File Title
1 Bar-headed geese in high-flying wind tunnel test
2 The cosmopolitan crossroads of the Middle East
3 Storm hobbles Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest
4 Tom Cruise blindsided by Katie Holmes divorce request?
5 Waging a losing war against mosquitoes
6 Should a life of abuse justify homicide?
7 Mid-Atlantic power outages could last days
8 How doctors killed President Garfield
9 This week's new product announcements say far less about Google's view of technology than they do about its view of humanity.
10 Paramount at 100: Ready for its closeup
11 Nancy Giles remembers Nora Ephron
12 As gender roles change, are men out of step?
13 At least 13 deaths blamed on eastern U.S. storms
14 Con Ed locks out union workers as talks break down
15 UT judge's ponytail-cutting punishment criticized
16 232 Amtrak riders board buses after being stranded
17 Saudi in fatal Mass. crash wants warrant tossed
18 National Guard helps patrol Colorado fire damage
19 New evidence frees murder convict after 17 years
20 Miss. may become only state without abortion clinic
21 Rodney King remembered at funeral as forgiving man
22 Report: Ex-Penn State head OK'd not reporting Sandusky
23 Male contraceptive gel may be an effective birth control alternative
24 Once-daily Quad HIV pill an effective and safe alternative to multiple-pill regimens, study shows
25 FDA panel finds little use for metal-on-metal hip implants
26 Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix KO'd by Perfect Storm
27 Amazon Cloud Goes Down Friday Night, Taking Netflix, Instagram And Pinterest With It
28 Could Instagram And Other Sites Avoid Going Down With Amazon's Ship?
29 Enjoy the long weekend, if only for second
30 Leap Second on Saturday Will Cause 61-Second Minute
31 Leap second: Earth's slowing rotation makes Saturday one second longer (+video)
32 Android Exec Would Welcome a Partnership with RIM
33 BlackBerry maker's stock hits 9-year low as new devices delayed yet again
34 Exclusive: Microsoft tie-up, network sale among RIM options: sources
35 Maya text cites 2012 as end of calendar cycle, not end of world
36 Maya 2012 inscription predicts royal stability (video)
37 Scientists sorting out beetle-fire relationship
38 Microsoft Surface Forces HP to Give Up on ARM-Type Tablet Plans
39 HP Ditches Immediate Plans for Windows RT Devices
40 With $60B in cash, Microsoft is set to blow up its business
41 Hewlett-Packard to Shun ARM at Debut of Microsoft Windows 8
42 The End Of Microsoft...As We Know It
43 Why supermarket tomatoes tend to taste bland
44 Researchers solve the mystery of terrible tasting tomatoes
45 Flavor Is Price of Scarlet Hue of Tomatoes, Study Finds
46 Top Republicans press healthcare law repeal effort
47 Boehner Says Obama's Health-Care Law Needs Full Repeal
48 Next Battleground of Health Care Debate
49 Rush to report US health ruling trips up CNN, Fox
50 Tax label is a small price to pay for survival of healthcare reform
51 Syrian Opposition Says 800 Killed In Past Week
52 Russia, China join US in calling for Transitional government in Syria
53 Turkey scrambles jets as Syrian choppers near border
54 In Supreme Court Term, Striking Unity on Major Cases
55 The Supreme Court's John Roberts Changed His Obamacare Vote in May
56 John Roberts is hearing it from both sides as he finishes 7th year as chief justice
57 Japan Restarts First Reactor Since 2011 Disaster
58 In Tokyo, Thousands Protest the Restarting of a Nuclear Power Plant
59 Japan opens solar energy parks
60 Cynicism and McConnell
61 GOP: Voters will have final say on health care law
62 Post Show Thoughts: The future of the health care debate
63 Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal refuses to implement Obamacare despite Supreme Court ruling
64 Jindal Says He Won't Implement Obamacare
65 Apple wins 2nd US sales ban on Samsung Galaxy
66 Will Samsung Galaxy S3 Rising Preorders Calm Apple, Nexus Patent Woes?
67 Judge halts U.S. sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab
68 Samsung Barred From U.S. Nexus Phone Sales
69 The American Medical Association's new president on the future of health care
70 ACA: Good News for Docs?
71 Man plagued by porn-induced headaches
72 Isn't it meant to make you go blind? Man suffers excruciating headaches every time he looks at pornography
73 Mass. residents react to ruling with relief
74 PARTY LINES: Romney, Patrick differ on health care
75 5 Quick Facts About Mass. Health Reform You Now Need To Know
76 What happens next in state, national health care?
77 Sen. Schumer says Romney "in a pickle" over health care
78 Schumer: Repeal will cost GOP in election
79 What Really Makes Us Fat
80 For Uninsured in Texas, Supreme Court Ruling Adds to Uncertainty
81 Health care ruling leaves questions for local lawmakers
82 On healthcare ruling, Texans offer some sense, lots of vitriol
83 Abbott, battling what he calls federal overreaching, faces another setback with health care ruling
84 Medicare Scare Ad Makes False Claim of Cuts for Seniors
85 Minimal effect on Medicare expected
86 Will the health care ruling bail out retirees?
87 Medicare Scare Ad Makes False Claim of $500 Bln Cut to Seniors
88 L.A. Mayor: Romney's business record no qualification for president
89 Pre-Inca Cinnabar Mine Discovered in Trujillo
90 Desert mystery
91 Historians seek answers from a different sort of buried treasure
92 New tools can't replace excavation
93 Archaeology is More than Digging
94 Pakistan: Buddha attacked by Taliban gets facelift
95 UC Researchers Use Digital Technology to Discover Our Past
96 Rome Icon Actually Younger Than the City
97 New test from a Welsh cave confirms Britain's oldest rock-art
98 The whys of religion vs. evolution
99 King's Lynn: Bronze Age burial pot find excites experts
100 Subway work unearths ancient road in Greece
101 Interactive map like GPS for Roman Empire
102 South Korean archaeologists say they've unearthed East Asia's oldest farming site
103 Mysterious Structures Found in Syrian Desert
104 A Palestinian Village Tries to Protect a Terraced Ancient Wonder of Agriculture
105 Bulgarian Archaeologists Dig into Medieval Monastery amidst 'Vampire' Finds
106 World's Oldest Purse Found--Studded With a Hundred Dog Teeth?
107 Ancient treasure found in Azerbaijan's Aghsu region
108 The Earliest Known Pottery
109 Greenland Ice Not A Reliable Model For Younger Dryas Period
110 Mystical marks in virgin forest explained
111 Archaeology Challenges the History of Development and Poverty in Africa [Excerpt]
112 Archaeological report: Razed ruins not Phoenician port