File Title
1 River Networks On Saturn's Largest Moon, Titan, Point to a Puzzling Geologic History
2 'Seeds' of Massive Black Holes Found at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy
3 Hundreds of Random Mutations in Leukemia Linked to Aging, Not Cancer
4 You May Never Need to Clean Your Car Again, Thanks to New Coating Technology
5 Entire Genetic Sequence of Individual Human Sperm Determined
6 An Earthquake in a Maze: Highest-Resolution Observations Yet of the Complex 2012 Sumatra Earthquake
7 Scientists Connect Seawater Chemistry With Ancient Climate Change and Evolution
8 Scientists Read Monkeys' Inner Thoughts: Brain Activity Decoded While Monkeys Avoid Obstacle to Touch Target
9 A Wrinkle in Space-Time: Math Shows How Shockwaves Could Crinkle Space
10 Potent New Compound Virtually Eliminates HIV in Cell Culture
11 High Dolphin Deaths in Gulf of Mexico Due to Oil Spill and Other Environmental Factors, Study Finds
12 Global CO2 Emissions Continued to Increase in 2011, With Per Capita Emissions in China Reaching European Levels
13 Severe Flu Increases Risk of Parkinson's
14 Genetic Markers for Testosterone, Estrogen Level Regulation Identified
15 Stem Cell Research Aids Understanding of Cancer
16 3-D Tumor Models Improve Drug Discovery Success Rate
17 Paramedics Can Speed Treatment for Severe Heart Attacks With Use of ECGs
18 Better Security for Web and Mobile Applications
19 Stone Age Tools Help to Streamline Modern Manufacturing
20 Disorderly Conduct: Probing the Role of Disorder in Quantum Coherence
21 Colorful Science Sheds Light On Solar Heating
22 Triangles Guide the Way for Live Neural Circuits in a Dish
23 Unique Mechanism Identified in Bacteria as Potential Target for Developing New Antibiotics
24 Key to Life in the Desert: What New Research Reveals About the Importance of Soil Crusts
25 Eradicating Weed Species in New Zealand Poses a Larger Challenge Than Expected
26 Beneficial Bacteria May Help Ward Off Infection
27 How Hosts Recognize Bacteria
28 Vitamin D May Protect Lung Function in Smokers
29 Better Management of Traumatic Brain Injury
30 Farmers Tough On Artificial Limbs
31 Inflammatory Pathway Spurs Cancer Stem Cells to Resist HER2-Targeted Breast Cancer Treatment
32 The Yin and Yang of Stem Cell Quiescence and Proliferation
33 New Report Describes Seven Essential Steps Toward an AIDS-Free Generation
34 Menu Labeling Requirements Lead to Healthier Options at Chain Restaurants
35 Blood Condition Is Highly Predictive of Graft Failure in Pediatric Kidney Transplant
36 Researcher Calls for Global Action On Pandemic of Physical Inactivity
37 Lower Ozone Standard Would Reduce Mortality and Morbidity
38 Accepting the End: Bucket Lists, Cemeteries Show Changing Attitudes Toward Death
39 Modified tPA Could Be Effective Stroke Treatment Without Bleeding Risk
40 Cancer and Injuries More Likely in People With Serious Mental Illness
41 Potential Key to New Treatment for Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL)
42 Hookah Smoking Increasingly Common Among First-Year College Women
43 What Would Batman Eat?
44 Green Plants Reduce City Street Pollution Up to Eight Times More Than Previously Believed
45 Five-Second Rule Has Plenty of Bugs, Says Expert
46 Actions Don't Always Speak Louder Than Words, at Least, Not When It Comes to Forgiveness
47 Punishment Motivated by Fairness, Not Revenge
48 World's Toughest Bacterium Holds Promise for Rapid Vaccine Development Against Deadly Diseases
49 Hepatitis C May Increase Deaths from Both Liver-Related and Other Diseases
50 Dopamine: A Substance With Many Messages
51 As Mushrooms Evolve to Live With Trees, They Give Up DNA Associated With Decomposing Cellulose
52 Primate Behavior: Chimps Select Smart Tools, Monkeys Intentionally Beg
53 Developing Policy On Moving Threatened Species Called 'a Grand Challenge for Conservation'
54 Hidden Secrets in Norwegian Rainforests
55 What It Takes to Be the Perfect Invading Parasite
56 Beating the Fuel Prices: Using Yeast for Economic Production of Bioethanol
57 Single-Cell Parasites Co-Opt 'Ready-Made' Genes from Host
58 Neanderthals in Northern Spain Had Knowledge of Plants' Healing Qualities, Study Reveals
59 Unique Neandertal Arm Morphology Due to Scraping, Not Spearing
60 El Zotz Masks Yield Insights Into Maya Beliefs
61 Reconstructing the Diet of African Hominid Australopithecus Anamensis
62 Largest Ancient Dam Built by Maya in Central America
63 NASA Sees Sun Send out Mid-Level Solar Flare
64 NASA Completes Another Successful Orion Parachute Test
65 Cassini Spots Daytime Lightning On Saturn
66 Astronomers Using the Hubble Space Telescope Report the Earliest Spiral Galaxy Ever Seen
67 Inflatable Spacecraft Heat Shield Set to Launch
68 Modifying Surfaces by Means of Nanostructured Reliefs to Prevent the Spread of Bacteria
69 Go-Fast 'Dimples' May Be the Secret to Running Success
70 Crossing the Gap: Civil Engineers Develop Improved Method for Detecting, Measuring Bridge Damage
71 Bringing the Inertia of Space to Robotics Research
72 First Tires Using Natural Rubber Produced in Europe
73 Angry Birds Meets Bioinformatics
74 Society's Response to Climate Change Is Critical
75 X-Ray Imaging Used to Observe Running Batteries in Action
76 Evolutionary Information Improves Discovery of Mutations Associated With Diseases
77 Do Dolphins Think Nonlinearly?
78 Is North Korea Making EMP Weapons?
79 Sound Used to Capture Living Creatures in a Gentle Grip
80 Quiet Spy Drones Get US Funding
81 Pressed for Time? Take a Minute to Feel Awe
82 Poor Sleepers More Likely to End Up in Nursing Homes
83 Rise of Drones Poses Dangers for US Homeland
84 Caffeine Pollution Found in Oregon Coast Waters
85 Why Gun Control Is So Contentious in the US
86 History Aids Understanding Diseases Today
87 Declassified 'UFO' Documents Don't Prove Alien Life
88 Search for Dark Matter Particles Turns Up Zilch
89 Asteroid Flies By Earth This Weekend: How to Watch Online
90 Hacker Copies Police Handcuff Keys with 3D Printer
91 Wet Climate May Have Fueled Mongol Invasion
92 Sexually Transmitted Bacteria Become 1st Complete 'Virtual Organism'
93 Dry Weather to Start Olympics, Then London Gets Wet Again
94 Egytian Pharaohs Left Behind Non-Fractal Footprint
95 BP Oil Spill May Have Contributed to Dolphin Deaths, Study Finds
96 3 Things That Raise Adults' Whooping Cough Risk
97 How Teens Are Making Money This Summer
98 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue to Climb in 2011
99 How Most Millionaires Got Rich
100 Earthquakes Reveal Magma Plumbing Beneath Volcanoes
101 Why the 2012 Sumatra Earthquake Was a Weird One
102 Summer 2012 In Running for Hottest Summer on Record
103 Scientists Learn How to Turn Innovations into Jobs
104 Why Gray Hair Can Be a Good Thing
105 US on Track for Record-High Whooping Cough Rate
106 Primordial 'Soup' of Big Bang Recreated
107 Robot Feels Up Cars for Human Comfort
108 Dramatic Hunting Leopard Caught on Camera
109 NASA's Newest Mars Rover Is Biggest and Best Yet
110 Private Liberty Rocket and Spaceship Pass Key NASA Test
111 Job Stress Raises Women's Heart Attack Risk
112 How Lasers Can Damage Eyes Over Long Distances
113 AIDS Slower to Develop in People Infected with 2 HIV Types
114 How Low Can You Go, Mississippi?
115 How Solving Media is Solving Crimes
116 We Punish Out of a Desire for Fairness, Not Revenge
117 Non-Macho Guys Don't Mind When Women Out-Earn Them
118 Egg Allergies 'Cured' in Kids Using Small Doses
119 X-Rays Shed Light on Origins of Volcano Hotspots
120 Use Your Naked Photos to Track Skin Cancer
121 Washington State to Allow Voter Registration on Facebook
122 Why Neanderthals Sported Arms Like Popeye
123 Universal Stylus Would Work Even on Non-Touch Screens
124 600-Year-Old Medieval Bras Discovered
125 Fur Seal Pup Birth Is Aquarium's First
126 7 Surprising Health Effects of Drought