors
140 Eating salmon while pregnant affects contents of mother's milk
141 New obesity measure predicts early death better than BMI
142 New ways viruses affect human immune response discovered
143 New drug shows promise for kidney disease
144 Substance involved in Alzheimer's can reverse paralysis in mice with multiple sclerosis
145 Students with strong hearts and lungs may make better grades, study finds
146 Study suggests new treatment target for glioblastoma multiforme
147 The morality of human subject research
148 A step forward toward muscular dystrophy treatment: 'Antisense' compound rids muscle cells of toxic RNA
149 'Spray-on skin' could revolutionize treatment of venous leg ulcers
150 New target for treating diabetes and obesity
151 Scientists identify a critical tumor suppressor for cancer
152 Speaking multiple languages can influence children's emotional development
153 Why women outlive men: It's in our genes, study says
154 Alzheimer's cognitive decline slows in advanced age
155 Study finds mechanism that turns white fat into energy-burning brown fat
156 Modest weight loss can have lasting health benefits, research shows