File Title
1 China's Long March-5 carrier rocket engine undergoes testing
2 China launches Third satellite in its global data relay network
3 Driving on Mars, There's an App for That
4 Taking the Heat Lockheed Martin Aeroshell Will Protect Mars Science Lab Descent
5 ESA's Mars Express supports dramatic landing on Mars
6 NASA's Car-Sized Rover Nears Daring Landing on Mars
7 Russian Space Freighter Departs From ISS
8 Russian space agency considers Jupiter mission
9 Russian Space Firm Suspected of $17 Million Fraud
10 Roscosmos to launch five satellites from Baikonur in July
11 Russia to Expand Commercial Space Services
12 Kazakhstan gives Russia the go-ahead for Baikonur launches
13 ATK Introduces Expanded Product Line of Small Satellite Spacecraft Platforms
14 German TET-1 small satellite launched
15 Nano-satellite offers best hope for Australia's future in space
16 SST US collaborates with Virgin Galactic to offer radically cheaper options for small satellites
17 SwRI Building Eight NASA Nanosatellites to Help Predict Extreme Weather Events on Earth
18 Russia resorts to small satellites
19 Emerging Optics Technology to Fly on Microsatellite
20 CINEMA among tiny CubeSats to be launched August 2nd
21 Strange but True: Curiosity's Sky Crane
22 Russia Launches Cluster of Four Satellites
23 New Report Spotlights Trends and Developments in Outer Space Security
24 Goodrich's ORS-1 Satellite Completes its First Year in Space
25 Americans favor Obama to defend against space aliens: poll
26 ORS-1 team gains improved link with mission partners
27 First SBIRS Satellite Exceeding Performance Expectations After One Year on Orbit
28 Space Realities Require New Way of Thinking
29 1 SOPS stands up alternate ORS-1 ops floor
30 June Theatrical Release For War Of The Worlds: The True Story
31 The go-ahead is given for Arianespace's August 2 flight with Ariane 5
32 Arianespace's Ariane 5 receives its HYLAS 2 payload
33 Space Technologies Tackle Human and Environmental Security Problems
34 exactView-1 satellite operational in orbit
35 Digitalglobe And Geoeye Combine To Create A Global Leader
36 Lockheed Martin Marks Landsat 40th Anniversary
37 Landsat Looks and Sees
38 GeoEye Signs Two New Seven-Figure GeoEye-1 Imagery Contracts
39 NASA's Landsat Data Continuity Mission Becomes an Observatory
40 IGARSS 2012--'Remote Sensing for a Dynamic Earth'
41 Images in an Instant: Suomi NPP Begins Direct Broadcast
42 MSG-3 set to ensure quality of Europe's weather service from geostationary orbit
43 Chinese mapping satellite handed over to surveying authority
44 US flags still on the moon, except one: NASA
45 Russia starts building Moon spaceship, eyes Lunar base
46 Russia says no manned moon shots till 2018
47 ESA to catch laser beam from Moon mission
48 Researchers Estimate Ice Content of Crater at Moon's South Pole
49 Researchers find evidence of ice content at the moon's south pole
50 Nanoparticles found in moon glass bubbles explain weird lunar soil behaviour
51 UA Lunar-Mining Team Wins National Contest
52 NASA Lunar Spacecraft Complete Prime Mission Ahead of Schedule
53 NASA Offers Guidelines To Protect Historic Sites On The Moon
54 Neil Armstrong gives rare interview--to accountant
55 European data center for GMES Sentinel satellites at DLR
56 Mars Landing Sky Show
57 U.S. Patriot deal to boost Kuwait defenses
58 US plans $4.2bn Patriot missile sale to Kuwait
59 Lockheed Martin Receives Contract For PAC-3 MSE Production
60 US building missile defense station in Qatar: report
61 Raytheon reveals new missile defense system architectural analysis capability
62 Raytheon awarded $636 million for Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle
63 Israel-U.S. drill will boost missile plans
64 Turkey to pick new missile defence system soon
65 Amid rocket battle, upgrade for Iron Dome
66 Boeing Completes Upgrade of AEOS Telescope at Maui Space Surveillance Complex
67 US, Russia to seek joint 'solutions' to missile defense row
68 Missile defense system for Europe and potential threat to Russia
69 Lockheed Martin Delivers Core Structure for Fourth SBIRS Satellite
70 NATO activates missile shield despite Russian anger
71 U.S. aids Israel missile, seeks joint deal
72 Northrop Grumman Begins Full Rate Production of Infrared Missile Warning System
73 Russia Does Not Rule Out Preemptive Missile Defense Strike
74 Pentagon to unveil funding for Israel
75 House panel OKs $1B for Israel's missiles
76 US to conduct 'largest ever' missile defense test--Pentagon
77 Russia warns it may target US missile shield
78 US shows no sign of compromise over missile shield
79 Raytheon's JLENS and Patriot systems prove integration in intercept test
80 U.S. backs another $680M for Israel shield
81 Lockheed Martin PAC-3 Missile Successfully Intercepts Cruise Missile Target During Integrated Flight Test
82 New Raytheon warhead lethal to enemy rockets
83 Boeing Receives US Navy Contracts for SLAM ER and Harpoon Missiles
84 Lockheed Martin Completes First LRASM Captive Carriage Test
85 Ukraine jails two N. Koreans for missile spying
86 Israeli navy eyes new missile systems
87 Israel deploys missile system on Egypt border
88 Norway fires first ground-based Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile from NASAMS launcher
89 Two missiles miss targets in Taiwan drill
90 S-500--a miracle of a weapon
91 Czech army's CASA planes fail anti-missile tests
92 Iran test-fires ballistic missile able to hit Israel: media
93 Egypt seizes Grad rockets smuggled from Libya: reports
94 Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract for MLRS M270A1 Launcher Cab Upgrades
95 Northrop Grumman to Deliver Advanced Threat Warning Sensors to the U.S. Navy
96 Two Russians convicted of treason over missile data
97 Javelin Missile Proves New Capability during Vehicle-Launched Norwegian Tests
98 Lockheed Martin Partners With Turkey For PAC 3 Missile Canister Production
99 Israel 'to evacuate Tel Aviv' in event of missile attack
100 US Navy awards Raytheon $338 million for Tomahawk
101 Lockheed Martin Conducts Successful EAPS Controlled Flight Test
102 Pakistan conducts fifth missile test in weeks
103 Off-target Taiwan missile drill damages car
104 Akash missile fails a routine test flight
105 Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile
106 Taiwan deploys anti-China missiles: report
107 Rafael seeks missile shield for helicopters
108 S. Korea 'to spend $2bn' on hundreds of missiles
109 Training missile falls from Army chopper in Texas: US
110 Lockheed Martin's New Standalone Launching System Significantly Reduces Weapons Integration Costs
111 The top issues at the NATO summit
112 Hitting the wrong target with missile-interceptor
113 Raytheon Completes First Flight Test of Improved SM-3
114 Russian to stand trial on spying charges: report
115 China interested in Russian missile system
116 Raytheon awarded contract for advanced Standard Missile-3
117 Initial assembly is completed for Arianespace's fifth Ariane 5 to be launched in 2012
118 New York's Times Square to broadcast Mars landing
119 China to land first moon probe next year
120 Sending Our Curiosity to Mars
121 Dawn Completes Intensive Phase Of Vesta Exploration
122 Planetary Resources Announces Agreement with Virgin Galactic for Payload Services
123 Explained: Near-miss asteroids
124 The B612 Foundation Announces The First Privately Funded Deep Space Mission
125 Raytheon's Space Fence technology ready to track space debris
126 SWF Announces International Dialog on Satellite Servicing and Debris Removal
127 ESA's Clean Space targets orbital debris and greener environment
128 NRL Scientists Propose Mitigation Concept of LEO Debris
129 ISS to Build Up Meteorite Defenses
130 Space is Big, But Getting Smaller
131 Plan to Counter Space Threats Proposed
132 Space Debris Remediation--Who Are We Kidding?
133 A Fish Friendly Facility for the ISS
134 White Stork Delivers New Research and Technology Investigations to ISS
135 Checkout begins with the Fregat upper stage for Arianespace's third Soyuz mission from French Guiana
136 Methane measurements at low level flight
137 NASA X-ray Concept Inspired from a Roll of Scotch Tape
138 World's largest 'Cherenkov' telecope launched in Namibia
139 Meet the Faces Behind the MIRI Part One
140 Scientists Bring Low Frequency, 'First Light' to the Jansky Very Large Array
141 Innovative, Balloon-Borne Solar Space Imager Selected for NASA Training Award
142 APEX takes part in sharpest observation ever
143 Private Foundations Fund New Astronomy Tool
144 Two Cameras Offer View of JWST in Clean Room
145 Scanning Webb's Surrogate Eye
146 Space Telescope Opens Its X-Ray Eyes
147 RadioAstron space observatory completes its testing
148 Looking into the dark: Ahead with the Euclid mission
149 First Flight Instrument Delivered for James Webb
150 ESO To Build World's Biggest Eye On The Sky
151 The brightest stars don't live alone
152 Two Solar System Puzzles Solved
153 A pulsar with a tremendous hiccup
154 Indian astronomy satellite to study universe at multi-wavelengths
155 Astronomers report the earliest spiral galaxy ever seen, a shocking discovery
156 Minister Paradis Unveils the Made-in-Canada Technology That Will Direct the World's Most Powerful Space Telescope
157 ATK Selected To Provide Key Components for DARPA Phoenix Satellite Repurposing Program
158 Largest ever Cherenkov telescope sees first light
159 SciTechTalk: 1908. Target: Earth
160 Oldest known impact crater found