File Title
1 Google reportedly fined $22.5M for bypassing Safari privacy settings
2 iPad newspaper 'The Daily' axes a third of its staff
3 Apple confirms select iCloud users unable to access old emails
4 Verizon to end tethering app blockage following $1.25M FCC settlement
5 Apple iTunes, App Stores experience outages
6 Google Chrome browser updated for Apple's Retina display MacBook Pro
7 Samsung takes excluded evidence to the media, gets reprimanded
8 Apple doesn't rely on market research, says marketing chief Phil Schiller
9 Apple designer Chris Stringer reveals dozens of iPhone prototypes at trial
10 Judge grants HTC request to sever, transfer Apple suit to Delaware
11 iOS chief Scott Forstall to testify at Apple v. Samsung trial
12 Apple Store now carries Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter
13 Apple CPU architect for iPhone, iPad departs for AMD
14 Wintek sales spike 61% ahead of Apple's anticipated 'iPad mini'
15 Apple's next iPhone rumored with 8-pin dock connector, enhanced Bluetooth
16 Low-end Retina MacBook Pro now available with 512GB, 768GB drives
17 iPad gives Apple market-leading 19% share of PC shipments
18 AT&T denies accusations that it pushed its retail outlets to sell iPhones alternatives
19 Amazon Instant Video launches on Apple's iPad App Store
20 Samsung calls decision to share evidence with media 'ethical' and 'lawful'
21 Tighter iTunes Twitter integration rumored to take place of Ping
22 Nevada board endorses $89M tax cut for Apple data center
23 Briefly: Surprise birthday party thrown for Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
24 Apple to file sanctions over Samsung's evidence 'leak'
25 Apple investigating iPad Smart Cover with secondary display
26 Sharp announces it will ship screens for Apple's next iPhone this month
27 Retina MacBook Pros now ship from Apple in under a week
28 Microsoft still taking Apple on head-to-head in continued retail expansion
29 Apple's iPad further dominates with 68% share of tablets shipped
30 Apple wants to wipe Google off the map with iOS 6
31 Judge denies Samsung's "2001: A Space Odyssey," Fidler Tablet arguments
32 Apple wants court to rule Samsung infringes on iPhone patents in evidence leak sanctions
33 'Mystery building' at Apple's Maiden, NC data center may house biogas converters
34 Next-gen iPhone with "Gorilla Glass inlay" to launch in Sept. despite reported component shortage
35 Apple denied ownership claims to two of ten patents in Kodak suit
36 Samsung issues rebuttal to Apple's request for sanctions in motion to strike
37 Apple reportedly readying iBookstore for Latin America launch
38 Apple abandoned iPhone with curved glass, iPhone mini over cost and comfort concerns
39 How Apple's new vector-based Maps leave Google Maps looking jittery
40 Apple scrambles to keep Samsung from revealing confidential iPhone, iPad sales documents
41 Video describes iPhone 5 face as longer, thinner and more scratch resistant
42 Apple reportedly shifting iPad panel orders from Samsung to Sharp, LG
43 Apple accuses Samsung of introducing doctored and misleading exhibits, false claims
44 Phil Schiller relates Apple's struggles to develop iPhone, iPad; shock at Samsung's copies
45 HTC revenues down 27%, blames competition
46 OS X Mountain Lion users reporting laptop battery life issues
47 Judge denies Apple request for sanctions against Samsung over evidence leak
48 Scott Forstall describes iOS development, challenges in Samsung trial
49 Steve Jobs was 'very receptive' to 7-inch iPad idea, court documents show
50 Side-by-side iPhone, Galaxy S comparison revealed in internal Samsung 'evaluation report'
51 New U.S. House 'anti-troll' bill would force patent trolls to pay defendants' legal bills
52 Uh oh, Microsoft: Apple patent application details iPad Smart Cover with built-in keyboard, flexible Multi-Touch display, and more
53 Apple's iPad put a fork in personal computing
54 Russian carrier blames 'Apple 'dictatorship' for $1,000 iPhone price
55 IDC: Strong Apple iPad shipments drive robust Q212 tablet market growth
56 Why Apple TV just became apple's most important product
57 Apple asks Judge Koh to rule in its favor after Samsung's excluded evidence leak
58 The shameful, shabby, sorry state of Apple's iOS App Store
59 Mass production of new iPhone not expected until late September
60 Microsoft continues retail store expansion, looks to challenge Apple Stores head-to-head
61 Apple looks to wipe Google off the 'map' with iOS 6
62 Did Sharp's new president just violate Apple partner rule No. 1?
63 Apple now worth 28 times Dell's market value
64 Why Apple nixed an iPhone with curved glass
65 Has Apple's venerable Mac entered a new phase of diminished expectations?
66 Judge Koh on Samsung's quest to use '2001: A Space Odyssey' as 'evidence' against Apple: Nope
67 Apple v. Samsung: Meet Apple's next 7 witnesses
68 Is Apple losing its shine after Steve Jobs?
69 Apple to Samsung: Do not reveal iPad, iPhone sales data
70 Judge Koh once again bars Samsung from using excluded 'Sony' theory
71 Apple v. Samsung patent war pits two legal stars
72 Microsoft forced to kill off 'Metro' name due to trademark infringement
73 Apple iPhone 5 being testing now as device appears in server logs
74 Next-gen iPhone glass thoroughly tested, found to be extremely scratch-proof (with video)
75 Apple loses bid to keep customer survey secret in Samsung patent infringement trial
76 CBS CEO Moonves: We're happy to discuss finally bringing CBS content to Apple TV
77 How the Internet found David Pogue's missing iPhone
78 Apple iPad gets USDA stamp of approval, deploys thousands of iPads, says other tablets don't measure up
79 iPhone 5 rumors spark 70% jump in eBay Instant Sale smartphone trade-in offers
80 Graphics improvements make OS X Mountain Lion snappy: More speed could come when Apple updates to OpenGL 4.2
81 Fixing OS X Mountain Lion wireless connection issues
82 Look for a fall iPhone blowout
83 Why Samsung's case against Apple is bogus
84 Samsung's case against Apple is bogus, here's why
85 Apple shifts iPad panel production from Samsung to Sharp and LG Display
86 Apple accuses Samsung of making false claims; submitting doctored, misleading exhibits to court
87 Samsung lawyer attempts to pry next-gen iPhone info out of Phil Schiller
88 Hon Hai to renegotiate investment in Sharp after losses
89 In court, Apple reveals billion dollar ad-spend for iPhone, iPad
90 Steve Jobs was 'very receptive' to 7-inch iPad idea, court documents show
91 U.S. antitrust settlement with e-book publishers should be approved, feds say
92 NASA's Curiosity rover on course for Mars landing
93 Australian spider named after Sir David Attenborough
94 Gale Crater: Geological 'sweet shop' awaits Mars rover
95 Colombia's spiritual centre
96 Iranian pilgrims abducted near Shia shrine in Syria
97 Afghan parliament votes to sack key ministers
98 Nigeria gunmen storm oil ship--two dead, four kidnapped
99 North Korea floods: Death toll raised, WFP sends food aid
100 Somalia's graveyard of grand and beautiful buildings
101 Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney for president
102 Syria crisis: Turkey training rebels, says FSA fighter
103 Sudan and South Sudan reach 'understanding' over oil
104 Samsung rebuked by patent judge in trial against Apple
105 Stakes as high as risks for NASA with Curiosity
106 Five myths about Mars
107 MetroPCS TV service debuts on Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G
108 Judge dismisses Apple's request to punish Samsung's attorneys over leaked evidence
109 Activision CEO says company is successful because competitors' games 'are less than adequate'
110 Olympics: Pistorius makes it to 400-m. semifinals
111 Jack Schaap, pastor of Ind. megachurch, fired for sexual relationship with teen congregant
112 Michael Phelps wins 100 fly in final individual race; Missy Franklin sets record in 200 back
113 Serena Williams dominates Sharapova to win gold
114 U.S. dominance continues as Olympic swim meet winds down
115 Gabby Douglas the new cover girl for Corn Flakes
116 How much are Olympic medals actually worth?
117 Katie Ledecky: Michael Phelps' race "really got me pumped"
118 Jessica Ennis gets off to perfect start in heptathlon, sets world record in hurdles
119 Gabby Douglas of U.S. wins all-around gymnastics title, giving her 2nd gold
120 15-year-old Katie Ledecky of U.S. wins gold in 800 freestyle
121 Md. man stabbed at post office in reported confrontation over cutting in line
122 Austin police say 36-year-old woman died from grandmother's abuse as an infant
123 Wife of NY man who was reported missing says emails show he plotted to fake his death
124 Shaniya Davis Found Dead; Mother Turned Little Girl Into Sex Slave, Say Police
125 Elizabeth Collins, Lyric Cook-Morrissey: Missing Iowa girls get NASCAR drivers' attention
126 Jacob Kudla, Jourdan Bobbish found dead in Detroit field, teens vanished a week ago
127 Woman orders at McDonald's drive-thru window...without vehicle!
128 Ohio parents forced three children into plastic boxes as punishment, prosecutors say
129 Police back away from murder-suicide theory in death of St. Louis mom Catherine Murch and her 2 kids
130 Sarah Jones sex-abuse trial judge weighs gag order on ex-NFL cheerleader
131 Susan G. Komen's emphasis on mammograms during breast cancer awareness month called into question
132 12 new swine flu cases prompt CDC warning on state fair safety