File Title
1 Tim Cook downplays carrier concerns over high iPhone subsidy costs
2 Passbook "key" in iOS 6, but Apple won't detail its future strategy
3 Apple awarded dynamic 'hybrid cursor' utility patent
4 Apple wins patent for Cover Flow media selection GUI
5 Apple iOS retains commanding lead in enterprise through Q2, report says
6 Wall Street anticipating huge holiday quarter after Apple disappoints
7 Apple launches OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on Mac App Store for $19.99
8 Review roundup: Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is a bargain at $20
9 Apple releases Safari 6 with offline reading for OS X 10.7 Lion
10 Mountain Lion updates for OS X Server, Xcode, Remote Desktop hit Mac App Store
11 Some new Mac buyers unable to redeem Mountain Lion codes on App Store
12 Apple's iPad grows to 68% of global tablet shipments in Q2 2012
13 Apple apparently kills Windows PC support in Safari 6.0
14 Samsung's evidence destruction will be factor in upcoming trial
15 Steve Jobs joins George Washington, others in TIME's most influential Americans list
16 Apple OS X Lion pulled as Mountain Lion rolls out
17 Apple updates iWork, Podcasts, iTunes U for iOS
18 Firmware update enables 'Power Nap' feature for Mid-2011 MacBook Airs
19 Former Apple employees reportedly working on Facebook iPhone app
20 Apple, Samsung briefs yield overview of upcoming trial
21 Apple wants to create iPhone-based automated homes
22 Sprint iPhone sales hold steady at 1.5 million
23 Samsung smartphone shipments estimated at 52M, doubling Apple's iPhone
24 Apple remains world's largest chip buyer, projected to spend $28B this year
25 Valve's Gabe Newell predicts Windows 8 will be a 'catastrophe'
26 Apple stepping up trademark fight against Amazon Appstore
27 Facebook meets expectations, posts profit in Q2
28 Mountain Lion easter egg references debut of original Apple Macintosh
29 Apple denied German injunction of Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1N
30 New Google Earth 3D cities not as detailed as Apple iOS 6 Maps
31 'Highly confidential' iPad, iPhone prototypes revealed in court documents
32 Apple loses bid to transfer Kodak suit out of bankruptcy court, patent sell-off to proceed
33 Apple wins stay on posting 'Samsung did not copy iPad' UK notice
34 Apple patent filing points to Google Glass-like heads-up display tech
35 Apple to acquire fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec for $356M
36 Apple's AuthenTec deal may signal iPhone e-wallet fingerprint security
37 Best Buy drops price of Apple's iPhone 4 to $50 with 2-year contract
38 1 killed, 4 injured in chlorine gas leak at Apple supplier Catcher
39 Apple updates high quality OS X speech with Voice Update 2.0
40 Apple's iPhone twice as profitable per unit as iPad
41 Samsung's tablets returned after buyers realized they weren't iPads
42 Apple, Google bidding on Kodak patents
43 Blizzard joins Valve in panning Microsoft's Windows 8
44 Apple OS X Mountain Lion hits 3.2% penetration in two days
45 Firmware update brings 'Power Nap' to Retina MacBook Pro
46 Nokia closes last Finnish plant amid sweeping job cuts
47 Apple's AuthenTec buy already being investigated for class-action suit
48 Rumor: Apple seeks to invest 'hundreds of millions' in Twitter
49 Apple Genius ads debut during Olympic opening ceremonies
50 Apple's Mountain Lion brings iOS one-level folder logic to OSX
51 Apple's OS X Mountain Lion OS offers compelling features for small businesses
52 The best new shortcuts and trackpad gestures in Apple's new OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
53 OS X Mountain Lion: Easily annotate and share images with updated Preview app
54 Valve co-founder Newell: 'Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space'
55 Facebook, Google, eBay and Amazon join U.S. Internet lobbying group
56 Apple mistakenly sending out OS X Server replacement Up-to-Date codes
57 OS X Mountain Lion: Did Apple play it safe?
58 Apple's stock is setting up for a second half comeback
59 Apple wins delay on posting notice in UK over Samsung's uncool iPad knockoff
60 Researcher: Apple iPhone and iPad the top choices among affluent users
61 CEO Ron Johnson switches J.C. Penney to two-tier pricing with price-match guarantee
62 Apple ratchets up trademark fight against Amazon Appstore
63 Why Apple's Mountain Lion just became the ultimate cord-cutting OS
64 Apple U.S. margins for iPad about half of iPhone, court filing reveals
65 OS X Mountain Lion contains Mac App Store Easter Egg (with video)
66 Does Microsoft finally know what they're doing? Or are they just misreading Apple's playbook?
67 Samsung Profit misses estimates on smartphone output, chip prices
68 Photos of interior of Apple's gorgeous new Barcelona retail store
69 Apple's London retail stores to distribute iPhone and iPad Olympic pins
70 'Method actor' Ashton Kutcher taking Steve Jobs role too far, accused of being 'mean'
71 Facebook stock hammered, plummets 11% in pre-market trading as revenue growth slows
72 Apple to buy AuthenTec for $356 million
73 Best Buy drops price of iPhone 4 to $49.99
74 Samsung shipped over 50 million smartphones in Q2, nearly double the number of Apple iPhones
75 Gas leak at Dell supplier's plant in China kills one worker, injures four others
76 iPhone 5 rumor roundup: Release date, 4-inch display, Liquidmetal casing, quad-core A6, and much more
77 Leaked photo of 'iPhone 5' out of China shows similar look as iPhone 4 and 4S (with photo)
78 Apple paid $60 million, but still might not own iPad trademark in China
79 Apple patent application details iOS devices that control everything in your home via NFC
80 Apple updates high quality OS X speech with Voice Update 2.0
81 Apple's two-day-old OS X Mountain Lion already accounts for 3% of Mac traffic
82 Apple's $356 million AuthenTec buy a possible prelude to mobile e-payments
83 Analyst: Samsung, Google may try to steal AuthenTec from Apple
84 Rush Limbaugh: Why does a lover of freedom like me love a 'restrictive' company like Apple?
85 Apple and Microsoft vs. Google, Samsung, and HTC in bid for Kodak patent trove
86 New Mac trojan hints at ties to high-priced commercial hacking toolkit
87 Obama outspends Romney on Apple products; Democrat-leaning states have higher iPhone usage; Apple employees donate $15 to Obama for every $1 to Romney
88 Apple's AuthenTec acquisition already being investigated for class-action suit
89 Apple said to consider stake in Twitter
90 Singing the Blues: August Will Be a Blue Moon Month
91 Curiosity Rover Will Sleuth for Clues to Water on Mars
92 FAA Gives Texas Company License for Reusable Rocket Launches
93 Next Space Station Crew to Try 'Fishy' Science
94 7 Things You Don't Know About Moths, But Should
95 How Stress Makes Us Lose Sight of Our Goals
96 Everyday Citizens Can Help Solve the Riddle of the Disappearing Ladybugs
97 Chocoholics, Take Note: Cravings Don't Increase Before Menstruation
98 How 'Fast Pool' Tech Helps Olympic Swimmers
99 New Beetle Species Found in Remote Arizona Cave
100 Ryan Lochte vs. Michael Phelps: Why Rivalries Make Us Better
101 High Testosterone Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk
102 Does Impulsiveness Give Boys Math Edge?
103 Japanese Women Fall to No. 2 in Life Expectancy
104 Melting Ice Floods Greenland River, Satellite Photo Shows
105 Amish Population Booms in US
106 Sakurajima Volcano Erupts, Showers a Town in Ash
107 Why Do We Keep Going Back to Mars?
108 Lack of Sleep Slows You Down
109 The Incredible Evolution of the Olympics
110 7 Essential Tips for Picking a Student Laptop
111 Pop Music All Sounds the Same Nowadays
112 12 Outdated Songs Rewritten for Today's Tech
113 Lucid Dreamers Offer Clues to Consciousness
114 Endangered Gazelle Baby Born at Cleveland Zoo
115 Your Diet Affects Your Grandchildren's DNA, Scientists Say
116 How the Olympics Changed the World
117 Olympic Exercise Plan: How to Work Out Like a Champion