File Title
1 Peeling back the banana genome
2 Scientists trace Alzheimer's slow, deadly path
3 Dwarf finding solves galactic conundrum
4 Badger culling legal challenge fails
5 America 'settled in three waves'
6 Corn flour mixture's strange properties explored
7 Wet weather may cause butterfly numbers to decline
8 South Korea may reconsider scientific whaling plans
9 Urban noise 'killing baby house sparrows'
10 Rat warning as floods flush out pests
11 Basking sharks off Hebrides to be tagged and tracked
12 Canal and River Trust takes over from British Waterways
13 Hubble discovers new Pluto moon
14 UK laws 'spurring trade in endangered species'
15 Higgs: What was left unsaid
16 Penn State blamed over Jerry Sandusky sex abuse
17 Asean talks: US and China pledge to co-operate on Asia
18 Alzheimer's 'early signs timeline developed'
19 Nigerians die in fuel tanker fire
20 French Alps avalanche: Climbers killed near Chamonix
21 Bush House: BBC World Service moves home
22 Hobson-Jobson: The words English owes to India
23 Are Germans really opposed to bailouts?
24 Muslim and Jewish groups denounce German circumcision ruling
25 Catholic Church loses child sex abuse liability appeal
26 Tonga's Crown Prince Tupouto'a Ulukalala marries cousin
27 BBC World Service leaves Bush House
28 Colombia air force plane missing in Cauca region
29 O2 says mobile network fully restored after fault
30 O2 fixes 2G mobile network as engineers work on 3G
31 Yahoo investigating exposure of 400,000 passwords
32 Angry Birds maker Rovio launches new Amazing Alex franchise
33 BBC website and iPlayer offline after faults
34 Russia's parliament votes for internet censorship law
35 Diablo 3's real-money auctions attract get-rich cheaters
36 Bombardier prepares to take on Airbus and Boeing
37 John Terry racism trial: Player used 'straightforward racial abuse'
38 Jeff Ragsdale: The man who gave the world his number
39 China's 'oldest transsexual': A life of silent denial
40 Olympics security not compromised, Theresa May says
41 Israeli jailed for illegal US kidney transplants
42 Boeing and United Airlines announce $14.7bn deal
43 Muslim and Jewish groups denounce German circumcision ruling
44 Soldier's dash from Afghanistan to see baby born
45 Why food 'traffic-light' labels did not happen
46 Humboldt penguins could be eradicated by rats in Chile
47 Telstar 1 legacy: 1st live TV broadcast by satellite turns 50
48 Yoga teacher fired for glaring at Facebook worker
49 Russia's parliament approves Internet blacklist law
50 Newspaper: DOJ lawyer tried to stifle reporter
51 Why Romney welcomes the NAACP boos
52 Kristin Chenoweth injured on set of "The Good Wife"
53 Outlaws motorcycle gang hit with mass arrests
54 Health care repeal effort: Worth the time?
55 An Alzheimer's researcher who is also a patient
56 San Bernardino's bankruptcy frustrates residents
57 Massive Veterans Affairs backlog leaves half a million waiting for benefits
58 Missing New Yorker's chilling text: "The girl with this phone is dead"
59 Mich. woman: I tended corpse, watched NASCAR
60 N.Y. man gets 2.5 years for illegal kidney sales
61 NH baby hospitalized for burns after falling into hot washing machine
62 Raccoons chase, attack Washington woman
63 Boy's motorcycle gang wish starts with fight
64 Judge: No legal emergency in Octomom strip case
65 New dye may lead to earlier Alzheimer's diagnosis
66 Make-A-Wish recipient Zachary meets and becomes Hellboy
67 Mississippi's only abortion clinic gets 2nd reprieve
68 Melinda Gates promotes birth control as an important part of family planning
69 Fossil Egg Links Dinosaurs to Modern Birds
70 Giant Fossil Turtle from Colombia Round Like Car Tire
71 The Eyes Don't Have It: New Research Into Lying and Eye Movements
72 Transforming Cancer Into a Manageable Illness With Multi-Drug Approach
73 Smarter Materials: Self-Powered, Homeostatic Nanomaterial Actively Self-Regulates in Response to Environmental Change
74 Skulls Shed New Light On the Evolution of the Cat
75 Trigger for Past Rapid Sea Level Rise Discovered
76 Native American Populations Descend from Three Key Migrations, Scientists Say
77 One Step Closer to New Kind of Thermoelectric 'Heat Engine'
78 Ions, Not Particles, Make Silver Toxic to Bacteria: Too Small a Dose May Enhance Microbes' Immunity
79 The More Gray Matter You Have, the More Altruistic You Are
80 Hubble Discovers a Fifth Moon Orbiting Pluto
81 Psychologists Discover Links Between Angry Thoughts and Displaced Aggression in Male Gang Affiliates
82 Mutations in Autism Susceptibility Gene Increase Risk in Boys
83 Anxiety Linked to Shortened Telomeres, Accelerated Aging
84 Toward New Drugs for the Human and Non-Human Cells in People
85 Memories Serve as Tools for Learning and Decision-Making
86 Development of 'Slater Insulator' That Rapidly Changes from Conductor to Insulator at Room Temperature
87 Titanian Seasons Turn, Turn, Turn: Atmospheric Changes On Saturn's Moon
88 Making 'Renewable' Viable: New Technology for Grid-Level Electrical Energy Storage Developed
89 Nanodevice Builds Electricity from Tiny Pieces
90 Dark Galaxies of the Early Universe Spotted for the First Time
91 Widespread Exposure to BPA Substitute Is Occurring from Cash Register Receipts, Other Paper
92 Ancient Domesticated Remains Are Oldest in Southern Africa
93 Caterpillar Gets More from Its Food When Predator Is On the Prowl
94 Hydraulic Fracturing Likely Did Not Create Fissures, but Gas from Leaking Well Casings Could Exploit Them
95 Air in Expectant Moms' Homes Contains Pesticides, Texas-Mexico Border Study Finds
96 Two Proteins Offer a 'Clearer' Way to Treat Huntington's Disease
97 Why the Thrill Is Gone: Potential Target for Treating Major Symptom of Depression
98 Using Biomarkers to Identify and Treat Schizophrenia
99 A Deeper Look Into the Pathogen Responsible for Crown Gall Disease in Plants
100 Oral Contraceptive Use in Girls and Alcohol Consumption in Boys Linked to Increased Blood Pressure in Late Adolescence
101 New Technology Provides a Deep View Into Protein Structures
102 Greater Diet-Induced Obesity in Rats Consuming Sugar Solution During the Inactive Period
103 The Old Primates' Club: Even Male Monkeys Ride Their Fathers' Coattails to Success
104 Ordinary Chickens May Be Extraordinary in Fighting Cancer and Other Diseases
105 New Parasitic Coral Reef Crustacean Named After Late Reggae Performer Bob Marley
106 The Iberian Wolf Lives Close to Humans More for Refuge Than for Prey
107 Not So Happy: King Penguins Stressed by Human Presence
108 Hormone-Mimicking Chemicals Cause Inter-Species Mating: Bisphenol A Breaks Down Fish Species Barriers
109 Nearly 2000 Non-Native Species Established in Great Britain
110 One Smart Egg: Birds Sense Day Length and Change Development
111 Outstanding for the Past 15 Million Years: Swiss Alps Have Influenced Europe's Climate Since the Miocene
112 Engineering Technology Revealing Secrets of Roman Coins
113 Pompeii-Style Volcanic Ash Fall Preserved 'Nursery' of Earliest Animals
114 Climate in Northern Europe Reconstructed for the Past 2,000 Years: Cooling Trend Calculated Precisely for the First Time
115 What Makes Us Musical Animals
116 Dark Galaxies of the Early Universe Spotted for the First Time
117 Hubble Unmasks Ghost Galaxies
118 Cassini Views Saturn's Rings Again
119 Mars Panorama: Next Best Thing to Being There
120 Belching Black Hole Proves a Biggie: First Known 'Middleweight' Black Hole
121 Silver Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Strawberry Tree Leaf
122 No Matter the Drilling Method, Natural Gas Is a Much-Needed Tool to Battle Global Warming
123 GoalRef: FIFA Approves Intelligent Goal
124 Preclinical Studies Use Specialized Ultrasound to Detect Presence of Cancer
125 Waste to Watts: Improving Microbial Fuel Cells
126 Inexperienced Video Gamers Show Macbeth Effect
127 Cyberwarfare, Conservation and Disease Prevention Could Benefit from New Network Model
128 Data Storage of Tomorrow: Ferroelectricity On the Nanoscale
129 Toward Achieving One Million Times Increase in Computing Efficiency
130 Searching Genomic Data Faster: Biologists' Capacity for Generating Genomic Data Is Increasing More Rapidly Than Computing Power