File Title
1 Researchers get under the skin of sunburn
2 Studies find arsenic life claim untrue
3 Rising plastic menace choking sealife
4 Studies refute arsenic bug claim
5 Related birds evolve different songs and colours
6 Firefly sex success: the secret is in the gift-giving
7 Whaling moves beyond the harpoon
8 What is it like to be a volcanologist?
9 Egypt court challenges Mursi's reopening of parliament
10 Romney beats Obama by $35m in June fundraising
11 Ratko Mladic trial: Witness recalls Bosnia killings
12 FBI net shut off has 'limited' impact on victims
13 Fury as Toulouse killer Mohamed Merah's words broadcast
14 How the West shaped China's hidden battle of ideas
15 Gina Rinehart: The world's 'richest woman'
16 How to survive a heatwave
17 The 'Viagra' transforming local economies in India
18 Gun brandished during live Jordanian TV debate
19 Gene flaw 'explains why drugs failed to treat MS'
20 Eurozone agrees on bank recapitalisation
21 Boeing in $7.2bn plane order from Air Lease Corporation
22 John Terry trial: Anton Ferdinand says racism hurtful
23 Michael Fassbender signs up for Assassin's Creed film
24 Stone Roses fan Christopher Brahney found dead in canal
25 Norway faces oil output shutdown as pension talks fail
26 Abu Hamza appeals to Europe over extradition to US
27 Samsung tablet not 'cool' says UK judge
28 Mind control moves into battle
29 Spanish borrowing costs rise ahead of euro summit
30 Gambling add-on offered to app developers by Betable
31 Cash prizes to reward young Pi programmers
32 Will chatting smart cars become a reality soon?
33 Is language the key to hooking India on the web?
34 Sword-fighting game hits funding target
35 US record heatwave leaves dozens dead
36 Loneliness is 'major health issue'
37 Highs and lows of illegal drugs
38 Next Amazon Kindle Fire: Thinner, lighter, better display
39 Future planetary rovers may make own decisions
40 Cell carriers see dramatic increase in surveillance requests
41 Arsenic life claim refuted by two new studies
42 Malware threat curbed with help of Internet-service providers, report says
43 DNSChanger malware deadline arrives: What to do if your Internet is cut off
44 Discord at Supreme Court is deep, and personal
45 Ernest Borgnine mourned in Hollywood
46 Hug triggers officer's gun, kills woman
47 Obama draws battle lines over middle-class tax cuts
48 Twitter cuts off service to LinkedIn, API changes draw ire
49 Beltway: Land of unfortunate euphemisms
50 Panel: Candidates still speak out on health care
51 Truck drives over tent in North Dakota; 2 kids die
52 N.Y. man's Volvo nears 3 million-mile mark
53 Tomas Lopez, fired Florida lifeguard, presented with key to the city
54 Canadian chef Anthony Sedlak dies at age 29
55 Boy killed by falling tombstone was helping dad
56 Medicaid rules against Indiana anti-abortion law
57 Vet uses music to heal--but says he's no 'hero'
58 Great white shark sighting closes popular La Jolla Shores beach
59 Sharks ply waters off Cape Cod in search of seals
60 3 children electrocuted in Tenn., Mo.
61 Opening arguments set stage for Texas ID law trial
62 $1M reward offered in murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
63 2 babies left in hot cars in Ind., 1 dies
64 Meatball company Buona Vita recalls 325,000 pounds of frozen meat over Listeria
65 Babies with dogs less likely to develop colds, ear infections as infants
66 Mysterious deadly illness in Cambodian children tied to hand, foot and mouth disease
67 Can bees lead to a longer human life span?
68 Parasitic twin found in Peru toddler's stomach
69 Injured rats walk, climb thanks to spinal nerve stimulation
70 People who feel dizzy when they stand up more likely to develop heart failure
71 Kevin Bleyer: Make Congress sweat
72 Almanac: 65th anniv. of Roswell UFO
73 Woolrich: Part of the fabric of U.S. history
74 A new hope for back pain sufferers?
75 Temps cool slightly, but U.S. still roasting
76 New papers deal huge blow to NASA-backed finding on arsenic-based life
77 New studies cast doubt on NASA's arsenic bacteria claims (+video)
78 Arsenic-loving bacterium needs phosphorus after all
79 A Blip That Speaks of Our Place in the Universe
80 The Higgs boson: Why should we care?
81 CERN Turns LHC's Attention To Dark Matter
82 Finding Higgs boson: A triumph of human curiosity
83 A Just-Right Black Hole Fills a Cosmic Void
84 Very Few Knocked Offline as Malware Deadline Passes
85 UCLA Researchers Build World's Fastest Camera to Screen for Cancer
86 Belching black hole proves a biggie
87 Pakistan shuns prize-winning physicist linked to 'God particle' because of religious beliefs
88 Higgs Boson Physicist Shunned By Homeland, Pakistan
89 Pakistan Shuns Physicist Linked to 'God Particle'
90 Cruise ship wake rocks submarine exhibit
91 Wake damages gangway to submarine exhibit at NYC museum
92 Ship's Wake Damages Gangway at Museum
93 On Our Radar: An Outsize Shark Catch
94 3-4 Times More Sharks Killed Annually Than UN Stats Show
95 Shark Fishing Statistics Higher Than Previously Thought, Pew Environment Group Says
96 Baby beluga's rescue marks a hopeful milestone
97 Wolf trapping plan generates huge public response
98 Wolf-hunt plan draws comments galore
99 Montana's wolf trapping plan draws huge public response
100 Mussels found on two boats in Montana
101 New robot may replace humans, say scientists
102 Robot Takes Human Element Out Of Lab Work
103 Two-armed robot takes on risky lab work
104 Scientists: Volcanic eruptions may curtail effects of global warming
105 Disease Outbreak Has Killed More Than 50 Children Since April, Officials Say
106 Cambodian child deaths linked to hand, foot and mouth disease
107 Parents face anxious wait over Cambodia's mystery illness
108 HPV Vaccine Reduces Spread Even In Unvaccinated
109 HPV Vaccine Reducing Infections, Even Among Unvaccinated
110 Medical Groups Agree on Use of Hormone-Replacement Therapy
111 10 years after hormone therapy study: What doctors know now
112 Hormone therapy OK for menopausal women: Health groups
113 Cuba scrambles to fight rare cholera outbreak
114 Cuba Struggles to Prevent Cholera Outbreak
115 Do Fertility Drugs Alter Risk For Cancer? Researchers Say Yes
116 Fertility Tx May Alter Cancer Risk
117 Fertility Drugs' Link to Breast Cancer Hinges on Pregnancy, Study Says
118 The quiet scandal of the HIV home test kit
119 Quick Oral Swab HIV Test Approved Recently
120 This at-Home HIV Test Looks Simple, but Is It Accurate?
121 Worst TB outbreak in 20 years kept secret
122 Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst US outbreak in 20 years
123 Rick Scott Closes A.G. Holley State Hospital Despite Largest Tuberculosis Outbreak In Country
124 Why we sunburn
125 Black Lung Cases Surge in United States
126 As Mine Protections Fail, Black Lung Cases Surge
127 Systems to protect miners from black lung failing
128 FINANCE: Interpreting the Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care
129 Obamacare: a windfall for Massachusetts
130 PG-13 Movies Tied to Kids' Smoking