File Title
1 Lemurs sliding towards extinction
2 Eroding taboos see lemurs end up on dinner tables
3 Madagascar's forests plundered for rare rosewood
4 Brazil biologists investigate penguin deaths
5 Brazil targets Amazon gold miners in Yanomami reserve
6 Study says chimpanzees use 'human-like gestures'
7 Apple u-turn as Mac maker rejoins EPEAT green registry
8 Anglesey red squirrels seen in town gardens, say experts
9 Satellites have an electric future
10 Syria: UN observers probe Tremseh killings
11 Hillary Clinton meets Egypt leader Mohammed Mursi
12 Japan floods: 250,000 people ordered to leave homes
13 Son of Sylvester Stallone, Sage, found dead at 36
14 French avalanche: Memorial held for victims in Chamonix
15 Libor: Who lost out when the rate was fixed?
16 The rise of Pakistan's televangelists
17 Saudi religious police accused over fatal accident
18 Surfer dies in latest shark attack in Western Australia
19 Philippines urges China to explain stranded frigate
20 Who is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's 'mystery woman'
21 China football fans greet Didier Drogba at Shanghai
22 Galloping to success in a Kenyan riding school
23 Roger Roberts, 82, dies days after Aberystwyth graduation
24 Afghanistan suicide bomb kills prominent MP at wedding
25 Viewpoint: Stuxnet shifts the cyber arms race up a gear
26 Solar storm barreling toward Earth this weekend
27 Lemurs named world's most endangered mammels
28 Massive landslide in Alaska sweeps over glacier
29 Cause elusive in death of Sly Stallone's son
30 Romney: Obama owes me an apology
31 Patients of Colo. dentist Dr. Stephen Stein urged to get tested for HIV, hepatitis amid reused needles probe
32 Obama: GOP, Dems agree on middle-class tax cut extension
33 How salvagers plan to re-float Costa Concordia
34 Recovery of South African fossil to be shown live
35 100-year rainfall event drenches Houston area
36 Police: Kerry Kennedy arrested
37 Our Lady of Guadalupe image appears in New Jersey tree trunk?
38 Hawaii attorney convicted in ear licking case
39 3 men get 5 years in videotaped beating of gay man
40 Penn State to renovate areas where boys abused
41 Man crashes truck into Dallas mall, tries on clothes
42 Ind. police: Boy, 3, fatally shot father
43 How did ex-slave's letter to master come to be?
44 Ohio woman turns 90, celebrates on roller coaster
45 Did David Letterman spoil the ending of "The Dark Knight Rises"?
46 Curtis Stone: Cat Cora "doing fine" after DUI arrest
47 Stevie Nicks wins fans' hearts with Fleetwood Mac tour news
48 Singer Helen Reddy emerges from retirement
49 Producer Richard Zanuck dies at 77
50 The Lone Ranger trailer unveiled at Comic-Con
51 Romney says he'll only release 2 tax returns
52 German doctors asked to cease circumcisions until court ruling clarified
53 Copper making salmon prone to predators
54 New biofuel process dramatically improves energy recovery
55 New coral reef crustacean described and named after late reggae performer Bob Marley
56 Grassroots approach to conservation developed
57 Hormone-mimicking chemicals cause inter-species mating
58 Ancient domesticated remains are oldest in southern Africa
59 A deeper look into the pathogen responsible for crown gall disease in plants
60 Silver nanoparticle synthesis using strawberry tree leaf
61 The Iberian wolf lives close to humans more for refuge than for prey
62 Air in expectant moms' homes contains pesticides, border study finds
63 Down on the cacao farm: Sloths thrive at chocolate's source
64 Got milk? Climate change means stressed cows in southern U.S. may have less
65 White rot fungus boosts ethanol production from corn stalks, cobs and leaves
66 Viruses linked to algae that control coral health
67 Male sex ornaments are fishing lures, literally
68 Sake, soy sauce, and the taming of the microbes
69 The challenges facing the vulnerable Antarctic
70 Winemaking goes high-tech at the University of British Columbia
71 Our coral reefs: In trouble--but tougher than we thought
72 Veterinary vaccines found to combine into new viruses, prompting regulatory response
73 Caterpillar gets more from its food when predator is on the prowl
74 Tamarisk biocontrol efforts get evolutionary boost
75 Tannins in sorghum and benefits focus of university, USDA study
76 Salt cress genome yields new clues to salt tolerance
77 Poisons on public lands put wildlife at risk
78 Native American populations descend from 3 key migrations
79 Paisley Caves yield 13,000-year old Western Stemmed points, more human DNA
80 Oregon's Paisley Caves as old as Clovis sites--but not Clovis
81 The Clovis First Theory is put to rest at Paisley Caves
82 Cochrane finds no reliable evidence on effectiveness of electric fans in heatwaves
83 Nuclear weapons' surprising contribution to climate science
84 Caution needed with new greenhouse gas emission standards
85 New Au. sediba fossils discovered in rock
86 In adult humans, brown fat is actually beige
87 Discovery opens door to attacking biofilms that cause chronic infections
88 From aflatoxin to sake
89 Discovery of chemical that affects biological clock offers new way to treat diabetes
90 Diagnostic tool could help in the clinical diagnosis of cattle diseases in sub-Saharan Africa
91 Controlling your computer with your eyes
92 Fossil egg discovered in Lleida (Spain) links dinosaurs to modern birds
93 Platinum is wrong stuff for fuel cells
94 Controlling inflammatory and immune responses
95 Keeping electric vehicle batteries cool
96 Vitamin D deficiency and poorer lung function in asthmatic children treated with steroids
97 Chemicals in personal care products may increase risk of diabetes in women
98 How to make global fisheries worth 5 times more: UBC research
99 New proteins to clear the airways in cystic fibrosis and COPD
100 Questionnaire completed by parents may help identify 1-year-olds at risk for autism
101 Mutation in gene IDH a possible target for AML treatment
102 TGen method isolates biospecimens for treatment of kidney disease
103 Global Budget Payment Model lowers medical spending, improves quality
104 Eye movement direction not correlated with lying
105 The more gray matter you have, the more altruistic you are
106 Want to Get Teens Interested in Math and Science? Target Their Parents
107 The emotion detectives uncover new ways to fight off youth anxiety and depression
108 Obese kids as bright as thinner peers
109 Study questions whether becoming a doctor pays off for women
110 Advertisers Could Target Online Audiences More Efficiently with Personality Scale, MU Researcher Finds
111 Twenty percent of US women were uninsured in 2010, up from 15% in 2000
112 Randomized trial finds counseling program reduces youth violence, improves school engagement
113 ATP splitting in membrane protein dynamically measured for the first time
114 University of Utah physicists invent 'spintronic' LED
115 Solar system ice: Source of Earth's water
116 Leiden researchers achieve highest resolution ever for human protein
117 Peering into the heart of a supernova
118 Sailing with nerves of glass
119 Researchers Create Highly Conductive and Elastic Conductors Using Silver Nanowires
120 Disentangling information from photons
121 Plasmonic chains act like polymers
122 Solar storm protection
123 To Extinguish a Hot Flame, DARPA Studied Cold Plasma
124 The ecology of natural gas
125 Messy experiment cleans up physics mystery of cornstarch
126 UMD Creates New Tech for Complex Micro Structures for Use in Sensors & Other Apps
127 Physicists in Mainz and all around the world cheer the discovery of the Higgs particle
128 Getting Amped
129 Making "Renewable" Viable: Drexel Engineers Develop New Technology for Grid-Level Electrical Energy Storage
130 Study: Wolverines need refrigerators
131 Antarctica faces major threats in the 21st century, says Texas A&M researcher
132 Period drama! Pop culture makes menstruation 'overly traumatic.'
133 New Gentile study on media violence and kids could have applications on school bullying
134 Searching genomic data faster
135 ONR Opens a Gateway to Improved Network Data Sharing on Navy Ships
136 Transforming cancer treatment
137 Concussions affect college players at high rates too, study says
138 Non-surgical treatment of common shoulder injury may increase chances of return-to-play
139 UGA study shows why hypertension increases damage to eyes of diabetic patients
140 Is acetazolamide effective and safe for preventing acute mountain sickness?
141 Why did Steve Job's death affect people who never knew him?
142 Stimulant marketed as 'natural' in sports supplement actually of synthetic origin
143 Finished heart switches stem cells off
144 Sports 1, housework, 0
145 Want to lose weight? Keep a food journal, don't skip meals and avoid going out to lunch
146 Osteoarthritis risk not diminished in double bundle ACL surgeries
147 Common athletic hip disorder increases chances for sports hernia, study suggests
148 ACL reconstruction technique improves outcomes in pediatric patients
149 Newer hip reconstruction technique provides good outcomes for athletes
150 Platelet-rich plasma therapy a safe option for cartilage damage, new study finds
151 Study suggests changes in rotator cuff surgery rehabilitation needed
152 Cyberwarfare, conservation and disease prevention could benefit from MU researcher's network model
153 Police Officer Stress Creates Significant Health Risks Compared to General Population, Study Finds
154 ONR Sensor and Software Suite Hunts Down More Than 600 Suspect Boats
155 UC Davis study finds stray-bullet shootings frequently harm women and children
156 Scaled-back NBAF and NBAF as designed are options that could meet critical US lab needs
157 Stress management training may help reduce disease activity in MS
158 New study suggests moderate alcohol consumption may help prevent bone loss
159 Alzheimer's plaques in PET brain scans identify future cognitive decline
160 Middle-aged women who were child abuse victims at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes
161 Using biomarkers to identify and treat schizophrenia
162 Dana-Farber study shows newly isolated 'beige fat' cells could help fight obesity
163 Childhood trauma linked to adult smoking for girls
164 Current and former smokers at risk for recurrent hepatitis post-liver transplantation
165 Giving Time Can Give You Time
166 Dark galaxies of the early Universe spotted for the first time
167 Hubble Discovers a Fifth Moon Orbiting Pluto
168 Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria
169 New Notre Dame research raises questions about iris recognition systems
170 Faster simulation--award for new method
171 Mechanical engineers develop an 'intelligent co-pilot' for cars