File Title
1 Study sinks 'women and children first' myth
2 Tools hint at earliest hunter-gatherers
3 Could mobiles affect some more than others?
4 New flu virus found in seals concerns scientists
5 US rallies opponents of EU carbon tax on airlines
6 Small wind turbines 'halve' bat numbers
7 10-stone catfish caught by Essex chef
8 The virtual cell that simulates life
9 Operation Iceberg diary: The camp fox
10 Hong Kong's secret nightlife spots
11 Hundreds of millions without power in India
12 Romney wraps up overseas tour amid tensions with media
13 China swimmer Ye Shiwen clean, says BOA boss Moynihan
14 Marc Dutroux ex-wife to transfer to Belgium convent
15 Russian blogger Navalny charged with embezzlement
16 Dar es Salaam: Africa's next megacity?
17 Author Maeve Binchy dies aged 72
18 Singer Sheryl Crow granted restraining order
19 US singer Tony Martin dies aged 98
20 Battle of the blimps
21 Technology opens the doors of Africa's health sector
22 Syria crisis: Fresh clashes in Aleppo
23 Tom Daley Twitter abuse: Boy arrested in Weymouth
24 Microsoft buys large-screen maker Perceptive Pixel
25 Sina and Baidu team up in China to focus on mobile
26 Lords communications committee criticises broadband focus
27 Ubisoft rush to fix security hole exposed by plug-in
28 Viewpoint: How PowerPoint changed Microsoft and my life
29 Viewpoint: The image of British industry needs reinvention
30 Japan and the fax: A love affair
31 The next generation of HD television
32 West Yorkshire Police appeal over girl's 999 call
33 Javier Bardem's blond Bond villain unveiled
34 Facebook share issues hit UBS results
35 Australia seizes drugs worth $500m from Hong Kong ring
36 Palestinians attack Mitt Romney for 'racist'
37 Benefit cheats 'colour attitudes to disabled people'
38 New flu virus found in seals concerns scientists
39 Distracted walking injuries quadruple in last seven years
40 Spotify launches unlimited radio for Android
41 Century of drought may be ahead
42 Did Twitter suspend journalist Guy Adams' account for blasting NBC?
43 Apple reportedly to unveil iPhone 5, iPad Mini on Sept. 12
44 Rover must "stick the landing" on Mars in 6 days
45 Oldest poison pushes back ancient civilization 20,000 years
46 July could become hottest month ever recorded
47 Apple OS X Mountain Lion sells 3 million copies in 4 days
48 Romney finds warm reception in Poland, but critics still fuming over Palestinian remarks in Israel
49 Swimmer Missy Franklin dedicates Olympic wins to Colorado
50 Some simple and amazing "life hacks" to make living easier
51 China swimmer Ye Shiwen smashes record, draws doping speculation
52 Teen arrested for malicious tweets about British Olympic diver Tom Daley and his late father
53 Swiss Olympic soccer team boots player for racist tweet
54 Dads doing awesome things to impress their kids
55 Team USA tries out a British accent in "Thank You Britain"
56 U.S. Olympic Team tribute to Muhammad Ali is the most amazing thing in the history of ever
57 23andMe personalized DNA test seeks FDA approval
58 Healthy people should skip EKG screening, say new U.S. Preventive Services Task Force guidelines
59 Officials: Ebola sickens more than 20 in Uganda, 14 dead
60 Lab tech charged in N.H. hepatitis C outbreak worked at six Mich. hospitals
61 Study: 17,000 more men diagnosed with prostate cancer too late for treatment without PSA test
62 NASA's Curiosity aims to answer: Was there ever life on Mars?
63 New Mars rover targets red planet's biggest mysteries
64 Stone Age Poison Pushes Back Dawn Of Ancient Civilization 20,000 Years
65 Researchers: South African fossils show modern culture may have emerged 30,000 earlier
66 Modern culture emerged in Africa 20,000 years earlier than thought
67 Giant idol 'STRUCK DOWN by the Wrath of God' unearthed in Turkey
68 Ancient warrior king statue discovered in Turkey
69 Colossal human sculpture unearthed in Turkey
70 And the flag is still there
71 Va. researchers monitor red algae blooms in bay
72 Chesapeake Bay 'red tides' a concern
73 West's forests might see century of drought, study finds
74 Chronic 2000-2004 drought, worst in 800 years, may be the 'new normal': study
75 Century of Drought May Be Ahead
76 Bernie Sanders challenges global-warming skeptic
77 Sen. Sanders Claims Inhofe Is "Dead Wrong" On Global Warming
78 Louisiana's pretend voucher 'accountability' plan
79 Louisiana's new voucher program includes schools that teach creationism, reject evolution
80 Bobby Jindal's Science Problem
81 World's Smallest Nanolaser a Breakthrough for Optical Computing
82 Nanolaser Operates Below 3-D Diffraction Limit
83 World's Smallest Semiconductor Laser Created by University of Texas Scientists
84 U. of Utah research: Global cooling reduced fires after Columbus
85 Climate cited as New World fire influence
86 Scripps and SoCalGas System to Use Algae to Capture Carbon Dioxide
87 SoCalGas, Scripps Institution Of Oceanography Explore System Using Algae To Capture Carbon Dioxide From Natural Gas Equipment And Power Plants
88 Scripps Scientists Want to Use Algae to Create New Energy Source
89 New flu strain in seals could pose risk to human health, experts say
90 Flu That Leapt From Birds to Seals Is Studied for Human Threat
91 Women's Legal Centre hails wider import of Namibia sterilisation verdict
92 Namibia court rules government coerced 3 HIV-positive women into being sterilized
93 Namibian women were sterilized without consent, judge rules
94 Gadgets Meant To Detect Kids In Hot Cars Are Unreliable, Says NHTSA
95 U.S.: Sensors to detect kids left in hot cars aren't reliable
96 Study Warns of Devices to Save Children in Hot Vehicles
97 Study: PSA Testing Cuts Worst Prostate Cancers
98 Mayor Bloomberg pushing NYC hospitals to hide baby formula so more new moms will breast-feed
99 Aimee Copeland using new prosthetics, father says
100 Ariad speeds targeted leukemia drug to FDA in race for key approval
101 Ariad Pharmaceuticals is seeking accelerated approval of its leukemia drug
102 Autopsy planned on Farmington Hills woman who had flesh-eating bacteria
103 Crystal Spencer, Michigan Woman With Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Dies At Age 33
104 See, blind mice? Mouse eyeball drug restores light sensitivity
105 Chemical helps blind mice see: study; findings could help patients with common blindness issues including macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa