File Title
1 'Stunted' pot plants cannot reach full potential
2 New chief scientist to bring forthright approach
3 Government must resist new 'dash for gas,' advisers say
4 Gower cave reindeer carving is Britain's oldest rock art
5 Europe's grand old theme parks
6 Brotherhood's Mursi sworn in as Egyptian president
7 Russia-US split casts shadow over Syria Geneva talks
8 Timbuktu shrines damaged by Mali Ansar Dine Islamists
9 Washington DC region swelters after storm cuts power
10 Arizona copper-mining row pits economy against scenery
11 Healthcare: Viewpoint duel
12 I Love Lucy actress Doris Singleton dies aged 92
13 Stolen Dali drawing posted back to New York from Europe
14 Dial 999: 75 years of emergency phone calls
15 The Gambian man who made millions without a business plan
16 China blocks access to Bloomberg and Businessweek sites
17 Top of the drops: Rain makes umbrella play music
18 Kinect engineers compete for investment at Microsoft Accelerator
19 Latvia midsummer: Songs, flowers and running around naked
20 New by-law bans swimming in River Thames
21 Syria crisis: Lebanon sucked into Syria crisis
22 Are you more likely to die on your birthday?
23 Bus monitor Karen Klein's tormentors suspended for year
24 Earliest baby animals found in ancient volcanic ash
25 Foxconn, Sharp eying Apple big-screen TV, says parts maker
26 U.S. Army developing laser-based lightning weapon
27 Leap second on Saturday adds one second to clock
28 World's strongest rocket launches new spy satellite
29 Survey: 59% would grab smartphone out of toilet
30 Apple's iPhone turns 5, here's a look back
31 iPhone turns 5: What's next for Apple device?
32 Storms leave at least 4 dead, 2M without power
33 Michael Marin, Arizona man, dies moments after being convicted in arson case
34 Colorado wildfires winding down, but extent of devastation starting to hit home
35 Iconic Atari turns 40, tries to stay relevant
36 Modern life halted as Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram down
37 Apple's Siri wrong 38% of the time in test
38 Don't believe the hardware hype: Google's still an ad company
39 Carnel Chamberlain Death: Anthony Bennett charged with assaulting Mich. boy later found dead
40 UC Davis student Linnea Lomax disappeared after leaving mental hospital, father says
41 Of Mice and Men: 2,000 mice stolen by 2 men, heroin addicts, say Mo. cops
42 Greyston Garcia, who won Fla. 'stand your ground' case, killed in suspected gang crossfire
43 Fast and Furious whistleblowers now supervised by ATF manager who allegedly threatened retaliation
44 Amid elections, Mexico's drug violence rages on
45 Showing her love of country, one package at a time
46 Massachusetts' health care plan: 6 years later
47 As more U.S. soldiers lose limbs in Afghanistan, doubts about a war that's "winding down"
48 Fast and Furious: GOP says wiretaps revealed 'Gunwalking' early on
49 A primer on the "Fast and Furious" scandal
50 Red Crucifix sighting in 774 may have been supernova
51 New fuel cell keeps going after the hydrogen runs out
52 Study reveals moderate doses of alcohol increase social bonding in groups
53 Making the shortest light bursts leads to better understanding of nature
54 Scientists urge new approaches to plant research
55 Possible mammoth cemetery found in Serbia
56 Curvy mountain belts
57 University of Texas at Austin team wins robot soccer world championships in 2 divisions
58 Acoustic tweezers capture tiny creatures with ultrasound (w/ Video)
59 Study finds new gene mutations that lead to enlarged brain size, cancer, autism, epilepsy
60 Understanding what's up with the Higgs boson
61 What was he thinking? Study turns to ape intellect
62 Mystery of the flatfish head solved
63 Saturn moon Titan may harbor ocean below surface (Update)
64 Colorful creates passively cooled Nvidia graphics card
65 eBay to power new data center with fuel cells
66 Study resets date of earliest animal life by 30 million years
67 Significant sea-level rise in a 2-degree warming world
68 Rare case of gravitational lensing reported (Update)
69 Alien life searchers conference SETICon 2 held in Santa Clara
70 National Geographic looking to respond to "alien" Wow! signal from 1977
71 35 years later, the 'wow!' signal still tantalizes
72 Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument
73 Painted ancient Maya numbers reflect calendar reaching well beyond 2012 (w/ Video)
74 Stealthy microscopy method visualizes E. coli sub-cellular structure in 3-D
75 Clothing the body electric
76 'Spectral shape discrimination': Colorful light at the end of the tunnel for radiation detection
77 Not-so-precious: Stripping gold from AFM probes allows better measurement of picoscale forces
78 New lithium ion battery strategy offers more energy, longer life cycle
79 A step toward minute factories that produce medicine inside the body
80 Palladium-gold nanoparticles clean TCE a billion times faster than iron filings
81 Researchers establish structure of a new superhard form of carbon
82 Combining opposing properties for synergistic function
83 Team develops world's most powerful nanoscale microwave oscillators
84 Better surfaces could help dissipate heat
85 Nano-sandwich technique slims down solar cells, improves efficiency
86 Faster, cheaper gas and liquid separation using custom designed and built mesoscopic structures
87 Nanoporous graphene could outperform best commercial water desalination techniques
88 Researchers test carbon nanotube-based ultra-low voltage integrated circuits
89 Getting to the heart of frustrated magnetism
90 SACLA draws acclaim for unique XFEL design
91 Probing the secrets of unmagnetized magnets
92 Plasma startup creates high-energy light to make smaller microchips
93 Hark! Group demonstrates first heralded single photon source made from silicon
94 NIST goes the distance for the Olympics
95 Brewing the world's hottest Guinness
96 First 3D nanoscale optical cavities from metamaterials hold promise for nanolasers, photonic communications
97 Team maps the nuclear landscape
98 X-ray vision exposes aerosol structures: Laser probes microscopic components of air pollution
99 New technique controls crystalline structure of titanium dioxide
100 Melanin considered for bio-friendly electronics
101 NASA explains why clocks will get an extra second on June 30
102 A new method accounts for social factors when assessing the seismic risk of a city
103 Computing advances vital to sustainability efforts; new report recommends problem-focused, iterative approach to research
104 US rocket launches carrying secret satellite
105 Mighty Delta 4 Heavy rocket and clandestine satellite poised at pad
106 Third of firms still have no strategy to address carbon risk
107 Chinese astronauts parachute land after mission
108 Britain's urban rivers bounce back
109 Japan finds major rare earth deposits: researcher
110 One step closer to robotic refueling demonstrations on space station
111 Predicting hot days in Europe
112 Space telescope opens its X-ray eyes
113 Robot hand wins at rock, paper, scissors every time (w/ Video)
114 Tech review: New MacBook Pro puts form over function
115 Review: Wireless speakers great fit for phone use
116 How Google's Nexus 7 device compares with rivals
117 Google's futuristic glasses move closer to reality (Update 2)
118 Nexus 7: Google sells small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire (Update)
119 Sandia Red Storm supercomputer exits world stage
120 Musical robot companion enhances listener experience (w/ Video)
121 India readies upgrade of 'world's cheapest' tablet
122 AOL promotes exec to organize company into 3 units
123 Foreign spying against US companies on the rise, FBI says
124 BGI demonstrated genomic data transfer at nearly 10 gigabits per second between US and China
125 Solar plane takes off for return flight to Rabat
126 Online game provides insight into human behaviour
127 US pressures companies to report cybercrime cases
128 Unmanned aircraft systems club scores high finish in first competition
129 New Zealand court rules Megaupload raid was illegal
130 Researchers develop paintable battery: Technique could turn any surface into lithium-ion battery (w/ Video)
131 Ford explores call turnoffs for stressed-out drivers
132 RIM posts big Q1 loss, to cut 5,000 jobs (Update)
133 UTC exported software used in Chinese helicopter
134 Communication scheme makes popular applications 'gracefully mobile'
135 'Trophy molecule' breakthrough
136 Combining crystallography and visible spectroscopy to understand enzymes
137 Photosynthesis re-wired: Chemists use nanowires to power photosynthesis
138 Researchers synthesize printable, electrically conductive gel
139 New discovery to improve efficiencies in fuel, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
140 Forty's a crowd: Study shows that master regulator protein brings plethora of coactivators to gene expression sites
141 Novel clay-based coating may point the way to new generation of green flame retardants
142 Studying fish to learn about fat
143 Self-healing dynamic membrane
144 Biochemists developing tools to stop plague and other bacterial threats
145 Designing microbes that make energy-dense biofuels without sugar
146 Peering into protein dynamics
147 Researchers upgrade ethanol to a better fuel
148 Scientists find easier way to make new drug compounds
149 Happy accident answers cell signal controversy
150 Mystery mass deaths of green turtles in Australia
151 Zoo's octopus chooses her name
152 Elephantnose fish's unique retina helps it see through mud
153 Bee research sheds light on human sweet perception, metabolic disorders
154 Making sense of molecular fragments
155 How an ancestral fungus may have influenced coal formation
156 New technique could reduce number of animals needed to test chemical safety
157 Wimbledon strawberry prices would almost double without bees
158 Important new method probes dynamics of live microbial colonies in time, space
159 Researchers find natural product that boosts plant defense against root pests
160 Study on fungi helps explain coal formation and may advance future biofuels production
161 Discovery may lead to new tomato varieties with vintage flavor and quality
162 Study provides first evidence of coevolution between invasive, native species
163 A new source of maize hybrid vigor
164 Leap second to be added
165 Accidents in ancient bakeries produced 8,000 years of brew
166 La Draga Neolithic site in Banyoles yields the oldest Neolithic bow discovered in Europe
167 Ash fall preserved 'nursery' of earliest animals
168 U-series dating suggests Welsh reindeer is Britain's oldest rock art
169 New technologies help us better understand Ancient Rome
170 Atlanta has world's most efficient airport, Korea now leads in Asia
171 New approach to preparing teachers can close student achievement gap
172 Responsibility misused by politicians: study
173 Pottery 20,000 years old found in a Chinese cave
174 Italy finds battleship sunk in 1943 by German warplane
175 Report shows overspending on cultural institutions in boom years
176 Facebook concept used by sixteenth century scholars, researchers discover
177 Easter Island drug raises cognition throughout life span
178 Researchers develop novel anti-body vaccine that blocks addictive nicotine chemicals from reaching the brain
179 Glucose deprivation activates feedback loop that kills cancer cells: study
180 Moderate coffee consumption offers protection against heart failure
181 Injecting life-saving oxygen into a vein: Microparticles could deliver oxygen when breathing is impaired
182 Branching out: A mathematical law of dendritic connectivity
183 Researchers find possible link between jumping genes and cancerous tumor growth
184 Doctors successfully implant synthetic larynx piece into two patients
185 Blood-brain barrier building blocks forged from human stem cells
186 Pill using ultrasound may replace daily needles
187 Scientists correct Huntington's disease mutation in induced pluripotent stem cells
188 Clean cookstoves unaffordable to Bangladeshi women
189 Researchers identify role of FOXO1 gene in Parkinson's disease
190 New stable antibodies created
191 Researchers prevent mice from developing diabetes
192 Sprint to fight fat
193 TB treatment paradox: Mouse studies show body's own response helps TB bacteria survive
194 Plants may be key to diabetes treatment
195 With mind-reading speller, free-for-all conversations that are silent and still
196 Linagliptin noninferior to glimepiride in type 2 diabetes
197 Immune response to heart attack worsens atherosclerosis, increases future risk