File Title
1 IDair has a fingerprint scanner from standoff distance
2 Line blurs between man, animal: Monkeys do math, baboons seem to read, orangutans plan ahead
3 Climate change and the South Asian summer monsoon
4 Discovery of material with amazing properties
5 Significant sea-level rise in a 2-degree warming world
6 Blood-brain barrier building blocks forged from human stem cells
7 Faster, cheaper gas and liquid separation using custom designed and built mesoscopic structures
8 Boosting blood system protein complex protects against radiation toxicity
9 Neurons that control overeating also drive appetite for cocaine
10 Gene mutations cause massive brain asymmetry
11 Brain structure helps guide behavior by anticipating changing demands
12 Learn that tune while fast asleep
13 Chinese spacecraft docks with orbiting module
14 China submersible breaks 7,000-metre mark
15 IT security problems shift as data moves to 'cloud'
16 High gas prices may be explained by self-organized cartel behavior
17 Report: US to get seas rising by 2030 (Update)
18 Renewables can fill 80% electricity demand in U.S. in 2050
19 Nanoporous graphene could outperform best commercial water desalination techniques
20 Toward super-size wind turbines: Bigger wind turbines do make greener electricity
21 Research finds Stonehenge was monument marking unification of Britain
22 Researchers build computer simulation that shows a way to detect the birth of the first stars
23 CERN to give update on search for Higgs boson
24 'Carbon capture' too risky, earthquake prone: study
25 First Tesla electric sedans hit the road
26 On the origin of music by means of natural selection
27 Internet rights champions call for US patent reform
28 Researchers amplify variations in video, making the invisible visible
29 Palaeontologists catch turtles in flagrante
30 Carbon scheme in danger of going up in smoke
31 Researchers test carbon nanotube-based ultra-low voltage integrated circuits
32 Researchers tune the strain in graphene drumheads to create quantum dots
33 All-carbon solar cell harnesses infrared light
34 Selenium suppresses staph on implant material
35 Fluorescent nanotube coating can detect strain
36 Flattened nanotubes are full of potential: Researchers reveal details of 'closed-edge graphene nanoribbons'
37 Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles could help track stem cells in the body
38 Scientists first to observe plasmons on graphene
39 Researchers find gold nanoparticles capable of 'unzipping' DNA
40 New printing method for nanostructures
41 Graphene? From any lab!
42 Silver nanostructures exhibit resonance feature that is useful for multitude of sensing applications
43 Chemist explores nanotechnology in search of cheaper solar cells
44 Researchers find evidence of 'quantum critical point' in high temperature superconductivity material
45 New technique allows simulation of noncrystalline materials
46 Team behind world's first magnetic soap makes magnetically responsive emulsions
47 Describing particle coupling in condensed matter
48 Bandgap engineering for high-efficiency solar cell design
49 Researchers' data are closing in on Higgs boson particle
50 Study of phase change materials could lead to better computer memory
51 LCLS finding may lead to better models of matter under extreme conditions
52 By supercooling liquids, scientists can determine the physics happening in glasses
53 CERN: Using 2,000 vacuum-resistant straws to probe new physics
54 Iron-based high-temp superconductors show unexpected electronic asymmetry
55 Tin-100 produced in key nuclear physics experiment
56 China to conduct first manual space docking Sunday
57 Romania to review moratorium on shale gas
58 Nearby star cluster, long forgotten, now discovered to be useful in studies of Sun and search for planets like Earth
59 Voyager 1 at the final frontier
60 ALMA reveals constituent of a galaxy at 12.4 billion light-years away
61 NuSTAR mission status report: Observatory unfurls its unique mast
62 Euclid and the geometry of the dark universe
63 NASA satellite sees several western US fires blazing
64 Disappearing grasslands: Scientists to study dramatic environmental change
65 New infrared sensor to revolutionize infrared astronomical imaging
66 It costs just $1.36 to charge an iPad for a year
67 HP picks Intel's Centerton for low-power server rollout
68 Nintendo to start selling 3DS with larger screens
69 RIM says first new device won't have keyboard (Update)
70 Samsung launches new Galaxy S III phone in US, taking on Apple
71 Review: Galaxy S III strong contender to iPhone
72 Samsung, LG bet on new display to revive TV sales
73 NASA's Pleiades supercomputer gets a little more oomph
74 Intel flirts with exascale leap in supercomputing
75 New products might be game consoles' swan song
76 Microsoft's 'Surface' tablet aims for productivity
77 Review: Microsoft Surface straddles divide
78 Panasonic's Android-based 'toughpad' unveiled in Asia
79 First commercial hot-water-cooled supercomputer to consume 40% less energy
80 Smartphones put writing on the wall for paid texts
81 Canon's Mixed Reality System may speed design cycles
82 Scientists remember Turing, father of modern computers
83 Chinese tech giant calls for cyber cooperation
84 Apple vendors in Iran scoff at US sanctions
85 Sea waves as renewable resource in new energy converter design
86 Smartphones as wallets: Using portable device for purchases on the rise, but hurdles remain
87 Texas accuses Google of withholding evidence
88 Bringing down the cost of fuel cells: New catalyst dramatically cheaper without sacrificing performance
89 Sniffing out a solution to smelly clothes
90 Novel coating that repels just about anything receives R&D 100 Award
91 New candidate drug stops cancer cells, regenerates nerve cells
92 New anti-inflammatory drugs pinch off reactive oxygen species at the source
93 Rapid test uses origami technology
94 A new model to understand the supertasting phenomenon
95 Neutrons explain how haemoglobin evolution in red blood cells helped the duck-billed platypus respire
96 Scientists gain understanding of self-cleaning gecko foot hair
97 Iron-aluminium compound could replace palladium catalyst, reducing the cost of plastic production
98 Drawing their inspiration from nature, researchers develop a brand new type of anti-reflective plastic
99 Simple new way to clean traces of impurities from drug ingredients
100 A new tool for molecular architects
101 Anchoring points determine fate of stem cells
102 'Flavor pairing' engenders strange plate-fellows and scientific controversy
103 Endangered Sumatran rhino gives birth in Indonesia
104 Foundational concept of ecology tested by experiment
105 Researchers find some plants get their nitrogen from fungi that kill insects
106 Animal reservoir mystery solved
107 Is your leaf left-handed? Previously overlooked asymmetry in Arabidopsis and tomato leaves
108 First paternity study of southern right whales finds local fathers most successful
109 New DNA equipment reveals risk of so-called symptom-free lettuce big vein associated virus
110 Automation of a protocol for rapidly analyzing gene expression on a large scale will yield faster results at less cost
111 The blue blood of the emperor scorpion x-rayed
112 Infection biology: The elusive third factor
113 Risks and rewards of quantifying nature's 'ecosystem services'
114 Civil war endangers Myanmar's ailing tigers
115 Keeping the green in putting greens
116 Maths tells when to be more alert on the roads
117 For minority college students, STEM degrees pay big
118 US computer graphics scientist wins Kyoto Prize
119 US seizes 'Ty' the dinosaur in NY
120 Why do some Muslims hate America? Researchers offer an intriguing new answer
121 Satiric news decreases bias against Arab-Americans and Al Jazeera: study
122 Out-of-the-box learning
123 Does your leader's ethnicity matter? New study links ethnic favoritism in Africa to citizen winners and losers
124 Florida man defends dinosaur's import
125 Science is 'girl thing,' says Europe campaign
126 Australians find huge mega-wombat graveyard (Update)
127 Celebrity endorsements not always a good bet, study shows
128 Dad's brains mean more to his son's success than his money: study
129 What motivates generosity? Researchers study Muslims, Catholics
130 Pitt develops biodegradable artery graft to enhance bypass surgeries
131 S. Africa looks to toughen anti-smoking laws
132 MRI images show what the brain looks like when you lose self-control
133 Avian flu viruses which are transmissible between humans could evolve in nature
134 Hulk smash? Maybe not anymore: scientists block excess aggression in mice
135 Simple mathematical pattern describes shape of neuron 'jungle'
136 Human antibody for dengue virus isolated
137 Immune system molecule HD6 weaves cobweb-like nanonets to snag Salmonella, other intestinal microbes
138 Zebrafish research shows how dietary fat regulates cholesterol absorption
139 'Trust' hormone oxytocin found at heart of rare genetic disorder
140 Parents' work-life stress hinders healthy eating
141 Cigarette smoke damages DNA in reproductive cells of fathers, these changes inherited by offspring
142 Scientists explain how they created bird flu that spreads easily among mammals
143 Is arm length the reason women need reading glasses sooner than men?
144 Skin cell transplant may offer new hope to vitiligo patients
145 Researchers identify protein required to regrow injured nerves in limbs
146 Risk factors ID'd for SCA in heart defect repair survivors
147 Grb2 protein holds powerful molecular signaling pathway in check
148 Flu research should proceed with caution, experts urge
149 Researchers review muscular dystrophy therapies
150 Highways of the brain: High-cost and high-capacity
151 Research: Many programs to help diabetics manage their health do work
152 Finding sounds in an audible haystack
153 New breast cancer genetic alterations discovered