File Title
1 Experts expose secret life of mating mosses
2 Ancient galaxy puts astronomers in a spin
3 'Ocean fertilisation' experiment stores CO2
4 Iceberg breaks off from Greenland's Petermann Glacier
5 First spiral galaxy in early Universe stuns astronomers
6 Storm petrel seabirds can smell their relatives
7 Climate ocean tech fix 'can work,' research suggests
8 Petermann glacier in Greenland: Is it serious?
9 10 species named after famous people
10 Twycross Zoo chilled-out lar gibbon Jane turns 50
11 US military heat-ray: Set phasers to...none
12 Syria conflict: Fresh offensive against rebels
13 Bulgaria blast: 'Suicide bomber' killed Israelis
14 Downton Abbey up for best drama Emmy
15 Egypt's ex-spy chief Omar Suleiman dies in United States
16 Huge spam botnet Grum is taken out by security researchers
17 US Gulf build-up 'signal to Iran'
18 London 2012: Spelling error in torchbearer's Olympic tattoo
19 America's fascination with the apocalypse
20 China pledges $20bn in credit for Africa at summit
21 Could bus attack draw Israel into Syria crisis?
22 Gary McKinnon 'no choice' but to refuse medical test
23 Stolen Matisse 'recovered in US'
24 How a movie changed one man's vision forever
25 Russia Muslim leaders attacked in Tatarstan
26 Syria conflict: Fresh offensive against rebels
27 Rural Chinese get online as mobile overtakes desktop
28 Sky high success for Raspberry Pi computer
29 Qualcomm's smartphone chip shortage continues
30 Nokia losses deepen to 1.4bn euros in last quarter
31 Apple ordered to run Samsung 'did not copy iPad' adverts
32 Google launch SMS version of Gmail in Africa
33 Microsoft confirms Windows 8's October launch date
34 Communications Data Bill creates 'a virtual giant database'
35 eBay sees second quarter income double
36 London 2012: London Tweety12--the first social media Olympics
37 Music piracy--who's on the moral high ground?
38 Paypal buys the Cardio credit card scanning service
39 The eurozone's religious faultline
40 Ian Tomlinson death: PC Harwood cleared of killing
41 Zanzibar ferry disaster: Hopes fade for missing
42 Jamie Oliver urges milk boycott over supermarket prices
43 Polypill 'could save thousands' of lives
44 Assisted suicide: Germany loses Strasbourg court case
45 Egg allergies 'treated with egg'
46 'Lack of evidence' that popular sports products work
47 Can a Gabonese director cure the Albert Schweitzer hospital?
48 Team tackling contraception myths in northern Nigeria
49 Pioneering self-contained 'smart village' offers world model for rural poverty relief
50 Rodent robbers good for tropical trees
51 New studies reveal hidden insights to help inspire vegetable love
52 A shortcut to sustainable fisheries
53 Global warming harms lakes
54 U of S researchers discover cannabis 'pharma factory'
55 Beating the fuel prices: Using yeast for economic production of bioethanol
56 Thieving Rodents: Did They Save Tropical Trees?
57 Helping pigs to digest phosphorus
58 Glyphosate-resistant 'superweeds' may be less susceptible to diseases
59 Refining the tool kit for sustainable fisheries
60 Developing policy on moving threatened species called 'a grand challenge for conservation'
61 Hidden secrets in Norway's rainforests
62 Promiscuous squid fatigued after mating: new study
63 Do dolphins think nonlinearly?
64 Scientists Develop New Carbon Accounting Method to Reduce Farmers' Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer
65 Leaf Litter and Soil Protect Acorns from Prescribed Fire
66 Friends with benefits
67 Enhanced royal jelly produces jumbo queen bee larvae
68 Study points to causes of high dolphin deaths in Gulf of Mexico
69 Could volcanic eruptions in the south-west Pacific save the Great Barrier Reef?
70 PSU study finds 'caffeinated' coastal waters
71 Team discovers how western corn rootworm resists crop rotation
72 New research questions how fat influences flavour perception
73 UC research reveals largest ancient dam built by Maya in Central America
74 Study reveals Neanderthals at El Sidron, Northern Spain, had knowledge of plants' healing qualities
75 El Zotz masks yield insights into Maya beliefs
76 To clean up the mine, let fungus reproduce
77 Greenland glacier loses ice
78 Stanford researchers calculate global health impacts of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
79 Lowering the national ozone standard would significantly reduce mortality and morbidity
80 Researchers publish results of an iron fertilization experiment
81 Stanford-SLAC team uses X-ray imaging to observe running batteries in action
82 Environmental concerns increasing infectious disease in amphibians
83 Green plants reduce city street pollution up to 8 times more than previously believed
84 Heliophysics nugget: Riding the plasma wave
85 Generation X is surprisingly unconcerned about climate change
86 Scientists connect seawater chemistry with climate change and evolution
87 Sun Sends Out Mid-Level Solar Flare
88 Global CO2 emissions continue to increase
89 In utero exposure to diesel exhaust a possible risk factor for obesity
90 Scientists take unprecedented snapshot of single sperm cell's genome
91 Like a transformer? Protein unfolds and refolds for new function
92 Debate ends: Everyone was right
93 The Yin and Yang of stem cell quiescence and proliferation
94 Locating muscle proteins
95 Stanford researchers first to determine entire genetic sequence of individual human sperm
96 Does presence of oxidants early in life help determine life span?
97 Viruses' copying mechanism demystified, opening the door to new vaccine strategies
98 Inflammatory pathway spurs cancer stem cells to resist HER2-targeted breast cancer treatment
99 Hundreds of random mutations in leukemia linked to aging, not cancer
100 Scientists read monkeys' inner thoughts
101 Think Pink! Success of pink bacteria in oceans of the world
102 Of flies and men
103 Leopard in dramatic photo traced to 2004 camera trap
104 Research Shows Nerve Stimulation Can Help Reorganize Brain
105 Menu labeling requirements lead to healthier options at chain restaurants
106 Strategies to improve renewable energy feedstocks for co-firing with coal are compared in industrial biotechnology
107 Virus discovered in Cultus Lake sport fish
108 Scripps Research Scientists Show Potent New Compound Virtually Eliminates HIV in Cell Culture
109 Red hair is a sign of oxidative stress in wild boars, but gray is a-ok
110 Poor people value marriage as much as the middle class and rich, study shows
111 Are consumers aware that they are drawn to the center when choosing products?
112 A nursing program shows promise for reducing deaths from chronic illnesses
113 Reporting of hospital infection rates and burden of C. difficile
114 Scientists find new way to induce programmed cell death that could lead to potential cancer therapies
115 Americans support local control of schools
116 CFSP Economists Demonstrate Wage Impacts of Large Microfinance Program
117 Anti-Semitic Violence Down 27%, But Harassment is on the Rise
118 Physical health problems increase use of mental health services
119 Higher job strain associated with increased cardiovascular risk for women
120 New study: Elderly Medicare beneficiaries most satisfied with their health insurance
121 Black gay men are more affected by AIDS than any population in the developed world
122 Spouses of severe-sepsis patients at high risk of depression, U-M study shows
123 Police need sleep for health, performance
124 Internists Express Support for New Payment and Delivery Models As Basis for Replacing SGR
125 Hookah smoking increasingly common among first-year college women
126 A stronger doctor-patient relationship for the costliest patients
127 ACS: White House Initiative to create a national corps of STEM teachers is vital
128 New study finds fastest-growing cities not the most prosperous
129 Despite clear benefits, heart failure clinics are rarely utilized
130 X-rays illuminate the origin of volcanic hotspots
131 APEX takes part in sharpest observation ever
132 Unique Neandertal arm morphology due to scraping, not spearing
133 First Polypill trial in people selected on age alone (50 and over) shows substantial health benefit
134 Researchers identify mechanisms that allow embryonic stem cells to become any cell in the human body
135 NRL Brings Inertia of Space to Robotics Research
136 All-they-can-eat diet for lab mice and rats may foster inaccurate test results
137 Botanical compound could prove crucial to healing influenza
138 New technique reveals cross-talk between 2 essential cellular processes
139 Using neuroeconomics to study psychiatry
140 In neutrino-less double-beta decay search, UMass Amherst physicists excel
141 How to build a middleweight black hole
142 A wrinkle in space-time
143 UGA researchers develop rapid diagnostic test for pathogens, contaminants
144 Disorderly conduct
145 Calculations reveal fine line for hydrogen release from storage materials
146 Single-cell parasites co-opt 'ready-made' genes from host: UBC research
147 An earthquake in a maze
148 Researchers develop new method for identifying lung nodules
149 LSUHSC research finds treating stress prevented new MS brain lesions
150 Women professorships low in some Scandinavian universities due to sexism
151 NIH tools facilitate matching cancer drugs with gene targets
152 Summer training institute promotes agenda to improve social science research
153 In search of the key word
154 Frog calls inspire a new algorithm for wireless networks
155 Preclinical data support ongoing clinical trials testing IDO inhibitors as a treatment for cancer
156 Blood condition is highly predictive of graft failure in pediatric kidney transplant
157 The hippocampus as a decision-maker
158 Belgian scientists develop way to detect superparasites
159 Moderate alcohol intake is associated with a lower risk of kidney cancer
160 Scientists discover melanoma-driving genetic changes caused by sun damage
161 Understanding flirtation in negotiation, 'shooter bias,' love during marriage, and more
162 Farmers tough on artificial limbs
163 Elder abuse affects Latinos disproportionately
164 New report describes 7 essential steps toward an AIDS-free generation
165 Hospitals in recession-hit areas see uptick in serious cases of child physical abuse
166 The European Science Foundation's Member Organisation Forum calls for greater development in 'Science in Society' initiatives
167 Asians reluctant to seek help for domestic violence
168 Synthetic Biology Scorecard finds federal agencies responding to bioethics report
169 Penn expert addresses ethical implications of testing for Alzheimer's disease risk
170 Revised geographic adjustments could improve accuracy of Medicare payments, will not solve access, quality problems
171 New roadmap suggests proven routes to ending health disparities
172 New media, old messages: Obama and family are target of 'blackface' racism on Facebook
173 Leading scientists call for improved innovation policy across Europe
174 National Survey Shows Support for Voter ID Laws Strongest Among Those with Negative Attitudes Toward African Americans
175 Crossing the gap: Civil engineers develop improved method for detecting, measuring bridge damage
176 The electric atmosphere: Plasma is next NASA science target
177 Astronomers report the earliest spiral galaxy ever seen, a shocking discovery
178 UCF discovers exoplanet neighbor smaller than Earth