File Title
1 300,000 year old flint tools found in Northern France
2 Roman fertility eagle dug up
3 Excavations in Azerbaijan Uncover Treasure of Gold Coins
4 Live Science Begins with Human Origins Research
5 Archaeology: Golden medallions from Roman era found in village near Bulgaria's Bourgas
6 Award-winning soldiers' recovery project continues to break new ground
7 Three Kingdoms' Tomb Holding Warrior Discovered
8 Ancient Hellenistic Harbor Discovered in Acre, Israel
9 Archaeology and the Olympics
10 Ancient village holds lifestyle clues for archaeologists
11 Spanish Cave Neanderthal Eating Habits not as Simple as Thought
12 Dogs search for ancient remains on wind farm project site near Ocotillo
13 Archaeologists uncover Mona Lisa model's remains
14 Neanderthal Arm Morphology Caused by Scraping, Not Spear Thrusting
15 Mystery of Lost Roman City Solved: Ancients Greened the Desert?
16 An olive stone from 150BC links pre-Roman Britain to today's pizzeria
17 Small Dig, Big Discovery
18 Mexican archaeologists unearth ancient 1,100-year-old burial chamber
19 Roman cemetery discovered in Great Ellingham
20 Ancient Mayan 'night sun' temple found in Guatemala
21 El Zotz masks yield insights into Maya beliefs
22 Archeologist finds 600-year-old bras
23 Samsung expands chipmaking business with $310M mobile tech purchase
24 Apple wins portable device UI 'scroll bar' patent
25 Google's Chrome iOS app captures 1.4% of browser market
26 Apple countersued by HTC over two recently-purchased HP patents
27 Apple co-founder Jobs admired Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, biographer says
28 N/A
29 'Thousands' apply at Foxconn ahead of rumored iPhone, iPad mini build
30 Apple, Samsung bids for secrecy denied in patent suit
31 Portuguese consumer group to sue Apple over AppleCare
32 Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion GM: new iOS-style Accessibility
33 AT&T shared data plans launch late August, start at $45 per smartphone
34 Apple buying land for $304M expansion in Austin, Tex.
35 Case makers bet on taller 4" screen for Apple's next iPhone
36 Court filing reveals Apple's iPad prototype from early 2000s
37 UK judge rules Apple must advertise Samsung did not copy the iPad
38 iOS 6 beta 3 for Apple TV brings expanded AirPlay control
39 Apple fixes CPU power use, USB issues for 2012 MacBooks
40 Windows 8 to launch on Oct. 26 with new hardware in tow
41 Apple leverages 'unique identifier' to thwart in-app purchasing hack
42 Sprint to offer free FaceTime over wireless
43 Microsoft has no plans to release Office for Mac 2013
44 Senator says Apple e-book suit could destroy publishing industry
45 Steve Jobs' anti-Android sentiments not a factor in patent trial, judge says
46 Apple adopts anti-scalping measures ahead of Chinese iPad launch
47 Made in America: Apple's supply chain increasing US production
48 Filings detail Apple's plans to improve support for hearing impaired users
49 Retina-quality graphics being prepped for Apple's online store
50 Retina-quality graphics being prepped for Apple's online store
51 Verizon sells 2.7M iPhones in Q2, smartphone penetration hits 50%
52 Apple building second 'tactical' data center in North Carolina
53 Apple's Retina display iPad driving enterprise adoption
54 iTunes in the Cloud expands in Canada, U.K., Hong Kong, many more
55 Court denies second Samsung attempt to stay Galaxy Tab injunction
56 Extended Apple employee hours point to rumored July 25 Mountain Lion release
57 Microsoft posts first quarterly loss in company history
58 Apple pulls iOS privacy-tracking app from App Store
59 Apple hires high-level AMD engineer as part of effort to build new, energy-sipping mobile chips
60 Apple's third-gen iPad makes orderly Chinese debut thanks to new reservation system
61 Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion GM: using iCloud as the smart, automated way to store documents
62 Smart TV makers forming alliances out of fear Apple will soon dominate their industry too
63 Google acquires Apple-oriented email client Sparrow ahead of iPad app release
64 Apple's Q3 2012 results call scheduled for Tuesday
65 Portland Design Commission approves new Pioneer Place Apple Store plan
66 India's Aircel carrier begins selling iPhone 3GS with annual data plan for $236
67 Today's big iTunes Match, Cloud expansion also adds support for Twentieth Century Fox films
68 Apple offers temporary fix for in-app purchase hack ahead of iOS 6 patch
69 In-app purchasing exploit discovered for OS X apps
70 Google argues popular Apple patents are de facto standards essential
71 MacBook Pro Retina supply improving as both models now in stock at MacMall
72 Judge denies two more Samsung proposals ahead of jury trial
73 Apple's iOS most effective mobile advertising platform, report says
74 Vast aquifer found in Namibia could last for centuries
75 Report on high-level nuclear waste storage for Cumbria
76 Vietnamese soldiers held over deaths of rare monkeys
77 New York City's classic diners survive
78 Aurora Batman shootings: Police prepare to enter flat
79 Japan to probe Tepco radiation cover-up claim
80 Tour de France: Bradley Wiggins on verge of first British win
81 Syria crisis: Heavy clashes in second city of Aleppo
82 Vatican: Pope's butler moved to house arrest
83 Francois Hollande's 'Change Now' becomes 'Be Patient'
84 Rezwan Ferdaus admits US model plane explosives plot
85 Viewpoint: America's gun control impasse
86 Batman cinema shooting: US mourns Aurora victims
87 Profile: Aurora cinema shooting suspect James Holmes
88 Baby refused access to Stafford Hospital dies
89 New Chinese dictionary in row over 'gay' omission
90 Egypt Salafist ex-MP convicted of public indecency
91 First web image band play final gig
92 Cybercriminals in developing nations targeted
93 Obama warns US on cyber-threats
94 Batman Paris premiere cancelled
95 Olympic torch: Idowu 'emotional' to hold flame in Stratford
96 Supermarkets to sell asthma inhalers over the counter
97 Gene therapy nears approval in Europe
98 The mystery of James Holmes' missing Facebook account
99 Lenovo CEO gives his $3 million bonus to lower-paid workers
100 Greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb in 2011
101 Marissa Mayer to Yahoos: Don't stop your work
102 Russia converts unmanned rocket to carry new crew
103 FCC: ISPs "better" on meeting advertised broadband speeds
104 Cops may set off suspect's booby traps
105 Questions remain over mass shooting at Batman screening in Colo.
106 Colo. suspect James Holmes "smart" but "quiet," teachers and neighbors say
107 Possible alien, lava planet smaller than Earth discovered
108 CDC: Fatal car crash risk highest among young drivers
109 FDA approves Afinitor for certain breast cancers
110 Psychiatrists: Colo. shooting witnesses with past trauma, anxiety face added mental health risks
111 Lab tech David Kwiatkowski, indicted in N.H. hospital hepatitis C outbreak, denies drug use