File Title
1 Technology gives eyes the write stuff
2 Pop music too loud, sounds the same
3 DNA helps trace ancient mother hens
4 Moon formation: Was it a 'hit and run' accident?
5 Termites' crystal backpacks help them go out with bang
6 Coating heals itself after damage
7 Two new areas of marine protection along NI coastline
8 Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson 'flees Germany'
9 Rock drilling 'threatens' Scotland's geology
10 Animal Olympians: Nature's track and field stars
11 'Perpetual motion' drives electric cars forward
12 Flores shakes off Bali's shadow
13 Will we ever...stop driving petrol-powered cars?
14 Syria conflict: Assad's fall 'matter of time'--ex-UN observer
15 US economic growth slows in second quarter
16 Greece PM Antonis Samaras in tough bailout talks
17 UN chief's plea as deadline looms for global arms treaty
18 Will Mitt Romney's London woes hurt him at home?
19 The white elephants that dragged Spain into the red
20 London 2012: A 12-part guide to the UK in 212 words each
21 Shift work link to 'increased risk of heart problems'
22 Syria conflict: US fears Aleppo 'massacre'
23 Japanese women fall behind Hong Kong in longevity
24 Parents sue over The Expendables 2 stuntman death
25 African women must use tech to change business
26 When good milk turns bad
27 Boris Johnson chides Mitt Romney over London Olympics
28 Android phones hijacked via wallet tech
29 Skype denies police surveillance policy change
30 Olympics put mobile communications technology to the test
31 Robin Hood Airport tweet bomb joke man wins case
32 Facebook shares fall as it reports $157m loss
33 Samsung quarterly profit surges amid smartphone boost
34 Amazon reports 96% fall in Q2 profit on robot deal
35 Twitter hit by technical fault on eve of Olympics
36 Researchers find shark teeth made of natural fluoride
37 Google hands developers keys to enliven interactive rooms
38 Aging worker termites explode themselves in suicide missions
39 Organic crystals put laser focus on magnetism
40 GM working on Wi-Fi Direct application to prevent vehicle/pedestrian accidents
41 Scientists find a way to make disease-causing proteins vulnerable to drugs
42 Scientists reveal new clues to Alzheimer's risk gene
43 Research makes possible rapid assessment of plant drought tolerance
44 Hackers could haunt global air traffic control: researcher
45 Photovoltaics from any semiconductor
46 NASA X-ray concept inspired from a roll of Scotch tape
47 Physicists create world's smallest semiconductor laser
48 Pop music has become louder, less original: study finds
49 Largest ever Cherenkov telescope sees first light
50 The brightest stars don't live alone: VLT finds most stellar heavyweights come in interacting pairs
51 Designer materials: Entropy can lead to order, paving the route to nanostructures
52 Researchers find link between climate change, ozone loss and possible increase in skin cancer incidence
53 Google unveils ultrafast wired home project
54 Whole-genome sequencing of Africa's hunter-gatherers elucidates human variation and ancient interbreeding
55 Caltech professor sees green energy in termite guts
56 Writing in cursive with your eyes only
57 Apple pitches gadget security to hacker crowd (Update)
58 Researchers discover biological mechanism for growing massive animal weapons, ornaments
59 Hoard of Crusader gold found in ruins: Researchers uncovers trove of gold coins in 13th century castle
60 NIH team describes protective role of skin microbiota
61 Renault joins London wireless EV charging trial
62 One act of remembering can influence future acts: study
63 Study pinpoints a genetic cause of most lethal brain tumor, may lead to new treatment
64 Twitter: Data center problems caused outage
65 Connectomics: Mapping the neural network governing male roundworm mating
66 Researchers create working Mott transistor prototype
67 A cluster of twenty atoms of gold visualized for the first time
68 New-generation sensor combines lasers and mechanics
69 Scientists explore new class of synthetic vaccines
70 Researchers report progress in development of carbon nanotube-based continuous fibers
71 'Rattle memory,' new computer memory thanks to nanotechnology
72 Scientists create highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity
73 SuperSTEM research reveals that graphene re-knits its holes
74 Hollow iron oxide nanoparticles for lithium-ion battery applications
75 Synthetic nanotubes lay foundation for new technology: Artificial pores mimic key features of natural pores
76 Researchers devise a way to a create graphene transistor
77 Dripping faucets inspire new way of creating structured particles
78 Fluorescent dyes with aggregation-induced emission provide new probes for cancer diagnosis and therapy
79 DESY light source PETRA III now has world's sharpest X-ray eyes
80 RIT leads development of next-generation infrared detectors
81 High speed camera study shows why boiling drops take off
82 Measurement advance could speed innovation in solar devices
83 Speed and power of X-ray laser helps unlock molecular mysteries
84 Higgs excitations near absolute zero
85 Researchers devise a means to control chemical reactions in individual atoms
86 Single-photon transmitter could enable new quantum devices
87 Terahertz radiation can induce insulator-to-metal change of state in some materials: study
88 Engineers model the threat of avalanches
89 Early universe may have been dominated by bobbing waves
90 Scalable device for quantum information processing
91 Optimizing a novel superconducting material
92 Europe's plans to visit the Moon in 2018
93 DARPA moving ahead with building zombie Frankensatellites
94 Melting Arctic sea ice: How much is down to us?
95 The lights of London
96 Future of major high-speed rail project looks green
97 Space Launch System passes major agency review, moves to preliminary design
98 Environmental groups should pool efforts to reach the public
99 After the Canadarm, the Canadeyes for the future Webb Telescope
100 Methane measurements at low level flight
101 Central African countries to monitor Congo forests
102 Mars Express supports dramatic landing on Mars
103 The first robot that mimics the water striders' jumping abilities
104 Broadcom enters 5G pearly gates with new chip BCM4335
105 Robots becoming a crucial part of aircraft production
106 Robot Road Run: Racing robots game inspired by EU robotic project arrives as iPhone app
107 Microsoft camera-based stylus seeks accuracy in sea of pixels
108 News Corp. unveils tablet device for education
109 Kissenger: virtual lips for long-distance lovers
110 Narrowing down the new choices in tablets
111 Samsung readies first batch of super-thin bendable AMOLED displays
112 Facebook shares sink to new low after 2Q results
113 Samsung extends smartphone lead over Apple
114 Japan's Fujitsu says posts 16% fall in Q1 profit
115 Twitter explains new mystery outage
116 Amazon profit plunges on acquisition cost
117 Facebook shares hit new low on growth worries
118 Galaxy phones drive Samsung to record profit again
119 Amgen posts higher 2Q sales, profit to beat views
120 British man wins 'Twitter threat' appeal
121 Need it, print it
122 Numerical simulations reveal how protein function is affected by its naturally congested environment
123 Multi-functional decorative coatings for electronics
124 Researchers piece together how proteins fold
125 Delving into the molecular mechanism behind deep-sea bacteria's pressure tolerance
126 Borrowing from nature to produce highly structured biomimetic materials
127 Researchers find a clue to how life turned left
128 New hybrid material simplifies organic transistor design
129 How E. coli cells work in the human gut
130 Mother nature as a wire manufacturer: Scientists see how microbe directs electrons
131 Scientists explore the health benefits of toxic gases
132 Homogeneous catalysis: ruthenium phosphine complex hydrogenates carbon dioxide to make methanol
133 Scientists use microbes to make 'clean' methane
134 Researchers create artificial mother of pearl, pave way for tough coatings
135 New research may lead to new approach to detect prostate cancer
136 Into the Matorral: Scientists track Avifauna in coastal Chile's thorn-scrub
137 Newly found genes may lead to nematode-resistant upland cotton
138 Apple's software brings attention to mountain lion research
139 Only a few 'smart' irrigation controllers were able to deal with drought
140 Onlookers hamper whale rescue in Indonesia
141 Controlling monkey brains and behavior with light
142 Biologists decode deadly E. coli strain
143 The modeling of new enzymes helps develop therapies for cocaine abuse
144 Ion selectivity in neuronal signaling channels evolved twice in animals
145 Experiments inform study of crowd motion
146 Fair play in sport not easy to define in a high-tech age, expert says
147 ASU criminologists find higher teenage delinquency rate in China
148 Climate change could open trade opportunities for some vulnerable nations
149 Program for jobless in India boosts agricultural wages by 5.3%
150 UK welfare reform 'uninspiring' and adding to economic woes and inequality
151 Research finds out what London 2012 says about Britain
152 The Olympic Games are not always profitable
153 Terrorism and the Olympics by-the-numbers: Analysis from UMD-based START
154 Probing Question: Can anyone be taught how to sing?
155 Interview simulation technology does the job
156 No lol matter: Tween texting may lead to poor grammar skills
157 A pinch of opportunity makes deep inequality more palatable
158 Why cutting-edge medical technology may not lead to exploding health care costs
159 Golfing like a pro is all in your head
160 In-utero exposure to magnetic fields associated with increased risk of obesity in childhood
161 Children missing out in battle against TB
162 Newly discovered scaffold supports turning pain off
163 Accelerated resolution therapy significantly reduces PTSD symptoms, researchers report
164 Potential new drug for alcohol dependence
165 Do ovaries continue to produce eggs during adulthood?
166 New research confirms efficacy of transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression
167 New drug could help maintain long-term weight loss
168 Study identifies receptor's role in regulating obesity, type 2 diabetes
169 VCU medical team recommends preventive antibiotic for COPD sufferers
170 DNA damage in roofers due to PAH exposure--possible cancer link
171 Study shows people view women as a collection of body parts
172 Aesop's Fable unlocks how we think
173 Study shows why some types of multitasking are more dangerous than others
174 AAQ chemical makes blind mice see; compound holds promise for treating humans
175 Synthetic stimulants called 'bath salts' act in the brain like cocaine: study
176 Hunter-gatherers, Westerners use same amount of energy, contrary to theory
177 The debate over ecstasy continues: New study finds evidence of memory impairments with 1 year of recreational use
178 New drug could treat Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and brain injury
179 New stroke treatments becoming a reality
180 Pioneering research shows drug can purge dormant HIV
181 More testosterone increases prostate cancer risk in older men: study