File Title
1 Fungi may have ended coal era
2 Tides of Titan reveal underground ocean
3 Hermaphrodite fish find personality sticks
4 'Fracking' safe with strong regulation, report says
5 China's Shenzhou-9 spacecraft returns to Earth
6 Bone-eating 'zombie' worms drill with acid
7 Government must resist new 'dash for gas,' advisers say
8 Rare mussels almost 'wiped out'
9 Researchers use spoofing to 'hack' into a flying drone
10 Pottery invented in China to cook food and brew alcohol
11 Asteroid hunters announce private deep space mission
12 China in space: Running fast to catch up
13 The perfect trip: Catalonia
14 Eurozone agrees on bank recapitalisation
15 Colorado wildfires: President Obama declares disaster
16 Madoff brother held over Ponzi scheme link
17 Barclays boss Bob Diamond says he will not resign
18 Paraguay faces censure for Fernando Lugo's removal
19 Olympic torch: Ethiopian boy goes missing in Nottingham
20 Rihanna photo: no charges over leak
21 Merkel defends compromise deal on eurozone banks
22 Burma tells Aung San Suu Kyi 'call us Myanmar'
23 Israel stages Holocaust survivor beauty pageant
24 'Paint-on' batteries demonstrated
25 Aid workers kidnapped from Kenya's Dadaab camp near Somalia
26 Prince Charles's public funding increases by 11.8%
27 Bank of England head says banks must change culture
28 RIM delays Blackberry 10 launch and cuts 5,000 jobs
29 New brain scanner helps paralysed people spell words
30 Google sets up 'raw' server service
31 TEDGlobal: Sharing sites revive the barter economy
32 Lego tool calculates how many bricks it takes to build a house
33 Lightning laser weapon developed by US Army
34 Why Russia sells Syria arms
35 What caused the obesity crisis in the West?
36 Dinosaur-smuggling cases on the rise
37 Getting it wrong: Media rushes to report on Supreme Court's health care decision
38 Chinese astronauts parachute land after mission
39 NY's annual geese slaughter sees fewest birds ever
40 Saturn's largest moon may hold underground oceans
41 Google Chrome and Drive come to Apple iOS devices
42 Cantor: Health care repeal vote coming July 11
43 11-year old N.Y. girl electrocuted while playing mini golf in Fla.
44 SC Gov: Health care ruling means huge tax increase
45 Political battle over health care looms for Ohio
46 Illinois moving to enact health care provisions
47 How the Affordable Care Act affects you
48 Md. governor praises court ruling on health care
49 Health care ruling: What it means for you
50 One dead in Colorado's most destructive wildfire
51 Donations pour in to GOP after health care ruling
52 Cavemen bones yield oldest modern human DNA
53 Harvard law prof.: Roberts' ruling was conservative
54 Supreme Court health care ruling: Where states stand
55 '52 Air Force plane wreckage found in melting Alaska glacier
56 New Mexico woman arrested for overdue "Twilight" book
57 3 cos. fined $75M for selling China military tech
58 FBI takes Peter Madoff into custody in NYC
59 Supreme Court strikes down Stolen Valor law
60 Adult chimpanzee kills baby chimp in front of shocked Los Angeles Zoo visitors
61 Ways people claim they can control their dreams
62 Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus across country, human cases confirmed: How to stay safe
63 Rare sleep disorder that causes violent kicking and punching tied to smoking, pesticides
64 Playing games being eyed in medical treatments
65 Evidence of Life On Mars Could Come from Martian Moon Phobos
66 First-Ever Changes in an Exoplanet Atmosphere Detected
67 Has the Speediest Pulsar Been Found?
68 Improving Efficiencies in Fuel, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
69 Programmable DNA Scissors Found for Bacterial Immune System
70 Discovery May Lead to New Tomato Varieties With Vintage Flavor and Quality
71 Native Species Fight Back: First Evidence of Coevolution Between Invasive, Native Species
72 Cassini Finds Likely Subsurface Ocean On Saturn's Moon Titan
73 Maya Archaeologists Unearth New 2012 Monument With 'End Date' of Dec. 21, 2012
74 Date of Earliest Animal Life Reset by 30 Million Years
75 Study On Fungi Helps Explain Coal Formation and May Advance Future Biofuels Production
76 With Mind-Reading Speller, Free-For-All Conversations That Are Silent and Still
77 What You Eat Can Prevent Arsenic Overload
78 Both Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses Are Critical to the Control of Influenza
79 How Flu Can Cause Severe Infections
80 Good News for Aging Eyes: Debilitating Eyesight Problems On the Decline for Older Americans
81 Kicking or Punching During Sleep May Be Caused by Smoking, Head Injury and Pesticide Use
82 Plasma Startup Creates High-Energy Light to Make Smaller Microchips
83 Pressure Testing of New Alvin Personnel Sphere Successful
84 Milky Way Struck 100 Million Years Ago, Still Rings Like a Bell
85 Acoustic Tweezers Capture and Manipulate Tiny Creatures With Ultrasound
86 Paint-On Lithium Battery Can Be Applied to Virtually Any Surface
87 Insights Into Primate Diversity: Lessons from the Rhesus Macaque
88 Adoption of Advanced Techniques Could Propel Crop Improvement
89 A New Source of Maize Hybrid Vigor
90 Potential for Tsunamis in Northwestern California Documented
91 Master Regulator Protein Brings Plethora of Coactivators to Gene Expression Sites
92 Why Does a Diet High in DHA Improve Memory?
93 Seeking Solace: Celebrity Deaths Often Have Pronounced Effects On Their Audiences
94 Dietary Fiber Alters Gut Bacteria, Supports Gastrointestinal Health
95 New Insights Into the Effects of Stress On Pregnancy
96 Earth's Oldest Known Impact Crater Found in Greenland
97 Menopausal Women Could 'Work Out' Their Hot Flashes
98 New Drug Dramatically Improves Survival in Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients
99 Progress in Quest to Reduce Use of Radiation in Treatment of Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma
100 Lab-On-A-Chip Detects Trace Levels of Toxic Vapors in Homes Near Utah Air Force Base
101 Dieting? Study Challenges Notion That a Calorie Is Just a Calorie
102 Immune Response to Heart Attack Worsens Atherosclerosis, Increases Future Risk
103 Brain Scans Detect Early Signs of Autism in Infants
104 Post-Anesthesia Dementia, Like Alzheimer's, Looks Micro-'Tubular'
105 Touch Therapy Helps Reduce Pain, Nausea in Cancer Patients, Study Suggests
106 Mind Reading from Brain Recordings? 'Neural Fingerprints' of Memory Associations Decoded
107 Sometimes, Cheating Is Allowed, Study Suggests
108 Kids Who Cook Are Hungrier for Healthy Food Choices
109 How Much Would Our Health Benefit from Leaving the Car at Home?
110 DVDs and Computer Games Rated for Adult Use May Damage Children's Mental Health
111 Significant Cardiovascular Risk With Low Carbohydrate-High Protein Diets, Experts Warn
112 New Mechanism of Bacterial Pathogenesis Discovered
113 New Role for RNAi Discovered: Epigenetic Memory May Pass RNA Silencing from One Generation to the Next
114 BPA Exposure in Pregnant Mice Changes Gene Expression of Female Offspring
115 Mechanism Prevents Alterations in Neuronal Production During Embryonic Development
116 BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Exacerbated Existing Environmental Problems in Louisiana Marshes
117 Dying Trees in Southwest Set Stage for Erosion, Water Loss in Colorado River
118 Half of Inhaled Soot Particles from Diesel Exhaust, Fires Gets Stuck in the Lungs
119 Marine Energy Doubled by Predicting Wave Power
120 Role of Urban Greenery in CO2 Exchange Demonstrated
121 Evidence of Oceanic 'Green Rust' Offers Hope for the Future
122 Ancient Human Ancestors Had Unique Diet
123 Out of the Mouths of Primates, Facial Mechanics of Human Speech May Have Evolved
124 Mercury Mineral Evolution Tied to Supercontinent Assembly Over Last 3 Billion Years
125 Neutrons Explain How Haemoglobin Evolution in Red Blood Cells Helped the Duck-Billed Platypus Respire
126 Creative Individuals Travelled to the South Swedish Inland 9,000 Years Ago
127 Longest-Lived Mars Orbiter Is Back in Service
128 New Way of Probing Exoplanet Atmospheres
129 ALMA Reveals Constituent of a Galaxy at 12.4 Billion Light-Years Away
130 Mars Rover Curiosity On Track for Early August Landing
131 Reaching, Researching Between Stars: Astronomers Use Lonestar Supercomputer to Explore Role of Dark Matter in Galaxy Formation
132 Positive at Last: A Pure Phosphorus Cation
133 Scientists Measure Soot Particles in Flight
134 Easier Way to Make New Drug Compounds
135 A Step Toward Minute Factories That Produce Medicine Inside the Body
136 Most New Pesticides Have Roots in Natural Substances
137 Musical Robot Companion Enhances Listener Experience
138 Sifting Through a Trillion Electrons
139 iPad 2 and Other Tablet Computers May Interfere With Magnetically Programmable Shunt Valve Settings
140 Researchers Develop New Method for Analyzing Cell Function
141 Citizen Science: Study Allows Thousands to Test 'Gut Sense' for Numbers