File Title
1 Earth's water formed close to home
2 Chicken vaccines combine to create deadly virus
3 Music videos make men feel the flab
4 Lemurs sliding towards extinction
5 Oregon stone tools enliven 'earliest Americans' debate
6 Rare spoon-billed sandpipers hatch in UK for first time
7 Sports doctor linked to Lance Armstrong denies doping
8 Nambian-Cuban 'Noah's Ark' plan criticised
9 Academics say 'no truth' to lying eyes theory
10 Bats and smartphones: will 'bat walks' make us love them?
11 Global powerbrokers focus on food and water scarcity
12 An Olympian travel guide to London
13 What happened to Hilton's 'hotel on the Moon'?
14 Syria unrest: Kofi Annan shocked at Tremseh 'atrocities'
15 Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted
16 London 2012: Probe as sponsors' tickets sold to public
17 JPMorgan Chase raises its recent trading loss to $4.4bn
18 Libor scandal: Bankers discussed concerns in 2008
19 German circumcision ban: Is it a parent's right to choose?
20 Lucky and unlucky numbers: How some industries respond
21 Goats ride the waves in California
22 Tom Cruise lawyer threatens to sue National Enquirer
23 John Terry cleared of racism against Anton Ferdinand
24 Angela Merkel backs circumcision right after German ruling
25 Former Tamil Tiger snipers join Sri Lanka shooting team
26 Ethiopian blogger Eskinder Nega jailed for 18 years
27 Russian parliament adopts NGO 'foreign agents' bill
28 The mobile technologies making Africa cheaper and safer
29 London 2012: The great Olympics sponsorship bandwagon
30 Kazakh Olympians seek to bring horsemeat to London 2012
31 FBI 'probes' ZTE trade deals with Iran
32 Digg to be merged with daily briefing service
33 LG Display pays to settle US LCD price-fixing case
34 Facebook 'like' adverts tested with VirtualBagel experiment
35 Stepping out of the system
36 Lagos air crash: 'Engine failure caused Nigeria accident'
37 Breast cancer surgery women 'risk more operations'
38 Warning over 'low prescribing' for elderly
39 How improving children's diets can aid development
40 Will we 100m in under nine seconds?
41 Yahoo's password leak: What you need to know
42 Million-year hard disk made of platinum-etched sapphire to store nuclear info
43 Newborn star's "heartbeat" seen by X-ray telescopes
44 Ex-Google VIP joins private moon race team
45 Has the F-22 oxygen problem been solved?
46 Baby California pelicans starving to death
47 When Telstar met JFK
48 Manhattanhenge returns for second time this summer
49 First picture on the Internet turns 20
50 Clovis culture theory questioned by new stone tools discovery
51 Amazon due for numerous species extinctions
52 Yahoo confirms email hack in statement
53 Yahoo gives all clear after hack attack
54 Ghost galaxies of early universe seen by Hubble
55 Texas mom Elizabeth Escalona pleads guilty to beating daughter, gluing her to wall
56 Obama reflects on his biggest mistake as president
57 Obama: Romney not necessarily qualified to think about "economy as a whole"
58 Romney, RNC react to Obama's comments on his biggest mistake
59 Bonnie and Clyde's handguns to be auctioned
60 Chinese sellers offer iPhone 5 pre-orders
61 Can Apple change the energy industry? Greenpeace thinks so
62 Syrian refugee children caught in the crossfire
63 Colorado woman fleeing wildfire crashes car and starts new blaze
64 Stowaway kitten survives trip from Shanghai to Los Angeles in shipping container
65 Nonprofit Voter Participation Center sends election registration docs to dogs, dead people
66 Autistic man rescued after 3 weeks in Utah desert
67 Latest drug tunnel discovery nets 40 tons of pot
68 2 dogs "wed" at NYC charity extravaganza
69 L.A. riot police clash with protesters near Art Walk
70 Delta flight leaves JFK after explosives scare
71 GOP pressing on with contraception lawsuit
72 NYC braces for possible "Carpocalypse"
73 Apple reverses course, re-ups with EPEAT green standard
74 D.C. officer accused of threatening first lady
75 Condoleezza Rice as Romney VP? Mixed reviews
76 Condoleezza Rice says "no way" to VP for Romney
77 At NAACP, Biden booed--for ending his speech
78 Poll: Lag in young voters' intentions to vote
79 Cheney has high praise for Romney at fundraiser
80 McDonnell blasts Obama campaign on Bain
81 Unions shifting money, resources away from Democratic convention
82 Surgeon hurt in freak accident saves paramedic sent to rescue him
83 Obama calls for scrutiny of Romney's time at Bain Capital
84 Stevie Nicks: Fleetwood Mac reunion in 2013
85 Venus Williams: I'm a raw vegan
86 Institute of Medicine: Returning soldiers should be screened for PTSD each year
87 Undercover cop goes to doctor with dog X-ray and is prescribed painkillers, doc arrested
88 Anxiety over fears may speed up aging in women
89 Report: Massachusetts birth hospitals ditch free infant formula gift bags
90 Warning: Tight pants, skinny jeans and Spanx may be hazardous to your health
91 Concussions double between seasons for 3 college football teams: Better diagnosis?
92 Genetic mutation may protect against Alzheimer's, scientists find
93 Two newborn girls get salmonella poisoning at same California hospital
94 NFL widow gives voice to "quiet hero" Ralph Wenzel
95 With OxyContin farther from their grasp, more users switching to heroin
96 Electric fans' effectiveness during heat waves questioned in new report
97 Club drug ketamine cures depression instantly: How?
98 Paterno's legacy may now be damaged beyond repair
99 Lawmakers furious over China-made Olympic uniform
100 Japan Paralympian seeks to change perceptions with nude calendar
101 35 indicted in drug ring case; Kansas basketball players alleged clients
102 Michael Jordan: No way 2012 USA squad would beat 1992 Dream Team
103 Nike taking Paterno's name off child care center
104 U.S. Olympic uniforms could shave time off sprint
105 Flights Take Off to Find 2011 East Coast Quake Fault
106 New Ford Car Tech Makes Traffic Jams More Bearable
107 Lemurs Named World's Most Endangered Mammals
108 Electric Plane Turns to Drones as Flying Batteries
109 Climate Change Could Melt Wolverines' Snowy 'Refrigerators'
110 Snow Leopard Moms & Cubs Captured in First-Ever Video
111 Earthquake Shakes Afghanistan
112 Deadly Floods Follow Record Japan Rain
113 What Your Facebook Page Says About Your Personality
114 A Surprising Negotiation Tactic That Works
115 New Yorkers Crack a Smile at 'Manhattanhenge'
116 Americans' Confidence in the Church at All-Time Low
117 Conservationist IDs 16 American Wildlife Hot Spots
118 13 Freaky Facts About Friday the 13th
119 Alive and Booting: 8 Reasons The PC Still Matters
120 Hive in the Sky Gives Bees Urban Dwelling
121 The Humble Banana Gets Its Genome Decoded
122 Amateur Cryptographers Decode Mysterious Subway Message
123 Ex-Google VIP Joins Private Moon Race Team
124 Major Solar Flare Erupts From Giant Sunspot
125 Rare Sight: Black Bear Photographed at Grand Canyon
126 Batman on the Couch: Psychologist Analyzes Comic Book Character
127 Old Patents Predict Future Tech
128 Asteroid Crashes Likely Gave Earth Its Water
129 Reference: Deductive Reasoning vs. Inductive Reasoning
130 Sandusky Cover-Up? Why People Look the Other Way in Child Sex Abuse
131 Newborn Star's 'Heartbeat' Seen by X-ray Telescopes
132 Human Ancestor Fossils Hidden in Plain Sight in Lab Rock
133 New Pluto Moon Hints at Perilous Journey for Spacecraft
134 Should Pluto's 5th Moon Make It a Planet?
135 Talking Apes Project Faces Cash Crisis
136 Early Universe's Dark Galaxies May Have Been Revealed for 1st Time
137 Spider Farm Design Holds 1 Million Arachnids
138 Pluto's New Moon: Five Fun Facts
139 Antarctica Surrounded by Threats
140 Identity of First Americans Questioned
141 Amazon Due for Numerous Species Extinctions
142 Mind-Reading Helmet to ID Terrorists
143 New Type of Fat Cell Found
144 Furniture Pieces Put Themselves Together
145 Majority of Women Now Primary Earners
146 Robot Dinosaurs Printed in 3-D Using Fossil Templates
147 13 Incredibly Lucky Earth Facts
148 When Celebrity Endorsement Tweets Go Bad
149 Giant, Round Prehistoric Turtle Discovered
150 Uncanny Valley Watch: Making Android Faces
151 Should the FDA Regulate Smartphone Apps?
152 Why a Meal Can Spark Romantic Jealousy
153 Is Your Cellphone Under Surveillance?
154 Lung Worm Infections on the Rise, CDC Says
155 For Sale: Flying Car from 1954
156 Reference: Oobleck Recipe: Dr. Seuss Science Project
157 Healing Powers of Birds' Nest Soup Remain Mysterious
158 Amtrak's $151 Billion Plan for High-Speed Rail by 2040
159 'Ghost Galaxies' of Early Universe Seen by Hubble Telescope
160 Ridiculous Resume Mistakes to Avoid
161 Here's What the Higgs Boson Sounds Like
162 Booze May Be Good for Old Bones
163 What It Means to Be Brain Dead
164 Why Sockeye Salmon Are in Trouble
165 5 Useless Body Parts
166 King Penguin Colony Getting Used to Humans
167 Heavy Suit Gives the Young a Taste of Old Age
168 Deaf People 'Feel Touch' With Hearing Part of Brain
169 Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Linked to Rare Nerve Disorder
170 5 Killer Creatures: Surprisingly Deadly Animals
171 More Americans Becoming Serious Photographers
172 Consumers Have Humanlike Relationships with Brands
173 Where Office Romances Blossom Most
174 5 Garden Weeds You Can Eat!
175 Endangered Snake Declared World's Rarest
176 Ancient 'New York City' of Canada Discovered
177 What Makes People Take Big Risks
178 Reference: What is a Scientific Theory?
179 Reference: What is a Scientific Hypothesis? Definition of Hypothesis
180 Circumcision May Lower Urinary Infection Risk
181 Pets May Lower Babies' Infection Rates
182 Cell Phone Jammer Puts Brakes on Driver Chats
183 Virtual Pop Star Steps into Real World
184 Reference: What is Culture? Definition of Culture
185 Tiny Spy Drone Flies Like a Maple Seed
186 Private Space Plane Builders Pick Texas for New Test Site
187 Excess Pounds Won't Kill You, Study Suggests