File Title
1 Double-Edged Sword Found in Salme Ship Burial Site (1)
2 Archaeologists Discover Bulgarian Herculaneum
3 Idaho State University research scientist David Peterson uncovers secrets about ancient Russian gold
4 Findings in Oregon Caves Shed New Light on Early Americans
5 Silver treasure found at Swedish shipwreck
6 Lost Viking Military Town Unearthed in Germany?
7 Two ancient sites to get a boost
8 The Clovis First Theory is put to rest at Paisley Caves
9 Paisley Caves yield 13,000-year old Western Stemmed points, more human DNA
10 S. African scientists find most complete pre-human skeleton (Update)
11 Remains of 15 found in ancient Mexican settlement
12 British GM crop scientists win $10m grant from Gates
13 Syria in civil war, Red Cross says
14 Hillary Clinton meets Egypt military leader Tantawi
15 Japan floods: Troops airlift supplies to Kyushu
16 Nepal crash kills dozens on pilgrim bus
17 France's National Front to sue Madonna over Le Pen swastika
18 Alexander the not so Great: History through Persian eyes
19 Mussolini's bunker: Il Duce's futile search for safety
20 Irish cricket moves up the batting order
21 Springsteen and McCartney silenced at long London gig
22 US man reunited with long-lost, stolen Austin-Healey
23 Jennifer Lopez joins American Idol exodus
24 Blackberry maker RIM told to pay $147m in patent case
25 Barclays: 'Other banks to face Libor revelations'
26 Two climbers found dead on Mont Blanc
27 Soyuz rocket launches on mission to space station
28 Obama: Still more change needed in D.C.
29 Affair leads to shocking Ga. double murder
30 Dem aide on Bain: If Romney wasn't in charge, who was?
31 How to change your life before breakfast
32 Google may be near record fine to settle FTC privacy charges
33 Kevin Bleyer: Make Congress sweat
34 The essence of barbecue
35 The Beach Boys: Back catching another wave
36 A baited question: Why do men love fishing?
37 Having a ball: The anthropology of play
38 Schieffer: Congress not giving us our money's worth
39 What successful people know about weekends
40 12 reasons not to get a PhD
41 Reduce your odds of needing long-term care
42 10 things you should learn to say
43 How to protect against financial scams
44 Banks, card companies to pay retailers at least $6B
45 Roundtable: Economic policies won't pass before election
46 Ultralow-power optical information processing and frequency generation in graphene-silicon photonic circuits
47 Omron sensor can do security and hot-soup checks (w/ Video)
48 Novel technique for delivering multiple cancer treatments may solve hurdle for combinatorial drug therapies
49 New gene mutations linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and nerve cell growth dysfunction
50 Scientists identify critical cell in fighting E. coli infection
51 Soyuz rocket launches on mission to space station
52 Hopes high as AIDS conference returns to US
53 Hacker tricks Apple app pay system, posts YouTube how-to
54 No matter the drilling method, natural gas is a much-needed tool to battle global warming: study
55 Million-year storage solution is set in stone
56 Geoscientists discover trigger for past rapid sea level rise
57 Researcher on cloud nine over universe discovery
58 US Homeland Security reportedly set to deploy ultra-sensitive spectrometer
59 Scientists place 500-million-year-old gene in modern organism
60 More Amazon extinctions looming unless action is taken: study
61 Solar system ice: Source of Earth's water
62 Wikipedia hits defining moment in social Web era
63 Toward achieving one million times increase in computing efficiency
64 World's most sensitive dark matter detector set up
65 It's wildflower season on mountain peaks, but alpine plants may soon miss the date
66 FACE team seeks to melt 'Uncanny' ice for robot bonds (w/ Video)
67 Rising carbon dioxide in atmosphere also speeds carbon loss from forest soils: study
68 Antarctica faces major threats in the 21st century: researchers
69 NIF makes history with record 500 terawatt laser shot
70 Researchers discover molecule that kills cavity causing mouth bacteria
71 Peering into the heart of a supernova: Simulation points out how to detect a rapidly spinning stellar core
72 New carbon nanotube struructure aerographite is lightest material champ
73 Hubble Space Telescope detects fifth moon of Pluto (Update)
74 Poisons on public lands put wildlife at risk
75 Study sheds light on vulnerability of polar ice sheets to modestly warmer climate
76 Team creates new tech for complex micro structures for use in sensors, other apps
77 Researchers develop blue-fluorescent molecular nanocapsules
78 Researchers create highly conductive and elastic conductors using silver nanowires
79 Plasmonic chains act like polymers: Repeating patterns dictate optical properties of nanoparticle arrays
80 New research shows that graphene is able to seal holes in itself automatically
81 Researchers demonstrate and explain surface conduction in a topological insulator
82 Nanoparticles: Big potential or big threat?
83 Hydrogen fuel cells provide power when fuel supply is off
84 Study may lead to less expensive consumer lasers and LEDs
85 Silver nanoparticle synthesis using strawberry tree leaf
86 Researchers say first atomic-scale look at ferroelectric nanocrystals points to terabytes/inch storage
87 White LEDs directly on paper
88 Getting amped: Researchers develop instrument for exploring the cosmos and the quantum world
89 Synchrotrons help bring superconductors out of the cold
90 'Spintronic' LED invented: New technology promises brighter TV, computer displays
91 Research duo discover why non-Newtonian fluids harden on impact
92 Disentangling information from photons
93 Scientists move closer to new kind of thermoelectric 'heat engine'
94 New way to generate terahertz radiation
95 World record neutron beam at Los Alamos National Laboratory
96 Bringing telescope tech to X-ray lasers
97 Jets at CMS and the determination of their energy scale
98 Development of 'Slater insulator' that rapidly changes from conductor to insulator at room temperature
99 13-year-old New Mexico boy using metal detector finds 2-pound meteorite
100 Space workers struggle a year after last shuttle
101 Romania to resume trading carbon emission rights
102 Caution needed with new greenhouse gas emission standards
103 Design for a long duration, deep space mission habitat
104 Solar storm barreling toward Earth this weekend
105 Can astronomers detect exoplanet oceans?
106 Hunting with fire appears to benefit Australia's small-mammal populations, researchers say
107 Arctic drilling: Groups challenge Shell oil spill response plans
108 Latest from Mars: Massive polar ice cliffs, northern dunes, gullied craters
109 Flying thermometers
110 July heat wave set records across Northeast
111 Spacex completes Dragon design review
112 Review: Google Nexus 7 nice, but content lacking
113 Amazon testing new smartphone: report
114 Toshiba launches enterprise 2.5-inch HDD in industry's highest capacity class for drives with 10,500RPM rotation speed
115 Wireless power transfer coil unit: Development of ultra-thin receiving coil unit for wireless power transfer
116 Brain scanner, not joystick, is in human-robot future
117 Apple may trounce rivals with smaller iPad: analysts
118 New technologies help robots make inroads on daily life
119 Tech review: Samsung Galaxy S III challenges iPhone
120 Apple 'preparing' to launch smaller tablet
121 TVs get bigger, fancier, pricier
122 Apple's iconic iPhone turns 5
123 Peru's ambitious laptop program gets mixed grades
124 How do you turn 10 minutes of power into 200? Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency
125 AndyVision retail robot takes stock and more (w/ Video)
126 Review: Google's Nexus 7 guns for the Kindle
127 BitTorrent's popularity leads to mass copyright litigation
128 RIM hit with $147.2mn patent payout
129 US retail sales of video games fell for 7th month
130 Nvidia: 400,000 coded passwords may have been hit
131 LG Display to pay $380mn to settle US lawsuit
132 US social media account in China disappears
133 Mechanical engineers develop an 'intelligent co-pilot' for cars
134 Apple rejoins green tech program after spat
135 After Facebook freeze, IPO market starts to thaw
136 Microsoft to launch its own angel fund
137 Man arrested in UK over alleged computer hacking
138 Study finds scorpion venom able to heal bacterial infections in mice
139 Magnetizing diagnostics: Magnetic Gram staining detects bacteria
140 Increased sensitivity for better detection
141 Stimulant marketed as 'natural' in sports supplement actually of synthetic origin
142 Single fibre betrays forger's dirty deed
143 Scientists achieve highest resolution ever for human protein
144 Platinum is wrong stuff for fuel cells as it wastes energy, researcher suggests
145 New technique identifies cellular 'needle in a haystack'
146 Smart materials get SMARTer: Self-powered, homeostatic nanomaterials self-regulate in response to environmental change
147 ATP splitting in membrane protein dynamically measured for the first time
148 A deeper look into the pathogen responsible for crown gall disease in plants
149 Waste to watts: Improving microbial fuel cells
150 High-tech wound dressing fights infection in mouse trial
151 A cleaner, faster battery
152 New insights into how the most iconic reaction in organic chemistry really works
153 Scientists stake out bat colonies to track a killer: White nose syndrome
154 Lemurs the world's most threatened mammal: study
155 Philippines rescues sea turtles from poachers' net
156 Researchers urge rethink of 'Monty Roberts' horse training method
157 How to make global fisheries worth five times more: study
158 Alaskan researchers find evidence of genetic change in salmon in response to warming climate
159 500 penguins found dead on Brazil beaches
160 Salt cress genome yields new clues to salt tolerance
161 Seeking a splice for better rice
162 Making live cell microscopy affordable
163 High levels of iron in water may hurt dairy products
164 1,500 aquarium fish, corals seized at Manila pier
165 Scaled-back NBAF and NBAF as designed are options that could meet critical US lab needs
166 100K Genome Project takes aim at foodborne diseases
167 BYU professor, grad help discover rare mosaic in ancient Jewish synagogue
168 Study finds little movement on economic ladder
169 Remains of 15 found in ancient Mexican settlement
170 The number of armed conflicts increased strongly in 2011
171 Ecuador's gambit: Study abroad, apply at home
172 Study finds Islam political factions fan flames of anti-Americanism
173 Crime may rise along with Earth's temperatures
174 Peru geologists strive to preserve whale cemetery
175 Americans' information needs not being met, study finds
176 Paisley Caves yield 13,000-year old Western Stemmed points, more human DNA
177 Advertisers could target online audiences more efficiently with personality scale, study finds
178 Fossil egg links dinosaurs to modern birds
179 Global competition: Combating emerging market multinationals
180 Sports 1, housework, 0
181 Scientists identify potential target for treating anhedonia--major symptom of depression
182 Study shows long-term drug abuse starts with alcohol
183 People born in the fall more likely to survive to 100
184 Anxiety linked to shortened telomeres, accelerated aging: research
185 Individual differences in altruism explained by brain region involved in empathy
186 Study suggests changes in rotator cuff surgery rehabilitation needed
187 Gut microbes might reflect health, diet of older adults
188 Discovery of chemical that affects biological clock offers new way to treat metabolic disorders
189 Newly isolated 'beige fat' cells could help fight obesity
190 Memories serve as tools for learning and decision-making, new study shows
191 Psychologists discover links between angry thoughts and displaced aggression in male gang affiliates
192 Mutation in gene IDH a possible target for AML treatment
193 Questionnaire completed by parents may help identify one-year-olds at risk for autism
194 Copper's previously unknown exit strategy
195 New proteins to clear the airways in cystic fibrosis and COPD
196 Annual report on U.S. kids' health a mixed bag
197 Saliva, pupil size differences in autism show system in overdrive
198 Study finds switch that lets early lung cancer grow unchecked
199 New drug candidate shows promise against cancer
200 Study identifies how muscles are paralyzed during sleep
201 Two proteins offer a 'clearer' way to treat Huntington's disease
202 Chemicals in personal care products may increase risk of diabetes in women
203 Drug's 'double hit' overcomes leukaemia resistance
204 Groundbreaking research paves way for HIV prevention drug approval
205 Deaf brain processes touch differently, study shows