File Title
1 Model unlocks big waves' flooding potential
2 Hummingbirds shake off downpours
3 Dolphins may be maths geniuses
4 Police end 'ClimateGate' inquiry
5 Afghanistan minerals fully mapped
6 Green streets can cut pollution, says study
7 Graphene transistors in high-performance demonstration
8 Nestle blames biofuels for high food prices
9 N/A
10 Thailand customs seizes $700,000 in ivory from Kenya
11 Inactivity 'killing as many as smoking'
12 RAF leader sought evidence of Highland Sputnik crash
13 Closure of forensic archive a 'shambles,' experts warn
14 Pioneering cancer treatment's struggle for survival
15 South Asia landslides 'on the rise'
16 Fukushima's disease risk: A major fallout?
17 Why won't the UK make the sun shine for the Olympics?
18 Kansas City's Midwest renaissance
19 Syria conflict: Ministers 'killed in suicide attack'
20 Afghanistan: Taliban bomb destroys 22 NATO fuel tankers
21 Deadly blast hits Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria
22 Nelson Mandela celebrates 'quiet family' birthday
23 Japan's women footballers irked by Olympic flight seating
24 E-diplomacy: Foreign policy in 140 characters
25 Olympics: Pickpockets show off 'one-second theft'
26 Moving Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 jet engine made from Lego bricks
27 Drinking alcohol, even in moderation, 'a dementia risk'
28 Bollywood's 'first superstar' Rajesh Khanna dies aged 69
29 Attila Ban guilty of murdering Heathrow hotel colleagues
30 North Korea's Kim Jong-un named marshal
31 Eva Rausing death: Husband charged with burial delay
32 The ultimate cure for writer's block?
33 Why we love to hoard...and how you can overcome it
34 Hans Kristian Rausing bailed in wife body case
35 Google works around Motorola import ban after Microsoft dispute
36 YouTube launches face-blurring tool to hide identities
37 Megaupload judge quits case after US 'is enemy'
38 Paypal buys the Cardio credit card scanning service
39 Texting overtakes talking in UK, says Ofcom study
40 Jimmy Wales denies Wikipedia admin recruitment crisis
41 O2 offers compensation after network failure
42 UK seeks software writers with Cyber Security Challenge
43 Washington state Facebook app to enroll US voters
44 Royal Mail trials GPS location devices in East Anglia
45 Intel warns slowing economy will dent next quarter income
46 Yahoo profits dip in wake of restructuring
47 Warning about online fraud as information theft rises
48 Does the internet do more harm than good to the gay community?
49 Is pregnant Yahoo CEO a landmark?
50 Bruce Springsteen hits back at London gig silencing
51 Tanzania rescue bid as ferry sinks off Zanzibar
52 Madam Mao's Chinese model operas make a comeback
53 Rajesh Khanna: Bollywood's first superstar
54 Robot swarms aim to bring buildings to life
55 Baby heart risk for hairdressers and nail bar workers?
56 Wash. becomes first state with voter registration on Facebook
57 Ouya Kickstarter video game console garners $5 million
58 The Internet's mandate for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer: Fix Flickr
59 Toxic algae thrive in warming European lakes
60 Space station science experiment blunder blame on flawed training
61 Apple's next iPhone may have thinner screen
62 Mozilla Firefox 14 adds privacy for Google searches
63 Anthony Weiner: Not running for office--for now
64 Arpaio: Obama birth record definitely forged
65 Wanted sex offender Thomas Fritz found dead; Was suspected of killing ex-girlfriend, pregnant sister
66 MoveOn ad equates Mitt Romney to Richard Nixon
67 Obesity pill Qsymia gains FDA approval
68 Obama plans $1B effort to build "Master Teacher Corps" of elite math, science teachers
69 Poll: VP choice matters to most voters
70 New Romney ad accuses Obama of cronyism
71 Arizona official: Obama pretended to be born in Kenya
72 Romney: Obama 'insulted' business owners and entrepreneurs
73 Rick Perry latest to call for more transparency from Romney on tax returns
74 Ariz. immigration law gets new legal challenge
75 SUV plunges down NYC garage elevator shaft
76 Colorado murder suspect attempts to steal plane, kills self
77 FBI searches house belonging to NJ capital's mayor
78 Gun trafficking case gets ex-Navy SEAL 18 years
79 Murder suspect Brian Hedglin's security breach at Utah airport to steal plane raises safety concerns
80 Boy Scouts decide to keep banning gay members
81 6-foot lizard on the lam in Colorado
82 UN report highlights better access to AIDS medication in developing countries
83 Ex-Surgeon General: "We have tended not to see oral health as a part of overall health"
84 Outbreak of deadly virus closes more than 9,000 schools in Cambodia
85 Malaria-proof mosquitoes being hatched
86 New Alzheimer's drug shows promise
87 Why NYC's trans fat ban is good for the heart
88 European Food Safety Authority gives chocolate stamp of approval for improving blood circulation
89 Experimental Alzheimer's drug Gammagard may stall memory decline, small study suggests
90 Federal produce-safety testing program gets 6-month reprieve from USDA
91 Nelson Mandela turns 94, South Africa celebrates
92 Air conditioning "revolution" hits a milestone
93 Tarnished Medals? Genetic Engineering Will Change Olympics
94 How Bad Is the US Drought?
95 Reference: Antarctica: Facts About the Coldest Continent
96 Multi-Telescope View of Giant Black Hole Is 2 Million Times Sharper than Human Eye
97 Mars Odyssey Spacecraft Will Recover From Recent Glitch, NASA Says
98 'Invisible UFOs' Fill the Skies
99 Ancient Hellenistic Harbor Found in Israel
100 Which Species Must Die?
101 How Much Does Friendship Cost?
102 Why Earth's Magnetic Field Is Wonky
103 The Physics of NYC Man's Heroic Catch of Falling Child
104 Earth's Hot Formation May Solve Water Shortage Mystery
105 Future Eye Scanners Must Combat Aging Eyes
106 Dads' Jobs Linked to Birth Defect Risks
107 Long-Acting Birth Control Becomes More Popular
108 Women with Big Firstborn Babies May Have Higher Breast Cancer Risk
109 Autism Survey for Parents May Catch Disorder Early
110 Low Corn Yield to Lead to Higher Costs for Consumers
111 Lightning Sets July Skies Ablaze
112 3-Hour Sex Sessions Exhaust Squid
113 US Geoengineers Turn to Balloon for Planet-Cooling Test
114 50 Tons of Litter Pulled from Pacific
115 Brain Chemicals That Cause Sleep Paralysis Discovered
116 Faster than a Plane or Train: 'Hyperloop' Transportation
117 Is Apple an Environmental Leader or Loser?
118 Human Cyborg: McDonald's Employees Assaulted Me For Wearing My Gear
119 Elusive Snow Leopards Collared for Science
120 Heat Wave Builds Again--When Will It Go Away?
121 The Smarter Sex? Women's Average IQ Overtakes Men's
122 Toxic Algae Thrive in Warming European Lakes
123 Manhattan-Size Iceberg Breaks Away from Greenland Glacier
124 The Most Expensive Office Space in the World
125 The Best Age to Become a Boss
126 News of Huge Mars Rover's Landing Could be Delayed by Spacecraft Glitch
127 The Tiniest Patients: Fetal Surgery Delivers Big Results
128 People Living Near the Sea May Be Healthier
129 Three Kingdoms' Tomb Holding Warrior Discovered
130 How US Military's CAAT 'Walks' on Water
131 Why High Blood Pressure Could Be Good for Some Older People
132 New York's Trans Fat Ban Effective, Study Claims
133 Why Extreme Heat Follows Dry Spells
134 Sustainable Tech Saw Ancient Maya Through Drought