File Title
1 Ocean's deep carbon secrets revealed
2 Humans also-rans in all-species Olympics
3 Curry compound may curb type 2 diabetes risk
4 Ex-sceptic says climate change is down to humans
5 Uganda's Yoweri Museveni warns of Ebola threat
6 Saturn moon Iapetus' huge landslides stir intrigue
7 Divided dolphin societies merge 'for first time'
8 Net-casting spider hunt filmed in wild
9 Apollo Moon flags still standing, images show
10 Frogs rescued from killer fungus have 'massive' brood
11 Mars Curiosity rover success depends on 'crazy' landing
12 Future foods: What will we be eating in 20 years' time?
13 Blackbird wind-powered car sails against the storm
14 Syria conflict: UN says 200,000 have fled Aleppo battle
15 Power cut causes major disruption in northern India
16 Olympic tickets: More put on sale
17 Aurora shootings: Suspect James Holmes to be charged
18 Medals table: The alternative rankings for London 2012
19 How far does Mitt's respect take him?
20 Pussy Riot members plead not guilty over Moscow protest
21 Mali unwed couple stoned to death by Islamists
22 Four sentenced to death over $2.6bn Iran bank fraud
23 David Cameron attacks 'idiotic' criticism from Aidan Burley MP
24 Man Utd gets Chevrolet as new shirt sponsor
25 Samsung and Apple's patent clash heads to trial by jury
26 Spoof newspaper executive tweeter accused of hacking
27 UK enforces Pegi video game ratings system
28 South Korea arrests phone firm KT Corp. hacking suspects
29 Programmers sought for tropical hackathon
30 Formula 1 technology used in hospital
31 Makers bring sounds, lights and sights to Manchester
32 Olympic technology winners and losers
33 Namibia judge backs sterilised women
34 Why brown fat is 'good' in the fight against obesity
35 The Wiggins factor: Why cycling is a healthy option
36 Madonna says boos at Paris gig were from 'a few thugs'
37 Syria conflict: Army steps up attack on rebels in Aleppo
38 Millions wasted in Afghan reconstruction projects, finds report
39 Romney accused of racism by Palestinian official
40 US church in race row for refusing to wed black couple
41 London Olympics fans told not to tweet during events
42 Futuristic space plane concept moves closer to reality
43 Apple OS X Mountain Lion sells 3 million copies in 4 days
44 Blue moon month: August will see two full moons
45 Apple, Samsung face off in US court over patents
46 New robots giving the disabled independence
47 James Eagan Holmes charged with murder, attempted murder from Colo. rampage
48 Surprising link found in Obama's family tree
49 Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars
50 Aurora movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes to be formally charged
51 The life and death of Vincent van Gogh
52 Rome's Colosseum is pulling a Pisa
53 Superman roller coaster stalls in Calif., strands 12 riders about 150 feet over ground
54 Same-sex couple denied wedding cake by bakery
55 Kent State student arrested for alleged Twitter threat about plan to "shoot up" campus
56 Daryl Benway, 41, of Oxford, Mass., man shoots his 2 kids and himself; 1 kid lives
57 Woman seriously injured in CO shooting miscarries
58 Aging graffiti artists still have urge to tag
59 Truck driven by 13-year-old kills Mo. mother, 17
60 Defense: Aurora shooting suspect saw psychiatrist
61 Minn. bikini parade falls far short of record
62 N.Y. bullied bus monitor Karen Klein retiring
63 Boeing 787 Dreamliner mishap brings safety concerns back front and center
64 Schieffer: Romney "wimp" headline could hurt him
65 Historic photo marks Paramount's 100th birthday
66 Baby born with brain outside its head dies in South Africa
67 Aimee Copeland aims for independence in rehab from flesh-eating bacteria
68 Mayor Bloomberg's infant formula plan aimed at promoting breast-feeding in NYC hospitals
69 Officials: Ebola breaks out in Uganda
70 International regulation curbs illegal trade of caviar
71 Research charts growing threats to biodiversity 'arks'
72 Aesop's Fable unlocks how we think
73 Forest carbon monitoring breakthrough in Colombia
74 It's a bird, not a plane: York U study finds migrating songbirds depart on time
75 Public supports programs helping farmers adapt to climate change
76 Piglets in mazes provide insights into human cognitive development
77 Tropical arks reach tipping point
78 German National Academy of Sciences issues a critical statement on the use of bioenergy
79 The fin whale, under more threat in the Mediterranean than thought
80 Deadly E. coli strain decoded
81 Climate change could open trade opportunities for some vulnerable nations
82 UCLA research makes possible rapid assessment of plant drought tolerance
83 When the world burned less
84 Chronic 2000-04 drought, worst in 800 years, may be the 'new normal'
85 How carbon is stored in the Southern Ocean
86 Ancient mummy had lung infection, according to novel proteomics analysis
87 Hoard of Crusader Gold Found in Ruins
88 Archaeologists from Bonn discover in Mexico the tomb of a Maya prince
89 Archeologists unearth extraordinary human sculpture in Turkey
90 Research team discovers eating habits of Jurassic age dinosaur
91 Scientists explore molecular link between arsenic exposure and lung cancer
92 Newfound gene may help bacteria survive in extreme environments
93 Methane measurements at low level flight
94 Climate concerns
95 Cloud seeds and ozone holes
96 Giant ice avalanches on Iapetus provide clue to extreme slippage elsewhere in the solar system
97 Researchers analyze melting glaciers and water resources in Central Asia
98 Pollution can make citizens--both rich and poor--go green
99 Lower vitamin D could increase risk of dying, especially for frail, older adults
100 Computers can predict effects of HIV policies
101 Discovery of new white blood cell reveals target for better vaccine design
102 The seat of meta-consciousness in the brain
103 Diving Board Sensors Key to DNA Detection
104 The longer you're awake, the slower you get
105 BUSM researchers find link between childhood abuse and age at menarche
106 Smell the potassium
107 Gene discovery set to help with mysterious paralysis of childhood
108 Massachusetts Eye and Ear researchers discover elusive gene that causes a form of blindness from birth
109 Cell receptor has proclivity for T helper 9 cells, airway inflammation
110 BGI reports the latest finding on NMNAT1 mutations linked to Leber congenital amaurosis
111 New cause of child blindness identified
112 Fruit Flies Light The Way For A*STAR Scientists To Pinpoint Genetic Changes That Spell Cancer
113 Long-Distance Distress Signal from Periphery of Injured Nerve Cells Begins with Locally Made Protein
114 Health care savings, naturally
115 Gene mutations linked to most cases of rare disorder--Alternating Hemoplegia of Childhood
116 Infection warning system in cells contains targets for antiviral and vaccine strategies
117 Liver Cancer Cells Stop Making Glucose As They Become Cancerous
118 Birds, young children show similar solving abilities for 'Aesop's fable' riddle
119 Expanding Medicaid to low-income adults leads to improved health, fewer deaths
120 Published clinical trial demonstrates efficacy of Sea-Band for migraine-related nausea
121 Early HIV treatment may improve socioeconomic conditions in rural sub-saharan Africa
122 Terrorism and the Olympics By-the-Numbers: Analysis from UMD-based START
123 The Olympic Games are not always profitable
124 Unique scientific collaboration reveals hard facts on European drug use
125 A pinch of opportunity makes deep inequality more palatable
126 Unprecedented accuracy in locating brain electrical activity with new device
127 Environmental groups should pool efforts to reach the public
128 No LOL matter: Tween texting may lead to poor grammar skills
129 Research links sexual imagery and consumer impatience
130 Future of California high-speed rail looks green
131 UK welfare reform 'uninspiring' and adding to economic woes and inequality
132 Boys' Impulsiveness May Result in Better Math Ability, Say MU Researchers
133 The manager as matchmaker: Finding the best fit between employee and customer
134 Berkeley-Haas study identifies success factors of extraordinary CIOs
135 Higher retail wages correlate with lower levels of employee theft
136 Emotion Detectives Uncover New Ways to Address Youth Anxiety and Depression
137 Controlling monkey brains and behavior with light
138 Writing in cursive with your eyes only
139 Should high-dose interleukin-2 continue to be the treatment of choice for metastatic melanoma?
140 NIST measurement advance could speed innovation in solar devices
141 Solving the mystery of how cigarette smoking weakens bones
142 Alcohol could intensify the effects of some drugs in the body
143 Turbulent relationship among massive stars
144 Nano-FTIR--A new era in modern analytical chemistry
145 BELLA Laser Achieves World Record Power at One Pulse Per Second
146 Higgs excitations
147 Turbulences at a standstill
148 UCLA researchers discover that fluoxetine--a.k.a., Prozac--is effective as an anti-viral
149 Martian polygons and deep-sea polygons on Earth: More evidence for ancient Martian oceans?
150 Lotus leaf inspires fog-free finish for transparent surfaces
151 Cutting the graphene cake
152 Magnetic field, mantle convection and tectonics
153 Breakthrough by U of T-led research team leads to record efficiency for next-generation solar cells
154 How to avoid traps in plastic electronics
155 A giant step in a miniature world: UZH researcher measures the electrical charge of nano particles
156 Telling the tale of the wealth tail
157 Whole-genome sequencing of African hunter-gatherers reveals human genetic diversity
158 Do ovaries continue to produce eggs during adulthood?
159 Genomic study of Africa's hunter-gatherers elucidates human variation and ancient interbreeding
160 Researchers discover biological mechanism for growing massive animal weapons, ornaments
161 Researchers dig through the gene bank to uncover the roots of the evolutionary tree
162 Ion selectivity in neuronal signaling channels evolved twice in animals
163 Big horns trump smooth pickup lines every time
164 Photovoltaics from any semiconductor
165 New discovery of how carbon is stored in the Southern Ocean
166 Later Stone Age got earlier start in South Africa than thought
167 Modern culture 44,000 years ago
168 New method to encourage virtual power plants for efficient renewable energy production
169 The modeling of new enzymes helps develop therapies for cocaine abuse
170 Mathematicians develop new method for describing extremely complicated shapes
171 '...But names could really hurt me'
172 What would happen without PSA testing?
173 Would sliding back to pre-PSA era cancel progress in prostate cancer?
174 New genetic target found for diuretic therapy
175 Shared decision-making between doctors and patients can reduce antibiotic use
176 Surgical patient safety program lowers SSIs by one-third following colorectal operations
177 Nurse staffing, burnout linked to hospital infections
178 Brain development is delayed in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
179 In Massachusetts, 'individual mandate' led to decreased hospital productivity
180 Obesity in type 2 diabetes: recommendations from guidelines are largely consistent
181 Health coaches could be key to successful weight loss, study suggests
182 New coating evicts biofilms for good
183 ACP and SGIM find the PCMH model aligns with principles of medical ethics and professionalism
184 Researchers identify link between kidney removal and erectile dysfunction
185 Star power squandered
186 Men with prostate cancer more likely to die from other causes
187 Accelerated resolution therapy significantly reduces PTSD symptoms, researchers report
188 The Olympics and bare feet: What have we learned?
189 In-utero exposure to magnetic fields associated with increased risk of obesity in childhood
190 Study finds gaps in services for heterosexual men with HIV
191 Estimate: A new Amish community is founded every 3 and a half weeks in US
192 Think you're a comic genius? Maybe you're just overconfident
193 World Hepatitis Day--EASL calls on the United Nations to join the effort to tackle viral hepatitis
194 When rules change, brain falters
195 Grin and bear it--smiling facilitates stress recovery
196 After the Canadarm, the Canadeyes for the future Webb
197 2 Solar System puzzles solved
198 NASA and University Researchers Find a Clue to How Life Turned Left
199 The brightest stars don't live alone
200 A pulsar with a tremendous hiccup
201 NASA X-ray concept inspired from a roll of Scotch tape
202 World's smallest semiconductor laser created by University of Texas scientists
203 Switching the state of matter
204 The first robot that mimics the water striders' jumping abilities
205 A new high performance and fault-tolerant datacenter network for modular datacenters was proposed
206 MIT News Release: 10-year-old problem in theoretical computer science falls