File Title
1 'Air' batteries could energize EVs
2 Floating pumice seeding Aussie reefs
3 Bounty mutineers may unlock myopia
4 Vast aquifer found in Namibia could last for centuries
5 The Badger Trust appeals against cull decision
6 Staying dry in rain: run or walk?
7 Ahoy! Your ship is being tracked from orbit
8 Operation Iceberg diary: Entering the "death zone"
9 'ClimateGate': Case closed?
10 Petermann glacier in Greenland: Is it serious?
11 Japan's spirited third city
12 Batman US cinema shooting: 12 dead in Colorado
13 IMF's Peter Doyle scorns its 'tainted' leadership
14 Syria attack: Security chief Ikhtiar dies from wounds
15 Microsoft in first loss to date
16 China artist Ai Weiwei's tax evasion appeal rejected
17 Bradley Wiggins: What the French make of cycling hero
18 Who, What, Why: How do you track an iceberg?
19 US military allowed to wear uniforms at gay pride march
20 Rory McIlroy gives glove to boy hit by golf ball
21 From Kenya to Madagascar: The African tech-hub boom
22 Google EC settlement to 'include Android'
23 Microsoft fixes 'big boobs' coding gaffe
24 Weak PC sales blamed on economic woes and mobile devices
25 London Eye Olympic Twitter positivity lightshow launched
26 Yahoo's new boss Marissa Mayer could see pay top $70m
27 Google reports sales and profits jump
28 Dundee game developers have children review their work
29 How schools will boot up a new ICT curriculum
30 Nigeria's low-cost tablet computer
31 The madness of net scare stories
32 Olympics security poster 'gibberish' to Arabic speakers
33 Tutu calls for end to gay stigma to help tackle HIV
34 Drones have U.S. lawmakers worried over privacy
35 Nokia posts $1.72 billion loss on slumping smartphone sales
36 Dramatic hunting leopard caught on camera
37 Police: Pa. mom changed her kids' grades in school computer system
38 Individual sperm genomes sequenced for first time
39 Internet Defense League launches as policy watchdogs
40 Generation X is lukewarm on climate change
41 Fertilizing iron in oceans could trap carbon dioxide
42 Motorola developer faces prison for secrets theft
43 Google must delete "torrent" from autocomplete, court says
44 Daytime lightning on Saturn spotted by Cassini
45 Google takes aim at Mexico's drug cartels
46 Mass shooting at Batman screening in Aurora, Colo.; At least 12 dead, dozens more wounded
47 James Holmes, 24, identified as suspect in deadly mass shooting at Aurora, Colorado, movie theater
48 Sergeant charged in Air Force sex scandal a "predator": Prosecutor
49 Aurora witnesses describe shooter's entrance, chaos
50 Five guys cover One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" on one piano
51 Yahoo's Marissa Mayer to earn $1M salary, plus giant bonus potential
52 Tina Fey gives advice to women in tech
53 Dad of Ohio cancer patient, 4, denies Disney trip
54 More than 200 Chihuahuas rescued from Pa. home
55 Watch: 10-year-old girl fights off kidnapper in Philadelphia; Cops offer $10K reward for info on suspect
56 Dirty lettuce photo gets 3 Burger King workers fired
57 Indiana GOP Party takes down Obama punching bag
58 Dallas pastor dies after giving sermon to congregation
59 Police: Mich. woman shoots grandson 8 times
60 FBI raids Trenton, New Jersey City Hall
61 Feds: Hospital tech could have spread Hep C
62 HIV scientists release road map for cure: "Today's the first step"
63 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol, CDC says
64 Teach Me How To Brushy touts importance of oral health
65 CDC: US Whooping cough cases rising at epidemic rate
66 Children's egg allergies may be reversed with small doses of eggs
67 George Michael wakes from coma with new accent: What's foreign accent syndrome?
68 Daily polypill may be able to extend life by 11 years for people over 50
69 Prostate cancer surgery won't boost survival in men with early-stage disease, study finds
70 Lack of arch support in flip-flops may lead to foot problems, experts say
71 Bausch + Lomb survey says many care about eye health but may not be taking care of it
72 Commonly prescribed interferon beta does not delay multiple sclerosis progression in study
73 Girl Must Eat Every 15 Minutes: Lizzie Velasquez Stays Skeletal Despite Nonstop Eating (PICTURES)
74 Oregon man diagnosed with "black death" plague
75 Why Is Earth So Dry?
76 NASA's Landsat Data Continuity Mission Becomes an Observatory
77 NASA Selects Space Launch System Advanced Booster Proposals
78 J-2X Engine With Nozzle Extension Goes the Distance
79 HI-C Sounding Rocket Mission Has Finest Mirrors Ever Made
80 Thruster Tests Completed for Boeing's CST-100
81 The Spaceport maintains its mission cadence for Ariane 5 flights
82 Heliophysics Nugget: Riding the Plasma Wave
83 The electric atmosphere: Plasma is next NASA science target
84 Cassini Spots Daytime Lightning on Saturn
85 Cassini Flies High to View Saturn's Rings Again
86 Titan's tides point to hidden ocean
87 Cassini Shows Why Jet Streams Cross-Cut Saturn
88 Cassini Sees Tropical Lakes on Saturn Moon
89 Etchings, Pavers Mark Where Shuttles' Wheels Stopped
90 Space shuttle 'grazes' wing in final river voyage
91 Time in Space, A Space in Time
92 Innovative, Balloon-Borne Solar Space Imager Selected for NASA Training Award
93 Indian astronomy satellite to study universe at multi-wavelengths
94 Astronomers report the earliest spiral galaxy ever seen, a shocking discovery
95 Peering into the heart of a supernova
96 Hubble Unmasks Ghost Galaxies
97 Flying along the Vela ridge
98 UKIRT discovers 'impossible' binary stars
99 Apollo Energy Assists Businesses Cutting Commercial Energy Costs
100 Anonymous hackers target energy majors
101 U.S. ranks low in energy efficiency
102 Putin: Energy privatization a priority
103 Fukushima a 'Wake-Up Call' Seen for Sleeping US Nuclear Regulators
104 UAE to begin constructing two nuclear reactors
105 Massive anti-nuclear rally staged in Tokyo
106 90% of Megatons to Megawatts complete
107 US nuclear plant problem worse than thought: report
108 S. Korea plans fresh rocket launch in October
109 NASA Selects ULA's Workhorse Delta II Rocket for Three Future Missions
110 New York museum opens space shuttle Enterprise to public
111 Ambitious ISRO enhancing India's space capabilities
112 Opportunity Runs the First Martian Marathon
113 Looking Forward to Shenzhou 10
114 NASA Conducts Mission Simulations In Hawaii
115 Developing Technologies For Living Off the Land...In Space
116 Final Six-Member Crew Selected for Mars Food Mission
117 Listening to the past and talking to the future
118 NASA and ATK Complete Space Act Agreement
119 NASA Completes Another Successful Orion Parachute Test
120 APEX takes part in sharpest observation ever
121 Private Foundations Fund New Astronomy Tool
122 Two Cameras Offer View of JWST in Clean Room
123 NRL Brings Inertia of Space to Robotics Research
124 Autonomous robot maps ship hulls for mines
125 Can robots improve patient care in the ICU?
126 UCF Discovers Exoplanet Neighbor
127 Can Astronomers Detect Exoplanet Oceans
128 The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Dust
129 Planet-Forming Disk Turns Off Lights, Locks Doors
130 Dramatic change spotted on a faraway planet
131 New Way of Probing Exoplanet Atmospheres
132 SciTechTalk: Quick, name the planets!
133 Solar Module Price Erosion Slows in the Second Half of 2012 as Demand Rises
134 First Light Technologies Installs Solar LED Lights at US Military Facility
135 Solar3D Global Market Impact More Than 6 Billion dollars
136 Next Phase in SolarStrong Project for Sustainable Electricity Production
137 DECCs 2020 solar ambition achievable with major contribution from solar parks
138 OSU students and Stahlin contribute to Haiti solar power project
139 Heat is Source of 'Pioneer Anomaly'
140 US Solar Companies can Compete with China with a Bit of Innovation
141 Inflatable Spacecraft Heat Shield Set to Launch