File Title
1 Cuttlefish in drag get the girl
2 Amniotic fluid possible stem cell source
3 Scientists find best hint of elusive Higgs particle
4 Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC
5 Climate 'causes leaves to narrow'
6 Public forests must not be sold, say advisers
7 Parkour athletes reveal orangutans' climbing secrets
8 South Africa's Chimp Eden maulers escape death penalty
9 Indigenous whaling bids granted after 'racism' claim
10 Seaweed toothpaste 'to stop tooth decay'
11 Whales, gas and climate: A gray tale
12 Who What Why: Are British slugs under threat?
13 Are we sacrificing taste for looks and availability?
14 Hunting the Aurora in Finland
15 Barclays ex-boss Diamond slams 'reprehensible' action
16 London 2012: Oscar Pistorius set to make history at Olympics
17 Apple enforces Galaxy Nexus smartphone ban in the US
18 German gunman 'kills hostages in Karlsruhe eviction'
19 Bodies of Turkish jet crew shot down by Syria found
20 Debt and defiance in bankrupt Stockton, California
21 The US penny: Should it be scrapped?
22 Out at the office: Loud and proud?
23 No early end to Mexico's election stand-off
24 Comedian Eric Sykes dies aged 89
25 Rare copy of Waldseemueller's early America map found in Germany
26 Naomi Watts plays Princess Diana: First image released
27 US approves first over-the-counter HIV home-use test
28 When schools are casualties of war
29 Afghans fear mysterious school 'poisonings'
30 ACTA: Controversial anti-piracy agreement rejected by EU
31 Best explanation of the Higgs boson?
32 Q&A: The Higgs boson
33 Maria de Villota: Driver loses right eye after crash
34 Mandela daughter Zenani appointed Argentina ambassador
35 YouView internet TV service launches in UK
36 Indian Navy investigates cyber attack on military PCs
37 Samba's advert-supported 3G data service launches in UK
38 Toshiba fined $87m for LCD price fixing in the US
39 England v. Germany: Goal-line technology decision imminent
40 Tornado jet crash: One dead and two missing, feared dead
41 Ukraine police clash with Kiev crowd over language law
42 Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for IVF 'is safe'
43 Cuba confirms deadly cholera outbreak
44 Do you regret your tattoo?
45 Ecuador hospital mixes folk and modern medicine
46 Tony Robinson: 'Middle Ages were right on elderly care'
47 Pakistan's high stakes over NATO's Afghan supply route
48 Yasser Arafat: Palestinians call for poison inquiry
49 Independence Day plans hit by US power cuts and heat
50 Forget fireworks, celebrate these American tech inventions
51 CERN physicists claim strongest evidence yet of Higgs boson--the "God particle"
52 RIM CEO: We're not in a "death spiral"
53 Forbidden young love ends with a mother's violent murder
54 Methadone to blame for one-third of U.S. prescription painkiller deaths, CDC says
55 Blueseed hopes to anchor floating metropolis for tech startups off Calif. coast
56 Three daily cups of caffeinated coffee tied to 17% drop in risk for common skin cancer
57 Makeup tutorial guru Lauren Luke shows shocking effects of domestic abuse in new PSA
58 Israeli scientists create medical marijuana strain that won't get patients high
59 Chris Christie calls gastric bypass surgery "too risky:" What are the risks?
60 U.S. doctors buying unapproved drugs
61 Heat wave raises warning signs for climate change scientists
62 What new Mexican President Pena Nieto's election means for the U.S.
63 CBS News' reports on counterfeit drugs
64 Britain's urban rivers bounce back
65 New technique could reduce number of animals needed to test chemical safety
66 Want bigger plants? Get to the root of the matter
67 Acid-wielding worms drill through bones at the bottom of the sea
68 Rising heat at the beach threatens largest sea turtles, climate change models show
69 Ants farm root aphid clones in subterranean rooms
70 Are brown widows displacing black widow spiders around southern California homes?
71 Do the world's smallest flies decapitate tiny ants?
72 Inspired by nature: Paints and coatings containing bactericidal agent nanoparticles combat marine fouling
73 Melon genome obtained
74 Denmark can triple its biomass production and improve the environment
75 Naturally adhesive
76 War-related climate change would reduce substantially reduce crop yields
77 NOAA researchers see dramatic decline of endangered white abalone
78 Fish learn to cope in a high CO2 world
79 The food industry should be regulated
80 SA government should act on Big Food Corporations and the obesity epidemic: international experts
81 Brazil has laws that protect against "Big Food" and "Big Snack"
82 Shrinking leaves point to climate change
83 What's cooking? The UK's potential food crisis
84 Diving shrews--heat before you leap
85 Two species fused to give rise to plant pest
86 West coast experiencing decreasing trends in salmon spawning
87 Global warming favors proliferation of toxic cyanobacteria
88 Seabirds study shows plastic pollution reaching surprising levels off coast of Pacific Northwest
89 Multiple proxy datasets can clarify ancient climate regimes
90 Exploring one of climate's 'known unknowns'
91 Counting carbon: Pre-industrial emissions make a difference
92 Pre-industrial emissions still causing temperatures to rise
93 Rising plasma offers clues to sun storms
94 Social Bats Pay a Price: Fungal Disease, White-Nose Syndrome...Extinction?
95 2 studies offer new insights from the front lines of battle against malaria
96 Cutting calories might help you live longer, but not without increased physical activity
97 Polio vaccination programs not reaching enough children in Afghanistan and Pakistan
98 Amniotic fluid yields alternatives to embryonic stem cells
99 Motion Sensors Detect Horse Lameness Earlier Than Veterinarians, MU Study Finds
100 Insects Inspire X-ray Improvements: Nanostructures Modeled After Moth Eyes May Enhance Medical Imaging
101 The genomics symposium to boost the further development of cancer research
102 Study results: Adult stem cells from bone marrow
103 Feel-good glass for windows
104 Why current strategies for fighting obesity are not working
105 Pakistan's national mammal makes a comeback
106 23andMe discovers surprising genetic connections between breast size and breast cancer
107 Single embryo transfer reduces the risk of perinatal mortality in IVF
108 Fertility preservation with cryopreservation of ovarian tissue: from experimental to mainstream
109 Freezing all embryos in IVF with transfer in a later non-stimulated cycle may improve outcome
110 Cystic fibrosis makes airways more acidic, reduces bacterial killing
111 Tumor microenvironment helps skin cancer cells resist drug treatment
112 A new type of data papers designed to publish online interactive keys identifying biodiversity
113 Cancer scientists link 'oncometabolite' to onset of acute myeloid leukemia
114 Urban athletes show that for orangutans, it pays to sway
115 Spending on children's health rising faster than adults over past 4 years, says report
116 Fast food intake increases risk of diabetes and heart disease in Singapore
117 Multiple perspectives improve laparoscopy
118 Electronic medical record improves physician compliance of reviewing portal images, study suggests
119 Child Abuse and Foster Care Admissions Increase When Parents Use Methamphetamines
120 Women less likely to endorse independence in gender-unequal societies
121 Despite Hardships, Black Men in Urban Communities Are Resilient, MU Researcher Says
122 The advantages of being first
123 Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy highlights energy trends in China
124 A world free of 1 of the most virulent animal diseases?
125 Foster kids do much better under approach developed by CU School of Medicine
126 The EU underpays Madagascar for access to fish: UBC research
127 Hormone discovered that preserves insulin production and beta cell function in diabetes
128 Tevatron scientists announce their final results on the Higgs particle
129 Researchers block pathway to cancer cell replication
130 Cell biology--new insights into the life of microtubules
131 Higher Energies for Laser Accelerated Particles Possible
132 New way to grow, isolate cancer cells may add weapon against disease
133 Rensselaer Scientists Unlock Some Key Secrets of Photosynthesis
134 Shingles vaccine among patients with psoriasis, RA not linked with increased risk of shingles
135 Researchers closer to understanding how proteins regulate immune system
136 First photo of shadow of single atom
137 Oh, Baby! A Young Star Flaunts its X-ray Spots in McNeil's Nebula
138 A geyser of hot gas flowing from a star
139 Giraffes are living proof that cells' pressure matters
140 Strength in numbers: Physicists identify new quantum state allowing three--but not two--atoms to stick together
141 Quantum computing, no cooling required
142 In McNeil's Nebula, a Young Star Flaunts its X-ray Spots
143 Penn Engineers Convert a Natural Plant Protein Into Drug-delivery Vehicles
144 New method knocks out stubborn electron problem
145 Study in Nature sheds new light on planet formation
146 A new particle has been discovered--chances are, it is the Higgs boson
147 Mass extinctions reset the long-term pace of evolution
148 Researchers able to better pinpoint history of droughts through exploration of tree rings
149 'Trophy molecule' breakthrough for Nottingham scientists
150 BESC researchers tap into genetic reservoir of heat-loving bacteria
151 UC Santa Barbara geographer charts the 'next-generation digital Earth'
152 Newly Discovered Dinosaur Implies Greater Prevalence of Feathers
153 Downy dinosaur discovered
154 SMOS satellite measurements improve as ground radars switch off
155 Researchers from Penn, Michigan and Duke study how cooperation can trump competition in monkeys
156 Rate of community-onset MRSA infections appears to be on the decline
157 Risk factors for death identified for children with diarrhea in rural Kenya
158 Revisiting the association between saturated fat intake and coronary heart disease
159 Urban groups help women but no effect on perinatal outcomes in Mumbai
160 A Study Demonstrates that Ibuprofen Improves Bone Repair after Surgery or a Fracture
161 Safety indicators confirmed for common treatment of heart defect
162 Parents less likely to develop colds, Carnegie Mellon research shows
163 Highlighting molecular clues to the link between childhood maltreatment and later suicide
164 Following the genomic pathways to stop the spread of cancer
165 New animal model may lead to treatments for common liver disease
166 Study sheds light on pregnancy complications and overturns common belief
167 New Stanford method enables sequencing of fetal genomes using only maternal blood sample
168 Patient-derived stem cells could improve drug research for Parkinson's
169 Nearly 30% of teens send nude pictures despite being 'bothered' by requests
170 Safer radiologic imaging of otolaryngologic disease in children
171 Censoring social media fans flames of social unrest
172 Rheumatoid arthritis takes high toll in unemployment, early death, Mayo Clinic finds
173 Uncontrollable anger prevalent among US youth
174 Study suggests teen sexting prevalent, may be linked to sexual behaviors
175 Common factors suggested in study of autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder
176 Viewing terrorist attacks on TV increases pain intensity--Ben-Gurion U. researchers
177 Prostate cancer treatment regret is 52% higher in men with cardiovascular disease
178 Avon helps lift African women out of poverty
179 Researchers identify new brain receptor for fantasy
180 APA task force recommends treatment guidelines and position statements on transgender persons
181 Self-distancing Can Help People Calm Aggressive Reactions, Study Finds
182 Childhood adversity increases risk for depression and chronic inflammation
183 Exposure to violence has long-term stress effects among adolescents
184 Scientists discover bees can 'turn back time,' reverse brain aging
185 New light shed on explosive solar activity
186 Sounding Rocket Mission to Observe Magnetic Fields on the Sun
187 Analysis of KRYSTEXXA phase III data demonstrates improved health-related quality of life and physical function in refractory chronic gout patients
188 Research paves the way for accurate manufacturing of complex parts for aerospace and car industries
189 DNA Sequenced for Parrots' Ability to Parrot
190 Northwestern Researchers Create "Rubber-Band Electronics"
191 Researchers Develop an Artificial Cerebellum than Enables Robotic Human-like Object Handling
192 Stereoscopic 3D for professional training of football referees
193 Toward an alternative for antibiotics to fight bacterial infections?
194 UAVForge Reveals Challenge of Developing Perch and Stare UAV
195 How do you turn 10 minutes of power into 200? Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.