File Title
1 Cancer Genomes Let Drugmakers Get Personal
2 Quantum Dots Give Notebooks a New Glow
3 Engineers Unveil First Casimir Chip That Exploits The Vacuum Energy
4 The Perils of Highly Interconnected Systems
5 Is Climate Change to Blame for the Current U.S. Drought?
6 Hey, Hackers: Defense Is Sexy, Too
7 How Power Outages in India May One Day Be Avoided
8 Human Workers, Managed by an Algorithm
9 A Computer Infection that Can Never Be Cured
10 What Facebook Knows
11 Statisticians Predict The Number Of Olympic Records That Will Fall at London 2012
12 Panasonic Touts Artificial Photosynthesis Technology
13 Entangled Particles Break Classical Law of Thermodynamics, Say Physicists
14 How Google Forced Verizon to Allow Smartphone Tethering
15 Your Facebook Carbon Footprint Barely Registers, But the Company Has Work to Do
16 Total and Amyris Recommit to Biofuel Joint Venture
17 Using Ozone to Clean Up Fracking
18 Evidence Grows for Existence of Cancer Stem Cells
19 Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real
20 An App that Could Stop Traffic
21 Why a High-End Software Maker Pursues App Companies
22 Outage in India Could Be a Harbinger for the Rest of the World
23 Star's 'cry' heralds new era for testing relativity
24 Raspberry Pi will roll with Android 4.0
25 Simulations of vaporization of Earth-like planets tell planet-hunters what to look for in atmospheres of super-Earths
26 Mountains, seaway triggered North American dinosaur surge
27 Elusive coral predator discovered in the wild
28 Alzheimer's cognitive decline slows in advanced age
29 Animation research could offer unparalleled control of characters without skeletons
30 Red is the new Black
31 Researchers expand synthetic biology's toolkit: New method could enable reprogramming of mammalian cells
32 Ethylene of no effect: Why peppers do not mature after picking
33 Dust from Asia pollutes US, Canada air: study
34 Climate warming refuted as reason for plant shifts in high-profile 2008 study
35 CERN teams post Higgs Boson papers--one ups its sigma level of certainty
36 Malware in BIOS stirs concern at Black Hat meet
37 Research could lead to improved oil recovery, better environmental cleanup
38 New target for treating diabetes and obesity
39 Cuckoo tricks to beat the neighborhood watch
40 Fingering the culprit that polluted the Solar System
41 'Do not track' browser push at odds with online advertisers
42 US Senate fails to approve cybersecurity measure (Update)
43 Direct imaging confirms the importance of electron-electron interactions in graphene
44 Study shows one kind of squid can jettison parts of its arm (w/ Video)
45 Early relationships, not brainpower, key to adult happiness
46 Industrial design students create solar bag that purifies water while person walks
47 Rat and ant rescues 'don't show empathy'
48 Why women outlive men: It's in our genes, study says
49 Research shows how protein component that enables cell replication gets ferried to chromosome tips
50 Researchers find genetic cause for body tremors
51 Mending a broken heart--with a molecule that turns stem cells into heart cells
52 Embryonic blood vessels that make blood stem cells can also make beating heart muscles
53 New structural information on functionalization of gold nanoparticles
54 European researchers identify materials at the nanoscale
55 Transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity
56 High-tech silver dressings ward off infection in wounds
57 Roll-to-roll process prints thousands of cheap, flexible memory elements
58 Decades-old mystery of buckyballs cracked
59 Scientists demonstrate breakthrough in tunnel barrier technology
60 Bio-inspired nanoantennas for light emission
61 Lotus leaf inspires fog-free finish for transparent surfaces
62 Researchers measure the electrical charge of nano particles
63 Breakthrough in colloidal quantum dot films leads to record efficiency for next-generation solar cells
64 Cutting the graphene cake
65 Fat gives nanoparticles a fighting chance
66 Photovoltaics from any semiconductor
67 Sandcastle building is no child's play, say physicists
68 CERN: LHC 2012 proton run extended by seven weeks
69 Using the correct annealing temperature is key to making fast, non-volatile computer memory
70 Hollow optical fibers containing light-emitting liquids hold big promises for biological sensing applications
71 Towards miniaturization of metamaterials: Reluctant electrons enable 'extraordinarily strong' negative refraction
72 Electromagnetic 'swamps' don't always bog electrons down
73 New vigour in quest for Higgs boson
74 Thin current sheets in space: where the action is
75 Theoretical physicists probe the Majorana mystery
76 Researchers find unusual behavior in Josephson junction superconductor-topological insulator devices
77 Study suggests viscous materials do not follow standard laws below a sub-melting point threshold
78 100 years of cosmic rays mystery
79 A century of discoveries--Physicists celebrate centenary of the discovery of cosmic rays
80 Qubits that never interact could exhibit past-future entanglement
81 Researchers discover gene that permanently stops cancer cell proliferation
82 Newest NASA Mars mission connects past and future
83 NASA braces for 'terror' in Mars landing
84 Aerial photos reveal dynamic Greenland Ice Sheet
85 Mapping the future of climate change in Africa
86 Forget blizzards and hurricanes, heat waves are deadliest
87 Giant telescope will reveal the outer reaches of the universe
88 Are large earthquakes linked across the globe?
89 Australia is 'all ears' for Mars landing
90 Russia tests faster space docking route
91 India set to launch Mars mission in 2013
92 Samsung begins producing fastest embedded NAND storage
93 Struggling RIM launches mobile version of tablet
94 Apple extends gains in surging tablet market: survey
95 Dextrous robotic hand gets thumbs up
96 Eco-Computer with a natural wood look
97 XRL robot uses tail for easy landing on springy feet (w/ Video)
98 DARPA clears path for advanced communications, sensors
99 Microsoft Research shapes future of HD displays
100 iPhone appeal dims as Samsung shines
101 Built from scratch: WiFi-extending robot beast (w/ Video)
102 Tech review: Juice Pack Pro adds bulk, battery life to phone
103 The first robot that mimics the water striders' jumping abilities
104 Broadcom enters 5G pearly gates with new chip BCM4335
105 Robots becoming a crucial part of aircraft production
106 LinkedIn results give relief to social media
107 Apple asks for verdict after Samsung 'misconduct'
108 AT&T goes on spectrum shopping binge
109 Big cash stockpile puts US tech firms on the spot
110 HP wins ruling in court battle with Oracle
111 Tech review: Waze app brings crowd-sourced road conditions
112 Facebook stock drops another 4%
113 Smart wireless power outlets
114 Facebook growth clouded by '83m dubious accounts' (Update)
115 Ford adding 225 jobs to build hybrid transmissions
116 Neutron scattering explains how myoglobin can perform without water
117 New chemical sensor makes finding landmines and buried IEDs easier
118 Wrinkled surfaces could have widespread applications
119 Controlling gene expression with hydrogen peroxide 'switches'
120 Researchers create carbon dioxide-separating polymer
121 From microns to centimetres: Researchers invent new tissue engineering tool
122 Is it a rock, or is it Jell-O? Defining the architecture of rhomboid enzymes
123 New coating prevents more than 99% of harmful bacterial slime from forming on surfaces
124 Panasonic develops efficient artificial photosynthesis system generating organic materials from carbon dioxide, water
125 'Sensing' danger
126 'Diving board' sensors key to DNA detection
127 Scientists find a way to make disease-causing proteins vulnerable to drugs
128 Multi-functional decorative coatings for electronics
129 Numerical simulations reveal how protein function is affected by its naturally congested environment
130 Extinction risk factors for New Zealand birds today differ from those of the past
131 Study finds healthy seafood comes from sustainable fish
132 The one that got away--higher temperatures change predator-prey relations
133 Planarians offer a better view of eye development
134 Endangered Roloway monkey born in French zoo
135 Two proteins that regulate cell division co-operate to control neuronal differentiation
136 For sperm, faster isn't always better: New study uncovers a reproduction conundrum
137 The science of running: Follow the bouncing ball (w/ Video)
138 Note to waitresses: Wearing red can be profitable
139 Judging the role of religion in law
140 Multiple husbands serve as child support and life insurance in some cultures: researcher
141 Usain Bolt could break his own record with the help of altitude and the wind
142 How the 'lone wolf' terrorist networks
143 Study finds link between women in power, sexual harassment
144 3 Questions: Anette Hosoi on engineering and the Olympics
145 Humble bug plugs gap in fossil record
146 Research: Men respond negatively to depictions of 'ideal masculinity' in ads
147 Votes are influenced by friends, neighbors and groups, study says
148 Wrecks and effects: Study finds fewer fans watching NASCAR races for crashes, more for the race
149 Strangers on a bus: Study reveals lengths commuters go to avoid each other
150 New research shows Chinese direct investment into Australia no cause for alarm
151 Modest weight loss can have lasting health benefits, research shows
152 New bat virus could hold key to Hendra virus
153 Speaking multiple languages can influence children's emotional development
154 'Spray-on skin' could revolutionize treatment of venous leg ulcers
155 Bacteria-immune system 'fight' can lead to chronic diseases, study suggests
156 Study finds mechanism that turns white fat into energy-burning brown fat
157 Timing of antibiotics important in reducing infections after C-section
158 Scientists identify a critical tumor suppressor for cancer
159 Chronic vulvar pain related to irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis
160 Heat-shock factor reveals its unique role in supporting highly malignant cancers
161 Research identifies a protein group that may kick-start allergic reactions
162 Infants exposed to specific molds have higher asthma risk
163 Global health researchers urge integrating de-worming into HIV care in Africa
164 Vasculitis related genes cause inflammation of blood vessels
165 Depression could shorten cancer survival, study suggests
166 Brain imaging can predict how intelligent you are, study finds
167 The seat of meta-consciousness in the brain
168 Researchers discover gene that permanently stops cancer cell proliferation
169 Why cutting-edge medical technology may not lead to exploding health care costs
170 FDA approves use of electronic chips in medications
171 Smell the potassium: Surprising find in study of sex- and aggression-triggering vomeronasal organ
172 A better judge of character with oxytocin nasal spray?
173 Substance involved in Alzheimer's can reverse paralysis in mice with multiple sclerosis