File Title
1 Hedging bets against sea level rise
2 Feathered dino fossil found in Germany
3 Early life violence tied to mental disorders
4 Tiny shrews 'warm up' before cold dives
5 Whale sanctuary bid for South Atlantic falls short
6 Whaling: From 'bloody' to 'boring'?
7 US economic recovery is tepid, says IMF
8 Syria-Turkey tension: Assad 'regrets' F-4 jet's downing
9 Barclays boss Bob Diamond resigns amid Libor scandal
10 Power outages persist for 1.4m amid US heatwave
11 French police search Nicolas Sarkozy home and office
12 Does being big on Twitter help you land a good job?
13 Why make art no-one can see?
14 No evidence of mermaids, says US government
15 GlaxoSmithKline to pay $3bn in US drug fraud scandal
16 Vertical ship marks 50 years at sea
17 Hidden Doggerland underworld uncovered in North Sea
18 US TV actor Andy Griffith dies at age 86
19 Two rescued after two RAF Tornados crash in Moray Firth
20 Angola's Chinese-built ghost town
21 Why are athletes wearing coloured tape?
22 F1 Marussia driver Maria de Villota in Duxford crash
23 How mobile puts business at the tip of Africa's fingers
24 Facebook promises to fix email contacts deleting bug
25 Google offers compromise on European Commission investigation
26 Apple under fire over Italian product warranties
27 Kodak beats patent sale challenge by Apple and Flashpoint
28 Net body ICANN pledges to be more open
29 Microsoft in $6.2bn writedown of Aquantive
30 How the cloud helps firms cope with ups and downs of IT
31 Pakistan 'to re-open' supply lines to NATO Afghan forces
32 France to tackle crushing debt, says French PM Ayrault
33 Barclays reveals Bank of England call memo
34 Five hikers fall to deaths in Swiss Alps
35 Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for IVF 'is safe'
36 More genetic links to osteoarthritis uncovered
37 3D-printed sugar network to help grow artificial liver
38 Venezuelan doctor accused of revealing state secrets
39 Coffee and cake lowers IVF success
40 Can recordings help with dementia?
41 Why I am always unlucky but you are always careless
42 Flywheels move from steam age technology to Formula 1
43 Apple sued in China over alleged "Snow Leopard" trademark infringement
44 Study: all predatory dinosaurs may have had feathers
45 Bark beetles may add to intensity of wildfires
46 Summer 2012: Glimpse of climate change effects?
47 Doggerland, northern Europe's own lost city of Atlantis, discovered off Scotland
48 Wildfire early warning possible with space sensors
49 Windows 8 Pro upgrade set for $39.99 with Media Center
50 Drone makers pledge to respect privacy
51 Internet activists draft Declaration of Internet Freedom
52 Google responds to Europe's antitrust concerns
53 Andy Griffith dead at 86
54 Anger festers in sweltering mid-Atlantic
55 Twitter cuts off service to LinkedIn, API changes draw ire
56 Chely Wright: Anderson Cooper's coming out "perfect"
57 Hubble spies celestial fireworks for July 4th
58 Tiny fly may decapitate ant heads, live inside
59 Scientology's stars: Which celebrities practice the religion?
60 Real Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump "shocked" by fire at former home
61 Madonna's tour truck overturns on highway
62 Bill Geist: Parkinson's revelation "very difficult"
63 Redneck Resort--yes, really--opens in Tenn.
64 Romney dogged by "tax" vs. "penalty" debate
65 N.D. oil boom highlights price of prosperity
66 Wildfires spark gun control debate in Utah
67 Jehovah's Witnesses who refuse blood transfusions after cardiac surgery at no greater health risk
68 Women with cats may have higher suicide risk due to feline fecal parasite
69 One in four teens admit to sexting, study finds
70 Ice and salt challenge leaves 12-year-old Pittsburgh boy with second-degree burns
71 Shoppers Buy What They See First
72 NASA Space Telescope Snaps Its First Black Hole Picture
73 Hubble Telescope Sees Celestial Fireworks for Fourth of July
74 Four New Patent Offices to Open Across U.S.
75 Smart Headlights' Beams Avoid Raindrops
76 Bizarre 'Zombie' Worms Use Acid to Eat Whale Bones
77 Cotton T-Shirt May One Day Charge Your Cellphone
78 5 Million Babies Born from IVF, Other Reproductive Technologies
79 3D-Printed Sugar Technique Makes Artificial Blood Vessels
80 All Predatory Dinosaurs May Have Sported Fluffy Feathers
81 Explosive Anger More Common in Teens Than Once Thought
82 What's Behind The Record Heat?
83 Ancient Mosaic Depicting Fiery Bible Story Discovered
84 Drones Crash and Burn in US Military Contest
85 Reports of Orgasm Headaches Reveal Mysterious Phenomenon in Teens
86 Reference: Freedom of Religion
87 Black Widow Spiders May Have Met Their Match
88 World's Tiniest Fly May Decapitate Ants, Live in Their Heads
89 Coney Island's Renovation Draws on History for Inspiration
90 10 Apps for Achieving Work-Life Balance
91 5 Fantastic Fireworks Facts
92 Fastest Swimmers Make Webbed Hands Out of Water
93 What the Health-Care Ruling Really Means
94 U.S. Health Care Reform Overview
95 10 Myths About U.S. Health Care Reform
96 Can Arizona Really Secede from the US?
97 Tour de France May Be Cleaning Up Its Act
98 IBM Has Installed 2,000 Smart City Systems to Date
99 How to Tweet to Aliens Tonight
100 World's Oldest Meteorite Crater Found
101 First Automatic Translator Debuts for Foreign Students
102 Political Campaigns Track Voters' Online Browsing
103 Drone Hacking Test Reveals GPS as Weak Link
104 How Your Body Heat Could Power Future Devices
105 Google Factory Tries to Revive 'Made in the USA'
106 Inventory Robot Rolls Alongside Shoppers in Bookstore
107 Seattle Fault Bigger Quake Threat Than Thought
108 Stunning Map Reveals World's Earthquakes Since 1898
109 20 Worst-Named Phones and Tablets
110 Is the Baltic Sea 'Sunken UFO' an Elaborate Scam?
111 Your Color Red Really Could Be My Blue
112 Eco-Friendly Company Introduces Nature's Packing Peanuts
113 Should We Have Cloned Lonesome George?
114 7 Facts You Should Know About Health Care Reform