File Title
1 Dementia patients' desires left in the cold
2 Too much maths tough for scientists
3 Impact of 2009 swine flu much greater: study
4 UK homes getting more hungry for electricity
5 MPs seek answers from Treasury on Energy Bill
6 EEG brain trace 'can detect autism'
7 'Twisted light' carries 2.5 terabits of data per second
8 Roman and Celtic coin hoard worth up to 10m pounds found in Jersey
9 Island-hopping off Cambodia's coast
10 Turkey PM Erdogan issues Syria border warning
11 Mexico City airport shootout leaves three police dead
12 News Corp. confirms it is considering split
13 Facebook's email switch prompts criticism by users
14 Shanghai Metro 'dress code' warning sparks debate
15 The 'baby box' returns to Europe
16 Egypt's neighbours watch rise of Muslim Brotherhood's Mursi
17 Bear cub rescued from garage by mum
18 Polluted legacy: Repairing Britain's damaged landscapes
19 EU unveils its vision for the future of monetary union
20 Role of stress in dementia investigated
21 Should pregnant women eat for two?
22 Could remote crowdworking change how we care for our elderly?
23 BBC Rogue Traders' Dan Penteado admits benefit fraud
24 Chinese farmer walks 5,000 ducks to a nearby pond
25 Travel site Orbitz offers Mac users more costly hotels
26 Internet piracy appeal fee challenged by Consumer Focus
27 Oldham explosion: Child dies as house 'completely flattened'
28 Africa's Islamist militants 'co-ordinate efforts'
29 Egyptian court suspends military arrest powers
30 The fashion for turning junk into art
31 MI5 fighting 'astonishing' level of cyber-attacks
32 Handling the London Waterloo rush hour on Twitter
33 Google scientists find evidence of machine learning
34 NASA details looming Mars rover landing as "7 Minutes of Terror"
35 Report: Orbitz steers Mac users to pricier hotels
36 Facebook quietly swaps email addresses on profiles
37 Samsung Galaxy S III sales to reach 10 million in July, executive says
38 Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2B
39 Grass tied to Texas cattle deaths hybrid, not GM
40 Condoleezza Rice says "no way" to VP for Romney
41 Jerry Sandusky 'serenaded' with Pink Floyd lyrics by prison inmates, report says
42 Widening sex scandal rocks Texas Air Force base
43 Mother cuts daughter's hair in court, judge reduces sentence
44 Know your BMI: Docs urged to screen for obesity
45 Immigration ruling leaves both parties scrambling
46 Arizona police ask: Now what?
47 Sandusky juror recalls trial in her own words
48 Reports: "China's Jackie O" confesses to murder
49 Terror drill in Philadelphia all-too-real
50 FBI: 79 rescued in child prostitution sweep
51 Bankruptcy looms for Calif. city deep in debt
52 Hearst Corp. chairman George Randolph Hearst Jr. dies at 84
53 Record heat hampers containment of wildfires
54 Religious group defends swastika banner
55 Sea rise faster on East Coast than rest of globe
56 How to be a functioning workaholic
57 25 Colleges With the Worst Professors
58 Dole recalls bagged salads sold at Wal-Mart, Kroger stores in 6 states
59 CDC to offer fast AIDS tests at drugstores for free
60 Death rates from 2009 "swine flu" pandemic 15 times higher than earlier estimates, study finds
61 FDA to scrutinize safety of metal-on-metal hip implants
62 New data and methods paint clearer picture of emissions from tropical deforestation
63 Waves of Berkeley Lab responders deploy omics to track Deepwater Horizon cleanup microbes
64 SFU scientists engage Science in fisheries debate
65 Top predators key to extinctions as planet warms
66 Neiker-Tecnalia identifies antitumour proteins in the latex of the plant Euphorbia trigona
67 Focusing on water for Central Everglades essential to reversing whole ecosystem's continuing decline
68 Versatility of zebrafish research highlighted at international conference
69 Environmental estrogens affect early developmental activity in zebrafish
70 Risks and rewards of quantifying nature's 'ecosystem services'
71 First paternity study of southern right whales finds local fathers most successful
72 South African daffodils may be a future cure for depression
73 Earth observation for us and our planet
74 Is your leaf left-handed?
75 Zebrafish research shows how dietary fat regulates cholesterol absorption
76 Climate change and the South Asian summer monsoon
77 Significant sea-level rise in a 2-degree warming world
78 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill exacerbated existing environmental problems in Louisiana marshes
79 Maths formula leads researchers to source of pollution
80 Cienega de Santa Clara unchanged after pilot run of Yuma Desalting Plant
81 NTU's new loo turns poo into power
82 Prairie cordgrass: Highly underrated
83 Scientists reconstruct pre-Columbian human effects on the Amazon Basin
84 Genomics and African queens
85 New deglaciation data opens door for earlier First Americans migration
86 Research finds Stonehenge was monument marking unification of Britain
87 NOAA: Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' predictions feature uncertainty
88 Mercury rising: Greater L.A. to heat up an average 4 to 5 degrees by mid-century
89 Remote Siberian Lake Holds Clues to Arctic--and Antarctic--Climate Change
90 NASA Satellite Sees Several Western U.S. Fires Blazing
91 Lead poisoning blocks recovery of California condor population
92 Eating garbage: Bacteria for bioremediation
93 Greenland ice may exaggerate magnitude of 13,000-year-old deep freeze
94 Stanford scientists spark new interest in the century-old Edison battery
95 Prenatal exposure to common household chemical increases risk for childhood eczema, study says
96 Storm researcher calls for new air safety guidelines
97 National Research Council Presents Long-Term Priorities For U.S. Nuclear Physics Program
98 Low vitamin D levels linked to weight gain in some older women
99 How bacteria change movement direction in response to oxygen: Molecular interactions unravelled
100 World experts meet in Edinburgh to consider how life experiences impact on our genes
101 Removing estrogen from drinking water
102 Smallest and largest fetuses at greater risk of being stillborn, research finds
103 Prions and cancer: A story unfolding
104 Tablet computers may interfere with settings on magnetically programmable shunt valves
105 Neuroprotective dietary supplements for chronic spinal cord injury
106 BPA exposure in pregnant mice changes gene expression of female offspring
107 Phthalate, environmental chemical is linked to higher rates of childhood obesity
108 Exposure to environmental chemicals in the womb reprograms the rodent brain to disrupt reproduction
109 Long-term calcium and vitamin D supplement use may be linked to increased risk of kidney stones
110 Experts say protocols for identifying endocrine-disrupting chemicals inadequate
111 New invasive imaging technique to monitor brain function
112 Seeing inside tissue
113 Researchers develop new method for analyzing cell function
114 The academic jungle: Ecosystem model reveals why women are driven out of science
115 UGA study reveals flu-fighting role for well-known immune component
116 Link between brain insulin resistance, neuronal stress in worsening Alzheimer's disease
117 Moderate coffee consumption offers protection against heart failure
118 Glucose deprivation activates feedback loop that kills cancer cells, UCLA study shows
119 Reminders of Mortality Increase Concern for Environmental Legacy
120 Discovery of material with amazing properties
121 Blood-brain barrier building blocks forged from human stem cells
122 Boosting blood system protein complex protects against radiation toxicity
123 Liraglutide with insulin improves poorly controlled Type 1 diabetes
124 Common diabetes drugs associated with increased risk of death
125 Experimental drug improves muscle strength among male cancer patients
126 Statins appear associated with reduced risk of recurrent cardiovascular events in men, women
127 Nano-Sandwich Technique Slims Down Solar Cells, Improves Efficiency
128 Unraveling the mysteries of exotic superconductors
129 Scientists twist light to send data
130 Mercury mineral evolution
131 Cassini Shows Why Jet Streams Cross-Cut Saturn
132 UCLA-led research team develops world's most powerful nanoscale microwave oscillators
133 Rewriting quantum chips with a beam of light
134 Nanodiamonds cut through dirt to bring back 'bling' to low temperature laundry
135 Better surfaces could help dissipate heat
136 New technique allows simulation of noncrystalline materials
137 Faster, cheaper gas and liquid separation using custom designed and built mesoscopic structures
138 Mystery of the flatfish head solved
139 Condor lead poisoning persists, impeding recovery, says CU-UCSC study
140 Romancing the firefly
141 UCLA biologists reveal potential 'fatal flaw' in iconic sexual selection study
142 Poorer US citizens live five years less than affluent countrymen
143 Nano-infused paint can detect strain
144 Parents, not TV, may determine whether kids are active or couch potatoes
145 Dad's brains mean more to his son's success than his money: Study
146 For minority college students, STEM degrees pay big
147 Economic policies in isolation won't lead to growth in Europe
148 Immediate rewards for good scores can boost student performance
149 For Future Prosperity, U.S. Should Strengthen Efforts To Maintain World-Class Research Universities
150 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon-Led Research Team Finds Knowledge Of Fractions and Long Division Predicts Long-Term Math Success
151 Lariats: How RNA splicing decisions are made
152 BaBar Data Hint at Cracks in the Standard Model
153 Infants Can't Distinguish Between Large and Small Groups, MU Researcher Finds
154 Maths experts question key ecological theory
155 Racial Diversity Increases, But Segregation Persists Says Geography Professor
156 Simple mathematcal pattern describes shape of neuron 'jungle'
157 The math of malaria
158 Cancers with disorganized 'traffic systems' more difficult to treat: U of A research
159 Maths tells us when to be more alert on the roads
160 Scientists struggle with mathematical details
161 Computer program aids blood-sugar control among critically ill
162 Study examines federal government payments to separate managed care programs for same patients
163 Tiny magnetic coils modulate neural activity, may be safer for deep-brain implants
164 Monitored vitamin D therapy safe for patients with high blood calcium levels
165 Genetic variant is linked to obesity and insulin resistance
166 Seeing fattening-food pictures triggers hunger, appetite; the proof is in the brain
167 Sleep apnea with polycystic ovary syndrome raises risk of prediabetes
168 Spinal cord, heal thyself
169 Hospitals' communication during residency matching may put stress on OB-GYN doctors-in-training
170 Lung Nodule Matching Software Dramatically Increases Radiologists' Efficiency
171 What's the best way to treat problem alcohol use?
172 Duplicate spending on veterans' care costs billions
173 UD national survey shows public deeply divided on health insurance mandate
174 Policies to discourage drug trafficking should account for complexity
175 Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Test Drug Combinations to Prevent Graft Vs. Host Disease
176 Stem cell transplantation into mouse cochlea may impact future hearing loss therapies
177 Routine justice: Research shows how racial and gender profiling can affect outcome of traffic stops
178 The price tag on a patient-centered medical home
179 Choosing when and how to die: Are we ready to perform therapeutic homicide?
180 Remapping gang turf: Math model shows crimes cluster on borders between rivals
181 New tools for evaluating quality of life for cats, dogs with heart disease
182 Political ads by independent groups are not only common--they are more effective
183 Exercise, even mild physical activity, may reduce breast cancer risk
184 3-fold increase in acute dialysis after cardiac, vascular surgeries
185 Hormonal treatment associated with better test performance after stroke
186 The perception of corruption in Spain is above the European average
187 Countering crowd control collapse
188 Make me an offer, say online shoppers
189 Facebook makes us feel good about ourselves
190 Social media power youth political participation
191 Research suggests denser development is good for single-family home values
192 BUSM Study Finds Gout and Hyperuricemia on the Rise in the U.S.
193 Nearby Star Cluster, Long Forgotten, Now Discovered to Be Useful in Studies of Sun and Search for Planets Like Earth
194 University of Florida astronomer reports rare case of gravitational lensing
195 Caltech scientists find new primitive mineral in meteorite
196 Targeted gene therapy enhances treatment for Pompe disease
197 Transgenic technique to 'eliminate' a specific neural circuit of the brain in primates
198 Browsing without the hurdles
199 Reaching, Researching Between Stars
200 Magnet helps target transplanted iron-loaded cells to key areas of heart
201 Sifting Through a Trillion Electrons
202 Musical Robot Companion Enhances Listener Experience
203 Immigration growth in Spain has not caused more crime
204 Economist shows the value of moving back with mom and dad
205 Thinking about choice diminishes concern for wealth inequality