File Title
1 Sitting less may extend livespan
2 Researchers discover magnetic cells
3 Social media could improve your health
4 Green food report favours home-grown curry
5 Studies refute arsenic bug claim
6 Dogs' evolution shows why they 'love' gnawing on bones
7 Can spending less time sitting down add years to life?
8 Batman could fly but would splat on landing, Leicester students show
9 US kayaker's close encounter with great white shark
10 DR Congo warlord Thomas Lubanga sentenced to 14 years
11 Egypt's parliament convenes despite dissolution
12 US has hottest year since 1895, say scientists
13 Libor scandal: Bob Diamond to receive full salary
14 China 'detains' Shanghai bishop who quit official post
15 Is it possible to quit Google?
16 Taliban poetry and the lone fighter
17 Readers' most ridiculed names
18 Trinidad leatherback turtle hatchlings crushed
19 A Point of View: Embarrassing parents and the teenage truth
20 Shooting in Auburn, Alabama, leaves three dead
21 Kenyan minister George Saitoti killed in helicopter crash
22 Spain's Rajoy hails bank rescue as 'victory for euro'
23 Nigeria violence: Seven dead after Boko Haram attacks
24 Police drugs warning after RockNess death and illness
25 Africa's journey to space begins on the ground
26 Ernest Hemingway: 47 Farewell to Arms endings published
27 Crowd-sourced funding site Kickstarter to launch in UK
28 Megaupload extradition case delayed until March 2013
29 Spy code creator kills project after Syrian abuse
30 Russian Wikipedia goes dark in protest at censor law
31 Apple fights websites selling access to iOS 6 beta code
32 Samsung tablet less cool, says UK judge
33 Will my mobile phone work during the Olympic Games?
34 The TV tycoons you may have missed
35 Riot-hit western Burma province in state of emergency
36 Olympic torch: Male streaker arrested at torch relay
37 Kylie and Jason Hit Factory reunion gig cancelled
38 Alligator bites off Florida teenager's arm in attack
39 Doctors 'should not fear raising child abuse alarm'
40 'I want to stop giving birth' after nine pregnancies
41 Cranberry juice 'can protect against urine infections'
42 Mountain Lion release date, Apple OS X updates
43 Northern Lights make unusual sounds, says study
44 Frankenstein mummies are a mix of corpses
45 Wikipedia blackout in Russia to protest censorship
46 U.K. judge: Samsung tablet not "cool" enough to be confused with iPad
47 Twitter iPhone app appears slated for major upgrade
48 Sun storms: solar activity at fiery high
49 Bluffing a computer: new study plays poker in an MRI
50 Peregrine Financial Group brokerage said to be $220 million short in customer funds
51 N.J. car dealer: Mercedes bought online was "Hitler's car"
52 Usher reportedly torn up over stepson's accident
53 Ancient "New York City" of Canada discovered
54 Arsenic life claim refuted by two new studies
55 China's trade growth plunges amid economic slump
56 Paying by credit card may soon be more expensive
57 Hawaii tour group scrutinized after teen swept into Pacific by huge wave
58 Consumer group: Elderly, vulnerable losing homes over just few hundred dollars in back taxes
59 Ga. banker missing--and so is $17 million
60 Detroit woman's deadly hug with cop a "freak accident": Lawyer
61 Episcopal bishops authorize gay blessing
62 January to June 2012 warmest first half of any year on record
63 Disruptive passenger forces Spirit Airlines flight to make emergency landing in Houston
64 Seasonal firefighters seek health insurance
65 Million Big Gulp March to protest proposed NYC soda ban
66 Washington Monument readied for giant scaffolding
67 Saudi Arabia's Princess Sara seeks political asylum in U.K.
68 Steven Tyler drops $1.1 million on world's fastest car
69 How to tell people what they don't want to hear
70 Listen to the Higgs Boson
71 New Studies Disapprove NASA's 'Arsenic Life Claim'
72 Fellow scientists rip NASA report on arsenic-friendly bacteria
73 Two studies show 'weird life' microbe can't live on arsenic
74 Fellow scientists attack provocative finding by NASA-Ames and U.S. Geological Survey
75 Arsenic-Life Discovery Debunked--But "Alien" Organism Still Odd
76 US official: Higher ocean acidity is climate change's 'evil twin,' major threat to coral reefs
77 Ocean acidity increases surprise researchers
78 NASA's Mars chief frets over heat shield as Aug. 6 mission arrival on Red Planet nears
79 Baby Whale Dies at Alaska Sealife Center
80 Scientists use trout to unlock the secrets of magnetic cells
81 Magnetosensory Perception? Why Powerlines Confuse Animal Migration
82 Scientists discover animal cells that sense the Earth's magnetic field
83 Likely Source of Animals' Magnetic Sense Identified
84 'Frankenstein' mummies provide breakthrough to researchers
85 Bog mummies assembled from different bodies, say scientists
86 Op-Ed: Global Warming heat melts away 'denialism'
87 Sick and tired of that global warming whine
88 Climate change: Global warming is a fact
89 State, feds select site for Mike Horse mine waste
90 Concerns arise over dump site for Mike Horse mining waste
91 Controversial site picked for Mike Horse tailings
92 Authorities Walk Fine Line With Cambodia Virus
93 Can a deadly form of hand, foot, and mouth disease hit the US?
94 Can a deadly form of hand, foot and mouth disease hit the US?
95 Novartis plant snafu sends desperate Excedrin users to eBay
96 Excedrin recall creates a black market for the headache drug (video)
97 Migraine Sufferers Scramble for Relief After Excedrin Recall
98 Now, vaccines won't need refrigeration
99 Breakthrough in stabilizing vaccines and antibiotics without refrigeration
100 Patients prefer new diabetes technology
101 Hi-Tech Advances May Improve Diabetics' Lives
102 Immunotherapy bats out Type 1 diabetes in mice
103 New Devices Improve Diabetes Control
104 New Strategies for Treating Diabetes
105 Man accidentally eats steel bristle during BBQ
106 Brush with death: Washington man has steel barbeque bristle removed from his stomach after cookout
107 Cholera Cases Multiply in Cuba as Authorities Work to Contain Outbreak
108 Quality of Life Better with Less Care at the End
109 Being at Home May Soothe Terminally Ill Cancer Patients
110 What Makes the End-of-Life Experience Peaceful?
111 Race and America's HIV Epidemic