File Title
1 Nasty aquarium pest found in the wild
2 Humble bug plugs gap in fossil record
3 Moon born out of cosmic head-on: study
4 Cannibalism link to spider hatching success
5 Cancer stem cell discovery could signal 'paradigm shift'
6 Palm trees 'grew on Antarctica'
7 Mangrove conservation is 'economic' CO2 fix
8 UK to train Iraqi chemical weapons disposal teams
9 'Sort recycling' EU rule concerns Welsh councils
10 Australian outlaw Ned Kelly's remains to go to family
11 What would Ernest Shackleton have tweeted?
12 Syria crisis: Kofi Annan quits as UN-Arab League envoy
13 Eurozone crisis: ECB's Draghi disappoints markets
14 Rochdale grooming gang leader gets 22 years
15 'Al-Qaeda trio' arrested in southern Spanish towns
16 Olympics 2012: The secrets behind national anthems
17 US election: How can it cost $6bn?
18 China: The paradox of foreign education
19 The north/south divide on antidepressants
20 Facebook has more than 83 million 'fake' users
21 Commodore 64 turns 30: What do today's kids make of it?
22 Bradley Wiggins backs cyclist helmet laws after bus death
23 QPR footballer Kieron Dyer gets 45 pounds speeding fine
24 Merseyside teenager dies after fall into sea at Llangennith
25 Bank of England holds off from more stimulus measures
26 Facebook Q&A: The network justifies the cost of its "like" adverts
27 Struggling Thomas Cook reports quarterly loss
28 Carole Waugh disappearance: Missing jewellery appeal
29 Nellie Geraghty death: Man guilty of murdering ashes widow
30 Empty seats still problem, British Olympic Association says
31 Olympics set to boost Adidas profits
32 Chinese teenager 'kills eight in knife attack'
33 Germany's AAA credit rating on 'negative outlook'
34 Viewpoint: G4S and the echoes of the East India Company
35 Oxford Utd fan Carl Wells jailed for grenade possession
36 L'Oreal heiress Bettencourt sells Seychelles island
37 Helen Skelton has closed down her Twitter account after saying she cannot cope with negative comments.
38 Wanted Briton arrested in Portugal after drug yacht seized
39 Nestle blames biofuels for high food prices
40 Ex-Google China head apologises after Olympic row
41 Chronic fatigue syndrome: Brain training is most cost-effective treatment
42 Infants Exposed to Specific Molds Have Higher Asthma Risk
43 Skin Cancer Identified for the First Time in Wild Fish Populations, Beneath Ozone Layer Hole
44 Strangers On a Bus: Study Reveals Lengths Commuters Go to Avoid Each Other
45 HIV-Infected T Cells Help Transport the Virus Throughout the Body
46 Brain Imaging Can Predict How Intelligent You Are: 'Global Brain Connectivity' Explains 10 Percent of Variance in Individual Intelligence
47 Reviled Substance Involved in Alzheimer's Can Reverse Paralysis in Mice With Multiple Sclerosis
48 Slower, Longer Sperm Outcompete Faster Rivals, Surprising Finding Shows
49 Roots and Microbes: Bringing a Complex Underground Ecology Into the Lab
50 Promising Step Forward Toward Muscular Dystrophy Treatment: Symptoms Reversed in Mice
51 Dramatic Miniaturization of Metamaterials? Reluctant Electrons Enable 'Extraordinarily Strong' Negative Refraction
52 Earth's Oceans and Other Ecosystems Still Absorbing About Half the Greenhouse Gases Emitted by People
53 Northwest Earthquake Risk in U.S. Looms Large: 40% Chance of Major Earthquake Within 50 Years
54 Global 'Sleeplessness Epidemic' Affects an Estimated 150 Million in Developing World
55 Nerve Transfer Surgery Success
56 Detecting Thyroid Disease by Computer
57 Kicking the Habit: Sex Differences in Smoking Cessation
58 Iced Tea Can Contribute to Painful Kidney Stones
59 Exploring Forbidden Reactions to Discover New Ways of Chemical Synthesis
60 Smart Wirelessly Controlled Power Outlets
61 The Science of Running: Follow the Bouncing Ball
62 Usain Bolt Could Break His Own Record With the Help of Altitude and the Wind
63 How Do You Make the Perfect Sandcastle? A Little Water Can Give You a Five Meter High Castle
64 Controlling Gene Expression With Hydrogen Peroxide 'Switches'
65 Rewarding Work for Butterflies
66 Biologists Discover Female Spiders Produce Mating Plugs to Prevent Unwanted Sex from Males
67 Renewable Energy Potential in Every U.S. State, Study Shows
68 Test Flight Over Peru Ruins Could Revolutionize Archaeological Mapping
69 First Genome-Wide Analysis of Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas
70 Promising New Therapeutic Target for Aggressive Breast Cancer
71 Anacardic Acid Found to Rescue Certain ALS Abnormalities in Experimental Drug Screening Assay Using Motor Neurons from ALS Patient-Specific iPSCs
72 New Chemical Sensor Makes Finding Landmines and Buried IEDs Easier
73 Neutron Scattering Explains How Myoglobin Can Perform Without Water
74 Implementing a Therapeutic Hypothermia Program for Post-Cardiac Arrest in Acute Care Hospitals
75 Weight-Loss Clinic Drop-Out Rates Are a Huge Barrier to Treating Obesity
76 Equatorial Regions in Brazil Less Affected by 2009 Influenza Pandemic
77 Clinicians Overlook Alcohol Problems If Patients Are Not Intoxicated
78 Possible Clue to Progression of Multiple Sclerosis
79 Students Trading Sex for Drugs or Alcohol Happens Also in Rural Canada
80 Research: Men Respond Negatively to Depictions of 'Ideal Masculinity' in Ads
81 New FDA Program Adds to Tools to Curb Opiod Abuse in United States
82 Molecular Link Between Circadian Clock Disturbances and Inflammatory Diseases Discovered
83 Poor Mental Health Linked to Reduced Life Expectancy
84 Note to Waitresses: Wearing Red Can Be Profitable
85 Wrecks and Effects: Fewer Fans Watching NASCAR for the Crashes
86 Why People Get Cold Feet
87 Being Paranoid About Office Politics Can Make You a Target
88 Olympics for the Rest of Us: How Ping-Pong Can Help Your Brain
89 Fruit Flies On Methamphetamine Die Largely as a Result of Anorexia
90 Vaccine Research Shows Vigilance Needed Against Evolution of More-Virulent Malaria
91 Captive Lion Reintroduction Programs in Africa Operate Under 'Conservation Myth'
92 From Microns to Centimeters: Researchers Invent New Tissue Engineering Tool
93 Camouflage of Moths: Moths Actively Seek out Best Hiding Places
94 Gene Technology Helps Deceive Greedy Pest Insects
95 Dams Impact Carbon Dynamics in U.S. Rivers
96 Coral Reef Thriving in Sediment-Laden Waters
97 Friends Help More Promptly, at Least in Monkeys
98 Amazing Deep Diving by Imperial Cormorant Bird
99 Atmospheric CO2 Drove Climate Change During Longest Interglacial
100 Later Stone Age Got Earlier Start in South Africa Than Thought
101 Archeologists Unearth Extraordinary Human Sculpture in Turkey
102 Archaeologists Discover the Tomb of a Mayan Prince in Mexico
103 Cooling, Not Population Loss, Led to Fewer Fires After 1500 in New World
104 A Blue Whirlpool in the River: Tranquil Galaxy Home to Violent Events
105 Curiosity Rover On Track for Early August Landing On Mars
106 The Atomic Nucleus: Fissile Liquid or Molecule of Life?
107 Giant Ice Avalanches On Saturn's Moon Iapetus Provide Clue to Extreme Slippage Elsewhere in the Solar System
108 Martian Polygons and Deep-Sea Polygons On Earth: More Evidence for Ancient Martian Oceans?
109 NASA's Curiosity Rover Faces Its Moment of Truth
110 Too Cool to Follow the Law: Viscous Materials Do Not Follow Standard Laws Below a Sub-Melting Point Threshold
111 Energy Efficiency: New Drywall Building Material Can Cut Buildings' Energy Consumption by 40%
112 Physicist Bends Light Waves On Surfboards
113 100 Years of Cosmic Rays Mystery
114 Identifying Dolphins With Technology
115 Moving 3-D Computer Model of Key Human Protein Is Powerful New Tool in Fight Against Cancer
116 Mathematicians Solve Decade-Old Debate On Regulation of Protein Production by microRNAs in Cells
117 Adding a '3D Print' Button to Animation Software
118 Interactive Proofs: Ten-Year-Old Problem in Theoretical Computer Science Falls